Sivut kuvina

nick, esq.

MARRIAGES. Glenn, formerly of Taunton. This is 10, Fred. Langley, esq. to Mrs. Curtis, the young lady who, some time ago, of Park-lane, Grosvenor-square, widow appeared before the public in the Bowo of the late John Curtis, esq. M.P. ditch abduction case.

At St. George's Church, Blooms18. At All Souls' Church, St Mary. bury, the hon. and rev. Edw. Pellew, to le-bone, sir Montague Cholmeley, bart. Mary Anne, daughter of the late Dr. M. P. of Easton Hall, Lincolnshire, to Winthorp. Catherine, daughter of Benj. Way, esq. 11. At St. Peter's, Colchester, the of Denham Park, Bucks.

rev. Thos. Newman, jun. rector of Alres20. At St. Mark's Church, Dublin, ford, in Essex, to Mary Ann, only dau. captain Reynolds, 39th regiment; to Eliz. of the late R. R. Mills, esq. of Colchester, Jane, daughter of the late G. Treden- At Malvern, M. G. Benson, esq.

eldest son of Ralph Benson, esq. of 21. At Batheaston, the rev. George Lutwyche Hall, Salop, to Charl. Riou Sherer, vicar of Marshfield, Gloucester. Browne, only child of the late col. Lyde shire, to Mary Anne, daughter of the Browne. late J. Arnold Wallinger, esq. formerly The rev. S. Best, third son of the of Hare Hall, Essex.

lord chief justice Best, to Charlotte, At Stivichall, Fred. Grove, esq. youngest daughter of the hon. Mr. capt. 13th Light Dragoons, to Frances justice Burrough. Selina, eldest daughter of F. Gregory, 13. At Tixall, Staffordshire, captain esq. of Stivichall, Coventry.

Chichester, 60th regiment, to Miss Con. Lately, the rev. Henry Perceval, stable, eldest daughter of the late sir rector of Charlton, Kent, and Washing- Thomas Constable, bart. ton, Durham, second son of the late 17. At Paris, le marquis du Blaisel, right hon. Spencer Perceval, to Cathe. chamberlain to the emperor of Austria, Isabella, daughter of A. B. Drummond, to Maria Matilda, second daughter of esq. of Cadland, Hampshire.

the hon. Wm. Bingham, of the United In Paris, at the house of the British States of America. ambassador, Edw. Wakefield, esq. to 18. At lord Ravensworth's, in PortFrances, only daughter of the rev. D. land-place, sir Hedworth Williamson, Davies, D.D.

bart. to the hon. Anne Eliz. Liddell. At Exeter, major Northcote, second 20. At St. Mary's, Mary-le-bone, the son of sir S. H. Northcote, bart; of rey. John Digby Wingfield, prebendary Pynes, in Devonshire, to Harriette of Kildare, and rector of Geeshill, Ire, Ceeley, youngest daughter of W. C. land, to Ann Eliz. eldest daughter of sir Trevillian, esq. of Midway, co. Somerset. John Wyldbore Smith, bart of the Down

At Norton, William Wilton Woodward, House, Dorset. esq. of Pershore, Worcestershire, to At St. Mary's Church, BryanLaura, youngest daughter of J. Hawkes, stone-square, Charles Peers, esq. of esq. of Norton Hall, Staffordshire, and Chislehampton Lodge, Oxford, to Mary, grand-daughter of Wm. Herrick, esq. eldest daughter of the late rev. Robert of Beaumanor Park, co. Leicester. Lowth, of Grove House, Chiswick, Mid

dlesex, and grand-dau. of bishop Lowth. APRIL.

At St. George's. Hanover-square,

J. Macdonald, esq. M. P. (now sir Jas. 5. At Whitby, the rev. Geo. Young, Macdonald, bart.) to Anne Charlotte, author of the History of Whitby, &c. to daughter of rev. J. S, Ogle, of Kirkley Margaret, daughter of the late Mr. Hall, Northumberland. Robert Hunter.

