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end of the next session of parlia over the Menai Straits and the river ment, an Act of the third year of his Conway, and the harbours of Howth present majesty, for regulating the and Holyhead, and the road from manner of licensing alehouses in Eng Dublin to Howth, and for the further land.

improvement of the road from LonLXVI. An Act to render more effectual don to Holyhead.

the several Acts now in force to pro- LXXVII. An Act to extend to Charing mote the residence of the parochial Cross, the Strand, and places adjacent, clergy, by making provision for pur the powers of an Act for making a chasing houses and other necessary more convenient communication from buildings for the use of their bene Mary-le.bone Park; and to enable the fices,

commissioners of his majesty's woods, LXVII. An Act to regulate the mode in forests, and land revenues to grant

which certain societies or copartner leases of the site of Carlton palace. ships for banking in Scotland may LXXVIII. An Act to vest in the comsue and be sued.

missioners of his majesty's woods, LXVIII. An Act to amend so much of forests, and land revenues, the powers

an Act of the thirty-first year of his of several Acts for the improvement late majesty, as relates to the elec of the streets near Westminster Hall tion of members to serve in the legis. and the houses of parliament; and to lative assembly of the province of authorize the conversion of the paveUpper Canada

ments in several parts of the metroLXIX. An Act to amend the law in re polis into broken stone roads.

spect to the offence of stealing from LXXIX. An Act for applying a sum gardens and hothouses.

out of the consolidated fund, and the LXX. An Act to permit foreign corn, surplus of the grants of the year 1825,

meal, and flour, warehoused, to be to the service of the year 1826; and taken out for home consumption, until for further appropriating the supplies the sixteenth day of August 1826. granted in this session of parliament. LXXI. An Act to empower his majesty

to admit foreign corn for home consumption, under certain limitations, until the first day of January 1827,

PUBLIC ACTS or for six weeks after the commencement of the then next ensuing session of a Local and Personal Nature, of parliament, if parliament shall not

to be noticed by the Courts. then be sitting LXXII. An Act to consolidate and i. An Act to repeal two Acts relating

amend the laws which regulate the to the employment of the poor within levy and application of church rates the hundreds of Loes and Wilford in and parish cesses, and the election of the county of Suffolk, and to disin. churchwardens, and the maintenance corporate the said hundreds. of parish clerks, in Ireland.

ii. An Act for enabling the company of LXXIII. An Act to consolidate the proprietors of the Witham navigation

laws in force in Ireland for the dis to complete the drainage and naviga. appropriation of benefices annexed tion by the river Witham; and to to the dignities, and for the appro

raise a further sum of money for that priation of others in their stead, and purpose. for uniting benefices with dignities, iii. An Act for the appropriation of two and to make further provisions for chapels as chapels of ease to the the like purposes:

parish church of Brighthelmston in LXXIV. An Act for consolidating and the county of Sussex.

amending the laws relating to prisons iv. An Act for maintaining and repairin Ireland.

ing the bridge over the river Avon, LXXV. An Act to explain an Act of at or near Stratford-upon-Avon, in

the fifty-third year of the reign of his the county of Warwick, and for late majesty, respecting the enrolment widening and improving the ap

of memorials of grants of annuities. proaches thereto. LXXVI. An Act for further extending v. An Act for enlarging the present

the powers of an Act for vesting in market, and establishing fish markets, commissioners the bridges building in the town and port of Dover in the

county of Kent; and for removing the Edington in the county of Wilts, and elections of members and of mayors other roads near or adjoining the of the said town from the church of said roads, in the counties of Wilts St. Mary the Virgin in Dover.

and Somerset. vi. An Act for lighting, watching, xvi. An Act for more effectually repairpaving, cleansing, and improving the ing and improving the roads from streets, highways, and places within Manchester in the county palatine of the town and borough of Newport in Lancaster to Salters Brook in the the county of Monmouth.

county palatine of Chester, and for vii. An Act for enlarging the market making and maintaining several exhouse and regulating the markets with tensions or diversions of road, and a in the borough of Bridgwater in the new branch of road to communicate county of Somerset; for paving, eleans

therewith, ing, lighting, and watching the streets, xvii. An Act for making and maintain

lanes, and other public passages and ing a turnpike road from South places within the said borough or ad Shields to White Mere Pool, and from jacent thereto, and for the improve thence to join the Durham and Newment thereof.

