History of England from the Peace of Utrecht to the Peace of Aix-la-Chaoelle (to the Peace of Versailles


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Sivu 349 - France, he sent for this girl, who soon acquired such a dominion over him, that she was acquainted with all his schemes, and trusted with his most secret correspondence. As soon as this was known in England, all those persons of distinction, who were attached to him, were greatly alarmed; they imagined that this wench had been placed in .his family by the English ministers; and, considering her sister's situation, they seemed to have some...
Sivu 340 - ... hounds, or reside one night at Newmarket, that infamous seminary of iniquity and ill-manners, during the course of the races there, or shall resort to the said races, or shall lose in any one day, at any game or bet whatsoever, the sum of .£500, then...
Sivu 303 - ... seen above the middle, death is not to be expected for the space of a year, and perhaps some months longer; and as it is frequently seen to ascend higher towards the head, death is concluded to be at hand within a few days, if not hours, as daily experience confirms.
Sivu 33 - Thus animated by these delusions, we traversed these memorable Straits, ignorant of the dreadful calamities that were then impending, and just ready to break upon us ; ignorant that the time drew near when the squadron would be separated never to unite again ; and that this day of our passage was the last cheerful day that the greatest part of us would ever live to enjoy.
Sivu xvi - Let what will happen, the stroke is struck, and I have taken a firm resolution to conquer or to die, and stand my ground as long as I shall have a man remaining with me.
Sivu 20 - Street * * * * was called in the morning, and was asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow, for I have frequently known him snore ere they had drawn his curtains, now never sleeps above an hour without waking ; and he, who at dinner always forgot he was Minister, and was more gay and thoughtless than all his company, now sits without speaking, and with his eyes fixed for an hour together.
Sivu 207 - Stuart is come over to claim the crown of his ancestors, to win it, or to perish in the attempt; Lochiel, who, my father has often told me, was our firmest friend, may stay at home, and learn from the newspapers the fate of his prince...
Sivu 304 - On the left, however, the Macdonalds aggrieved, and as they thought, disgraced by their exclusion from the post of honour, stood moody, motionless, and irresolute to fight. In vain did the Duke of Perth, who was stationed there, tell them that, if they behaved with their usual valour, they would make a right of the left, and...
Sivu 71 - I am sorry to say that of late it has been so much hackneyed about, that it is in danger of falling into disgrace. The very idea of true patriotism is lost, and the term has been prostituted to the very worst of purposes. A patriot, sir ! Why, patriots spring up like mushrooms ! I could raise fifty of them within the four-and-twenty hours. I have raised many of them in one night. It is but refusing to gratify an unreasonable or an insolent demand, and up starts a patriot.
Sivu 97 - And in the same letter, he writes, — " Lord Hervey, is too ill to go to operas ; yet, with a coffin-face, is as full of his dirty politics as ever. He will not be well enough to go to the house till the majority is certain somewhere, but lives shut up with my Lord Chesterfield and Mr. Pulteney, a triumvirate who hate one another more than any body they could proscribe, had they the power.

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