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21. At Ramsgate, the lady of W. S. Roe, esq. a son.

The march. of Clanricarde, daugh. JANUARY.

of the rt, hon. Geo. Canning, a daugh. 2. At Duffield, near Derby, the lady

26. At Houghton, the hon. Mrs. of sir Charles Colville, a daughter.

C. Stourton, a son. 5. Viscountess Chetwynd, a daughter.

Lately, in Park-lane, London, lady 7. At her house in Albemarle-street,

Caroline Morant, a daughter. lady Frances Levison Gower, a son.

MARCH 8. At Beverley, the lady of the hon. Alexander Macdonald, son of lord Mac- 3. At Gloucester, the lady of Dr. donald, a son.

Hall, master of Pembroke college, and 10. At the Vicarage, Bradford, the the prebendaries of Gloucester lady of the Rev. Henry Heap, a son. cathedral, a son.

11. At Teddington, the lady of the 5. The lady of Christ. Saltmarshe, Rev. John Harcourt Skrine, a daughter. esq. a daughter.

At South Audley-st., lady Frances At Donhead Rectory, the lady of Bankes, a son.

a son.

the rev. W. Dansey, a son. 13. The lady of Robert Sayer, esq. 6. The lady of John Okes, esq. a dau. of Sibton Park, a son and heir.

· In Hereford-street, Park-lane, the 18. At the Vicarage, Southwell, Not- lady of sir Edward Poore, bart. a son tinghamshire, the lady of the rev. R. H. and heir. Fowler, a daughter.

13. At Westow, the lady of sir Tatton 22. The lady of Francis Baring, esq., Sykes, bart. a son and heir.

14. The lady of Stephen Wilkinson, 27. At Fitzharris House, the lady of esq. Holderness-road, a son and heir. Wm. Bowles, esq., a son.

15. At the Rectory House, Soham, Lately, at the Vicarage, Bradford, the lady of the rev. W. Wilson, a daugh. Wilts, the lady of the rev. Howel Jones, 18. At Tilness Park, Sunning Hill, a daughter.

Berks, the lady of the right hon. lord

Gavagh, a son.

20. At the Rectory, Hargrave, North

amptonshire, the lady of the rev. W. L. 2. At Clifton, the lady of Richard

Baker, a daughter. Donovan, of Ballymore, county of Wex

24. At Rhode Hill, Devonshire, the ford, esq., a son.

lady of rear-adm. sir John Talbot,K.C.B.

a son and heir. 4. In Weymouth-street, Portlandplace, the lady of H. S. Montagu, esq.,

28. At Holme, near Market-Weigh

ton, the hon. Mrs. Langdale, a son. The lady of capt. Edw. Purvis, of

APRIL. Reading, a son.

8. The lady of B. Pead, esq. of Wal- 2. The lady of Thomas Wilson, esq. thamstow, Essex, a daughter.

of Dulwich, a son. 11. At Burghwallis, lady

lisa, the 3. Ringmere, the lady of Major lady of Wm. Duncombe, esq. a son and Cator, royal artillery, a daughter. heir.

5. The lady of Dr. Ogle, Aldrician 12. At Basildon Park, Berks, the professor of medicine in the university lady of sir Francis Sykes, bart. of a son. of Oxford, a son.

At Combhay House, the lady of 5. In Windsor-castle, Berks. the lady W. G. Langton, jun. esq. a daughter. of Wm. Mousell, esq. of a son.

17. At Aldersey Hall, the lady of 7. The lady of J. Miles, esq. of SouthSam. Aldersey, esq. a daughter.

ampton-row, Russell-square, a son. 18. At the Dowager lady Rivers, 8. At Aldborough Lodge, near BoWinchester, the lady of the rev.Joseph roughbridge, the lady of Andrew LawStory, a son.

son, esq. a son. 20. At Sandhurst, near Gloucester, 9. Mrs. Neate, of Warminster, of three the lady of the rev. W. Fred. Mansel, a children- a boy and two girls. daughter.

18. In Grosvenor-street, the lady of At Pinner, Middlesex, the lady of Paulet St. John Mildmay, esq. M. P. of Henry John Pye, esq. a son.

à son.

a son.


a son.

a son.

BIRTHS. 19. At Chichester, the lady of the 9. The lady of Samuel Page, esq. of hon, and rev. Edw. John Turnour, a Dulwich, a son. son and heir.

