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27. At Swanbourne, Bucks, the seat

of sir Thos. F. Fremantle, bart. sir Jas. 4. At Heston, Geo. Baillie, esq. of Fitzgerald, bart. to Augusta Henrietta, Hanwell Park. to Eliza, only daugh. of second daugh. of the late vice-admiral the late John Jones, esq. of Norwood sir Thos. T. Fremantle, G. C. B., &c. House, Middlesex.

At Dover, Thomas Daniell, esq.
5. At Walthamstow, Edw. Vaughan capt. 89th reg. to Harriet Mary Anne,
Williams, esq. barrister at law, to Jane eldest daugh. of H. N. Watson, esq. of
Marg. daugh, of the late rev. Walter Charlton House, Charlton, near Dover.
Bagot, of Blithfield, Staffordshire.

At Woolwich church, major Thos.
At Pontefract, Joseph Booth, esq.

Aston Brandreth, Royal Art. to Mary,
of Wragby, to Ann, youngest daugh. of widow of the late major Bennet, R. En.
Geo. Parker, esq. of Park House, near Lately, at Dawlish, Ivon, Edm.
Pontefract, Yorkshire.

Wakefield Meade, esq. to Harriet, dau.
Patrick Bannerman, esq. to Anna

of lieut.-col. Gustavus Rochfort, M. P.
Maria, daugh. of sir Wm. Johnston, bt. for Westmeath.
of that Ilk, Aberdeenshire.
7. At Liverpool, John Horatio Lloyd,

OCTOBER barrister-at-law, to Caroline, daughter of Holland Watson, esq.

3. At Netherseal, Leicestershire, Sin. 9. At Milton, Northamptonshire, the Hood Wheeler Richards, esq. 6th Drag. rev. W. C. Colton, to Louisa-Poyntz, Guards, to Jane-Anne, eldest daughter second daugh. of John Miller, esq. late to the late capt. John Whyte, R. N. receiver-gen. for the county of Bedford, At Norwood-green, Middlesex, J. and niece of general Poyntz, of the 1st P. Beavan, esq. of Clifford-st. to Jane, Life Guards.

eldest daugh. of the late W. A. Thack12. At St. George's, Hanover-sq. the thwaite, esq. rev. J. Hurt Barber, rector of Aston - At Walton-on-the-Hill, P. G. PanSandford, Bucks, to the lady Millicent ton, esq. to Anne Barton, only daughter Acheson, youngest daughter of the late of Daniel Russel, esq. and niece to the earl of Gosford.

late sir Wm. Barton of Liverpool. At St. Pancras new church, Bald- 5. At Hale, Robert Pigot, esq. eldest win Francis Duppa, esq. of Lincoln's- son of sir George Pigot, bt. of Patshull, Inn, to Catherine, second daughter of county of Stafford, to Mary, second dau. Phillip Darell, esq. of Queen-square, of the late Wm. Bamford, esq. of Bam

Capt. C. Hope, R. N. to Anne, ford, Lancaster. daugh. of capt. Parry, R.N.C.B.G.C.S. 7. At St. George's, Hanover-sq. Rich.

At St. George's church, lord Suf- Kirwan, esq. capt. 9th reg. to Eleanor, field, to Emily Harriet, youngest daugh. daughter of the late Geo. Bond, esq. of Evelyn Shirley, esq. of Eatington serjeant-at-law, and niece to lieuto-gen. Park, Warwickshire.

sir George, and col. Henry Cooke. At Shady Camps, county of Cam- At Florence, Edw. John Stanley, bridge, Fitzgerald Wintour, esq. to Jane esq eldest son of 'sir John Stanley, of Eliz, only daugh. of the late Marmaduke Alderly Park, Cheshire, to HenriettaDayull, esq. of Shady Camps Park. Maria, daughter of viscount Dillon.

14. Capt. Watson, son of col. Watson, 9. At Hanover, by the rev. Jos. Merz, of Westwood House, Essex, to Frances, Geo. Fortescue Turvile, esq. eldest son daugh, and sole heiress of the late John of Fras. Fortescue Turvile, esq. of HusButis, esq. of Kensington, Middlesex. band's-Bosworth Hall, Leicestershire,

16. At Mary-le-bone church, the to Juliana Henrietta, second daugh. of Comte de Chabannes, to Antoinette, Adolphus Fred. Von Der Laucken, of daugh. of John Ellis, esq.

Galenbeck in Mecklenburg-Schwerin. 18. At St. George's, Camberwell, 10. At Wemyss Castle, N. B. the Robert Barclay, esq. R. N. to Mary, right hon. lord Loughborough, to Miss only daugh. of the late T. B. Matthews, Wemyss, of Wemyss. esq. of Rochester.

