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posed that these subscriptions shall upon this occasion the ministers in go in aid of those which have been each parish do effectually excite entered into in the metropolis for their parishioners to a liberal conthe same benevolent and charitable tribution, which shall be collected purpose. I have accordingly to the week following, at their respecdesire, in compliance with the tive dwellings, by the churchterms of his majesty's letter, your wardens or overseers of the poor grace will take immediate steps in each parish, and the ministers for promoting the objects therein of several parishes are to cause set forth. I have the honour to the sums so collected to be paid be, my lord, your grace's most immediately into the hands of obedient humble servant,

Messrs. Smith, Payne, and Smith, ROBERT PEEL. bankers, of our city of London, to To the Archbishops of Can be accounted for by them, and terhury and York, &c. &c. applied to the carrying on and GEORGE R.

promoting the above-mentioned Most reverend father in God, good designs. And so we bid you our right trusty and right entirely very heartily farewell.Given at beloved councillor, we greet you our court at Windsor, the 16th well! Whereas the manufactur day of December, 1826, in the ing classes, in some districts of the seventh year of our reign. By his united kingdom, have suffered, and majesty's command, are still suffering, severe distress;

ROBERT PEEL. and whereas many of our subjects To the Archbishops of Canterhave entered into voluntary sub bury and York, for a cola scriptions for their relief, and lection in aid of the subhave, at the same time, most hum scriptions entered into for bly prayed Us to issue our royal the relief of the manufacletters, directed to the lord arch turing classes in the united bishop of Canterbury and the lord

kingdom. archbishop of York, authorising 19. KINGSTON Assizes.--Thothem

to promote contributions mas Jones was indicted for utterwithin their several provinces for ing at Thursley, on the 9th Septhe same benevolent purpose, We, tember, a bank of England note taking the premises into our royal for 10l., knowing the same to be consideration, and being always forged. The singularity of this ready to give the best encourage case was, that the prisoner was ment and countenance to such perfectly blind. He was a muhumane and charitable undertak- sician by profession, and was in ings, are graciously pleased to con the habit of attending families in descend to their request. And we the neighbourhood where he lived. do hereby direct, that these our Prior to the month of September, letters be communicated by you to he had lodged with his wife and a the several suffragan bishops within man servant, in the house of a your province, expressly requiring Mrs. Evans, at Thursley. In the them to take care that publication beginning of September, he went to be made hereof, on such Sunday, London for a few days, and, on his and in such places within their return, he sent his landlady on the respective dioceses, as the said 7th to get a 101. note changed. bishops shall appoint, and that The note was changed by a Miss


Knowles, in the neighbourhood, tainly singular, that, if the prisoner and the money was given to the had received the notes in different prisoner. On the 9th, he sent her places, they should correspond with again with another 10l. note to a each other in every particular. The Mr. Whitburne, a miller, to get jury found the prisoner guilty. changed, but without success. On ATTACK ON THE DUBLIN MAIL. the next day, the prisoner sent -A very daring attack was made Mrs. Evans to Miss Knowles with on the mail coach between Dublin the change of the first note, desir- and Cork, by a very numerous and ing the note to be given back. determined banditti, but which was Whilst Mrs. Evans was in the fortunately unsuccessful. On house, Mr. Whitburne came in reaching a place called Rookville, and detained the note, and under about three miles on this side of standing whence it came from, he Cashel, on the road to Cahir, about obtained the assistance of a con a quarter past one o'clock in the stable, and caused the prisoner to morning, two shots were fired from be apprehended. On his person behind a wall

, about breast high; were found șix or seven one-pound the coachman immediately encountry notes, and two or three deavoured to push forward, but counterfeit sovereigns. He was the way was completely impeded asked why he wanted change of a by three cars heavily laden with 101. note, when he had smaller stones, fastened together with notes and other money in his pos- strong ropes, and placed across the session ?-He said he wanted more road. One of the shots had struck change to make good his pay- one of the leaders, and mortally ments.--He said he had received wounded him, so that resistance one of the 10l. notes on the sale of was rendered necessary. The a musical instrument at Petworth, guard, who had fired, and again and the other at a public-house at loaded, called on the cowardly Kingston. Mr. Christmas, the rascals to come forward;" they did bank-note inspector, proved that not accept the challenge, but again both notes were forged in every fired a volley of about twelve shots, particular. They were both print- which they several times repeated, ed from the same plate, bore the but without effect on either the same date and number, and were coachman, guard, or passengers. on similar paper. The prisoner, Twoof the passengers, Messrs. Conin his defence, said he had received nor and Wilmot, courageously dethe notes in the way of his busi- scended from the coach, and extriness, and had not the least know- cated the wounded horse from the ledge of their being forged. He harness; in doing which one of called no witnesses. Mr. Justice them received a desperate kick from Bayley left the case to the jury, him, immediately after which the and said, the question was, whether poor horse expired. Before their exthe prisoner had uttered the note ertions were able to remove'the cars, in question with a guilty know- some time elapsed, during which ledge; he called their attention to the ruffians continued to fire; but the prisoner's blindness, and the finding so spirited a resistance, they circumstance of his uttering the did not venture from heir lurking note in a neighbourhood in which place, and at length went off. The he was well known. It was cer- coach then proceeded, and arriving


