Sivut kuvina

PROMOTIONS. Henry Thomas Liddell, esq. (late which his majesty the shah of Persia was assistant secretary to the Levant com- pleased to honour him for his services pany), to be his majesty's consul at Got in the field. tenburgh. Wm. Wilton Barker, esq.(vice-consul

AUGUST. at Messina), to be consul.

Wm. Hamilton, esq. (vice-consul at
Boulogne), to be consul.

1. War-office--23rd Foot, lieut.-col. James Vigers Harvey, esq. (vice. A. Anderson to be major.

30th Foot: brevet lieut. - col. W. conşul at Bayonne), to be consul. William Ogilby, esq. (vice-consul at

Rowan to be major.

82nd Foot: lieut.-col. T. Valiant to Caen), to be consul for the departments

be lieut..col. of Calvados La Manche, and Isle of Vilaine.

Royal African Colonial Corps : major

W. Lumley, 54th Foot, to be lieut.-col. ; ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS.

and capt. R. Gregg, to be major.

Unattached.-Major G. W. Horton, Rev. W. F. Bayley, prebend. of Can- 81st Foot; and capt. J. B. Riddlesden. terbury.

Royal Horse Guards, to be lieut.-cols. Rev. Archd. Ball, prebend. of Canter- of Infantry. bury cathedral.

Brevet" lieut.-col. F. Dalmar, 23rd Rev. E. G. Clerk, prebend. of West- Foot, to be lieuto-col. of Infantry. minster.

4. Sir Thos. Le Breton, knt. to be Rev. M. Marsh, canon of Salisbury bailiff of the Island of Jersey, vice lord cathedral.

Carteret, deceased. Rey. S. B. Vinet, Ringwood R. Hants. 11. Lord F. Montague to be postRey. S. H, White, Mawford R. co.

master-general, vice the earl of Chiches. Rev. B. Maddock, chap. to duke of ter, deceased. Rutland.

20. War-office. -Brevet: Col. hon. Rev. J. Perkins, chap, to earl Gal. H. Dillon, to have the rank of major. loway.

gen.; A. Peebles, and J. M. A. Skerrett, Rev. D. Lewis, chap. to marquis of esqrs. to be lieut-cols.; and S. Sankey, Queensberry.

esq. to be major, on the continent of

Europe only.

Unattached.-Majors Brander, Pearce,

and Leslie, and brevet lieut.-cols. Pringle 7. F. Chatfield, esq. to be consul at

and Anderson, to be lieut.-cols. of Inf. Memel.

SEPTEMBER. 11. Catherine, wife of the right hon. James Fitzgerald, to bear the name,

GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. style, and title, of barcness Fitzgerald 13. Whitehall.—Sir John Singleton and Vesey, of Clare and Inchicronan, Copley, knt. to be master or keeper of with the dignity of a baron to descend the Rolls and Records of the Court of to the heirs male of her body by the Chancery, vice lord Gifford, dec. said right hon. J. Fitzgerald.

18. War-office.Lieut.-gen. hon. sir 14. Whitehall.-Sir Thos. Lawrence, Alex. Hope, G.C.B. to be lieut.-governor principal painter to his majesty, and of Chelsea-hospital. president of the Royal Academy, to wear Lieut.-gen. James Hay to be lieut.the royal order of the Legion of Honour governor of Edinburgh castle. which his Most Christian Majesty had Lieut.-gen. Wm. Thomas, to be lieut.conferred on him.

governor of Tynemouth. 16. Col sir Henry Pynn, knt. late a Coldstream reg.of Foot Guards, lient.brig.-gen. in the Portuguese army, to col. Thos. Chaplin, to be lieut.-col. wear the insignia of a knight com. of the 14th Foot: gen. Thos. lord Lynedoch, royal Portuguese military order of the G.C.B. from 58th Foot, to be col. Tower and Sword, conferred on him by 86th Foot: lieuto-col. John W. Mallet, his Most Faithful Majesty John the 6th. from 89th Foot, to be lieuto-col.

