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12. Rrot ÁT OLDHAM.There in danger, drew a pistol from his has been for several weeks a dis- pocket; this the people endeavoured agreement between the masters to wrest from him, but fortunately and the operative spinners of Old- without success. He finally esham, in consequence of a reduction caped very severely bruised. In of wages. Those who were willing the afternoon of Saturday there to continue their employment, were was an assembly of the turn-outs forced from it by the turn-outs, and in the fields and lanes near to the consequence was, a complete Messrs. Lees and Sons' premises ; cessation of labour in those mills few persons passed them without in which the new prices had been being very closely questioned as to introduced. Thus situated, some

their business ; not a few were

S of the masters engaged spinners severely beaten on suspicion of from a distance. These new-com- being related to the newly-arrived ers were of course extremely ob- spinners. One man a weaver was noxious to the turn-outs, and the accused of being “a knobstick whole neighbourhood has been in a spinner," and so dreadfully malstate of turmoil ever since their treated as to have been under the arrival, and numerous outrages have necessity of keeping his bed for some been committed. The new spin- time. About seven o'clock, the ners were lodged in places of se- lanes and fields were so completely curity near the mills. On Satur- taken possession of by the disafday morning last, one of the new fected, that no person dared to hands in the employment of Messrs. venture out of his house, every Lees and Sons, received informa- one being threatened with death tion that his sister who resides in who stirred out. A man in the Oldham, about a mile from the employment of Messrs. Collinge factory, was dangerously ill, and and Lancashire was recognized wished to see him. As he durst and pursued by about eighty men. not go so far alone, he prevailed He fortunately obtained shelter in upon Mr. John' Lees to accompany a house, and made his escape by a him. They were soon surrounded back door. The watchmen of by some hundreds of persons, who Messrs. C. and Co. were assailed used such menacing language, that with stones while on their duty: they deemed it prudent to take this they bore patiently for some shelter in the house of Mr. Chad- hours ; at length one of them fired wick, the deputy constable. They his blunderbuss about three o'clock stayed there about an hour, during on Sunday morning. This was which time the mob dispersed. the signal for a general attack, and They then made their way for- immense volleys of stones, some ward, but had not proceeded many of them seven or eight pounds yards, when they were again im- weight, were thrown by the mob. peded by the mob. They next One party destroyed nearly all the

. attempted to return home. The windows in the house and waremob assailed them with stones, and house of Messrs. Collinge and Lanwhen they reached Mount Pleasant, cashire ; while another party de

; they closed and began to kick and molished most of the windows of trample upon Mr. Lees and the Mr. Lees' house at Mount Pleaworkman. Mr. L. finding his life sant, The mob was prevented


from committing further depreda- floor, there being little room at the tions by the vigorous preparations Bull and Mouth Inn. The basewhich had been made for receiving ment was fitted up as stables for them. Sunday passed over without about fifty or sixty horses, and the any remarkable breach of the peace. three upper stories were used as In the evening, however, the roads granaries for the preservation of were again infested with numerous corn, an immense stock of which small gangs of turn-outs, who de- was at all times necessary for the manded of every passenger his support of the very great number business. One woman was accused of horses on the establishment. of being the wife of “a knobstick About half-past two, the floor of spinner," and upon her denying it, the fourth story gave way, making a bundle which she had with her a tremendous noise, carrying havoc was searched, and a soiled shirt and devastation in its course. The being found therein, it was con- lower floors went with the force of sidered an incontestible proof. The the concussion, and the bearings of bundle was accordingly taken from the ground-floor instantly gave her, together with what money way with the united weight of she had about her, and she was three stories, each heavily laden beaten so severely as to be pre- with grain. Thus were buried in vented reaching home that night. confusion several horses, and one Another woman

accused of

waggon, two men, and all the grain. being related to one of the spin- The most prompt assistance was ners employed by Messrs. Lees immediately rendered by the whole and Sons, and was knocked down strength of the united establishby a fellow, who seized her by the ments; and, after about four hours throat, and kneeled upon her until incessant labour, during which the the blood gushed out of her mouth; persons occupied in clearing the he then left her in a state of insen- ruins, in order to extricate the sibility. There appears at present horses and men, had first to get out not the least hopes of a reconcilia- most of the coaches and waggons, tion between the masters and their they succeeded in rescuing all the old workmen who express them- horses except three, valued at selves determined to have the new about sixty pounds each. One of spinners out of the town, and to these, at first, showed signs of have the prices which they have life, but ultimately expired. The demanded.

