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Infirmary, without hopes of re- head completely taken off; and covery, that have fallen into the another his arm, at a mile distant. hands of the gang. Within the A woman, who was making her last fortnight, upwards of 50 per- bed, had her chamber door driven sons have been robbed, and cruelly from the hinges and thrown across beaten, and one of the gang was the bed; the ceilings fell down, seen one day last week to produce, and the windows were broken, but amongst some of his associates, she escaped without injury, except nearly half-a-hat-full of watches. a few slight bruises. A priest perIn consequence of these outrages, forming mass was knocked down in the right hon. Secretary gave the church, the windows of which orders, that a' reinforcement of were broken, but no lives were lost. forty men, most of them mounted, Several poor men fishing near the should be stationed in different magazine were killed instantly; parts of the parish, and that they and the captain of one of the should be relieved every three barges coming up with passengers, hours, with instructions, to patrole was so alarmed at the explosion, the disturbed parts day and night, that he jumped overboard. Every which is now the case. In addition house was partially or altogether to these measures, a magistrate unroofed locks, bolts, and bars, was in attendance yesterday (Sun- literally flew asunder--the winday) at the Police-office, in order dow frames and the glass were scatto hear cases against any of the tered to the winds--the ceilings of marauders, should they be brought the Houses in and near the quay, before him, and the hon. Secretary were as if strained from the joists has further ordered, that for the -the walls yawned from their future the magistrates shall sit perpendiculars, and the very founevery morning at ten instead of dations were shaken to their centre. eleven o'clock. The Secretary of Nor was this the case merely at State on Saturday last had an in- the quay; the whole line of street, terview with the magistrates of on the road to Bruges, exhibited the district, respecting the state of a still more melancholy spectacle, that part of the metropolis, and inasmuch as the houses presented anxiously inquired if the robbers not only an equally desolate appearwere distressed weavers ? An ance, but their owners also were answer was given in the negative; involved in instantaneous ruin. but that they were a set of idle The houses on the quay, some of and disorderly fellows, who have the best built and most substantial been long known to the police as in Ostend, were shaken to their reputed thieves.

foundation. In the house of Mr. EXPLOSION OSTEND. R-, and ninent banker, the The new magazine at Ostend joists were wrenched from the which contained upwards of 1,400 walls of the building the main barrels of powder, exploded at ten side wall of the hall door entrance o'clock in the morning. About quite removed from its perpenforty persons, chiefly soldiers, were dicular--and the drawing-room killed; the wounded were almost tables studded over with pieces of innumerable. Stones and bricks broken window-glass, driven into were thrown to a distance of three the tables by the force of the conmiles; one man in a boat had his cussion. Another individual, look,


ing over a bulky ledger, had it his travelling pistols. On his whirled from him into the street, toilet was found the following, while he himself, with difficulty, written on the back of a letter kept on his legs. The force of the received from his betrothed wife : concussion is illustrated by this - I cannot survive this dreadful single fact that two fishing boats, event; I go to meet my Rosabelle lying in several feet water at in the realms of bliss. Adieu, the quay, were absolutely driven adieu, my friends! I cannot live into, and are now bedded in, the without my adored. Rumour has muddy bottom. The wife of the ascribed this event, first to a man chevalier de Bossay, accompanied having walked into the arsenal by her two daughters, were driv- with nails in his shues, and there ing in their cabriolet, within half by igniting the powder -- then a mile of the arsenal at the moment again, to a man being allowed to of the explosion, when madame de smoke a pipe in the arsenal, and Bossay was violently struck on the the fire being communicated in right temple with a large piece of that manner -while there are timber, supposed to be part of the others who attribute it to some ruins of the powder magazine, and malicious incendiary. killed instantaneously. The noise of 20. THE FRENCH PRESS.A the explosion set off the horse, a fine person of the name of Tonquet has spirited animal, at full speed down been condemned by the Court of the hill of Fermois. Dragging. Correctional Police at Paris, to the vehicle against a heap of rub- nine months' imprisonment, and a bish by the road side, the two fine of 100 francs, for having pubyoung ladies were dashed out lished what he called the historical with considerable violence, and the and moral portion of the Gospels, footman, who was riding behind, without the miracles or supernawas thrown under the wheels of tural occurrences which afford the a diligence passing at the time, by evidence of the Saviour's divine which he had both his legs broken, mission. No charge of perversion and was otherwise considerably or blasphemy was brought against injured. On the mademoiselles him. He was accused only of Bossay being taken up, in the mutilating the sacred volume, on youngest life was found entirely which the religion of the state is extinct, and the arm of the other grounded, by suppressing that part was broken in two places, besides of it which relates to the superbeing dreadfully bruised, particular- natural events which signalized ly about the head, so as to render the birth, the life, the death, and her recovery extremely doubtful. resurrection of the author of ChrisOn the news of this dreadful oc- tianity, and thus, by implication, currence reaching the ears of a denying his divine mission. That young student, who had arrived at the facts alleged were not of that Ostend the evening before, from negative kind of which the penal Frankfort, and who was just on laws refuse to take notice, was the eve of leading to the altar the proved, it was said, by the circumyoungest daughter of this ill-fated stance that the defendant published family, he immediately rushed into his book as the complete Gospel, his apartment at his hotel, and while it really omitted its most blew out his brains with one of important doctrines and narratives,