19. Major Henry Willock, E. I. C. 89th Foot: lieut.-col, John M‘Caslate chargé d'affaires to the court of kill, to be lieuto-col. Persia, to wear the Persian order of the 97th Foot; capt. Alexander Hope Lion and Sun of the first class, with Pattison, to be major,

PROMOTIONS. Unattached. To be lieut.-cols. of Rey. J. Bright, preb. of Combe and Inf.: major Rich. Cruise, 84th Foot; Harnham, Salisbury cathedral. major James Fleming, 22nd Foot; major Rev. C. B. Bruce, chaplain to the Robert Bartlett Coles, 76th Foot; capt. duke of York. Edw. Clive, Ist, or Gren. Foot Guards; brevet lieut. - col. Philip Wodehouse,

NOVEMBER. 97th Foot.


13. War-office.-Unattached.-To be Rev. B. Parke, prebendary of Ely, lieut.-cols, of Inf, major Dixon Denham,

25th Foot; major John Marshall, 14th OCTOBER.

Foot; capt. John Elrington, 3rd Foot GAZETTE PROMOTIONS.

Guards. 9. War-office.-7th reg. of Light

14. Geo. Cranston, esq. to be one of Drag. : major James John Fraser to be the lords of session of Scotland. lieut.-col.--Capt. hon. Geo. Berkeley

Charles Farebrother, esq. sheriff of Molyneux, to be major.

London, to be alderman of Lime-street Rifle Brigade: major Jos. Logan, to

Ward, vice Bridges res. be major.

27. St. James's Palace.-Lieut.-col. Garrisons :-gen. W. Knollys to be

Edw. Miles, 89th Foot, C.B. and knight governor of Limerick.-Co. sir George of the royal Portuguese military order Elder to be lieut.-gov. of St. John's, of the Tower and Sword, knighted. Newfoundland.

Edw. Ryan, esq. knighted, on his apBrevet :---lieut-col. James Fullarton pointment of judge to the Supreme court to be lieut.-col. of Infantry.

of Calcutta. 12. lst, or Gren. Guards, lieut.-col. Nicolas Conyngham Tindal, esq. bis Clive to be lieut.-col.

majesty's solicitor-general, knighted. 69th Foot: major sir C. Cuyler, bart. Lieut.-gen. John Fraser, col. of the to be lieuto-col.-Major J. Peel to be

late Royal York Rangers, knighted. major.

29. Whitehall. The right hon. Geo. 72nd Foot: lieut.-col, C. G. J. Are

Granville Leveson Gower, summoned by buthnot to be lieut.-col.

writ to the House of Peers, by the style Unattached.-Brevet lieuto-col. W. and title of baron Gower, of Stittenham, G. Moore, and brevet major E.P. Bucks county of York. ley, Ist, or Gren. Guards, to be lieut.cols. of Inf.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. 16. 35th reg. capt. G. Tenlon to be Rev. R. H. Law to the archd. of major.

Wells. Brevet:

-H. Roberts, esq. to have the Rev. J. Davis, chap. to the dowager rank of colonel, and M. M.Pherson, esq. lady Boston. to have the rank of major on the con- Rev, T. H. White, chap. to marq. of tinent of Europe only.

Unattached.-Brevet lieut..col. H.
T. Shaw, 35th Foot, to be lieut.-col, of


GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. 23. War-office.-17th Light Dra. goons, lieuto-col. Anth. Rumpler to be 5. Whitehall.The king has granted lieut.-col.

the dignities of viscount and earl of 3rd reg. Foot Guards, capt. and Great Britain and Ireland, to Wm. Pitt lieut.-col. Edw. Bowater to be major, baron Amherst, gov.-gen. of India, and with the rank of colonel. Lieut. and his heirs male, by the titles of visc. capt. W.Stockdale to be capt. and lieut. Holmesdale, county of Kent, and earl col.

Amherst, of Arracan, East-Indies. Also, 97th reg. of Foot to bear on its colours the dignity of viscount of Great Britain and appointments, the motto, “ Quo fas and Ireland to Stapleton baron Comet gloria ducunt,” in addition to the title bermere, general and commander of our of is The Earl of Ulster's Regiment." forces in the East-Indies, and his heirs ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS,

male, by the title of visc. Combermere,

of Combermere, Cheshire, Rev. J. Brinkley, D.D. to the bishop- Alex, Irving, esq. to be a lord of ric of Cloyne.

session in Scotland,


PROMOTIONS. 26. Major-gen. sir A. Campbell, to be George lord Bingham to be lieutenantG.C.B.

colonel. Major-gen. Thos.'Reynell, major-gen. 3rd regt. Foot Guards : lieut-col. Jasper Nicolls, major-gen. sir Sam. Ford John Elrington to be capt. and lieut.Whittingham, knt. to be K.C. B. col. 20th regt. foot.