24. In Carlisle, sir Gerald George 6. At Munich, C. H. Hall, esq. of his Aylmer, bart. of Donodie Castle, co. majesty's legation at that court, and Kildare, to Maria, eldest daughter of son of the dean of Durham, to Maria the late col. Jas. Hodgson, of Carlisle. Leopoldine, baroness de Welchs à la 26. In Harcourt-street, Dublin, the Glon, and canoness the royal order hon. William Browne, brother to the of St. Anne.

earl of Kenmare, to Anne Frances, 10. At St. George's Church, Nicolson second dau. of the late T. Segrave, esq. Rob. Calvert, esq. third son of Nicolson At Edinburgh, capt. Hope JohnCalvert, esq. M. P., of Hunsdon House, stone, R. N. to Ellen, eldest daughter Herts, to Eliz. eldest daughter of rev. of sir Thos. Kilpatrick, bart. D, Blacker, esq. of Tynan, Ireland. 27. At Reading, Fras. H. Buckeridge, daughter of W. Thacker, esq. of Muchall

MARRIAGES. esq. son of the late lieut.-col. Buckeridge, John Freeman, esq. of Gaines, Hereford, of Binfield Grove, to Mary Ann, daugh, to Constantia, second daughter of archd. of the late John Bockett, esq. of South- Onslow. cot Lodge.

16. At Stoke-Gifford, Henry, eldest Lately, at Torrington, capt. Colby, son of sir H. Every, of Eggington R. N. to Mary, daughter of Jn. Palmer, House, Derbyshire, bart. to Maria C. esq. and niece to the dean of Cashel. Talbot, daughter of the late dean of

The rev, C. H. Wybergh, son of Thos. Salisbury, and niece to the duke of Wybergh, esq. of Isell Hall, Cumber- Beaufort. land, to Anna Maria, daughter of the 17. At Penn, Staffordshire, Thomas late rev. Francis Minshull, rector of Moss, son of W. Phillips, of Chetwynd Nunney, Somersetshire, and grand-dau. House, co. Salop, esq. to Ellen Pershouse, of the bishop of Carlisle.

Hall, co, Stafford,

27. At{St. Mary's Church, Mary-le

bone, Francis A. Morris, esq. late of 2. At St Mary-le-bone Church, Jas. the Royal Lancers, to Sophia, daughter Phillipps, esq. of Bryrgwyn, Hereford, of John J, Halford, esq. of York-place, to Lucy Mary Ann, eldest daughter of and of Kelgwn, in Carmarthenshire. lieuto-gen Burr, of Portland-place. 30. At Swimbridge, the rey. J. RusAt Hornsey Chureh, the rev. sell, jun. to Penelope, daughter

of the Chauncy Hare Townsend, to Eliza late adm. Bury, of Dennington, Devon. Frances, eldest daughter of col. Norcott, At Kensington Church, James K.C.B.

Henry Clough, esq. to Miss Stone, of 3, At St. Margaret's, Westminster, Rolleston Park, Staffordshire. Alex. eldest son of Alex. Copland, esq.

At St. Pancras New Church, Rob. of Gunnersbury Park, Middlesex, to Christopher Parker, esq, of Greenwich, Maria Ursula, daughter of the late Geo. to Hariott Maynard, daughter of W. Garland, esq.of Stone, Wimborn, Dorset, Scott Peckham. esq. of Morningtonand sister of B. Ļ. Lester, esq. M. P. crescent. for Poole.

At Whitby, Durham, W. Richard. 4. At Kilmiston, Hants, the rev. son, esq. of York, to Anne, only child Francis North, preb. of Winchester, to

of Marmaduke Nelson, esq. late of Harriet, daughter of sir

Henry Warde, Brantingham. of Dean House, K.C. B, governor of 31. At Bedale, York, John Hincks, Barbadoes, &e.

esq. to Henrietta, daughter of Henry 9. At Watford Church, Herts, Thos. Percy Pulleine, esq. of Crakehall, YorkTruesdale Clarke, jun. of Swakeleys, shire. Middlesex, esq. to Jane Selina, eldest Lately, at St. Mary's, Mary-le-bone, daughter of the hon. and rev. W. Capel, the rev. James Henry Cotton, precentor vicar of Watford.

of the cathedral church of Bangor, to 10. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, the Mary Lawrens, niece of the late right chevalier de Pambour, aide-de-camp to rev. the lord bishop of Salisbury. gen. visc. Donnadieu, to Harriet, daugh. of John Falconer Atlee, esq. of West

JUNE. Hill House, Wandsworth.

