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secretary to the lord high almoner, the health of King George 4th, and Mr. James, groom of the which was also drank by the realmonry, attended by the Yeomen cipients, who shortly afterwards guards, with an usher, ordered the departed with their load of protables to be covered with damask visions. At two o'clock the recloths, and supplied every man and cipients re-assembled in the inwoman with a loaf weighing one terior of the chapel, to receive the pound and a half. The attendants remainder of the king's Maundy. then placed on both tables a num- Afternoon Service At three ber of wooden dishes, on which o'clock the Yeoman usher, followed were pieces of fine beef, weighing by eleven Yeomen in their state three and three quarter pounds dresses, and one bearing a large a-piece. At twelve o'clock, the gold dish, on which were one hunsub-almoner, the rev. Dr. Good- dred and twenty-eight purses, each enough, entered the room in his purse containing a sovereign, and robes, attended by the secretary, small silver pennies, as many as and having inspected the tickets the king is years old; Mr. House, of admittance of the Maundy peo- the king's serjeant of the vestries ; ple, pronounced the following the sub-almoner, followed by two Grace before Meat :

girls and two boys from the West“ Bless, O Lord, this Royal minster National School, selected Maundy to the use of these thy for their good conduct ; the secreservants, and dispose their hearts tary, and the groom of the almonry, to the praise of thy Holy Name, &c. &c. formed in procession, all with gratitude to their Royal bene- wearing white scarfs, and carrying factor, through Jesus Christ, our nosegays.--Mr. Cooper played a Lord. Amen.'

solemn piece, on the procession The Doctor then inspected the entering the chapel. The procesquality of the meat, and having sion advanced up the aisle; the seen that all were supplied with a sub-almoner and two Yeomen took piece of beef, said the Grace after their station within the altar, the Meat :

officers and children on seats in “Grant, O Lord, in the hearts front of the organ, and others along of these people grateful obedience the aisle, &c.—The appropriate to the Royal dispenser of these thy church-service for the day was then blessings, and cause them to look read by the rev. Dr. Vivian, the up to thee as the Supreme Author rev. Messrs. Knapp, Barham, and of every good, through Jesus Christ Pack.-The gentlemen of the chaour Lord.”

pel royal were Messrs. Gore, GoulThe cloths were then removed, den, Molyneux, and the young and a wooden platter, on which gentlemen of the chapel royal. were four loaves, two salt salmon, 29. BALLOON ASCENT.-Totwo salt cod, eighteen salt herrings, day, Mr. Green made his fortyand eighteen red ditto, was placed eighth ascent from the bowlingbefore each person, which the sub- green of the Eagle tavern, Cityalmoner inspected. The distribu- road. He was accompanied by

. tors then produced several leather his brother, Mr. George Green, flagons filled with ale, and a quan- who has already made three aërial tity of wooden ale-cups, out of voyages with success.

Notwithwhich the sub-almoner drank to standing the frequent disappoint


ments which occur in matters of balloon was called “The Corothis sort, an immense quantity of nation,” but was not the same in the holiday folks had collected which Mr. G. ascended from the round the house, and the area of Green park on that memorable octhe theatre of action was tolerably casion. The gas was supplied well filled with respectable com- from the establishment in Brickpany. At nine o'clock the pro- lane. The City-road and its vi

of inflation commenced, cinity were excessively crowded, but owing to the coldness of the and a feeling of satisfaction was atmosphere, it proceeded slowly general. Mr. Sadler, the veteran for the first two or three hours. aeronaut, was on the ground, and When the sun shone forth at noon, seemed to regret that his usual the effect of its rays was speedily pursuits were at an end. perceived in the rapid expansion of SHEEP-STEALING.-Two hunthe machine, which was now full dred and eighty-eight persons have nearly to the zone. An increased been convicted of this offence in pressure being applied to the England, in the years 1823, 1824, gasometer, the

gas rushed forcibly 1825; of whom only two were left in, and at à quarter past three a for execution.

The persons resufficient quantity had been ob- prieved were sentenced to various tained to answer the purpose. In punishments, extending from six the early part of the day, a pilot weeks' imprisonment to transportaballoon was sent up to ascertain tion for life. the bearing of the wind, which PHENOMENON.—This night, a was then about N.N.E. A short beautiful phenomenon made its aptime after the car was affixed, a pearance in the heavens a little besecond pilot was despatched, when føre eight o'clock, and continued it was found that the wind had visible for the space of fully two veered about one point eastward. hours. Its form was that of a At four o'clock, every requisite rainbow, but much broader, and its preparation being completed, a few direction was almost due east and minutes afterwards, the aeronauts west. At the western extremity it took their seats, and Mr. Green, dilated considerably, much in the after returning thanks to his form of a fan, and from thence to friends for the liberal patronage beyond the middle of its arch prehe had received, intimated that, in served a pretty regular breadth, compliance with the wishes of se- when it gradually became more veral respectable families in the · dense and brilliant, until it at last neighbourhood, he should have the terminated in a sharp point, a few honour of making another ascent degrees above the eastern horizon. on the following Thursday. The It inclined from the zenith a few stay-lines being slipped, the bal- degrees towards the south, and latloon rose majestically from its terly so much so, as nearly to repremoorings to the height of two or sent a bow half brought to a level. three hundred feet, when it bore The outline continued, from the away directly N.E. The atmos- first, well and boldly defined, and phere being uncommonly dense, it the body extremely luminous and

