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assembled on board his majesty's cruelty. Pierre Arnold Jehoulet, ship Galatea, at Spithead, to in- and his three sons, Pierre Joseph, spect the working of her boat guns Lambert, and Alexander, stood (carronades), which had been charged with having, on the 10th fitted by lieutenant Halahan, R.N. of April, in their own house, inon his new plan, with springs, flicted various blows and wounds to do away the necessity of tackles, upon the widow Jean Riguelle, a and consequently the labour of labouring woman, residing at Moha, running the guns out. The pin- the result of which was a malady naces of the Galatea and Pyramus that incapacitated her from workhad their guns mounted, the for- ing for the space of twenty days. mer according to the present in- After the indictment was drawn vention, the latter on the usual up, she died. The following is plan, At a signal given, both the account given of whạt took boats commenced firing together, place on the above-mentioned day,

ad continued do so about by the widow Riguelle, on her exfour minutes and a half, during amination by the burgomaster :which time, the Pyramus's pinnace She went about three o'clock on fired eight rounds, to do which the the 10th of April to Jehoulet's men were obliged to lay in the house with some flax, which he three foremost oars on each side, had given her to spin. Jehoulet, whilst the Galatea's boat fired after taking the thread from her, thirteen rounds, and the men had said, that he was very unhappy ; no occasion to lay in more than that within a short time he had one oar on each side. The advan- lost two of his children, that he tages of lieutenant Halahan's plan, was overwhelmed with other mistherefore, were most evidently fortunes which he could attribute proved, especially as the boat can only to the influence of four pull at the same time that the witches, who were in the village; guns are worked.

Besides, the that she was one of them, and that, recoil is so slight, that, during the if she did not immediately tell the thirteen rounds that were fired, names of her sister witches, he the gun

did not once come back to would roast her over the fire. It the breeching. Thus any boat ca was in vain that she declared her pable of bearing the weight of a innocence of this extraordinary gun, may have one mounted, and charge ; Jehoulet went to the yard, fire it as often may be wished, and brought in a bundle of firewithout the least risk of either wood, half of which he threw upon shaking or straining the boat. More- the fire, and when it was lighted, over, the machinery is so very sim- Lambert and Alexander Jehoulet ple, that it can be taken off, and seized her, and, after pulling her replaced in two minutes, and, when clothes over her head, held her off

, the gun is the same as any other. over the fire, one by the feet and The inspecting officers were unani- the other by the head, until the mous in approving of thisimportant father told them to remove her, improvement in naval gunnery. saying, that she had now suffered

SUPERSTITION. - A trial has enough to make her avow her entaken place at Liege, which dis- chantments. Jehoulet not being closed circumstances of the most able, however, to get an avowal stupid superstition and inhuman from her, threw out the burning

embers upon the hearth-stone, and were carried away, and the ceiling placed her on them. She imme- of the kitchen was also raised from diately fainted away. On recover- its rafters, a man, named Asher, who ing her senses, Jehoulet put the lodged in the house, was observed same questions to her, and not re- lowering his wife and child into ceiving the desired answers, he said the street by means of ropes, from to one of his sons, “ We must make one of the windows, and he himan end of her, and she will not be self leaped from the leads without the last that should be served in receiving any injury. The house the same manner; we must burn was then discovered to be on fire in her alive.” Joseph then threw the 'several places; engines soon arrived, remainder of the faggots upon and, on the men entering the house, the fire, and when they blazed they found it in such a state of confuup, the woman was held over sion, that it was utterly impossible them. This fresh torture not draw- to tell where the explosion origining the required confession from ated, or what caused it, as the her, Joseph became furious, and landlord was perfectly ignorant of swore that he would force her to there being any thing in the house confess that she was a witch, and to produce it. However, from the that she was in compact with the circumstance of Asher not being devil, or he would kill her. He to be found in the neighbourhood, then took a foil in one hand, and a it was immediately suspected that chain in the other, with the lat- he had been carrying on some illegal ter of which he threatened to hang practice in the apartments he occuher up the chimney; and, as she still pied, viz., the kitchen and second persisted in declaring her innocence, floor. When the fire and alarm he wounded her in the breast with had in some degree ceased, the firethe foil. Jehoulet then asked her men proceeded into the kitchen, if she would undo her spells? which, to their astonishment, they And

upon her saying that she had found fitted up in a very conveninone to undo, he asked her if she ent manner as a private distillery, would renounce the devil ? To which had been at work, with which she replied, that she would about 184 gallons of wash, and renounce any thing he wished her other ingredients for the distillation to renounce. He then told her to of spirits. There were wash-backs quit the house, at the same time vats, and every thing proper for giving her a kick. When she got use; and, from the appearance of to the door, he ran after her, pulled things, it would appear that Asher, up her clothes, and tore away the who had not lived there long, had burned skin and flesh from her been working of spirits, when, from back.