The, undermentioned officers to be Staff: Brevet lieuto-col Henry Geo. K. B. Col. John M'Combe, 14th foot; Smith, to be deputy quarter-master-gen. col. Willoughby Cotton, 47th foot; lieut.- to the forces serving in Jamaica; major col. Geo. M'Gregor, 59th foot; lieut.- Thos. Drake, permanent assist.-quartercol. R. George Elrington, 47th foot; master-gen., to be deputy quarter. lieut.-col. John W. Mallett, 86th foot; master-gen, to the forces serving in the lieut. col. Wm. Smelt, 41st foot ; lieut.- Mediterranean, with the rank of lieut.col. Michael Childers, 11 Drag: ; lieut. col. in the army; major W. Vincent, col. John Wm. O'Donaghue, 47th foot; 82nd foot, to be permanent assistant lieut.-col. Henry Godwin, 41st foot ; quarter-master-gen. lieut.-col. hon. John Finch half-pay. Unattached. To be lieut.-col. of Inf. Unattached ; lieut.-col. Robt. H. Sale, najor John Hogg, 24th foot ; major 13th foot ; capt. Henry Ducie Chads, Holman Custance, 50th ; major Edw. R. N.; capt. Fred. Marryatt, R. N.; Jackson, 20th ; brevet lieut.-col. hon. lieut.-col. Wm. Frith, 38th foot; lieut.. John Finch, 38th ; inajor H. J. Richcol. Francis Fuller, 59th foot; lieut.- ardson, 9th Light Drag. Royal Art., col. Matthias Everard, 14th foot; lieut.. major Robert H. Birch, to be lieuto-col. col. Cecil Bishopp, 14th foot; major Jas. Staff : Major C. Yorke, to be inspectL. Basden, 89th foot; major Peter L. ing field officer of Militia in Nova Scotia Chambers, 41st foot; major Geo. Thorn. (with the rank of lieut. col. in the hill, 13th foot; major Wm. H. Dennie, army). 13th foot; commander Geo. F. Ryves, Unattached.--To be lieut.-cols. of R.N.

Inf, major J. H. Mair, 7th foot; major The undermentioned officers in the J. T. Morisset, 48th ; major H. Stisted, E.I.C. to be K.B.-Lieut.-col. Steven. Ist Drag. ; major sir J.R. Eustace, 14th son ; lieut.-col. Wm. Richards; lieut.- foot. col. James Brodie ; lieut.-col. Thos. 23. 3rd reg. Foot Guards, lieut. and Whitehead ; lieut.-col. Alex. Fair ; capt. hon. Edward Stopford to be capt. lieut.-col. Clements Browne ; lieut. col. and lieut.-col. Edw. W. Snow ; lieut.-col. Christ. S. 27th Foot : lieut.-gen. hon. sir GalFagan ; lieut.-col. Alfred Richards; braith Lowry Cole, G. C. B. to be lieuto-col. Steph. Nation; lieut.-col. colonel, vice marquis of Hastings, dec. Brook B. Parlby ; lieut.-col. Chas. Hop- 34th Foot : lieut.-gen. sir Thos. Mackinson; lieut.-col. John Delamain ; dougall Brisbane, K.C.B. to be colonel, lieuto-col. Tho. Wilson ; lieut.-col. Geo. 16. St. James's.-Joseph Fuller, esq. Pollock; lieuto-col. Henry S. Pepper; lieut.-gen., col. 96th foot, and knight lieut.-col. Wm.C. Baddeley ; lieut.-col. grand cross of the royal Hanoverian Jas. Wahab, lieut.-col, Jas. Skinner; Guelphic order, knighted. major Cornelius Bowyer ; major Richard 22. Major-gen. the hon. F. C. CavenL. Evans; major Wm. L. Watson; dish, to be lieuto-governor of Malta and major Geo. Hunter.

its dependencies. 29. The duke of Wellington to be Unattached.-Major hon. Edw. Cust, constable of the Tower of London, and 20th foot, to be lieut.-col. of Inf. lieutenant and custos rotulorum of the To be majors of Inf. capt. Robert Tower Hamlets, vice marquess of Hast- Carlisle Pollock, 90th foot; capt. Aubrey ings, dec.