At St. Mary-le-bone Church, Brice 1. At Walford, co. Hereford, the rev. Pearse, esq. to Harriet Georgiana, eldest E. B. Bagshawe, rector of Eygam, Derdaughter of sir R. Williams, bart. M.P. byshire, and third son of sir Wm, C. for Carnarvonshire..

Bagshawe, of the Oaks, to Jane, daugh. At Blaenporth capt. J. Lewes,

of the late William Partridge, esq. of to Mary Anne Jane, daughter of John Monmouth. Vaughan, esq.of Tyllwyd, Cardiganshire. At Warwick, the rev. Edw. Willes,

12. At Claines, the rev. Wm. Henry to Laura, daughter of S. Steward, esq, Galfridus Mann, of Bowden, Cheshire, of Myton. to Barbara, eldest daughter of Richard At Leamington, Nich. Lee Torre, Spooner, esq. of Brickfields, near Wor- esq. son of the late James Torre, esq. cester.

of Snydale Hall, Yorkshire, to Eliza, 13. Lady Eliz. Grey, daughter of eldest daughter of R. W. Elliston, esq. earl Grey, to John Bulteel, esq. of Stratford-place, London.

16. At Newent, John, only son of At Willesdon, Edward Osborney

MARRIAGES. third son of the late John de la Chambre sister of col.Chapman, C.B. and youngest Smith, esq. of Waterford, to Mary Ann, daughter of the late general Chapman, youngest daughter of the rev. Dr. Fly, of Tainfield House, Somerset. , yicar of the former place.

15. At St. James's Church, Matthew, 1. At St. George's, Hanover-square, eldest son of Matthew Wilson, esq. of Charles, second son of the late James Eshton Hall, York, to Sophia Louisa Balfour, esq.

Maria Caroline, daugh. Emerson, daughter of the late sir of sis John Edward Harington, bart. Wharton Amcotts, bart. of Kettlethorp

At St. Mary's Church, Bryan, Park, Lincolnshire. stone-square, Jas. Hamilton Story, esq. At:Walton, Surrey, sir Johnto Sarah Thorpe, only child of Henry Powlett Orde, bart. to Eliza, daughter Waymouth, esq. of Bryanstone-square. of the late Peter Campbell, esq. of

At New Church, St. Mary-le-bone, Kilmorey, Argyle. capt. Geo. Probyn, to Alicia, daughter 19. At Chiswick, lord Brudenell, to of siç Francis Workman Macnaghten, of Eliz. Jane Henrietta, eldest daughter Roe Park, co. Derry.

of admiral and lady Eliz. Tollemache. 4. At Lord Macdonald's, Wimpole- 20. At Speldhurst, Kent, the rev. street, the right hon. the earl of Hope- Chas. C. Barton, to Emilia-Anne, eldest toun, to the hon. Louisa Bosville Mac- daughter of the late Hastings Nath. donald, eldest daughter of major-gen. Middleton, esq. the right hon. lord Macdonald.

The rev. John Williams, vicar of 5. At Steventon, Hants, Edw, Knight, Probus, co. Cornwall, to Anne, daughter esq. of Chawton House, Hants, eldest of the late sir W. Elias Taunton, of son of Edw. Knight, esq. of Godmersham Grand Pont, near Oxon. Park, Kent, to Mary-Dorothea, eldest 21. At Hemel Hempsted, Charles daughter of sir Edw. Knatchbull, bart. Ormerod, esq. to Sarah, daughter of

Edward Foxhall, esq. of Baker- E. J. Collett, esq. M. P. of Lockers street, to Mary, daughter of the late House, Herts. Vincent Newton, esq. of Irnham, Lin- At Funtington, in Sussex, major colnshire, and Percy-street, Bedford- W. Hewitt, second son of gen. sir Geo. square.

