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A 2.--doitintiri ēroisse bile e ri!!! tu songina - CHRONICLE. .(1 );} EVENTS jymä "saviciel -26-25TT HIB 2 B USA i !

APPENDIX TO CHRONICLE. :gonna:438yfi! feira-leon't ! Sheriffs

199 Prerogative Court-Déw u. Births ortocala7491508 sw 200 Clark and Clark

6*?! Marriages... ojgjasth. 9ıltoil 203 Ustick v. Bauden

12* Promotions I oto 212 Court of Exchequer The Deaths to co in

218 New Custom House King's Ministersts 291

King v. Peto

17* Public Income

292 Lewis-Petit Treason-HanExpenditure 290+ nah Russell

26* Disposition of Grants . 2917 | Lancaster Assizes AlexanWays and Means


der M‘Keand and Michael Public Funded Debt. 298-299 M'Keand-Murder

29* Unfunded Debt

301 York Assizes-Trials of Riot-
Foreign Trade of
Trade of the United Kingdom 303 Lancaster Assizes--Blackburn
Trade of Ireland

304 Rioters

32* Navigation of the United

King's Bench 2911

Marsden Kingdom

305 oradan

Robert Waithman M. PSI Public General Acts . 306 and another Public Acts of a Local and

Admiralty Sessions - Slave Personal Nature

Trading Stocks barn

318 and Hay

The King v. Kenny 319

Old Bailey-Arson, Charles ! Prices of Corn ib. Thomas White

... 43* Prices of Butcher's Meat 320 Court of Common Please it Meteorological Table

ib. Kempson v. Saunders 47* Bills of Mortality

321 Liability of Directors of JointReturn of Committals, Con

stock Companies, Harris victions, Sentences, and Exe- and Another v. Perring

48* cutions


Court of King's Bench, GuildNumber of Persons executed

hall-Buckingham v. W. J. in England and Wales during Banks, Esq. Ñ, P.: 49* the last eleven years

324 Average Prices of Wheat for the years 1823, 1824, 1825,

PUBLIC DOCUMENTS. and to April 30, 1826 325 Average Prices of Wheat from 1677 to 1825

I. Domestic-Copy of Corres

ib. University Intelligence 326

pondence between the Trea-"
sury and the Bank Direct-
ors, relative to an Alteration

in the Exclusive Privileges

of the Bank of England 7.57* Report from the Select Com

mittee of the House of High Court of Admiralty Commons on Promissory .... Prize Money-Genoa and Notes in Scotland and Ireits Dependencies 1 * land






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Letter of Instructions to the

Merchants, &c., of BaltiProtector of Slaves at De.

J27* merara

81* Message of the President of II. Foreign - Convention of the United States

131* Commerce between his Ma. jesty and the Most Christian King, together with two

HISTORY AND BIOAdditional Articles there

GRAPHY. unto annexed, signed at

Memoirs of the Right Hon.
London, January 26, 1826 82*

Robert Lord Gifford . 146*
Convention of Commerce and
Navigation between his Ma-

Account of Lady Hester Stan-

150* jesty and the King of Swe

Memoir of the Right Rev. den and Norway, together with an Additional Article

Reginald Heber, D. D. Lord

155* thereunto annexed

Bishop of Calcutta

86* Memoir of Theobald Wolfe The Act of Abdication of the


159* Throne of Portugal by the Anecdotes of Dr. Adam FerEmperor of Brazil in favour

164 of his Daughter.

gusson 90*

Anecdotes of Dr. Black and Speech of the Infanta Regent,

Dr. Hutton

165* at the Opening of the Ses

Anecdotes of Dr. Adam Smith 166* sions of the Portuguese Cortes

91* Report made by the Portu

Minister for Foreign

NOMY, &c.
Affairs to the Chamber of

98* Account of Captain Parry's Extract from the Message of Third Voyage for the Disthe Vice-President of Co

covery of a North West lombia to the Congress 102* Passage, &c.

168* The Message of the President Account of the Voyage of to the Congress of the

Captain Weddell into the United Mexican States 106* Antarctic Seas

169* Address of General Bolivar to

Captain Parry's new. Expedithe Constituent Congress of


170" Bolivia, accompanying the

Results of the Arctic Expediplan of a Constitution for


171* the Government of that


173* State

114* Address of Freire to the Na:

POETRY. tional Congress of Chili, at its opening

121* Field Flowers--By Thomas Report from the committee of

Campbell, esq.