At Astley Castle, Warwickshire, 29. At Hampstead, the lady of J. B. lady Barbara Newdigate, a son. Nichols, of Parliament-street, a son. 10. At the Government House, Jer

30. At Holmpton, Yorkshire, the sey, the lady of his excellency majorlady of R. Lacy, esq. a daughter. gen, sir Colin Halkett, K. C. B. and

G. C.H. a son.

13. Hon. Mrs. Geo.-Lionel Dawson, 2, At Hambrook-house, near Bristol,

a daughter.

17. At Moor Park, the lady of C. F. the lady of col. Brereton, a daughter.

At Abbot's Leigh, the lady of Ro Wise, esq. Holt Lodge Farnham, a dau. bert Bright, esq. a son.

At the Rectory, Buriton, Wiltsh. 3. Ať Haverfordwest, Mrs. Lloyd the lady of the rev. Brownlow Poulter, Philips, of Dale Castle, Pembrokeshire,

19. The duchess of Bedford, a daugh. 4. In Somerset-street, Portman-sq.

22. In Upper Seymour-st., the lady the lady of Nicholas Harris Nicolas, esq.

of Donat. Henchy O'Brien, esq. captain barrister at law, F.S. A. a daughter.

R. N. a son and heir. 8. At the Rectory House, Woodstock,

At Bath, the lady of W. Ludlow, the lady of the rev. Dr. Mavor, a dau.

esq. a son. 12. The lady of J. T. Justice, esq. of

26. In Wimpole-street, the lady of Spring-gardens, a son.

John Mitchell, esq. a daughter. 16. The lady of T. C. Yates, esq.

24. Lady Radstock, a daughter. Pembroke-house, Clifton, a daughter.

28. The lady of the hon, and rev At the Rectory house, Laceby,

Thomas Monson, a daughter. near Great Grimsby, the lady of the rev. Thos. Dixon, three fine boys.

JULY. 17. At Brasted Park, Kent, the lady of Edmund Turton, esq. a daughter. 18. At Manor-place, Edinburgh, the

1. The lady of Benj. Rouse. esq. of lady of Dr. Hibbert, a son.

New Bridge-street, London, a son.

3. The lady of G. Cave, of Cleve Dale, 19. At York, the lady of sir William Foulis, bart. a daughter.

Bristol, a daughter, 21. At Redbourne House, Herts, the

8. The Marchioness of Ely, a daugh.' lady of Robert Thornton Heysham, jun. lady of the rev. J. L. Hutchinson, a son.

At the Rectory House, Routh, the esq. a son and heir. 25. At his house in Charlotte-street,

11. At Thame, the lady of G. WakeBerkeley-square, the lady of Charles man, esq. a son.

13. The lady of John Crosse, esq. of Douglas Halford, esq. a daughter. 26. At Elyington, York, the lady of

Hull, a daughter. Robert Denison, a son and heir.

At Powick Court, Worc. the lady

of John Somerset Russell, csq. a son 27. At Vale Royal, the right hon.

and heir. lady Delamere, a son.

· At Athlone, the lady of maj. TurAt Rolleston-hall, Stafford, the

ner, R. H. A. a son. lady of sir Oswald Mosley, bart. a dau. 28. The lady of lieut. col. Anwyl, 4th

The lady of the hon. Rob.-Henreg. a daughter.

ley Eden, M. P. a son.

At Hempstead Court, Gloucester

shire, lady John Somerset, a daughter. JUNE.

14. In Tavistock-place, the lady of 1. Countess of Mount Charles, a dau. John Davison, esq. of East India House,

5. At Lilley rectory, the lady of the a daughter. rev. Dr. Bland, a son.

16. Lady Blantyre, a son. In London, the lady of the hon, 17. At Steventon Rectory, Hants, the J. Thornton-Leslie Melville, a son. lady of the rev. Wm. Knight, a daugh.

7. The lady of P. Horrocks, esq. of The lady of the rev. Harry Farr Penwortham Lodge, a daughter. Yeatman, of Stock House, Dorset, a son.

At Ballinrobe, the lady of lieut.- 20. At Chale Rectory, Isle of Wight, col. Thackwell, of the 15th or King's the lady of the rev. Craven Ord, a dau. Hussars, a daughter.

21. At Knowsley, county of Lancaster,

BIRTHS. the lady of the hon. Edw. G. Stanley,

OCTOBER. M. P. a son and heir. 24. Át Syndale House, Kent, the lady Baynes, Royal Artillery, a daughter:

1. At Guernsey, the lady of major of John Hyde, esq. son and heir. - At Standen, Hants. the lady of

2. In Serjeant's Inn; the lady of W. col. Scroggs, à son.

E. Tauriton, esq. one of his majesty's 27. At Gwrych, Denbighshire, lady counsel, a daughter. Em. Bamford Hesketh, a son and heir.

