China: Its History, Arts and Literature, Nide 4

J. B. Millet, 1902

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Sivu 173 - Assuredly it is not foreign intercourse that is ruining China, but this dreadful poison. Oh, the grief and desolation it has wrought to our people! A hundred years ago the curse came upon us more blasting and deadly in its effects than the great Flood, or the scourge of the Fierce Beasts, for the waters assuaged after nine years, and the ravages of the man-eaters were confined to one place. Opium has I spread with frightful rapidity and heartrending results through the provinces.
Sivu 174 - Opium has spread with frightful rapidity and heart-rending results through the provinces. Millions upon millions have been struck down by the plague. To-day it is running like wildfire. In its swift, deadly course it is spreading devastation everywhere, wrecking the minds and eating away the strength and wealth of its victims. The ruin of the mind is the most woful of its many deleterious effects.
Sivu 219 - Western nations, and have declared that they are also "prepared to relinquish extra-territorial rights when satisfied that the state of the Chinese laws, the arrangements for their administration, and other considerations warrant...
Sivu 221 - ... they believe in right so firmly that they scorn to think it requires to be supported or enforced by might.
Sivu 172 - Take away your opium and your missionaries, and you will be welcome." At about the same time, Wensiang said to him—" Do away with your extraterritoriality clause, and merchant and missionary may settle anywhere and everywhere; but retain it, and we must do our best to confine you and our trouble to the treaty ports.
Sivu 221 - Honour thy father and thy mother" been so religiously obeyed, or so fully and without exception given effect to, and it is in fact the keynote of their family, social, official, and national life, and because it is so " their days are long in the land God has given them.
Sivu 67 - So soon as peace shall have been restored, British vessels shall also be admitted to trade at such ports as far as Han-kow, not exceeding three in number, as the British Minister, after consultation with the Chinese Secretary of State, may determine shall be ports of entry and discharge.
Sivu 221 - ... they have their literary clubs and coteries for learning and discussing each other's essays and verses; they possess and practise an admirable system of ethics, and they are generous, charitable, and fond of good works; they never forget a...
Sivu 198 - I, and men of the same stamp and standing, and their advice to the throne was to try conclusions with foreigners and yield no more to their demands. However mistaken, may have been their reading of foreigners, and however wrong their manner of action, these men— eminent in their own country for their learning and services— were animated by patriotism, were enraged at foreign dictation, and had the courage of their convictions; we must do them the justice of allowing they were actuated by high...
Sivu 218 - ... import nor export, and can do without foreign intercourse. A fertile soil, producing every kind of food, a climate which favors every variety of fruit, and a population which for tens of centuries has put agriculture, the productive industry which feeds and clothes, above all other occupations — China has all this and more; and foreign traders can only hope to dispose of their merchandise there in proportion to the new tastes they introduce, the new wants they create, and the care they take...

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