179* the Senate of the United Signs of Rain-By the late States; to whom was re

Dr. Jenner

. 180* ferred the Memorial of the

. 181*


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State of the Country--Meeting of Parliament- King's Speech and the

Address-Measures proposed for relieving the Commercial Distresses-Prohibition against Stamping small Notes--Mr. Hume's Motion for Returns of Bankrupt Country Banks --Bill brought in to prohibit the Circulation of small Notes after Feb. 5th, 1829– Exception in favour of the Bank of England-Mr. Hume's Motion to require Security from Country Banks--Reasons for limiting the Bill to England Scottish Banks.

\HE commencement of the both in the metropolis and in the

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a continuance of that depression though much less rapidly, than in in manufactures and commerce, the end of 1825; and the univerwhich had prevailed at the close of sal distrust which existed, by the preceding. The demand for limiting the facilities of obtaining the labour of the artisan had not discounts and advances, deprived yet revived ; and want of employ- commerce of its natural aids, and ment, and its concomitant misery, increased the difficulties of the were the results. Neither had trader. The ship-owners, likeprivate credit been yet restored; wise, were suffering from the ins the failures of private bankers, ability to procure freights, an inVol. LXVIII


beyond the month of June. But, on the present occasion, the greater degree of labour required in the composition of the volume rendered it impossible to complete it by the usual time. Had we attempted to hasten the period of our publication by a few weeks, we could not have presented to our readers so faithful and distinct a narrative of the business of the year as that which we now lay before them.

zoopard tagat

༈ ,,ན 1. , f -- , August 1st, 1887.

as iter? *** W BENA

of indico

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984 ciego $890sqani sio 08 9006 to dinom silt bronas od to sodiro GONTENT S. 991gab sining sessit lesais silt vd ti secco of eldiaeoyrri ti bidhaay on vlov Vd sciisondig wo to boiled o balamstis ew biti ca s19besi 100 Ch batasasig ged Jon hinoo awe aulaew Wols

HISTORY OF EUROPE. és TOY od 10 Edda SA: 100 artib tus inidist


100120 PERWCA 5? aloid" tent STATE of the Country Meeting of Parliament-King's Speech and the

Address--Measures proposed for relieving the Commercial Distresses
Prohibition against Stamping small Notes--Mr. Humes, Motion for
Returns of Bankrupt Country Banks Bill brought in to prohibit the
Circulation of small Notes after Feh. 5th, 1829--Exception in favour
of the Bank of England Mr. Hume's Motion to require Security from
Country Banks-Reasons for limiting the Bill to England Scottish



Arrangement with the Bank of England-Bill brought into the House of

Lords to enable private Banks to have an unlimited Number of Partners -Clause introduced authorising the Bank of England to establish Branch Banks-Discussion on the Propriety of relieving the existing Distress by an Issue of Exchequer Bills-The Bank agrees to advance Money upon Security-Bill to enable Factors holding Documents of Property in Goods, to pledge them to the Bank as effectually as if they were the real Owners--Appointment of a Committee on Emigration. CORN LAWS: Mr. Whitmore's Motion-Bill to allow the admission of Bonded Corn into the Market-Bill to authorize Government to Import a limited quantity of Foreiga Grain during the Recess--Mr. Ellice's Motion on the State of the Silk Trade-Petitions concerning the Navigation Laws-Mr. Huskisson's Statement of the Effects of the recent Alterations in these Laws--Relaxation of the Navigation Laws in favour of the new South American States.


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FINANCE..The Budget-Mr. Maberly's Resolutions on the National

Debt-Mr. Hume's Motion on the State of the Nation, and Forty-five
Resolutions regarding the Finances--Opposition to the Navy Estimates
„Mr. Hobhouse's Motion to reduce the Army-Discussion on the
Expense of the Diplomatic Establishment




Bill to prevent Bribery at Elections--Resolutions against Bribery-Lord

John Russell's Motion on Parliamentary Reform-Mr. Abercromby's

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