Wm. Beauclerk, 99th Foot. - Foreign-office.--Patrick Campbell, 28. 84th reg. of foot, to bear on its esq. to be secretary to his majesty's colours and appointments the word legation to the republic of Colombia. “India,"in commemoration of its services

Richard Pakenham, esq. to be secre- in that part of the world from the year tary to his majesty's legation to the 1796 to 1819. United States of Mexico.

Ist reg. foot, 2nd bat. 13th ditto, 38th, C. Hall, esq. to be secretary to his 41st, 44th, 45th, 47th, 54th, 87th, and majesty's legation to the Confederated 89th, to bear the word “ Ava," in comStates of the Swiss Cantons.

memoration of their services daring Jl. War-office.mo17th Drag,, major the late Burmese war,

DEATHS. DEC. 1825. Itth reg. Light Drag., 16th ditto, Besides his “Dictionnaire," and several 14th reg. of foot, 59th ditto, to bear the catalogues, M. Barbier published "Nouword "Bhurtpore,” in commemora- velle Bibliothèque d'un Homme de tion of their serviees in the assault and Gout," 5 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1808-10. capture of the fortified towyn and citadel "Examen Critique et Complement des of Bhurtpore, in Jan. 1826.

Dictionnaires Historiques," 8vo. 1820 ; Brevet : Major J. J. Snodgrass, to be many bibliographical articles in the lieut-col. in the army.

“Dietionnaire Historique." He likeRich. Byham, esq. to be secretary to wise edited a variety of works, and left the Board of Ordnance, vice W. Griffin, several manuscripts. esą.

7. Benedetto Delbene, perpetual se

cretary of the Academy of Agriculture, ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Commerce, and Arts, Verona. This Rev.W.Davison, Hartingdon Deanery, born May 29th, 1749, and devoted the

indefatigable and zealous student was county of Derby.

whole of his long life to the cultivation

of the sciences and literature ; but MEMBERS RETURNED TO PARLIAMENT.

agriculture more particularly occupied Cambridge Univ.-Sir J. S. Copley' his attention. His Memoir relative to knight.

a new process of making wine; and his Lostwithiel.--The hon. Edw. Cust, Dissertation on the culture of oleaginous vice sir Alex. Cray Grant, bart, who has plants, which he proposed to introduce made his election for the borough of into Italy, obtained for him a prize from Aldborough.

the Academy of Verona. That, too, Saltash...Major-gen. Colin Macauley, of the “Georgofili," at Florence, previce Henry Monteith, esq. steward of sented him with a gold medal for having East Hundred.

discussed the best method of providing abundance of wood, and the incon

veniences resulting to agriculture from DEATHS.

its excess. As a translator he is known by his version of the Georgics, of some

of Horace's Epistles, Catullus' Nuptials DECEMBER, 1825.

of Peleus and Thetis, &c. He likewise 5. Antoine Alexandre Barbier, che wrote a Dissertation on the Origin of valier of the Legion of Honour, and the Amphitheatre at Verona. In bis librarian to the Conseil d'Etat. This private character Delbene was most eminent bibliographer was born at exemplary; a man of the strictest reCoulommiers, Jan. 11th, 1765, and edu- ligious principles, the purest morals, cated at the seminaire St. Firmin, Paris, and universal philanthropy. where he afterwards taught mathematics 26. At St. Petersburg, count M. A. and the physical sciences. It was at Miloradovitch. This distinguished offi. this latter period that his passion for cer, of whose death some account will the study of bibliography and literary be found in the History of our last history developed itself. In 1799 he volume, p. 162, was descended from a was appointed Conservateur of the Li- very illustrious Russian family. In the brary of the Directory, and in 1800 of reign of Peter the Great, one of his that of the Conseil d'Etat, of which, ancestors signalised himself by his paafter three years' labour, he published triotism, having raised a force of 20,000 an excellent catalogue. In 1806 ap- men at his own expense, to assist that peared the two first volumes of his “Dic- monarch in his war against the Turks. tionnaire des Ouvrages Anonymes et The count was born in 1770, and, at the Pseudonymes." After filling for twenty- age of 28, held a command under Suvarov seven years his office as librarian, and during the campaign in Italy, where his discharging all its duties, not only with bravery and military skill soon obtained devoted zeal, but with enthusiasm, he for him the admiration and regard of was removed from that post in Sept. that hero. In the actions at Bassignano, 1822. Although he bore this misfor. Lodi, &c. he distinguished himself by tune with philosophy, and apparent his intrepidity, and was always foremost tranquillity, it was a shock from which

to lead on the troops; nor did he dishe never recovered ; and, from this

play less energy in the battle of Muthenperiod, his health gradually declined, thal, so memorable for the defeat of the

