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CCIDENT.. This day, be

are now under the hands of the

and one o'clock, the Augustinean 3. WHITEHAVEN.

- An occurFriary Chapel, at Callan, County of rence took place this morning in Kilkenny, being crowded to excess, the mine William Pit, by which some women and children began nine persons perished. One of the to groan, and complain of intense engines under ground in that pit pressure. A sudden panic seized had been worked several hours, the congregation, when a cry (per- when the men in attendance disfectly unfounded) that “the gal- covered the space about the engine lery was giving way” resounded to be enveloped in flames, which, through the chapel. A rush having the effect of igniting the towards the only door common to coal, and also the wood-work, the floor and gallery took place. soon produced an immense body of Women and children were in- fire. The air passing through this stantly crushed to death, or suffo- body, and thus rendered unfit for cated outside the door, where they respiration, had to travel a distance fell; so that a pile of the dead, at least of two miles, before it dying, and half-suffocated, was reached the upcast shaft; at this soon accumulated. A cry that the place two men, who had the charge kitchen (which is under the chapel) of the furnaces, were suffocated. was on fire, added to the terror The remaining seven went in of the people. A rush towards search of the two sufferers, and the altar broke down the railings shared the same fate. The direct of the sanctuary

Some were

road through which they had to killed in the fall from the wine pass, leading to the upcast shaft, dows. A young woman bore a has a ventilation distinct from the neighbour's child over the pile, William Pit; but, in consequence and instantly remembering that of the furnaces at this place having her own sister was within, she at- become extinguished, the current tempted to return, but met her of air was reversed, and the road fate at the door. A mother of was impregnated with the impure nine children is among the persons air from the William Pit. consigned to the grave. Two chil New LONDON BRIDGE.- The dren were crushed to death be- first stone of the land-abutment hind the door, belonging to coun

on the Southwark side was laid try people, who have not yet heard on Saturday last

. The bridge is of their fate. Fourteen persons in a state of great forwardness, the are already dead. The number of masonry on that side, to the centre those who have suffered by arch, being nearly level with high, broken legs, arms, ribs, &c. and water mark, Vol. LXVIII,


4. POISONING IN CORSICA.-A at the period of the Chambre Arman, named Tolomeo di Pavano, dente, when so many hundred

perhas been tried at Ajaccio, for hav sons were executed, being found ing caused the death of several guilty of administering poison. individuals, by poisoning a rivulet The law provides that whoever called Calencone. It appeared in shall put laurel leaves into small evidence, that in June last five or rivulets, with the intention of poisix persons were seized with violent soning the water, and thereby acpains in the bowels, and three of tually occasion death, shall be exethem died in a few days. The cuted; where no bad intention exsurgeon, who examined the bodies, isted, the court was to be at ligave it as his opinion, that the berty to punish with imprisonment. deceased had come by their death Tolomeo was sentenced to three in consequence of taking some poi- years' confinement, and to be placed soned liquid. The sick persons during ten years under the surbeing questioned, in order to ascer veillance of the police. tain the cause of their illness, 5. FIRE.--About half-past four stated, that they supposed it to have o'clock in the afternoon, a part arisen from their drinking cold of the metropolis was thrown into water when in a violent perspira- considerable alarm by the

appeartion. One of them, however, was ance of flames at a great height, positive, that as far as related to proceeding from the manufactory him, this cause could not have of Messrs. Walker and Parker, the produced the malady; for, as he patent-shot-manufacturers, on the had not been out of his house for south side of the Thames, opposite a week previous to his indisposi- to Surrey-street. The proprietors tion, it was impossible that he of the premises could not accould have drunk cold water when count for the accident; for no his body was heated. A medical fire had been in the place since man tasted the water of the rivulet, Wednesday afternoon, and the fire and found that it possessed a pecu- broke out in the upper part of the liar flavour. About fifty yards building. No workmen were in from the spot where the deceased the building, nor was business of resided, a considerable quantity any sort going on, when the fire of laurel branches, with leaves appeared. (Daphne laureola), was discovered After the breaking out of the at the bottom of the rivulet; where fire at the top of the building, the they had been placed by Tolomeo, wind being high, and the ventilawho, in his defence, said, that he tion from the bottom upwards very was not aware these leaves were strong, the fire soon descended of a poisonous nature. He had, from one floor to another, until the however, been heard to threaten whole pile, about 130 feet high, one of the deceased, and the cha was in one blaze. The

upper tower, racter he received being a very bad fell in with a tremendous crash; one, he was found guilty. As the and the lead in a liquid state fallcode does not mention this crime, ing down, partly outwards, in it became a matter of some diffi- nearly a constant stream, was so culty with the judges to award a frightful, and the heat proceeding punishment; but an ordinance was from the manufactory so intense, found, dated so far back as 1669, that none of the firemen could

the yard.

