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An Account of the VALUE of all IMPORTS into, and of all EXPORTS from, the United Kingdom of GREAT BRITAIN and

IRELAND, during each of the three Years ending the 5th January 1826 (calculated at the Official Rates of Valuation, and stated exclusive of the Trade between Great Britain and Ireland reciprocally).

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S. d.

35,798,707 5 0

43,804,372 18

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8,603,904 91

52,408,277 7


35,458,048 13



48,735,551 25

10,204,785 64

58,940,336 8 9

38,396,300 17 3

calculated at the Official Rates of Valuation.

ending 5th January.


calculated at the
Official Rates of Valuation

of the Produce and
Manufactures of the United

Kingdom Exported
therefrom, according to
the Real and Declared

Value thereof.

Produce and
Manufactures of the
United Kingdom.

Foreign and Colonial






37,552,936 7


44,137,482 6

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An Account of the Value of all IMPORTS into, and of all EXPORTS from IRELAND, during each of the three Years

ending the 5th January 1826 (stated exclusive of the Trade with GREAT BRITAIN).

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NEW VESSELS BUILT.-An Account of the Number of VESSELS, with the Amount of their TONNAGE, that were built

and registered in the several Ports of the BRITISH EMPIRE, in the Years ending the 5th January, 1824, 1825, and 1826, respectively.

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637 22,240


38 342


2,136 50,522


28 353


1,550 50,299


TOTAL .........






VESSELS REGISTERED.-An Account of the Number of VESSELS, with the Amount of their TONNAGE, and the Number

of Men and Boys usually employed in Navigating the same, that belonged to the several Ports of the BRITISH EMPIRE, on the 30th of September, in the Years 1823, 1824, and 31st of December, 1825, respectively.

On 30th Sept. 1823.

On 30th Sept. 1824.

On 31st Dec. 1825.










United Kingdom.......
Isles Guernsey, Jersey, and Man
British Plantations



United Kingdom
Isles Guernsey, Jersey, & Man
British Plantations


469 3,500


26,872 203,893


3,680 14,736


477 3,496


26,361 911,273


3,806 15,089


508 3,579


28,505 214,875


3,773 15,059












Passed in the SEVENTH Session of the Seventh Parliament of the

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Irelandy Geo. IV. 1826.

1. AN Act for granting and applying effectual punishment of certain offences

certain sums of money for the service in Ireland, by imprisonment with hard of the year one thousand eight hun- labour. dred and twenty-six.

X. An Act for punishing mutiny and II. An Act for raising the sum of ten desertion; and for the better payment

millions by exchequer bills, for the of the army and their quarters. service of the year one thousand eight XI. An Act for the regulating of his hundred and twenty-six.

Majesty's royal marine forces while JII. An Act to indemnify such persons on shore.

in the United Kingdom as have omit- XII. An Act for exonerating a certain ted to qualify themselves for offices estate called Maes Llemystin, situate and employments, and for extending in the parish of Llangadfan in the

the time limited for those purposes county of Montgomery, belonging to ! respectively.

Charles Dallas, esq., from the claims IV. An Act to amend an Act of the

of the crown. last session of parliament, for making XIII. An Act to alter and amend an Act provision for the salaries of certain passed in the fifty-fourth year of the bishops, and other ecclesiastical dig- reign of his late Majesty king George nitaries and ministers, in the diocese the Third, for vesting in his majesty, of Jamaica, and in the diocese of his heirs and successors, for ever, part Barbadoes and the Leeward Islands, of the ground and buildings now beand for enabling his Majesty to grant longing to the society of King's Inns, annuities to such bishops upon the Dublin, for erecting thereon a reresignation of their offices.

pository for public records in Ireland. V. An Act to give effect to treaties of XIV. An Act for the further amend.

commerce with countries in America ment of an Act of the first and second

not at present provided with national years of his present Majesty, for the os merchant shipping.

establishment of asylums for the VI. An Act to limit, and after a certain lunatic poor in Ireland.

period to prohibit, the issuing of pro- XV. An Act to amend an Act passed in y missory notes under a limited sum in the seventh and eighth year of the England.

reign of king William the third, for VII. An Act to facilitate the advancing the more easy recovery of small tithes.

of money by the governor and company XVI. An Act to consolidate and amend of the Bank of England upon deposits several acts relating to the royal or pledges.

hospitals for soldiers at Chelsea and VIII. An Act to amend so much of an Kilmainham.