At Aldenham church, capt. Phil. 19. At St. Margaret's church, West- limore, eldest son of Robert Phillimore, minster, the rev. Henry Dashwood, esq. of Kendalls, county of Herts, to youngest son of sir John Dashwood King, Miss West, of Portland-pl. daughter of bart. M. P. to Anne, third daughter of the late Wm. West, esq. of Bedford-sq. Wm. Leader, esq. of Putney-hill.

At St. George's, Hanover-square,

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MARRIAGES. JohnDean Paul, esq. eldest son of sir J.D. Whichcote, bart. of Aswarby, to Eliza, Paul, bart. to Georgiana-Georgina Beau- only daughter of Robert Bree, M. D. clerk, of St. Leonard's Lodge, Sussex, F. R. S. of George-st. Hanover-square. and grand-daughter of the late duchess 7. The rev. Robert Downs, vicar of of Leinster.

Leamington, Warwickshire, to Philadel12. At Walthamstow, Essex, John phia, daughter of the late J. T, H. Farquhar Fraser, esq. nephew of the late Hopper, esq. of Witton Castle, Durham. John Farquhar, esq. of Fonthill Abbey, At Heathfield, Sussex, the rev. county of Wilts, to Agnes, youngest Edward Raynes, of Belmonte, East daugh. of the late rev. Walter Bagot, of Hoathly, to Mary, only daughter of the Blithfield, Staffordshire.

late Edward Fuller, esq. and niece to 16. At South Kirkby, Yorkshire, the major Fuller, of Heathfield, Sussex. rev. S. Hodson, of Sharow House, rector 8. At Paris, the hon. Ferdinand St. of Thrapston, to Margaret, eldest dau. John, to Miss Selina Charlotte Keatinge, of the late Allen Holford, esq. of Daven- niece to the earl of Meath. ham, Cheshire, the authoress of “ Wal- 11. At Hainton Hall, Lincolnshire, lace,” and other poems.

the seat of her father, Frances Anne, 17. At Richmond, the hon. and rev. eldest daughter of Geo. Rob. Henage, Baptist Noel, to Miss Baillie, eldest esq. to Edward, only son of the late daugbter of the late Peter Baillie, esq. Edward Howard, esq. nephew of his of Dochfour.

grace the duke of Norfolk. At St. Mary-le-bone church, Fra. At St. George's, Hanover-square, John, youngest son of the late sir Henry the rev. Wm. Skinner, of Ingoldsthorpe, Lambert, bart. to Catherine, only dau. Norfolk, second son of sir W. Skinner, of the late major.general Wheatley, of of Dublin, bart. to Ann Margaret, Lesney, in Kent.

second daughter of the late col. Lock, At Cheltenham, Hurt Sitwell, E. I. C. esq. of Ferney, Salop, to Harriet, second 18. At All Souls, Langham-place, daughter of sir Joseph and lady Harriet Francis Dugdale Astley, esq. only son Hoare.

of sir John Dugdale Astley, bart. M. P. 18. At Chorley, capt. Hay, of the to Emma Dorothea, fourth daughter of Carabineers, to Elizabeth, eldest daugh. sir Thomas B. Lethbridge, bart. M. P. of John Fowden Hindle, esq. of Gilli. 21. At Oddington, the rev. George brand Hall, Lancashire.

E. Ranken, to Harriet Anne, 'youngest At Bothwell Castle, major Moray daughter of the late Stephen George Stirling, of Ardoch, to the hon. Frances Church, esq. R. N. Elizabeth, daughter of lord Douglas, of 23. At the marquis of Ailesbury's Douglas.

villa, at Sheen, Thos. Fred. Vernon 23. At Alderley, Cheshire, capt. Wm. Wentworth, esq. of Wentworth Castle, Edward Parry, R. N. to Isabella-Louisa, co. York, to lady Augusta Louisa Brudefourth daughter of sir Thomas Stanley, nell Bruce, the eldest unmarried dau. of Alderley.

of the marquis of Ailesbury. At Sudbury, Suffolk, Chas., eldest 30. At Twickenham Church, John, son of Charles Harris, esq. of Coventry, eldest son of John Fane, esq. M. P., to to Caroline, third daugh. of sir Lachlan Catherine, daughter of sir Benjamin Maclean, M. D.

Hobhouse, bart. of Whitton Park, Mid26. Lieut.-col. Edw. Frederick, of the dlesex. Bombay army, to Selina, only daugh. of

DECEMBER. Geo. Grote, esq. of Badgmoor, Oxfordsh.