approach the place : their efforts denomination were assembled durwere therefore directed to the ad- ing the day, skating, sliding, and joining premises, which, with the practising other sports. Many immense property on the ground, parts of the ice were deemed by was of the first importance, as a the men belonging to the Royal number of timber-yards surround Humane Society to be unsafe, and the premises of Messrs. Walker to point out these places to the and Parker. They fortunately skaters, a rope was thrown across succeeded in allaying any appre- the Canal. About a quarter past hensions for the safety of the two, a shout from the men, and neighbourhood. But the wind the shrieking of the females who blowing easterly, the flakes of fire were assembled on the green on fell so heavily in a large timber- either side of the Canal, attracted yard, situated immediately west- the crowd to one particular spot, ward, that it was necessary to where the ice had given way, and employ upwards of 200 men in no less than nine unfortunate indiprotecting from the fire the large viduals were in the water. Before piles of valuable wood which filled any effort could be made to extri

cate any one, the ice, from their 10. The public-house called the exertions to escape, cracked and Elephant, in Fenchurch-street, separated for a considerable dissupposed to be one of the oldest in tance around them, and four or London, is at last condemned to five clung to one strong man, who be pulled down. It was here that was endeavouring to get away by Hogarth enjoyed many of his con- swimming, and drew him down, vivial meetings : and on the walls and the whole sunk together, but of the tap-room are two paintings immediately rose to the surface, from his hand of convivial meet- and separated. The bystanders by ings, which may probably contain this time had procured ropes, portraits not only of himself, but which were cast to the struggling of characters well known in his persons, and four were drawn out. day. These paintings, of which the There were still five persons in subjects are Midnight Conversa- the water, mostly in an exhausted tion," and the “ Hudson's Bay state, and clinging to one another; Ticket Porters," have since been two of these were dragged out, very successfully transferred to but the ropes breaking, the fate of canvas by Mr. Hall, a patron of the others seemed inevitable. One the arts, who purchased them of them, raising his arms, shrieked unconditionally of the landlady. out, “Oh, God, save me! my For some time the attempt was poor mother! my mother!” and considered impracticable, the paint sunk below the ice. This dishaving become incorporated with tressing ejaculation seemed to stithe surface of the wall, and nearly mulate to renewed exertion, and as hard as marble.

several persons ran to the brink of 11. CATASTROPHE

the broken ice, and grasped at the CANAL IN ST. JAMES'S PARK. drowning men, but, the ice again Owing to the severity of the frost breaking, they themselves were for the last day or two, the Canal immersed, and with difficulty esin the Park was frozen over, and caped. However, ropes being vast numbers of persons of every fastened around three young men,




they plunged in, seized the strug- the throne which had been pregling persons, and rescued one pared for him, and the assistants youth, who was taken ashore in a took their respective places. The state of insensibility. The atten two steps of granite leading to the tion of the throng was at this in- holy gate had been previously restant attracted to an elderly gen- moved, and two of wood substitleman, who, at great personal tuted. Several trays, containing risk, saved the lives of two, but in bricks, mortar, and stucco, destined his third effort the ice gave way, for walling up the sacred aperture, and he sank beneath it. Ropes had been placed near the steps. were thrown to him, but the dan- Every thing being ready, the two ger was so apparent, that none wooden steps were taken away, would approach to his rescue, and the pope quitted his throne, with he appeared likely to share the fate mitre on head and candle in hand, of the remaining two; however, to bless the bricks and mortar. the ice being broken to the bank, This being performed, one of the several persons locked their hands, masters of the ceremonies girded and, advancing into the water, him with an apron. Kneeling upona dragged him to the side. This cushion placed in front of the doorwas followed instantaneously by way, he received a trowel from a the convulsive cry of the two cardinal, and took with it some young men, who had grasped a mortar, which he spread upon the firm hold of each other, as they threshold, reciting at the same sunk to rise no