6. At Mrs. Yea's, Pyrland Hall, near Taunton, the lady of Francis Newman

Rogers, esq. a son.

g. At the Vicarage, Hungerford, the 4. In Seymour-placé, la duchesse de lady of the rev, W. Cookson, a son. Coigny, a daughter.

15. At Ashling House, near ChichesThe lady of Dr. Holland, of Lower ter, the lady of Geo. Fraser, esq. à son. Brook-street, a daughter.

16. Mrs. W. H. Cooper, of South - At Glynde-place, Sussex, the seat

Villa, in the Regent's Park, a son. of the hon. gen. Treyor, the lady of sir

At Rochester, the lady of the rev. T. H. Farquhar, bart. a son.

D. F. Warnér, a daughter.
At Birtles, Cheshire, the lady of

18. At Wentworth, Yorkshire, visT. Hibbert, esq. a daughter.

countess Milton, a son. 7. At Woodhall Park, Herts, the hon.

21. In Manchester square, the lady Mrs. A. L. Melville, a daughter.

of Oswald Smith, esq. a son. 8. At Belle Vue, the lady of Edward of Thomas B. Hildyard, esq. of Wine

22. In Lower Brook-street, the lady Franklin, esq. banker, Westbury, a dau. 11. The lady of John Thomas, esq.

stead Hall, a daughter.

of Caerlady House, Glamorganshiré, a dau.

At Stanley Hall, Shropshire, the 17, åt Fawley, near Southampton, lady of sir Tyrwhitt Jones, bart. a son. the lady of the rev. Geo. Downing lady of sir Simeon Stuart, bart. a son.

27. At Pudlicott House, Oxf. the Bowles, a son. 22. In South Audley-street, her ex

Lately, at the Rectory, Huntingfordcellency the march. de Palmella, a dau. bury, the hon. Mrs. Eden, a daughter. 23. In Leeson-street, Dublin, the

At Exeter, the lady of Dr. Coleridge, lady of W. Haigh, esq. a daughter.

bishop of Barbadoes, a son and héir. 28. At High Legh, Cheshire, the lady

NOVEMBER. of George John Legh, esq. a daughter.

4. At Tyringham, the lady of T. B. SEPTEMBER.

Praed, esq. a daughter.

5. At Soho House, near Birmingham, 2. At Eaton Lodge, the lady of Jos. the lady

of Matthew-Robinson Boulton, Walker, esq. à son.

esq. of Tew Park, county of Oxf, a son. 7. At Hursley Park, the hon. lady 8. At Hill House, Tooting Common, Heathcoté, à son.

Mrs. Venables, the lady mayoress, a song At Moor Park, Farnham, the lady just one hour before her husband reof Thos. Naghten, esq. of Crofton-house, signed the Civic Chair. Titchfield, a daughter.

13. At Ranger's Lodge, Oxfordshire, - The lady of George Fort, esq. Al lady Lambert, a son. derbury-house, Wilts, a son.

- At Tarrant Hinton, near Bland. 12. At the Vicarage, Huddersfield, ford, the lady of the rev. W. Berry; a the lady of the rev. J. C. Franks, a son daughter. and heir.

14. At Roehampton, the right hon. 19. At Radway, Warwickshire, the lady Gifford, a posthumous son. lady of lieuto-col. F. S. Miller, C. B. a 15. Tlie lady of Geo. Dashwood, esq.

a daugliter. 24. At East Horsley, Surrey, the hon. 16. At Melksham Spa, the lady of Mrs. Arthur Percival, a daughter. capt. John Nicolas, R. N. a son.

27. At Elstone, in Wilts, the lady of 19. The hon. Mrs. Edward Cust, óf à Stephen Mills, esq. a son and heir. daughter.

At Gillingham, Dorset, the lady 21. At Maddington, Wilts, Mrs. H, of W. R. Bell, esq. a son.

L. Tovey, a daughter. 90. In York-street, Portman-square, 26. At Salisbury, the lady of the hon. the lady of Stacey Grimaldi, esq. a son, and rey, Fred. Pleydell Bouverie, a son,

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MARRIAGES. :27. The lady of Chas. Grimston, esq. Chas. Pearson, R. N. of St. James'sof Grimston Garth, a son and heir. place, London, to Maria, daughter of

30. At Sydling House, Dorset, the the late John Sayers, esq. lady of J. W. Lukin, esq. a daughter. 4. At St. James's church, col. sir

Robert Arbuthnot, K.C. B. Coldstream DECEMBER.