the bad construction of the still 3. EXPLOSION OF A DISTILLERY. and brick-work, the whole ex-The neighbourhood of Leonard- ploded. street, Shoreditch, was thrown into ANTIQUITIES.-An antiquarian a state of confusion and alarm, in discovery of some interest has been consequence of a violent explosion made during the recent improveat No. 92, in that street. In a ments this year in the Thames nafew seconds after the crash, when vigation. The tradition of the preall the windows, and the bulk-head cise station of the Cowig stakes, of the house, where it originated, supposed to be set down where

Cæsar crossed the Thames had been tainly discovered, whether this for some time lost, though it was disaster is to be ascribed to acciknown to be between Weybridge dent or malice ; many circumand Walton. In deepening the river stances indicate, that, if the origin about 200 yards above Walton was accidental, it was propagated bridge, a line of old broken piles by the discontented, for it is cerwas discovered, some five feet be- tain that the fire broke out all at low the previous bed of the river.

once in


quarters, They were about as thick as a where neither the direction nor man's thigh. Many have been the force of the wind could have drawn, and are in possession of the carried it. The measures adopted gentlemen in the neighbourhood. by the grand vizier, in concert

FIRE AT CONSTANTINOPLE. with the seraskier, were as enerConstantinople Sept. 7.-- The getic as rapid. About 8,000 taking down of the standard of troops and four brigades of field the Prophet, which was to have artillery, were stationed in the taken place on the 31st August, interior of the seraglio, in order was necessarily delayed to the 2nd of battle ; all the streets were of September, on account of the occupied by soldiers, and no rioters dreadful fire which broke out at ventured any where to show themConstantinople just before the selves. The sultan has opened all hour when the several officers of the gates of his palace to receive state were to assemble for this the unfortunate families that seek ceremony. This fire, which has an asylum ; several thousand wodestroyed nearly an eighth part of men and children are lodged in this immense capital (about 6,000 palaces belonging to the governhouses), continued for thirty-six ment; others have received ample hours. The violence of the wind, pecuniary relief. A part of the the want of water, and the extra- magazines will be rebuilt at the ordinary drought, lessened the expense of the government, and efficacy of the succour which the the building of the new barracks public authorities directed, with is deferred, till after the erection of indefatigable zeal, to the various the public buildings which are parts to which the flames extend- indispensable to commerce. The ed. The immense magazines, seraskier mingled with the fireknown by the name of khans, men, to encourage them, and besestins, and tscharschis, the worked with all his strength for hotels of almost all the ministers two hours; and the chiefs of the and great officers of the empire, several corps vied with him in the palace of the grand vizier, activity and exertion to preserve called the Sublime Porte, the pa- order. The great majority of the lace of the Armenian patriarch, people ascribe this misfortune to with the patriarchal church, and the cruel vengeance of the janismany other public buildings, are saries, who are become objects of reduced to ashes. The loss of the universal execration. The sultan, government is estimated at above to stop one source of discontent, six millions of piastres ; that of which might lead to a re-action, the Turkish and Armenian mer has resolved to revoke the firman chants and tradesmen, at above 50 which abolished, without distinca millions. It has not been cer- tion, all the essames issued after

the war in Egypt. Partial paye himself at the prison, and stated ments have already been made to that he had murdered his wife. several thousand individuals, whose From his decisive manner, and demands were rejected a few days upon further inquiries, the officers before. The standard of Mahomet were induced to proceed to his was replaced on the 2nd, with the residence, where, upon opening usual ceremonies, in the apart- the door, they found the report ment allotted for the preservation but too strictly verified, as the of the relics of the prophet. At poor woman lay in the kitchen the same time the camp in the with her head nearly severed from interior of the seraglio was broken her body. A large clasp knife up, and the grand vizier, accompa- with which Timpson stated he nied by all the ministers, went to had committed the act, lay in the the former palace of the aga of the room. Upon being questioned on janissaries, which, after the events the subject, he said that he had of the 15th June, was assigned to no enmity towards his wife, and the chief mufti. Another resi could not account for his having dence will be assigned to the been actuated to commit so dread latter, which the sultan will select ful a crime. for him.”