Some time a form of prayer. Upon this watermen, in a few minutes, came he placed in the centre and at the up with a boat and drags, and in side three bricks, which were gilt, about twerty minutes succeeded and embossed with his arms and in bringing the bodies up. Some those of the cathedral. During persons stripped them, and pro- this and subsequent operations, the ceeded to use the means recom choir sung the hymn Cælestis mended by the Humane Society urbs Jerusalem.Next came the for the resuscitation of drowned cardinal chief penitentiary, who persons; they were rolled and also placed his bricks and mortar. rubbed, and the usual remedies His eminence was followed in a were used for above an hour; but re- like process by the four senior animation could not be produced. penitentiaries (confessors) belong

12. JUBILEE AT ROME.-The ing to the church. As the most jubilee year terminated on the workmanlike arrangement of about 24th of December, when the 18 bricks could not close this enclosing of what is called the holy trance, the workmen, in order to gate at St. Peter's took place, with effect the semblance of completion, the following ceremonies : lowered over the aperture a canAfter vespers had been


in vass painted to represent a gate. the Sistine chapel, the pope, at- His holiness having returned to tended by the cardinals, &c. de- his seat, all the candles that had scended by a private staircase into been borne by those who had comthe church, where he was received posed the procession were now ex« by the chapter, who, forming in tinguished; the Te Deum was grand procession, marched into the performed by the choristers; and portico. Here his holiness ascended the solemnity concluded with a

publication by two cardinals of a at the window overlooking the plenary indulgence in favour of yard, about eight o'clock in the all present.

Similar ceremonies evening of the 26th of December, were performed at the churches of and, by the gas-light, which was St. John di Laterano, St. Maria close to her window, could see Maggiore, and St. Maria in Tras- what was done. There was no tevere, where the Jubilee gates light in the prisoner's yard; the were shut by cardinals especially gate was shut, but she could see delegated to those offices.

over it. She observed the deceased 13. OLD BAILEY.—Mary Cain, in the yard with the prisoner, her aged 44, was capitally indicted for husband, and daughter. The prithe wilful murder of Maurice soner said to the deceased“Mau. Fitzgerald on the 26th of Decem- rice Fitzgerald, you vagabond, I'll ber last, by wounding him in the let you know you have no business left breast with a knife, so as to in my place." The prisoner and cut the artery near the heart, and her daughter then got hold of Fitzproduce death by the effusion of gerald between them, and he imblood. The prisoner, an Irish- mediately fell. Somebody here woman in the lowest ranks of life, screamed out “murder!" After had been quarrelling with her hus- the body was taken away, the band, fand stabbed the deceased, prisoner came out and shut the while he endeavoured to pacify yard door, and afterwards washed them.

the stones. Mary Casey stated, that she Bridget Riley lodged in the lived in Horn’s-alley, opposite the same house as the prisoner she prisoner's house. On the evening lodged up stairs, where the deof the 26th of December, as she ceased had been sitting with her for was going home, she observed time

evening in

questhe prisoner and her husband tion. She heard the prisoner and going towards their own house, her husband quarrelling below, and quarrelling and beating one was going down, but Fitzgerald another. Witness went to bed, prevented her, and went himself and heard the prisoner say to to make peace between them. In Fitzgerald, “What brought you about five minutes afterwards the to my place? I'll let you know prisoner's daughter called out to you have no business in my place.” witness to come down stairs, as Witness then got up and went to the man was killed. She found the window, when she saw the Fitzgerald sitting on the threshold, body of a man carried away on a and the prisoner's daughter supshutter by the prisoner's husband porting his head. She observed a and three other men. She followed wound on Fitzgerald's left breast, the body for a short time, and then from which a great deal of blood returned to the prisoner, to whom flowed, which the daughter was she said, “ What a pity, to murder endeavouring to staunch. Fitza the poor man.” The prisoner gerald was speechless. Witness answered, “If there's a row bee clasped her hands, exclaiming, tween me and my husband, what's " Who killed the man?" No that to you? What right have answer was made. Witness then

left the daughter taking care of Hannah Lucklan was standing Fitzgerald, while she went for a


on the

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