castle turnpike road at Vigo-lane, vili. An Act for lighting with gas the with a branch from Jarrow Slake to

several townships of Macclesfield, East Boldon, all in the county of Sutton, and Hurdsfield, all in the Durham. parish of Prestbury in the county xviii. An Act for amending and mainPalatine of Chester.

taining the road leading from the turnix. An Act for making and maintaining pike road on Farrard's Common in

a turnpike road from Cannock in the the parish of Bradford, through Holt county of Stafford to Penkridge in the and Melksham, to Homan's Stile in såme county.

the parish of Laycock in the county of X. An Act for making and maintain Wilts, and the road leading thereing a turnpike road from Worthing from to the Bath turnpike road upon to Lancing in the county of Sussex, Kingsdown-hill in the same county. and groynes, embankments, and other xix. An Act for making and maintain

defences, for protecting such ing a turnpike road, commencing at road and the lands adjoining from or near a certain house called The the future eneroachments of the sea, Shrewsbury Arms, situate at Hinderxi. An Act for improving the road ton in the township of Little Neston,

from Collingham in the West Riding by way of Upton, and terminating in of the county of York to the city of the township of Hoose, and from York; and for making certain diver Upton aforesaid to the township of sions from such road.

Birkenhead, and also certain branchxii. An Act for more effectually re. es of road to communicate there

pairing and maintaining the road from with, all in the county palatine of Chippenham Bridge in the county of Chester. Wilts to the top of Togg-hill in the xx, An Act for amending an Act of his county of Gloucester, and several other present majesty, for repairing the roads therein mentioned, in the said Road from Sandon in the county of counties and in the county of Somer Stafford to Bullock Smithy in the

set, called the Marshfield district. county of Chester, and from Hilderxiji. An Act for making and maintain stone to Draycot in the Moors, and

ing a road from Godalming, through from Wettley Rocks to Tean, in the Hascomb, to Pains-hill, in the county county of Stafford, so far as relates to of Surrey.

the Macclesfield district of road ; and xiv. An Act for improving the turn for making a diversion of road in the pike road from Knaresborough to the

said district. junction of the road from Ripon to xxi. An Act for making and maintainPately Bridge in the West Riding of ing a road from Ridghill and lanes, the county of York.

in the parish of Ashton-under-lyne in XV. An Act for maintaining and im the county palatine of Lancaster, to

proving the road leading from Pen or near to Holehouse in Saddleworth gate in the parish of Westbury to a in the West Riding of the county of

place formerly called Price's Warren York. w Wate, at Finhead in the parish of xxii. An Aet for repairing the road



from Birmingham to Watford Gap, xxxi. An Act to amend an Act for in the parish of Sutton Coldfield in separating the management of the the county of Warwick, and other harbour of Margate, in the county of roads communcating therewith.

Kent, from the paving and lighting xxiii. An Act for making and main of the town of Margate, and for vest

taining a turnpike road from Arrow ing the future management of the in the county of Warwick to Pot Hooks said harbour in a joint-stock company End in the county of Worcester, and of proprietors. from Dunnington in the said county xxxii. An Act to enable his majesty of Warwick to Crab's Cross in the said to license a playhouse within the county of Worcester.

town and port of Ramsgate in the xxiv. An Act for more effectually re Isle of Thanet in the county of Kent.

pairing the roads from Littlegate at xxxiii. An Act for the better and more the top of Leadenham-bill in the effectually supplying with water the county of Lincoln to Newark-upon inhabitants of the several parishes of Trent, and from Newark-upon-Trent St. Mary, St. Lawrence, and St. Giles, to Mansfield, and from Southwell to Reading, in the county of Berks. the south end of the town of Oxton, xxxiv. An Act for embanking, drainin the county of Nottingham.

ing, and otherwise improving lands An Act for repairing, widening, in the parishes of Metheringham and and improving the several roads lead Dunston in the county of Lincoln. ing to and from the city of Exeter, xxxy. Aq Act for lighting, watching, and for making certain new lines of cleansing, and otherwise improving road to communicate with the same; the Camberwell New Road, the Lamand for keeping in repair Exe Bridge beth Wyke Estate, and other places and Countess Wear Bridge.

in the vicinity thereof, in the parishes xxvi. An Aet for more effectually re of Lambeth, Camberwell, and New

pairing the road leading from the ington, in the county of Surrey. bounds of the counties of Limerick xxxvi. An Act for lighting with gas and Cork, between the towns of Kil the town of Burnley cum Habergham mallock and Charleville, to the city Eaves, otherwise the townships of of Cork.

