Canadian Railway and Transport Cases, Nide 3

Canada Law Book, 1904

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Sivu 187 - Every such company as aforesaid shall be liable for the loss of or for any injury done to any horses, cattle, or other animals, or to any articles, goods, or things, in the receiving, forwarding, or delivering thereof, occasioned by the neglect or default of such company or its servants, notwithstanding any notice, condition, or declaration made and given by such company contrary thereto, or in anywise limiting such liability ; every such notice, condition, or declaration being hereby declared to...
Sivu 212 - We do not see how a better test can be applied to the question whether reasonable or not than by considering whether the restraint is such only as to afford a fair protection to the interests of the party in favor of whom it is given, and not so large as to interfere with the interests of the public.
Sivu 133 - When the legislature has given its attention to a separate subject and made provision for it, the presumption is that a subsequent general enactment is not intended to interfere with the special provision unless it manifests that intention very clearly. Each enactment must be construed in that respect according to its own subject-matter and its own terms.
Sivu 238 - No horses, sheep, swine or other cattle shall be permitted to be at large upon any highway, within half a mile of the intersection of such highway with any railway at rail-level, unless such cattle are in charge of some competent person or persons, to prevent their loitering or stopping on such highway at such intersection, or straying upon the railway.
Sivu 62 - ... to its former state or in a sufficient manner not to impair its usefulness...
Sivu 308 - It is contended that the negligence of the plaintiff alone contributed to his injury, and that the evidence fails to show any negligence on the part of the defendant.
Sivu 187 - ... being hereby declared to be null and void: Provided always, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to prevent the said companies from making such conditions with respect to the receiving, forwarding, and delivering of any of the said animals, articles, goods, or things, as shall be adjudged by the court or judge before whom any question relating thereto shall be tried to be just and reasonable...
Sivu 190 - Every person aggrieved by any neglect or refusal in the premises shall, subject to this Act, have an action therefor against the Company, from which action the company shall not be relieved by any notice, condition or declaration, if the damage arises from any negligence or omission of the company or of its servant.
Sivu 101 - Upon such appeal the practice and proceedings shall be, as nearly as may be, the same as upon an appeal from the decision of an inferior court to the said court...
Sivu 212 - All the cases, when they come to be examined, seem to establish this principle: that all restraints upon trade are bad, as being in violation of public policy, unless they are natural, and not unreasonable, for the protection of the parties In dealing legally with some subject-matter of contract.

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