28. At Troston, Suffolk, the rev. W. 2. At Halston, co. Salop, Wm. Henry, J. L. Casborne, of Pakenham, to Anne, only son of lieuto-gen. Williams, to daugh. of the late Capel Lofft, esq. of Maria, youngest daughter of the late Troston Hall.

James Dormer, esq.

6. At St. Giles's-in-the-Fields, the NOVEMBER

rev. Wm. Start, of Teffont-Evias, Wilts,

to Louisa, third daughter of Jn. Gurney, 1. At Tonbridge, the rev. Richard esq. king's counsel. Ramsey Warde, to Mary, eldest daugh. 7. At Bathwick Church, capt. Emery, of the late Aretas Akers, esq.

to Eliz. Mary, only daughter of the 4. At St. George's, Hanover-square, late Robert Belt, esq. of Bossal House, the rev. Francis, third son of sir Thoş. Yorkshire.

MARRIAGES. 7. At Tichfield, Claud Douglas, esq. esq. to be his majesty's consul in the E. I. C. to Mary-Madelina, second Duchy of Courland, to reside at Riga; daughter of rear-admiral sir Arch. Col. Anthony Lancaster Molineux, esq. to lingwood Dickson, bart.

the same office at Georgia, to reside at 12. At Chichester, Charles-Smith Savannah; and George Salkeld, esq. to Beckham, esq. to Sybella-Jane-Carr, a similar office at New Orleans. second daughter of the lord bishop of 31. The hon. Robert Gordon to be Chichester,

envoy extraor. and minister plen. to the 13. Henry Sacheverel Wilmot, esq. emperor of Brazil: and Arthur Aston, eldest son of sir Robert Wilmot, bart. esq. to be secretary. of Chaddesden, to Maria, eldest dau. ; 10. War-office.-18th Foot: major and the hon. and rey. Frederick Curzon, Carmichael to be lieut.-col. of Inf. son of lord Scarsdale, to. Augusta- 29. 20th Foot: lieut. col. Thomas Marian, second daughter of Edw. Miller to be lieut,-col. Mundy, esq. of Shipley Hall, Derbysh. 31st Foot : lieut.-col. Baumgardt to

14. At Chichester, capt. Edw. Sabine, be lieut.-col. R. A. to Eliz. Juliana, daugh, of major 64th Foot: lieut.-col. Fearon, 31st Leeves.

Foot, to be lieut.-col.
At All Souls' Church, Langham-

place, Robert, eldest son of C.Chichester,
esq. of Hall, Devon, to Clarentia, only

Rev. Dr. Bull to the archd. of Corndaughter of the late col. Henry Mason. wall.

16. At Folkestone, Wyndham Knatchbull, D.D. Laudian professor of Arabic

FEBRUARY. in the University of Oxford, and rector of Smeeth with Adlington, in Kent,

GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. to Anna Maria Eliz. eldest daughter of

3. Whitehall.- Henry Beard, esq. Henry Dawkins, esq. 18. At St. Mary-le-bone Church, -Wm. Courtenay, esq. to be clerk-as

lieut.-governor of the colony of Berbice. Henry, third son of Matthew Montagu, sistant of the parliaments, vice Henry esq. of Montagu House, Portman-square, Cowper, esq. resigned. capt. 3rd Guards, to Magdalen, widow of the late Fred. Croft, esq.

10. War-office-32nd reg. of foot to At Walcot Church, Bath, captain words “ Roleia,” “Vimiera,” “ Pyren

bear on its colours and appointments the Gordon, R.N. to Mrs. John Helyar, nees,” and “Orthes,” in commemoradau. of the late sir J. Wrottesley, bart. 23. At St. Pancras New Church, John

tion of the distinguished services in the

Peninsula. Stratford Rodney, esq. eldest son of the hon. John Rodney, chief secretary be lieuto-col.; major W. R. Clayton to

17. 22nd Foot: lieut.-col. R. Place to to government, Ceylon, to Eleanor, be major. third daughter of Joseph Hume, esq. of Upper Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-sq. w. F. Forster, 97th foot'; capt. J. Wil

Unattached : to be majors of Inf. capt. 26. At St. Mary-le-Gone Church, John Kerrich, esq. of Goldstone Hall,

son, 98th foot. Norfolk, to Mary-Eleanor, eldest daugh. the government of Antigua.

18. General sir P. Ross, appointed to of John Fitzgerald, esq. M. P. of Wherstead Lodge, Suffolk.

21. W.T. Money, esq. to be consul28. At Studley Priory, Oxfordshire, general at Venice and in the Austrian sir Charles Wetherell,” his majesty's territories on the Adriatic Seas. attorney-general, to Jane-Sarah Eliz.