Burnley and Habergham Eaves, withxxvii. An Act for more effectually re in the parish of Whalley, in the county

pairing, widening, and improving the palatine of Lancaster. road from the city of Norwich to Scole xxxvii. An Act for lighting with gas

Bridge in the county of Norfolk. the village of Heywood, within the xxviii. An Act for more effectually re parish of Bury, in the county pala

pairing and improving the road from tine of Lancaster. the Brighthelmston road at Pyecombe xxxyiii. An Act for enabling the Glasto Warninglid Cross in the parish of gow Gas-light company to raise a Cuckfield, and from Pyecombe to the farther sum of money for the use of Henfield road at Poynings Common, their works, and for other purposes in the county of Sussex, and for mak relating thereto. ing a new road from Warninglid xxxix. An Act for more effectually Cross to Hand Cross in the said repairing and improving the roads county.

leading from Pick's-hill, near the xxix. An Act for making and main town of Langport Eastover in the

taining a turnpike road from Wimpole county of Somerset, through High
in the county of Cambridge to Wrest Ham, Ashcott, and other places, to
lingworth in the county of Bedford, Meare in the said county.
and from Wrestlingworth to Potton, xl. An Act for making and maintaining

both in the said county of Bedford. a turnpike road from the Great North XXX. An Act for making and maintain Road, at Barnby Moor in the county

ing a navigable canal from the Peak of Nottingham, to the turnpike road Forest canal, in the township of leading from Bawtry to Tinsley in Marple, in the county palatine of the county of York, and from the said Chester, to join the canal navigation Bawtry and Tinsley turnpike road, at from the Trent to the Mersey at or the north-east end of Blackhill Lane, near Harding's Wood Lock in the to the town of Rotherham in the said township or hamlet of Talk or Talk

county of York. on-the-Hill in the county of Stafford. xli, An Act for further continuing,


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- until the first day of August 1829, and Ripon in the West Riding of the from thence to the end of the then

county of York. ojnext session of parliament, the powers li. An Act for erecting and endowing a

granted by an act of the forty-sixth church in the parish of Liverpool year of his late majesty, for enabling in the county palatine of Lancaster,

the commissioners acting in execution to be called the church of St. David. byof an agreement made between the lii. An Act for providing an additional s! East India company and the private cemetery in the parish of Liverpool 10 creditors of the nabobs of the Car in the county palatine of Lancaster.

natic, the better to carry the same liii. An Act for further improving the into effect.

communication between the counties xlii. An Act for building a new bride of Edinburgh and Fife, by the Ferries

nwelt bor house of correction for the cross the Frith of Forth, between ao city and liberty of Westminster. Leith and Newhaven, and Kinghorn, xlii. An Act for erecting and main Burnt-island, and Dysart. : - staining ia harbour, and works con liv. An Act for extinguishing tithes

nected therewith, in the Frith of and customary payments in lieu of Cromarty, at or near the village of tithes and Easter offerings, within

Invergordon in the county of Ross. the parish of St. Giles Cripplegate xliyi An Act for making and construct in the liberties of the city of London ; asing a canal from the town of Alford and for making compensation to the vs in the county of Lincoln, to the sea, vicar for the time being in lieu there

at or near the village of Anderby in the same county, with a basin, har. lv. An Act for crecting and providing bour, and piers.

a new corn exchange at or near Mark xly. An Act to alter and amend the Lane in the city of London.

Edinburgh and Glasgow Union canal lvi. An Act for better paving, lighting, Acts, and to enable the company to cleansing, watching, and otherwise to borrow a further sum of money.

improving the borough of Reading in xlvi. An Act for making and main the county of Berks.

taining a railway or tramroad from lvii. An Act for widening and improv1 Heck Bridge in the parish of Snaith ing certain streets in the town of +ito Wentbridge in the parish of Kirk Liverpool in the county palatine of it smeaton, all in the West Riding of Lancaster; for the further preventhe county of York.

tion of nuisances and annoyances in xlvii. An Act for maintaining an exist the said town; for the regulation of

ving public railway from the summit weighing machines, weights, and La of the hill above Churchway Engine measures, and the establishment of a

in the forest of Dean to Cinderford fire police therein. - Bridge, and for making public a pri- lviii. An Act for paving, lighting, js vate railway from thence to the river watching, repairing, and otherwise Severn at or near Bullo Pill, all in improving Grosvenor Place, and sethe county of Gloucester; and for veral streets, squares, lanes, and other

amending an Act of his late majesty public places now existing, and which wirelating to the said railways.

shall hereafter be formed, upon cerxlviii. An Act for making a railway tain grounds in the several parishes from Arbuckle and Ballochney, in the of St. George Hanover Square and parish of New Monkland in the county St. Luke Chelsea, in the county of of Lanark, to or near the termination Middlesex. of the Monkland and Kirkintilloch lix. An Act for building a bridge over railway at Kipps or Kippbyres, also the river Severn, at or near Holt in the said parish of New Monkland Fleet, in the parishes of Holt and and county of Lanark.