DEATHS.JAN. French arms in Switzerland, under be mentioned, the park of the princess Massena. In 1806, in the war against Carignano ; the repairs and alterathe Turks, Bucharest owed its safety tions of the Theatre la Canobiana at to the valour of Miloradovitch, and the Milan; most of the scenery for the splendid victory gained at Obileshti, mythological ballets of Vigano and over the Grand Vizier, gained him Gioja ; the restoration of the great fresh laurels, and obtained for Theatre at Naples, and of that at Monza; him a sword set with brilliants, as a besides several theatres and gardens in mark of the emperor's esteem, Soon Piedmont. afterwards, he retired from the army, and, in 1810, was appointed Military

JANUARY, 1826. Governor at Kiev. The events of the year 1812 again called him to the de- 1. At Glasgow, aged 32, Mr. John fence of his country. At Borodino he Bell, teacher of languages. He was commanded the right wing of the Rus- acquainted with the Latin, Greek, Hesian army, and when the French were brew, French, German, Spanish, Italian, advancing with the utmost precipitation Dutch, Saxon, Teutonic, Gothic, Icetowards Moscow, intercepted and de- landic, Portuguese, Arabic, Persic, tained them by a combat of two entire Chaldaic, Sanscrit, Hindostanee, Bendays. He demanded from Murat time galee, and several other languages. for the inhabitants of that capital to At his residence, Burton Bradquit the city, threatening, in case of a stock, Dorset, Nicholas Ingram, esq. refusal, to set fire to it himself, and to superannuated rear-admiral of the red. fight before it to the last extremity. He was made a lieut, by adm. Byron, in This menace had its desired effect. 1778, and appointed to the Royal Oak, At Vazıny he obtained


bearing the flag of rear-admiral Hyde against Ney, Davoust, and Murat, Parker, who promoted him to the rank whom he there completely routed. On of commander in 1780, from which pe. this occasion, 15,000 of the French riod, until the peace of 1783, he comtroops fell in the engagement, and manded the Star brig. His next ap22,000 were taken prisoners. When pointment was, in Oct. 1790, to the the enemy had been driven eyond the Shark sloop of war, and on the 3rd of Russian frontier, Miloradovitch still the following month he became post continued to display his talents in the captain. From 1797 to the peace of whole of the memorable contests be. Amiens, and from the renewal of the tween the allied powers and France. war in 1803 to the date of his superanLutzen, Dresden, Bautzen, Kulm, and nuation as rear-admiral (May 21, 1808), Leipzig, successively witnessed his he commanded the Weymouth district successes, till at length the victo- of Sea Fencibles. He married in 1811 rious armies entered Paris. From this Elizabeth-Anne, daugh. of the late Mr. period he was appointed governor of Booth of Bristol. St. Petersburg, which has at various At Marston House, aged 27, Edm, times experienced his zeal and services, Wm. visc. Dungarvon, eldest son of especially after the inundation. He Edmund, 8th earl of Cork and Orrery, restored and embellished Ekaterinhof, by Isabella Henrietta, 3rd daugh. of the and renovated the house belonging to late William Poyntz, esq. of Midgham Peter the Great. He was also a warm House, Berks. His last surviving brolover of the fine arts, and especially of ther, Charles, born in 1800, is now heir the theatre, Miloradovitch was buried apparent to his father's titles. within the convent of St. Alexander 2. The hon. Wm. Bacheler Coltman, Nevsky, on the 2nd of Jan. 1826, when late chairman of the board of audit at his remains were followed to the grave Quebec, and a member of the executive by the Emperor, and were deposited and legislative councils of Lower Canada, near those of the great Suvarov, with 3. At Marseilles, aged 54, Louis every mark of honour.

Gabriel Suchet, duke of Albufera. HavAged 68, J. Pregliasco, an artist ing received a good education, he en. of great celebrity in Italy as a theatrical tered the army in 1792. At Toulon, he architect, scene-painter, and landscape was an officer in the battalion by which gardener, in each of which departments general O'Hara was taken prisoner. He he displayed originality and correct was in nearly all the battles fought in taste. Among his principal works may Italy during the campaigns of 1794,

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