21. WRESTLING.-An interest- and is father of ten children. The ing match has been played between Cornish committee, in token of the Cornish and Devonshire men their approbation of his conduct, in London, which was decided have made up his prize equal to at the Eagle tavern, City-road. that won by Cann. The Devonshire men won the first 22. STONE PULPIT.—The Rev. prize, by bringing up Abraham P. Proudfoot, minister of Arrochar, Cann, their champion; the Cornish- has occasionally, in the summer men won the second, third, and season, preached at the head of his fourth prizes, and made a good parish, for the benefit of those struggle against Cann. The whose great distance from church wrestlers on the Cornish side were rendered their attendance very irmechanics living in London ; and, regular. On the days, however, but for the bringing up of Cann, fixed for this purpose, the weather the very best man to be found in often proved unfavourable; and Devonshire, they must have won though no complaint was, on this the three first prizes. Warren, account, ever made by the preachthe Cornishman, who contended er, he being uniformly willing, with Cann for the first prize, is a along with his people, to suit himminer, and was a passenger bound self to circumstances, the parishfor South America, on board the ioners chiefly concerned were every brig which saved so many of the now and then speculating about crew and passengers of the Kent the possibility of converting a Indiaman, when on fire in the Bay large rock, in the neighbourhood of Biscay. When the sailors, who of which they were wont to asarrived in the first boat from the semble, into a kind of tent or pulKent, refused to return on account pit, under the covering of which of the weather, he seized the prin- the minister would be able to adcipal of them with a lion's grasp, dress them with increased comfort. and told him either to go back into A subscription was accordingly set the boat or into the sea ; the sailor on foot, in which most, if not all, finding resistance vain, preferred of the parishioners cordially came the former, and re-entered the boat forward, according to their ability. with the whole of its crew, by The work, though attended with which means upwards of 150 souls considerable trouble and expense, were saved. Nor was this all ; he has at last been finished, and, afterwards placed himself in the on Sunday last, Mr. Proudfoot main chains, at the imminent peril was requested to preach, for the of his life, and by the muscular first time, from Clach au Taubh, strength of his arm, when tackle or the Bull Rock, converted into a could not be used, lifted into the pulpit. The rock is situated on brig children and women, half the west side of Loch Lomond, dead with fear, and incapable of any about 7 miles above Tarbet, and exertion, one of whom was major about 9 miles distant from ArM'Gregor's wife, for which he re- rochar. Towards the back of it, ceived the thanks of the family, westward, rocks are piled above and a present of 150l. He is a rocks,“ like fragments of a former very prominent-featured man, about world” for nearly a mile upward. five feet nine or ten inches high, On the north, the beautiful green very powerful, and 40 years of age, hills of Glenfalloch terminate the

view. Looking to the east, the situation, though not at all disposed front of the pulpit, there is a small to join in community, landed two plot of green; then the public of their native girls on the island. road; a few yards further, Loch Richardson instantly made choice Lomond, about a - mile broad, with of one of them as his consort, and a fine rocky and wooded bank; and proclaimed her queen of the island, on the opposite side, a splendid and the other he calls his cook. green hill, rising almost a mile The distinction between these two perpendicular from the Loch. individuals was quite perceptible

23. , A MODERN ROBINSON on the present visit. Richardson CRUSOE.The Thetis transport, having no means of amusement which arrived a few days ago from beside the necessary employment the Pacific Ocean, had occasion to of obtaining subsistence, at his own touch at the island of Mocho, for request, lieutenant Hopkins supwater, the only inhabitant on which plied him with a Bible and prayer was an English seaman, of the book. Lieutenant H. offered to name of Joseph Richardson, a na take him off the island, but he retive of Aldington, near Ashford, fused to leave it, declaring his dein Kent, who had made choice of termination of passing his life in that solitary houseless spot, up- his own government.