two men escaped without broken 14. SERIOUS ACCIDENT. A bones—one of them, by a mirapart of the extensive premises, culous intervention of Providence,

, situated in Bartholomew-close, in scarcely hurt; the other most sethe possession of Mr. Edward verely bruised in every part of his Sherman, proprietor of the exten- limbs and body; so much so, that sive coach and waggon offices, he was obliged to be carried to known as the Bull and Mouth and Saint Bartholomew's Hospital. Oxford Arms Inns were reduced 15. PEDESTRIANISM. - Mr. G. to ruins, by the falling-in of the West started on Saturday to acupper story. The premises were complish forty-eight miles in nine occupied as a depository for wag- hours, the start to take place from gons and coaches on the ground the top of Sloane-street, to the


Buckinghamshire foot of Maiden-" the purpose of commencing his head Bridge, and to return to half- daily work on the old man's

prec a-mile beyond Hammersmith, on mises. When he came near the the London side. It was for a bet cottage, he called out the name of of 100 sovereigns, and twenty more Elizabeth Haines, and not receive if it was done in twenty minutes ing an answer," as he was acc under the given time. The pea tomed, from the old woman, he destrian reached Slough (twenty approached nearer the house, and miles) inthree hours, and completed was astonished on observing the half the distance in four hours and door, as well as one of the windows ten minutes. He returned back to on the ground-floor, wide open. the Half-way house on the Mai. He at once suspected that some denhead side of Colnbrook, ate a thing dreadful had happened, and hearty breakfast, and left himself repeatedly called the inmates by something less than eighteen miles their names, but received no anto be done in fourhours. Hewon his swer. The man then hurried off match with eleven minutes to spare, with all the speed he coula, to and of course lost the second bet.

inform his parents of the circum16. MURDERS NEAR FETCHAM stance. His mother, Mrs. Bennet, COMMON.On Friday morning, accompanied him back to the cots the neighbourhood of Leatherhead tage, and proceeded up stairs, and was thrown into a state of excita- beholding, when at the head of the tion, in consequence of the bar- staircase, the corpse of Elizabeth barous murder of two aged indi- Haines, she was so much terrified viduals, who resided on the borders that she ran down stairs, and ima of Fetcham Common. -John Ake- mediately sent off to Mr. Gibbs, a hurst, a helpless old man, aged 96, gentleman in whose employment and his housekeeper, Elizabeth her husband worked. Mr. Gibbs Haines, aged 74. It was gener- lost no time in visiting the scene ally rumoured in the neighbour- of murder, and immediately deshood, that the old man was pos- patched messengers to the different sessed of some property, as the county magistrates resident in the house and some acres of land immediate neighbourhood, Inadjoining it were in his posses- formation was also despatched (to sion, and it is supposed that the Union Hall Police-office, from miscreants were prompted to the whence Mr. Hall, the chief concommission of the murder, in the stable, together with Richard expectation of finding money, the Pople, an officer of the establishproduce of the fruit, which had ment, proceeded in a post-chaise been extreniely plentiful this sea- and four, and soon' arrived at the son, in the grounds belonging to cottage where the murder was the old man. The murder, which committed.

Severál magistrates was perpetrated either on Thurs- were in waiting for the officers, day night, or early on Friday and had given previous directions morning, was first discovered by that neither of the bodies of the a man named Brown, who had murdered persons should be moved been recently employed by the from the positions in which they deceased to gather in his crop of first appeared on the discovery. apples, and who left his home on The officers accordingly proceeded Friday morning, at six o'clock, for to examine the premises; and at



once discovered that the house had sible light on the discovery of the been entered by taking a small perpetrators.

The chests in the pane of glass out of the window upper rooms, occupied by the dethat led into the washhouse, and ceased persons, were found to have by removing a very slight iron bar. been rummaged; but none of the None of the property below stairs property which they contained, appeared to have been touched. consisting of clothes, together with The officers then ascended into the the will of the old man, bequeathrooms up stairs, in one of those ating his little cottage and spot of the head of the stair-case the ground to his daughter, was taken female slept, at the extreme end away. On questioning several of of which was a door, leading into the persons who reside in the that occupied by the old man. On neighbourhood, and who, it apentering this room, the woman was pears, were well acquainted with observed lying on her back, with the deceased, it did not seem that her feet towards the door. There a vestige of property belonging to was a pool of blood surrounding the old people had been taken off her head, the back part of which the premises. Indeed there was