Hewitt, bart. to Sarah, second daughter At St. Margaret's, Westminster, of general sir James Duff. the rey. Herbert Oakeley, third son of At Berlin, James Annesley, esq. sir Charles Oakeley, bart, and vicar of consul at Barcelona, to the baroness Ealing, Middlesex, to Atholl-Keturah. Clementine, daughter of the baron of Murray, second daughter of the late Brockhausen, minister of state, and lord Charles Aynsley, and niece of the formerly Prussian ambassador at Paris. duke of Atholl.

22. At St. George's, Hanover-square, At Bathwick, George Tito Brice, Sackville Fox, esq. to the right hon. esq. late of 3rd Dragoon Guards, to lady Charlotte Osborne, daughter of the Eleanor, only child of R. A. Salisbury, duke of Leeds. esq. late of Chapel Allerton, Yorkshire. The rev, Henry Clissold, co.

$. At Chatton, Northumberland, Cha. Gloucester, to Marianne, eldest daugh. Nash, esq. of Whittlesford, to Jane of the hon. Mr. Justice Bayley. Darling, niece of Matthew Culley, esq. The right hon. lord Massy, to of Fowberry Tower.

Matilda, youngest daughter of Luke At Dover, Peter Hesketh, esq. of White, esq. of Woodlands, co. Dublin. Roasall Hall, Lancashire, to Eliza De- 24. At St. George's, Hanover-square, bonnaire, only daughter of the late sir Mr. Dutton, to lady Eliz. Howard, Theo. John Metcalfe, bart. of Fernhill, daughter of the earl of Suffolk. Berks.

29. At St. George's, Hanover-square, At St. George's, Bloomsbury, the hon. Mr. Moreton, son of lord Ducie, Edw. S. Hawkins, esq. of the Bengal to Miss Dutton, dau. of lord Sherborne. army, eldest son of the late col. Thos. At St. Margaret's, Westminster, Hawkins, to Alicia Isabella, third dau. Charles, third son of the late J. Marryat, of the late J, Lumsden, esq.

esq. M. P. to Caroline, daugh. of Charles 13. At St. Mary's, Bath, Hugo M. Short, esq. of Great George-street, Chadwick, esq. of Leventhorpe House, Westminster. Yorkshire, only son of Chas. Chadwick, 30. At Glenlee, N. B. the chief of esq. of Healey, Lancashire, and Red Clanronald, to the right hon. lady Ashware, Staffordshire, to Eliza Catherine, burton.

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led to the altar. It is also the fourth JULY.

wife that Mr. Feltham has married.

18. At Jersey, lieut-col. J. Vicq, E. 4. At Newington, lieut. Glassen, of 1. C. to Mary, eldest daughter of Chas. R. M. to Cecilia, only surviving daugh, Pixott, esq. of the late sir J. M. Keith, bart. and 20. At St. Margaret's Westminster, sister to the present capt. sir G. M. C. V. Lightfoot, to Harriet, fourth dau. Keith, bart. R. N.

of C. W. Collins, esq. of Broom Hall, At Cardiff, Thos. Congreve Robe, Surrey. esq. R. A, second son of the late sir W. At All Souls, Mary-le-bone, sir Robe, to Eliza, only daugh. of the late Charles Smith, bart of Suttons, Esses, Wm. Richards, esq. of Cardiff.

to Mary, second daughter of William 5. At St. Mary's, Bryanstone-square, Gosling, esq. of Portland-place. col. Austin, of Kippington, Kent, to 22. At Tottenham, Robt. Miles, esq. Caroline Cath. daughter of W. Manning, E. I. C. to Jane, youngest daugh. of E. esq. M. P. of Combe Bank.

B. Corney, esq. of Old Broad-street. 6. At White Parish, Henry William 24. Capt. W. Fanshawe Martin, R. N. Mason, esq. of Beel House, Amersbam, eldest son of sir Byam Martin, to Anne, to Horatia, fourth daughter of George daughter of lord chief justice Best. Matcham, esq. and niece to lord Nelson.

At Crowland Abbey, Mr. Richard 8. At Stow Bardolph, Norfolk, rey. Morton, of Peakhill, to Sarah, eldest Hen. Creed, of Chedburgh, near Bury, daughter of Chas. Wyche, esq. of Postto Anne, youngest daughter of the rev. land, Lincolnshire. Philip Bell, vicar of Stow Bardolph. At St. Neot's, Huntingdonshire,

At Kensington, lieut.-col. James Geo. Lyche, esq. to Catherine, daughter George, 37 th reg. E. I. C. to Agnes of the late Owsley Rowley, esq. of the Charlotte, dau. of the rev. B. Kennett. Priory, near St. Neot's.