24, Unattached : major Higgins, 13th second daughter of sir Alex. Croke.

Light Drag. to be lieut.-col of Inf. by purch.; capt. lord Bentinck, 75th Foot,

to be major of Inf.


Rev. T. Singleton, archd. of North-


Rev. C. A. Moysey, preb. of Wells Whitehall.-Charles Bankhead, esq. cathedral. to be secretary to his majesty's legation Rev. H. Pepys, preb. of Wells catheto the United States.-Thomas Tupper, dral,


Unattached...To be lieut,-cols. of In

fantry, lieut. and capt. F. Dawkins ; Banbury-Hon. A. Legge, vice hon. major W. R. Clayton, major R. Arnold. H. Legge.

To be majors of Infantry : cap W. Dorset.—Henry Bankes, esq. vice W. Beetham, capt. H. H. Farquharson, Morton Pitt, esq.

capt. hon. G. R. Abercromby, capt. W. Exeter.-S. T. Kekewick, esq. vice Bush, capt. F. Johnson. Courtenay.

22. Lord Forbes to be high commis. Newport (Cornwall).-Hon. C. Percy, to the general assembly of the Church vice Northey.

of Scotland. Tyrone co.-Hon. H. T. L. Corry. Mr. Manoel Antonio de Paiva, consulWarwick.-J. Tomes, esq. vice Mills. gen. in London for the emperor of


The Duke of Devonshire to be am

bassador extraordinary to the emperor GAZETTE PROMOTIONS.

of Russia, on his coronation. 30. Whitehall.-David Cathcart, esq. George Earl of Pembroke to be goverto be a lord of Justiciary in Scotland, nor of the island of Guernsey. vice George Fergusson, esq. resigned.

Richard Fountayne Wilson, of Melton ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. on the Hill, county of York, esq. to use

The right rev. Dr. W. Van Mildert, the surname and bear the arms of Mon

to the see of Durham. tagu only, in compliance with the will of

Rev. E. G. A. Beckwith, to a minor the right hon. F. Montagu, late of

canonry in St. Paul's Cathedral. Papplewick

Rev.C.H.Pulsford, canon residentiary


Rev. M. Bland to a prebendal stall in Rev. A. P. Perceval, chap. in ord, to Wells cathedral. the king.

Rev. C. R. Sumner, D.D. to the see Rev. J. Allen, chap. to the earl of of Llandaff and deanery of St. Paul's. Mountnorris.

Rev. J. Sheepshanks, archd. of CornRev. A. Foster, chap. to duke of wall. Cambridge.

Rev. Archdeacon Pott, chancellorshi, Rev. J. C. Helme, chap. to earl of and prebendal stall of Exeter cathedral. Stirling.

Rev. Dr. F. W. Blomberg, chap. to Rev. H. J. B. Nicholson, chap. to the king. duke of Clarence.

Rey. E. P. Henslow, chap. to lord Rev. G. Taylor, chap. to dowager Hood. duchess of Richmond.

Rev. C. S. Hassels, chaplain to lord Rev. S. S. Wood, chap. to duke of St. Vincent. York.


Horsham.- The hon. F. Fox, vice sir Corfe Castle.-Geo. Bankes, esq. J. Aubrey, bart. dec. Devizes.-Geo. Watson Taylor, esq.

St. Michael.-H. Labouchere, esq, of Earlstoke Park, Wilts.

vice W.T. Money, esq. who has accepted East Looe.--Lord visct. Percival. the office of consul-gen. at Venice.

Oxford University. Tho. Grimstone Carlow.-T. Kavanagh, esq. vice sir Bucknall Estcourt, esq.

U. B. Burgh, now Baron Downes, a peer

of the United Kingdom. APRIL,

Roxburgh-sh.--Henry Fran.Scott,esq. GAZETTE PROMOTIONS.

MAY. 7. War-office.-3rd Foot : major C. W. Wall to be lieut.-col. ; brevet, lieuto

GAZETTE PROMOTIONS, col. C. Cameron to be major.

27. Charles lord Strathaven to be one 48th Foot: major J. Taylor to be of the lords of his majesty's bed-chamber. lieuto-col.

Righthon. William Harry Freemantle 93rd Foot : lieut. col. D. M'Gregor to be treasurer of his majesty's house.. to be lieut..col,


PROMOTIONS. 19. War-office. - 44th regt. Foot, cate, to be one of the six ordinary clerks brevet lieuto-col. F. S. Tidy to be lieut.- of Session in Scotland ; Chas. Ross, esq. col.

advocate, to be one of the four commisBrevet..Aretas Wm. Young, esq. saries of Edinburgh ; Hugh Lumsden, late lieut.-col. on the half-pay of 3rd esq. advocate, to be sheriff depute of the West-India regt. to have the rank of shire of Sutherland. lieut.-col. in the West-Indies only.