Act of the last session of parliament, XVII. An Act for remedying inconvefor regulating the qualification and niences in the administration of the manner of enrolling jurors in justice, arising from the present Scotland, and of choosing jurors in vacancy of the see of Durham, and criminal trials there, and to unite for preventing the like in future. counties for the purposes of trial in XVIII. An Act to authorise the dispo.

cases of high treason in Scotland, as sal of unnecessary prisons in England. · relates to the qualification of special XIX. An Act to repeal two Acts of the jurors.

parliament of Scotland, relative to IX. An Act to provide for the more assault and battery pendente lite.



XX. An Act to continue an Act of the XXXI. An Act to amend an Act passed

first and second years of his present in the fifty-second year of the reign Majesty, for granting for the term of of his late Majesty king George the five years additional stamp duties on Third, so far as the same relates to certain proceedings in the courts of the retired allowances of quarterlaw in Ireland.

masters of cavalry and infantry. XXI. An Act for the better regulating XXXII. An Act to amend an Act for

proceedings on writs of mandamus, in suppressing or regulating certain Ireland.

offices therein mentioned, so far as XXII. An Act to enable persons to relates to the board of trade,

continue their compositions for asses- XXXIII. An Act to make further sed taxes for further periods, and for regulations relating to the licensing allowing persons who have not com- of stage coaches. pounded to enter into a composition XXXIV. An Act to amend an Act of for a limited term.

the fifth year of his present Majesty, XXIII. An Act to repeal the duties for amending the several Acts for the

and drawbacks of excise upon tawed encouragement and improvement of

kid skins, sheep skins, and lamb skins. the British and Irish fisheries. XXIV. An Act for fixing, until the XXXV. An Act to enable incapacitated twenty-fifth dayof Marchone thousand

persons to convey to the commissioneight hundred and twenty-seven, the ers and governors of the royal hospital rates of subsistence to be paid to inn- for seamen at Greenwich, in the keepers and others on quartering county of Kent, certain premises soldiers.

situate in the parish of Greenwich in XXV. An Act to continue until the the said county, and for other pur

fifth day of July one thousand eight poses relating thereto. hundred and twenty-eight, an Act for XXXVI. An Act to regulate the service preventing private distillation in Scot- of the process of the several courts land.

for the recovery of small debts by XXVI. An Act for continuing to his civil bill in Ireland.

majesty for one year certain duties on XXXVII. An Act to regulate the personal estates, offices, and pensions appointment of juries in the East in England, for the service of the year Indies. one thousand eight hundred and XXXVIII. An Act to enable commistwenty-six.

sioners for trying offences upon the XXVII. An Act to defray the charge of sea, and justices of the peace, to take

the pay, clothing, and contingent and examinations touching such offences, other expenses of the disembodied and to commit to safe custody persons militia in Great Britain and Ireland ; charged therewith. and to grantallowances in certain cases XXXIX. An Act for funding eight to subaltern officers, adjutants,quarter- millions of exchequer bills. masters, surgeons, assistant surgeons, XL. An Act to authorize the lords surgeons mates, and serjeant-majors commissioners of his Majesty's treaof militia, until the twenty-fifth day sury to advance money out of the of March one thousand eight hundred consolidated fund towards the exand twenty-seven.

penses of rebuilding London Bridge. XXVIII. An Actforexonerating certain Xll. An Act to amend the laws for the

estates called Corsica Hall, Alfriston, recovery of small debts, and the proMaff Alfriston otherwise Maffe Al- ceedings for that purpose, in the fryshton, and Dean Place, in the manor courts in Ireland. county of Sussex, belonging to John XLII. An Act to amend the laws in Henry Tilson, esq. from the claims of force in Ireland for preventing the the crown.

vexatious impounding of cattle for XXIX. An Act to amend the law of

trespass or damage feasant. Ireland respecting the assignment and XLIII. An Act to amend the laws in

sub-letting of lands and tenements. force in Ireland relating to convey; XXX. An Act to amend the several ances and transfers of estates and

Acts for authorising advances for funds vested in trustees. carrying on public works, and to ex- XLIV. An Act to allow, until the tenth tend the provisions thereof in certain day of October one thousand eight cases.

hundred and twenty-six, the enrolment

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