No 9. FIRE AT SHEERNESS.-On fewer than twenty-three men and Friday morning, about half-past women were brought up this four o'clock, the inhabitants of morning, charged with rioting at Blue Town were alarmed by a the cotton-mills of John Jones, fire breaking out in the stables be- esq. of Tildesley, on Wednesday longing to Mr. Clarkson, of the last, where about two hundred Fountain Inn. Assistance

persons assembled ; and with vioa promptly rendered, but the flames lently assaulting him and several had acquired such power, that, be- others, as well as the constable, in fore they could be subdued, no the execution of his duty, in the fewer than ten dwelling-houses apprehending of Henry Pendlebecame the prey of the devouring bury, charged with rioting at the element, together with the whole same mills on the 23rd of Septemof the stabling and coach-houses, ber. There were twelve deposiincluding five horses, a coach, tions read of the ill-treatment rehearse, post-chaise, gig, &c. which ceived on that day. The solicitor were entirely consumed. The on the part of the prisoners offerofficers and men of his majesty's ing no evidence; they were bound ships Brunel and Gloucester, as in recognizances to keep the peace, well as those from the Dock-yard, and to answer for the riot and exerted themselves in the most assault at the next Kirkdale sespraiseworthy manner; and happily sions; and the parties were bound succeeded, with the engine be over to prosecute. Three hundred longing to the naval establish weavers entered the town this ments, in arresting the progress morning, but every thing remainof the calamity.


10. HYDROPHOBIA. - This week Friday afternoon, a man named occurred a fatal case of hydrophoWilliam Timpson, residing in bia in Salford, arising from the Park-street Birmingham, presented bite of a cat. The sufferer was



She was

Ann Baldwin, a widow, aged about frequently to the cat having bitten 53 years, living in Gravel-lane, her, but sometimes calling it a Salford, and was generally em- dog; during the time the tongue ployed as a washerwoman. About and fauces were dry, and of a three months ago, she was wash- brown colour. It was with much ing at Mrs. Worrall's, in Brough- difficulty she could show her ton-street (not 100 yards from the tongue; and when she had done place where Mr. Vaughan was so, she invariably seemed ashamed, bitten), when a strange cat enter- and hid her face. In this state ed the wash-house, and was at- she continued till a late hour on tacked by two dogs belonging to Saturday night, when death put Mrs. Worrall. Mrs. Baldwin en an end to her sufferings. deavoured to extricate the cat from attended during the last stage of the dogs, when it fixed its teeth her illness by a number of medical upon the fore finger of her right gentlemen, who tried nearly all hand, and caused a severe wound, the remedies which had been reand though the wound was pain- commended, but apparently withful, she continued in her employ- out the slightest effect, even in ment during the remainder of the alleviating the symptoms under day, but it increased in soreness, which she laboured. Amongst and an inflammation succeeded, other things, an injection of the extending up the fore arm. It was acetate of morphine into circulatreated by fomentation and leeches, tion was several times tried, but but without the advice of any no benefit was experienced from it. medical gentleman, and the wound 10. NARROW ESCAPE.On Frigradually healed. At intervals, day a little boy, whilst playing on however, she complained of pains the cliff at Dover, approached too in her hand and arm, and fre near the edge, and fell down a quently referred to the bite she height of nearly 100 feet. He had had from the cat. On Thurs was carried to the shop of Mr. day and Friday last, she complain- Mitchell, chemist, in Snargateed of having more than usual pain street, when it was found that he in her hand and arm. Until Fri- had only received a slight injury, day morning she continued to 11. At a night review of the follow her employment; on that miners of Schemnitz, by two of day the pain extended to her back the archdukes of Austria, the and shoulders, and was accompa- whole appeared clad in their worknied by frequent shiverings. She ing dresses, bearing all their impassed a very restless night, and plements, and each person having the symptoms of the very

dreadful in his hand the lamp with which disorder became apparent, and in- he descends into the mine. By an creased in violence every hour. ingenious and well-contrived moveEarly on Saturday morning Mr. ment of the corps, when the Firnley visited her, and found her archdukes came to view them from labouring under an evident spas- the balcony of the director's house, modic affection of the muscles and they were so arranged that their throat. In the afternoon, the lamps, as they stood, exhibited the paroxysms were of the most dis- initials A. and R. in illuminated tressing kind, but she seemed sen- letters, covering, in an instant, the sible of her situation, and referred whole square.

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