at a police station, about a mile smallest traces of blood were to be distant, a party was instantly found; but the statement of Bardespatched in pursuit of them. narvon, added to the circumstances

EXTRAORDINARY MURDER. of a coat which Audran wore on An extraordinary trial for murder the day of the murder not being took place at Dijon. A game- discovered, was deemed sufficient keeper, named Barnarvon, was evidence; the jury found the prifound on the 16th of August, soner guilty, and he was sentenced wounded in the most shocking to death. Although the prisoner manner; the unfortunate man had had denied most solemnly knowing received eight stabs in different any thing about the crime, he stated, parts of the body, and a violent when brought back to the conblow on the head, which had frac- demned cell, that he killed Bartured his skull: he was carried to narvon, not on the spot indicated his dwelling, and, in the presence by the latter, but in his (Audran's) of his wife and children, made the own garden, where a quantity of following statement : “ Two blood would be seen; this proved neighbours called upon me, for the to be the fact; he added, that Barpurpose of obtaining my assistance narvon entered the garden for the in preventing a miller named purpose of committing robbery, Audran from turning the course that a struggle took place between of a stream which belonged to them, and Barnarvon, who was a them: after settling this business, powerful man, fought in so deterI returned homewards, when, passa mined a manner, that, notwithing near a narrow road, Audran standing the different stabs inflictsprung from behind a hedge, and ed, had not the blow upon the felled me to the earth with a head been given with a heavy bludgeon; while I was lying sense- piece of wood, which happened to

the ground, he took out be near the place of combat, he, his knife, and stabbed me in the the prisoner, would have been bosom; the pain caused by the murdered. This statement reachsecond blow brought me to a sense ed the jury on the following day, of my dreadful situation, and rising and they requested the judge, who on my knees, I said ' Audran, take had passed the sentence of death, pity on my poor family, and do to recall several witnesses; they not kill me !' My prayer was un were re-examined by the jury, and heeded; he inflicted several stabs, the account given by the prisoner and left me in the state in which proved to be a fact. However, the I was found.”

Audran was of trial was over, and the unfortunate course arrested, and brought into man, who would have been acquitthe presence of the dying man, ted, still remains in prison, under who gave the above evidence. sentence of death; he is, of course, “ But where did I commit the recommended to the king's mercy, crime?” said Audran. “ Near the and there can be but little doubt wall of a garden belonging to Mr. that in a few days he will be liberLouis,” was the reply. Immedi- ated from confinement. ately after uttering these words, YORK House. - The scaffoldthe wounded man expired. The ing being now removed, the expolice repaired to the place that terior of this noble mansion is now was mentioned; no marks or the completely displayed. The build