Guards, to Harriet, daughter and co

heiress of the late Thos. Smith, esq. of 1. In Weymouth-street, the lady of Castleton Hall, Rochdale, Lancashire. Rich. T. Kindersley, esq. barrister-at

6. At St. George's, Hanover-square, law, a daughter.

Wm. Henrý, son of the late John Scan4. At Clay-hill, Epsom, lády Byron, dret Harford, esq. of Blaize Castle, a daughter.

Gloucestershire, to Emily, daughter of At Terrett House, the lady of John King, esq. of Grosvenor-place. captain W. Stanhope Badcock, R. N. a

10. At St. Andrew's, Holborn, Geo.

Fraser, esq. lieut. R. N. youngest son 5. At Hale House, Surrey, the lady of the late gen. J. H. Fraser, of Ashof Lee Steere, esq. a son and heir.

ling House, near Chichester, to Emme8. At Blake Hall, the lady of Capelline, daughter of Mr. Bedford, BedfordCure, esq. a son.

London. - At Great Malvern, the lady of E.

Hon. and rev. W. Thellusson, of H. Lechmere, esq. a son and heir.

Aldenham, Herts (brother of lord Rend11. At Rennishaw, the lady of sir G. lesham), to Lucy, daughter of Edward Sitwell, bart. a daughter.

R. Pratt, esq. of Ryston House, Norfolk. - At his house, 66, Lower Grosvenor

11: At St. Mary's, Bryanstone-sq., street, the lady of T. D. Alexander, esq.

count Edward de Melfort, of Paris, to M. P. á son.

Mary Sabina, daughter of the late Thos. At Swanbourne, Bucks, the lady Nasmyth, of Jamaica. of sir Thos. Francis Freemantle, bart, a 14. At Upwood, Huntingdonshire, daughter.

Jos. Hockley, esq. of Guildford, Surrey, 12. The lady of Allan Sandys, esq. a to Jane, daughter of J. Pooley, esq. of

Upwood-place. 15. In Curzon-st., the lady of capt.

17. Peter Heywood, esq. of the Iriner Bernard Yeoman, R. N. a son. 16. At East Sheen, Surrey, the lady Tho. L. Longueville, esq. of Oswestry,

Temple, to Sarah Hariette, daughter of of W. Gilpin, esq. a daughter.

At Preston, W. St. Clare, esq. M. D. 17. The lady of the 'rev. Dr. Buck

to Sarah, dau. of S. Horrocks, esq. M. P. land, professor of mineralogy and Geo

At Alderston, major Norman logy, at Oxford, a son.

Pringle, son of the late sir James Prin21. At Harrow, the lady of the rev. gle, of Stitchell, bart. to Anne, daughter Dr. Butler, a daughter.

of Robt. Steuart, esq. of Alderston. 25. At Oakley Hall, Hants, the lady of lieuto-col. W. Hicks Beach, a son and to the hon. Eliz. Julia Georgiana Burrell,

18. At Richmond, the earl of Clare,

only daughter of the late lord Gwydir 28. At Nether Broughton, Leicester- and the baroness Willoughby of Eresby. shire, the lady of lieut. Elliot Morres, 19. At Bury, county of Lancaster, o. R. N. a son. 29. At Shrivenham, Berks, the lady of T. Haslam, esq. of Chesham House.

0. Walker, esq. to Mary, eldest daugh. of the hon. W. K. Barrington, a daugh. 23. At Bedale; county of York, rev.

Thos. Rich. Ryder, vicar of Ecclesfield, to Anne, daughter of H. P. Pulleine,

esq. of Crakehall. MARRIAGES.

24. At Petworth, Sussex, the rev. R.

C. Willis, only son of admiral Willis, to JANUARY

Frances, daughter of W. Hale, esq.

25. At Saling, Essex, capt. Harnage, 3. Ať Doddington, county of Gloua R. N. to Caroline, daughter of the late cester, the hon. Arthur Thellusson, bro. B. Goodrich, esq. of Saling

Grove. ther of lord Rendlesham, to Caroline 27. At Gamston, near East-Retford, Anna Maria, daughter of sir C. Bethell W. Grant Allison, esq. of Louth, to Codrington.

Susanna Cath. daughter of the late T, ples At Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, eaptFalkner, M. D,



MARRIAGES. 28. At Whitby, Geo. Merryweather, the hon. Miss Eliz. Henniker, fourth esq. of Socket Grove, near Stokesley, to daughter of lord and lady Henniker. Jane, daughter of J. G. Loy, M.D. 16. At Caton-Brookhouse, James Sat

30. At Hessle, Lee Steere, esq. to terthwaite, esq. of Lancaster, 'to Miss Anne, daughter of James Kiero Watson, Hughes, grand-daughter of Thomas esq. banker, of Hessle Mount.