Ombersly in the county of Worcesxlix. An Act for making and maintain ter; and for making approaches to ing a railway or Tramroad from the

such bridge. town of Liverpool to the town of lx. An Act to authorize the building a

Manchester, with certain branches bridge in Belvidere Road in the is, therefrom, all in the county of Lan parish of St. Mary Lambeth in the caster,

county of Surrey. 1. An Act for building, a church or Ixi. An Act for attering, amending, and

chapel of ease in the township of enlarging the powers and provisions

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of an Act relating to the Tewkesbury lxxi. An Act for more effectually mainSevern bridge and roads.

taining so much of the road from lxii. An Act for building a bridge over Richmond in the county of York to

the river Virniew near Llanymynech, Lancaster in the county of Lancaster, and making roads, embankments, and and from Gilling to the turnpike road approaches thereto, in the several on Gatherly Moor, as relates to the counties of Montgomery, Salop, and western district of the said road, and Denbigh, on the road leading from for altering and diverting certain Liverpool to Carmarthen, and for se parts of the said western district of veral other purposes relating there the said road. to.

lxxii. An Act for more effectually reIxiii.. An Act for the better ascertain pairing the roads from Kirkby Steven

ing and collecting the poor and other High-lane-head, through Sedburgh, rates in the parish of All Saints to Gretna Bridge, and other roads

Wandsworth in the county of Surrey, communicating therewith, in the seIxiv. An Act for better lighting and veral counties of Westmoreland, Lan

watching the town of Portsea in the caster, and York; and for diverting, county of Southampton ; and for extending, and altering some of the amending an Act passed in the thirty said roads. second year of his late majesty, for lxxiii. An Act for repairing the road paving, cleansing, and regulating the from the thirty-three mile-stone in streets and public places within the the parish of Ruscombe in the county said town, and removing and pre of Berks towards Reading, to a place venting nuisances and annoyances

called the Seven Mile Stone in the therein.

parish of Beenham in the same county, lxv. An Act to amend an Act for open and a certain other road communicat

ing a street from the cross of Glas ing therewith. gow to Monteith Row.

lxxiv. An Act for making and maintainIxvi. An Act to alter, amend, and en ing a turnpike-road leading out of

large the powers of an Act of his the Alstone turnpike-road at Branch present majesty's reign, for lighting End in the county of Northumberwith gas the city of Norwich, and land, through Catton, Allendale toin, county of the same city.

and Allenheads, to Cows Hill in the lxvii. An Act for placing certain lands county of Durham, with several

belonging to the township of Oldham, branches therefrom. in the parish of Prestwich-cum-Old- lxxv. An Act for more effectually ham in the county of Lancaster, under amending, widening, altering, imthe management of trustees; and for proving, and maintaining the road making conveyances thereof at annual from the town of Alnwick in the rents, for the benefit of the poor of county of Northumberland, by Egthe said township.

lingham and Chatton, to the great lxviii. An Act for establishing and north turnpike-road near to Hagger

well-governing the institution called ston toll-bar in the county of Dur.; “The School for the Indigent Blind,” ham.

and for incorporating the subscribers lxxvi. An Act for more effectually thereto, and the better enabling them repairing the roads between Tyburn to carry on their charitable and useful and Uxbridge, and the road leading designs.

from Brent bridge over Hanwell lxix. An Act for regulating and con heath to the great western road,

verting the statute labour in the and also for making and maintaining county of Kinross, and for more a turnpike road from the Uxbridge effectually making and repairing the road at Shepherd's. Bush common

highways within the said county. to the said great western road near 1xx. An Act for more effectually re Turnbam green, all in the county

pairing and otherwise improving the of Middlesex ; and for lighting, road leading from Maidenhead Bridge watching, and watering the said roads. to the thirty-three mile stone towards lxxvii. An Act for more effectually Reading, and from the said road at repairing so much of the road from the east entrance on Maidenhead Henley bridge to Maidenhead thicket thicket to the 30 mile stone towards as lies between the said bridge and Henley, in the county of Berks & : 1. the thirtieth mile stone from London,

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