He had wards of three years ago, for a re commenced erecting a fort, to prosidence, when he was landed, at tect himself from the Indians. his own urgent desire, from the There was no present appearance Patriot ship of war, commanded by of any increase of his subjects.

captain Robertson. The island is ST. PETERSBURGH.-The emabout sixty miles in circumference, peror Nicolas has estowed an and about sixty miles from the coast additional annual grant of 5,000 of Chili, in lat. 39. S. It is very rubles to the Society for the Enseldom visited by ships, as it does couragement of Artists, thus

not afford supplies of wood. It is doubling the funds assigned wit by remarkably fertile, and abounds his predecessor. This institution, with hogs and horses. Richardson which has now existed some years,

cultivated two gardens, on the sends pupils to Italy at its own vegetable produce of which, with

expense; and facilitates to artists pork, young horse-flesh, and wild the means of disposing of their pigeons, he lives. He hunts the productions. It has lately opened former animals with dogs, a fine a gallery for the exhibition of breed of which he has broken in ; works of art, which has attracted the pigeons are so numerous, that the attention of the public very he has little difficulty in obtaining considerably; and nearly all the them, as well as other kinds of principal paintings have found birds, though the only fire-arms he chasers. possesses is an old musket, with a STEAM-NAVIGATION IN INDIA. broken lock, which he discharges -A society has been formed at by means of a match; but by patient Singapore for the establishment of

watching under the trees, he con a direct intercourse between the trives, with such defective means, various ports of the Indian seas, to vary his diet as often as he by means of steam-vessels. For wishes. About nine months since, this purpose, one is to be built and the Indians, hearing of his desolate fitted out in England, which will


sail to Batavia, Malacca, Penang, magnificent description, and richly and Calcutta ; and, in the course ornamented. The framework, of time, this communication will which supports the ceiling, is enextend to Rangoon and Madras. tirely of iron, which renders the It is expected that the passage from building fire-proof; very strong Singapore to Calcutta, which at iron girders are placed at intervals present occupies about five weeks, across the walls to support the may be accomplished in eight days. work. The rooms are lighted by The author of the project is Mr. a row of windows on both sides, Morris, who has already procured of equal dimensions, and extend to be constructed for the Dutch the whole length of the building. government, a steam-boat intended The party walls, which divide the to make cruises against the pirates apartments, are decorated at the on the coast of Java.

angles with double-faced pilastets of highly polished marble. A broad

stone staircase in the entrance-hall, OCTOBER

leads to a corresponding suite of

rooms above of the same extent as 1. ROYAL LIBRARY, BRITISH those beneath, though much lower; MUSEUM.— The building, lately the ceilings are ornamented in a erected in the garden of the Bri very chaste style, and light is adtish Museum, for the reception mitted into these rooms by skyof the library presented by his lights in the roof.

The roof, majesty, is nearly in a finished which is principally of cast iron, is state. The west front is faced with covered with copper, and has so stone, and is ornamented in the slight a rise, that it is not seen centre with four half columns of from the ground. the Ionic order, fluted, and two NAVIGABLE COMMUNICATION antæ, which support a pediment. BETWEEN THE ATLANTIC AND The entablature of the order is Pacific OCEANS.A contract was continued along the whole front. concluded, on the 17th June last, The entrance is at the end of Mon- between the Federal Republic of tague-place. The first apartment central America, and a company, on the right is of very great length, formed in New York, for the purextending to the projection in the pose of effecting a navigable comcentre of the building into which munication between the Atlantic it leads. That part of the room, and Pacific oceans, through Nicawhich is the centre division of the - ragua, one of the States of central exterior of the building, is orna America. The contemplated route mented on each side with two su is by the river St. John, into the perb Corinthian columns of mar lake of Nicaragua, whence, from ble, very highly polished. The its western extremity, a canal will adjoining room is nearly equal in be cut for about seventeen miles to dimensions to the first, beyond the Pacific. The company with which there are two other rooms. whom the contract is now made The whole of this noble suite of are to have the right of toll, and apartments, which are very lofty, certain exclusive privileges. are of an equal height, and deco 2. New MODE OF WORKING rated with an enriched cornice, Boar Guns. All the naval capfrieze, &c. The ceilings are of a tains of the ships at the port, VoL, LXVIII.


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