John Yorke, esq. of Thrapston, 25. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, Dr. Northamp. to Ellinor Lockwood, only Burton, of the Regent's Park, to Mary dau. of the rev. W. Lockwood Maydwell. Eliz. eldest daughier of the late Wm.

At St. James's, major-gen. sir Poulton, esq. of Maidenhead. Henry F. Bouverie, to Mrs. Wilbraham, The rev. John Eveleigh, vicar of youngest daughter of the late Lewis Darenth, Kent, to Mary, eldest

daugh. Montolieu, esq.

of the rev. Rich. Wetherell, of Pashley - At Weymouth, Benj. Goad, esq., House, Ticehurst, Sussex. of Wimpole-street, to Anne Eliz. only 27. At St. George's, Hanover-square, daughter of the late Robert Hill, esq. the rev. Christ. Benson, rector of St. commissary general at the Mauritius. Giles's in the Fields, to Bertha Maria,

11. At Stamford Baron, rev. John eldest daughter of John Mitford, esq. Russell Christopherson, rector of Grims- of Lincoln's-inn, and great niece of lord by Lincolnsh. to Caroline Mary, widow Redesdale. of J. G. Marshall, esq. of Elm, near - At Topsham, Rich. Bright, esq. Wisbeach, and daugh. of Hugh Jackson, M. D. of Bloomsbury-square, to Eliza, esq. of Duddington, Northamptonshire. youngest daugh. of Benj. Follett, esq. of

12. Abel Smith, esq. M.P. to Frances Topsham. Anne, youngest daughter of general sir 29. At St. Mary-le-bone church, capt. Harry Calvert, bart.

Geo. J. Hope Johnstone, R. N. to Maria, At Shelford, Cambridgesh. rev. daughter of Joseph Ranking, esq. of Rich, Wright, to Charlotte Lewis, eldest Ulster-place. daugh. of the late M. W. Wilson, esq. - At Shiplake church, the rev. Hor.

At Felbrigg, Norfolk, Geo. Thos. R. Pechell, to Caroline Mary, third dau. Wyndham, esq. of Cromer Hall, Norfolk, of the right hon. lord Mark Kerr. to Maria Augusta, second daughter of 31. At Petersham church, J. Collett, rcar-adm. Windham, of Felbrigg Hall. esq. of Locker's House, Hemel Hemp

13. At Bradfield Combust, Suffolk, stead, to Emma, youngest daugh. of sir Mr. Arthur Blencowe, to Sarab, only T. Gage, bt. of Hengrave Hall, Sufdau. of Thos. Walton, esq. of St. Clare's folk. Lodge, Bradfield St. Clare, near Bury. At Durham, the rev. T. Harvey,

17. At Preston church, Mr. Feltham, to Marian, only child and sole heiress of aged 70, to Mrs. Beith, aged 50. This the late John Forsett, esq. of Rushmere is the fourth time the bride has been Suffolk,



9. At Richmond, the rev. H. B.

Worthington, vicar of Grinton, York, to 1. At Seaham, Durham, T. Surtees Mary, only daugh. of Thos. Wilson, esq. Raine, esq. of Croft, Yorkshire, to Mare of Richmond, garet, youngest daugh. of the rev. Rich. 10. At Chetwynd, Salop, Wm. Owen Wallis, rector of Seaham.