fractured in a shocking nothing of any value in the place. manner, apparently by a blow Notwithstanding the vigilance of from a heavy bludgeon, or some the magistrates, nothing transpired blunt instrument. There were to throw any light on the horrible black marks on her neck, as if an affair. attempt had been made to strangle 17. MELANCHOLY FATALITY. her; and one of her hands was Lisbon.-On Saturday last, bruised, apparently in consequence private soldier, belonging to the of holding it up to avert the blows 6th regiment of the line, and staof her murderer. To the right of tioned in the barracks in this city, the door the body of the old man was condemned to be shot for de lay extended on the bed, both the sertion, and for uttering various hands were raised over the head, disloyal and seditious words, with as if defending it from the blows intent to seduce others of his corps of the assassin. The knuckles from their sworn allegiance. The and back part of the hands were prisoner, after receiving the last offidreadfully lacerated, and on the ces of religion, was brought forth,

, , right side of his head, a little accompanied by two Catholic priests, above the ear, appeared the wound and escorted by forty soldiers of that had caused his death. The his own regiment to the place of bed-clothes were streaming with execution, which gore, and his night-cap, which was Campo Grande, a short distance lying close alongside the pillow, from the city. His coffin was was saturated with blood. As carried before him, which tendsoon as the officers had minutely ed considerably to heighten the examined each of the bodies, they solemnity of the

He proceeded to search the room, to kneeled and prayed frequently on discover whether the murderers the way, which, in consequence, had left behind them any clue by prolonged the time of going. which it would be possible to trace About ten o'clock he arrived at them. Nothing, however, was the fatal spot. At eleven he was found, to throw the slightest pos- ordered to march round the troops


on the



to admonish them, the two priests at a point of eighteen or twenty dictating what he said to his com- feet from the ground, like a trirades; after which, he returned angle used for weighing. At the to his former place, where he top is an iron ring moving verfell a victim to an overacting tically on a joint. The mast is on the part of the commanding placed nearly horizontally, and officer. There were nine picked pushed through the ring eighteen men ordered to shoot him. He or twenty feet. It is then brought kneeled, and was desired by the to a perpendicular position; its officer to pull the cap over his face, foot is placed in a socket below, which he did ; and whilst the while the ring confining it above, officer turned round (to take à it is thus kept steady in its upright reprieve from his pocket) the poor situation. The nozle of the pipe fellow dropped his handkerchief is then made fast to a small appafrom his hand, which being under- ratus, that slides on the mast, and stood by the men who were to has a joint turning vertically. A shoot him as a signal to fire, they pulley and rope, passing over the did so, and six bullets taking top of the mast, pulls the nozle effect in different parts of his up to any height. A second body, he fell a corpse. The officer pulley levels or points the nozle, had received the reprieve only that so as to send the water either upmorning, privately, but in endea- wards or downwards, and a lever vouring to convey a salutary dread at the bottom, which turns the of the crime (which in the existing mast round, enables the firemen to state of affairs in Lisbon was con- change the direction of the pipe sidered necessary), and to heighten horizontally. The command over the terror of the scene, ere he pro- the height, position, and direction duced the pardon, he over-acted of the pipe, at any altitude not his part, and the poor fellow lost exceeding fifty feet, is thus comhis life.

plete. It is another advantage of FIRE APPARATUS.- Last week, the apparatus, that it can be a trial was made of a very ingeni- erected within the narrowest lane. ous apparatus for aiding the action The trial made, on Wednesday of fire-engines. The great dis- morning, was very satisfactory. advantage of these machines at The inventor is Mr. Robert present is, that they cannot be Brown, architect. employed with much effect against MYSTERIOUS AFFAIR.- About å fire in any apartment more than two years and a half ago, a fine twenty or thirty feet from the male infant, about four or five ground.

The apparatus which is months old, was placed at nurse by intended to remedy this defect, a lady and gentleman of apparentconsists of two parts—a frame ly great respectability. The genwhich folds together, and can be tleman first called to view the carried on the shoulders of four situation, and, after making many men, and a slender mast fifty feet inquiries, said he was satisfied. high, which can be carried by three This assurance he afterwards re

The frame, when put into peated by a letter to the nurse, its position, consists chiefly of three mentioning the day on which the legs, two of them slender poles, child might be expected. A day and the third a ladder, which meet or two afterwards, a well-dressed



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