Edmondson, esq. of Grassyard Hall, 31. At Greenwich, lieut. Wm. Rey- near Lancaster. nolds Foskett, E. I. Company's service, At Teddington, Middlesex, the to Charlotte-Warren, eldest daughter of rev, Thos. Procter, to Charlotte, third Mr. J. F. L. Jeanneret, of Maize Hill, daughter of the late Alex. Montgomerie, Greenwich,

esq. of Annick Lodge, Ayrshire, brother

to the earl of Eglinton. FEBRUARY

17. At St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,

London, 'the rev. Christ. Nevill, to 1. At Salperton, lieut.-col. Hicks Harriet Catherina, eldest daughter of Beach, R. N. Gloucester Militia, to Jane T. B. Bower, esq. of Iwerne House, Henrietta, daughter of John Browne, Dorset. Esq. of Salperton House.

27. At. Quidenham, the seat of the 2. At Canterbury, Henry Bedford, earl of Albemarle, Henry F. Stephenson, esq. to Eliza, widow of capt. Herbert esq. of the Middle Temple, barrister-atWm. Hore, R. N. of Goulhore, county law, to the lady Mary Képpel, second Wexford.

surviving dau. of the earl of Albemarle. At Wallingford, Rob. Hopkins, jun. esq. of Tidmarsh House, Berks, to

MARCH. Caroline, daughter of Chas. Morell, esq.

4. At St. James's Church, Henry B. 1. At Walcot Church, Bath, Neston Trevanion, esq. to Georgiana Augusta, J. Fuller, esq. son of John Fuller, esq. daughter of Geo. Leigh, esq. and niece of Neston Park, Wilts, to Anne Margaof the late lord Byron.

ret, daughter of the hon. John Browne. 7. At St. Mary-le-bone, rev. Alfred 2. Samuel Gregson, esq. of HarleyC. Lawrence, to Emily Mary, daughter street, to Ellen, daughter of the late of the late Geo. Finch Hatton, esq. of Matthew Gregson, esq. of Liverpool. Eastwell Park, Kent.

7. At Worthen, in Shropshire, John At Winchester, N. Lipscombe Donne, esq. of 'Oswestry, to Letitia, Kentish, esq. cousin of the lord bishop only child of John Edwards, esq. of of Jamaica, to Anna Maria, daughter Hampton Hall. of Mr. T. Judd, of the Livery, Winter- At Kirkham, Lancashire, the rev. Wilts.

James Radcliffe, curate of Kirkham, to Thomas, son of W. H. Haggard, Mary Eliz. daughter of the late John esq. of Bradenham Hall, Norfolk, to King, esq. vice-chancellor of the duchy Maria, daughter of the late W. Tickell, of Lancaster, and niece to the bishop of esq. of Queen-square, Bath.

Rochester. At Yately, Hants, Fred. Glover, 8. At St. George's, Southwark, capt. 49th regiment, to Mary, col. Baumgardt, to Maria, eldest daugh. daughter of J. Broughton, esq. captain of G. Parsons, esq. of West-square. R. N. of Blackwater.

At Leskard, lieuto-col. Fred. H. 9. At Cheltenham, capt. Chas. Paget, Philips, to Marg. daughter of John to Frances, daughter of the late Wm. Pallister, esq. of Darryluskan, county Edwards, esq. of New Broad-street. Tipperary.

Hon. Thomas Lister, only son of 16. At Burton-upon Trent, the rev. lord Ribblesdale, to Adelaide, daughter C. J. Fynes Clinton, youngest son of of T. Lister, esq. of Armitage Park, the rev. Dr. Fynes Clinton, prebendary county Stafford.

of Westminster, to Caroline, daughter At Walthamstow, rev. Geo.

Rob. of the late Joseph Clay, esq. of Burton. Gray, to Eliza, daughter of Wm. Tooke

At Blair Vadock, Dumbartonshire, Robinson, esq.

W. Tritton, esq, son of George Tritton, 10. At Hayes, co. Kent, lord Dunally, esq. of West Hill, Wandsworth, to Jane to hon. Emily Maud, sister of viscount Dennistoun, daughter of Mr. and lady Hawarden.

Janet Buchanan. 14. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Colonel de la Salle, an officer in sir Augustus Henniker, to his cousin, the French service, to Miss Maria


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