Edward Tichborne, of Snarford-hall, Unattached.-Major John Spink, 92nd county of Lincoln, esq. third, but second Foot, to be lieut.-col, of inf.

surviving, son of sir Henry Tichborne, The under-mentioned officers having of Tichborne, county of Southampton, brevet rank saperior to their regimental bart. deceased, to take the name of commissions, have accepted promotion Doughty only, instead of that of Tichupon half-pay, according to the general borne,and also bear the arms of Doughty order of the 25th of April, 1826 :-To quarterly with those of Tichborne be lieut.-cols. of infantry : Brevet lieut. (agreeably to the will of the late Miss cols. Colin Campbell, 1st foot, Adam Doughty, of Bedford-row), Peebles, 9th, and Robert B. M'Gregor, 13. The earl of Bristol to be earl of 88th to be lieut.-cols. of inf. ; J. Haver: Jermyn of Horningsherth, Suffolk, and field, from unattached full pay; J. Hicks, marquis of Bristol. 32nd foot; S. King, 10th ; J. Austin, 9. Wur-office-Horse Guards, capt. 97th ; R. Parke, 39th ; J. Macdonald, Hanmer to be major and lieut.-col, by 64th ; J. Dunn, 98th ; W. Dunbar, 37th; purchase. J. B. Glegg, 49th ; G. Miller, Rifle 1st, or Gren. Foot Guards: lieut.brigade ; M. Clifford, 89th foot; A. col. Ellis, from the half-pay, to be capt. Kelley, 54th ; J. Maxwell, 15th ; E. K. and lieut.-col. Williams, 4th ; W. Balvaind, 99th; J. 29th Foot: lieut.-col. Simpson to be R. Colleton, Royal Staff corps ; D. Mac- lieut.-col. donald, 19th foot.

64th Foot: to be major, brevet lieut.

col. lord C. Fitzroy, from half-pay 27th JUNE.

foot. NEW PEERS.

67th Foot : brevet col. Burslem, 14th

foot, to be lieut..col. The King has granted the dignity of 84th Foot: brevet col. Neynoe, 4th peers of Great Britain and Ireland to foot, to be lieut.-col. the following persons :

88th Foot : major Hailes to be major. Marquis of Thomond, to be baron

9)st Foot : capt. Drewe, 73rd foot, to Tadcaster; marquis of Clanricarde, to be major. be baron Somerhill ; earl of Balcarras, 94th Foot: to be lieut.-cols, major to be baron Wigan ; visc. Northland, to Crauford, 8th Light Drag, and baron Ranfurly ; right hon. sir col. Paty. Charles Long, to be baron Farnborough; 96th Foot: capt. Cairncross, to be sir J. Fleming Leicester. to be baron de major. Tabley; J. A. S. Wortley Mackenzie, Royal African Colonial corps, majoresq. to be baron Wharncliffe ; Charles

gen. sir N. Campbell to be col. Duncombe, esq. to be baron Feversham; Brevet.-Brevet major Jackson, of Charles Rose Ellis, esq. to be baron the 6th Drag. Guards, to be lieut-col. Seaford.

Unattached. To be lieuti.cols. of inf. GAZETTE PROMOTIONS.

by purchase, brevet lieut.-col. lord 3. Whitehall.-Gen. Ward to be Fitzroy, 64th foot; major Bradshaw, governor of Barbadoes ; right hon. C. 77th ; major Mills, 2nd Drag.; major W. W. Wynn, earl Bathurst, the right Glover, 1st foot; major Hay, 9]st; major hon. G. Canning, the right hon. R. Peel, Mansel, 96th ; major Dobin, 19th ; and the earl of Liverpool, the chancellor of capt. Cuyler, Coldstream foot guards. the Exchequer, the duke of Wellington, 28. Foreign-office.Francis Werry, the marquis of Salisbury, lord Teign- esq. (late consul of the Levant company mouth, the right hon. J. Sullivan, the at Smyrna), to be his majesty's consul at right hon. sir G. Warrender, Dr. Phil. Smyrna. limore, and W. Y. Peel, esq. to be com- John Barker, esq. (late consul of the missioners for the affairs of India. Levant company at Aleppo), to be his

5, 6, 7. James Fergusson, esq. majesty's consul at Alexandria,

in the army.

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