Jackson, barrister-at-law, to Cath. Eliz. At St. Ibbs, Herts, And. Amos, Bishton, eldest daugh. of Wm. Phillips, esq. of Lincoln's inn, barrister, to Mar- of Chetwynd House, esq. garet, eldest daughter of the rev. Wm. At Edinburgh, Stair Stewart, esq. Lax Lowndes, professor of astronomy, of Physgill and Glasserton, to Helen, Cambridge.

daughter of right hon, sir John Sinclair, At Parham Park, Sussex, George of Ulbster, bart. Rich. Pechel), esq. capt. R. N. to hon, 15. At Hampden, the seat of the earl Kath. Annabella Bishopp.

of Buckinghamshire, the rev. Augustus At Mivart's hotel, Lower Brook- Hobart, of Walton, county of Leicester, street, sir E. Mostyn, bart. of Talacre, to Maria Isabella, eldest daugh. of the North Wales, to Constantia Slaughter, rev. Godfrey Egremont. of Furze Hall, Essex, third daughter of 17. At Worthing, lieut.-gen. sir Rich. the late H. Slaughter, esq.and dowager Church, K. G. C. &c. to Mary Anne, viscountess Montague.

eldest daugh. of sir Robert Wilmot, bt. At St. George's, Hanover-square, of Osmaston, Derby. lieuto-col. Horton, to Frances Esther, At St. Nicholas, Glamorganshire, second daugh. of the rev. W. Garnier, John Augustus, only son of the rt. hon. of Rooksbury, Hants.

Jn. Sullivan, of Richings Lodge, Bucks, 2. At Mortlake, John Burton Phillips, to Jane, daugh. of adm. sir čh. Tyler, esq. of Heath House, Staffordshire, high K.C.B. of Cotterel, Glamorganshire, sheriff of that county, to Joanna Freeman 22. At Hatch Beauchamp, near TaunCure, daughter of the late Capel Cure, ton, Edward Jacob, esq. R. N. to Sarah esq. of Blake Hall, Essex.

Anne, only daugh. of the late Edwin Le At Taunton, lient.-col. Harrison, Grand, esq. of Canterbury. C. B. to Mary, eldest daugh. of the late 23. At Bath, C. Clarke, esq. of Tiprev. Nath. Alsop Bliss, rector of Colerne, perary, to Sarah Otway, daugh. of the Wilts.

late capt. Loftus Otway Bland, R. N., 3. At Croft, county of York, Edw. 26. At Antwerp, John J. de Hochpied Thos. Copley, esq. of Nether Hall, near Larpent, esq. British Consul, to GeorDoncaster, to Emily Mary, daughter of giana Frances, daugh. of Fred. Reeves, sir John Peniston Milbanke, of Halnaby esq. of East Sheen. Hall, county of York, bart.

28. At Cheriton, near Dover, John At Burslem, Staffordshire, Rich. Hey Puget, esq. of Totteridge, Herts, Jones, esq. of Dunbren Hall, Llangollen, to Isabella, eldest daughter of Francis N. W. to Emma, daughter of Enoch Hawkins, esq. senior judge of Batelly, Wood, esq. of the former place.

East India Company. At Brighton, Chas. Locock, M. D. 30. At Bath, Henry, eldest son of sir of Berners-street, to Amelia, daughter Rd. Bedingfeld, of Oxburgh Hall, Norof John' Lewis, esq. of Southampton- folk, bart. to Margaret, only daughter place, Euston-square.

of Edw. Paston, esq. of Appleton. 7. At Bletchingdon, county of Oxford, - At All Souls church, Mary-le-hone, the rev. John Tyrwhitt Drake, rector of the rev. Eardley Childers, second son of Amersham, Bucks, to Mary, third dau. the late col. Childers, of Cantley Hall, of Art. Annesley, esq. of Bletchingdon. Yorkshire, to Maria Charlotte, eldest

8. At All Souls, St. Mary-le-bone, daughter of sir Culling Smith, bart. of Edmund Dawson Legh, esq. to Cath. Bedwell park, Herts. eldest daughter of sir Christ. Robinson, 31 At Edmonton, Geo. Savage Curtis, advocate-general.

esq. of Gloucester-place, Portman-sq. At Bathwick church, the hon. to Emma, second daugh. of Wm. Curtis, Hen. Benedict Arundel, brother of lord esq.

of Portland-place. Arundel, to Lucy, only child of the late At Buckden church, by the Bp. of Hugh Smythe, esq. of Woodland Villa, Lincoln, the rev. Dr. Maltby, preacher Bath, and grand-daugli. of the late sir of Lincoln's-inn, to Miss Margaret M. Edw. Smythe, bart. of Acton Burnell, Green, youngest daugh, of the late major Salop.

Green, and great niece to bishop Green, Vol. LXVIII.


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