less upon


ing, which forms a square of about feet by 30, communicating with a 150 feet, is entirely insulated ; drawing-room, with a very large and has four stone fronts, consist- semi-circular recess 43 feet by 36 ing of a Corinthian order, with a and 25. The rooms on the west single series of windows, placed side are destined for a state sleepupon a basement, with horizontaling-apartment. As a piece of rustics. Each of these fronts varies architecture, this structure somewhat in design. That towards hibits externally chasteness and the east has merely pilasters; those elegance of design, with a consideron the south and west have each a able degree of grandeur, and cerrange of six columns, in the centre tainly deserves to rank very high slightly advanced from the wall, among the embellishments of the and surmounted by a pediment; metropolis. while the north front has a portico CASE OF HYDROPHOBIA. A of considerable projection, beneath man of the name of Eve, residing which carriages drive up to the near the Ship public-house, West grand entrance, which is on this Hanningfield, was bit, at the latter side. From this entrance, an end of June last, by a little dog which ascent of a few steps leads through he was caressing as he was sitting a vestibule and colonnade into the on the ground eating his breakfast, hall, which occupies the centre of when the animal suddenly bit him the building: it is 80 feet by 40, on the upper lip, and immediately and rises to the summit of the ran off; its next object of attack roof. This hall is lighted by a was a sow, which feil a sacrifice to lanthorn ceiling, and contains the the dreadful malady, at the end of grand staircase, which ascends on about nine weeks. The dog was each side in two flights of stone afterwards pursued and destroyed. steps, the resting-spaces of which It is to be lamented, that no local are supported by two Atlantic or general remedies were resorted figures. On a level with the hall, to, till after the lapse of three or on the basement floor, is a suite of four days (his apprehension as to rooms in the south front, consists the nature of the wound not being ing of a dining-room, three draw sooner excited), and that, when ing rooms, and library. In the apprized of his danger, he should west front, on the same floor, is a have resorted for cure or prevensuite of private apartments.

The tion to one of those delusive antistate apartments are on the upper dotes held out by ignorant perfloor, and are entered through a sons, who pretend to be furnished peristyle of the Corinthian order, with specific remedies for warding supporting the upper part of the off this most dreadful of human hall. The principal rooms are a

maladies. Mr. Mason, of Great banqueting-room (in the north- Baddow, in whose employ Eve front) 24 feet by 40 ; a gallery, had been nearly ten years, observed occupying the whole length of the his health declining for several east side, and measuring 132 feet weeks past, which he attributed to by 24, and in some parts 32 feet the pernicious remedies he was in width. This apartment is then using: still, however, Eve formed into three divisions, by continued active so late as last means of columns. Adjoining this Saturday. On the following even, is a saloon (in the south front) 50 ing, he first complained of general



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langour and giddiness, with pain fire in a yery short time, commuin the head and drowsiness, from nicated to the dwelling house in which he thought he was relieved Dame-street, and

spread with by a little refreshment, and a short alarming impetuosity. Sir Abrasleep. These symptoms were suc ham's family did not reside in this ceeded, about the middle of the house, and there were no inmates following day, by pain in the chest,

save ą young gentleman and an attended by soreness and a slight elderly woman-servant; but stricture in the throat, when a number of individuals on perceivmedical gentleman was called in, ing the fire, burst into the house, who bled him, and administered and exerted themselves to preserve medicine. From this period his the premises. Notwithstanding sufferings gradually increased, un- all the exertions that were made, til the more dreadful symptoms of the fire increased, and, at eight hydrophobia were exhibited, which o'clock, the roof fell in with a trehappened about twelve o'clock the mendous crash, bearing down all same night, when another medical the floors of the house, which fell gentleman was called in, at which with accumulated weight upon time it became impossible to ad- the unfortunate individuals inside. minister any remedies by the These persons were instantly mouth; the convulsive


and buried under the ruins; several the stricture of the throat and persons were soon afterwards taken chest, being so violentand frequent, out; two of them quite. dead, the poor man declared himself and others mangled and wounded totally unable to swallow, and in a frightful manner. The flames, begged that no forcible means in the mean time, spread far and might be used at this period of the wide, and seemed to threaten the disease; even the sight of liquids whole neighbourhood with destrucof any kind appeared to excite tion. There was little or no sụpspasmodic convulsions; strong ply of water, so that the engines, opiate injections were resorted to, for some time, were of little effect. which there is reason to believe Happily, however, by the most afforded him temporary relief. As extraordinary efforts, the fire was he approached towards his end, the arrested in its progress, and little spasmodic convulsions became less other injury to property was done, frequent, and less severe; and he beyond what the premises of sir sank about ten o'clock the same Abraham sustained. The property evening, into a state of complete on these premises was very considerexhaustion.

able, and littleor nothing was saved. 24. FIRE IN DỤBLIN.-A fire Not only an immense stock of was discovered in the extensive paper, but money, expensive furnistores of sir Abraham Bradley ture, and an entire and valuable King, stationer to his majesty, service of plate, were totally lost. which were full of stationery closely 25. EXPEDITION TO PORTUGAL. packed up in piles. The flames -The Pyramus, which sailed from spread with the utmost rapidity: Portsmouth on the 18th in comin a few minutes the whole of the pany with the Romney, was the stores were in a blaze, and all first essel with troops on board hopes of preserving the property that entered the Tagus: this took were out of the question. The place on Christmas-day, and the

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