soon lost to the eye, and beautiful. Its density varied at the company dispersed highly short intervals, particularly in the gratified with the spectacle, The western section, sometimes almost




obscuring the stars, and again be- lighted, and the door of the coming so transparent as visibly shop was open. Having seen to transmit their rays. In one who was in the shop, I returned part of the arch, several degrees into the kitchen, and was immeabove the western point, a slight diately followed by my aunt, who bending from the direct line was went into the cellar for a bottle of visible, and, as it were, a splitting beer; I then heard some chopping of the body into separate lines,so as upon the block in the shop; the in some measure to resemble a ca- sound was like the chopping of taract ; after which they again col- meat, and having long been accus

; lapsed, and ran on united to nearly tomed to that kind of noise, I took its termination. At half-past nine no notice of it. About two miit began to assume a more trans- nutes after, I heard the moneyparent appearance, and gradually drawer in the shop fall, and the diminished in lustre, until it alto- money rolling on the floor. I ingether vanished about ten o'clock. stantly rose from my seat and was

30. WARWICK Assizes. Trial going towards the door of the shop, of Michael Ford for Murder.- when I met the prisoner in the sitMr. Justice Littledale having en- ting-room with his arms uplifted, tered the court, Michael Ford was and a cleaver in his hands. He was placed at the bar.

making towards the kitchen when Mary Perry deposed as follows: I advanced, and I told him that he -The deceased, Richard Perry, had killed my uncle. I then was my uncle, and kept a huckster's wrenched the cleaver from him, shop, in Mary-Ann-street, Bir- and in endeavouring to pass by mingham. I had known the pri- him, I pushed him down upon the

I soner perfectly well by sight, for floor, ran through the shop into the five weeks previous to the murder. street, and gave an alarm, by cry. He was in the habit of coming to ing out “Murder !" The prisoner the shop for goods, for which my immediately followed me,

and uncle

gave him credit from week to made his escape before I could get week. On the night of the 6th of any body to my assistance. As I December, soon after ten o'clock, ran through the shop. I saw my being in the kitchen of my uncle's uncle lying behind the counter, house, I overheard a conversation and blood issuing from his face. between him and some person in While I was screaming, my aunt the shop, and, on going into a sit- came out of the cellar, and was in ting-room between the kitchen and the shop when I returned into it. the shop, I looked through a win. We then went to my uncle, and dow, and observed the prisoner tried to lift him up, but could not, talking with

my uncle and aunt. I till some persons came to our asheard him say he would have a sistance.

On examining him we hough of pork, which he would found that he had received some pay for, that his bill might not be wounds on the head; we at length so large on the Saturday night. succeeded in removing him into the

The prisoner was at this time kitchen. My uncle had a black standing about the middle of the straw hat on while he was talking counter, and my uncle on the op- to the prisoner, which was given, posite side, where he usually served together with the cleaver, to Mr. his customers. The candles were Adkins, the police-officer. [A cleaver was here produced by Mr. steam-packet, which was bound for Adkins, who stated that it was a Ireland. On seeing him, he asked sharp instrument, and that it had him to take his left hand out of some blood on the edge when it his pocket; he did so, and witness first came into his possession. On then perceived the first joint of the its being shown to the witness, she third finger missing, and the little was so much affected that she could finger crooked; he observed also not proceed in her testimony for the hole in his cheek. On inquirsome minutes.] This cleaver is ing what his name was, he said the same I wrenched from the pri- John Hanbury. He took him to soner's hands. The drawer now Bridewell, and read over the hands produced is the same I found on bill to him, which charged him the floor of the shop, and it is with the murder of Mr. Perry. spotted with blood. My uncle's Witness then asked if he had come black hat, which is also produced, from Birmingham, to which he reis now full of holes, and is my own plied, that he had never been there make, and was delivered by me to in his life. Adkins. My uncle died on the The case being closed on the 7th; he never spoke from the time part of the prosecution, and the he was found on the floor to the prisoner being called upon for his time of his death.

defence, he said he was innocent Hannah Perry, the widow of the of the crime imputed to him, and deceased, deposed to nearly the same

that he 66

never had any thing to circumstances.

do with him." Francis Elkington, surgeon, was The jury, after five minutes called to the deceased, and exa- consultation, found the prisoner mined the wounds on his head. Guilty. Sentence of death was There was one in the forehead, then passed upon him, and ordered six inches in extent, which had cut to be carried into execution on through the bone and severed the Monday following. membranes of the brain, about an 31. ST. PETERSBURGH. His inch deep. The other wound, majesty, the emperor of Russia, has which was on the baek part of the addressed the following letter to head, five inches and a half in ex- the duke of Wellington. tent, had penetrated into the sub- To our Field-Marshal Genea stance of the brain, a part of which ral the Duke of Wellington. lay on the surface of the wound. « In order to testify to you my Death was a necessary consequence particular esteem for your great of either of these wounds. The qualities, and for the distinguished cleaver produced was a very likely services which you have rendered instrument to cause such incisions. to all Europe, it will be highly

Robert Boughey, a police-officer agreeable to me if one regiment of of Liverpool, in consequence of my army bears your name. On some hand-bills he received, went this day the 19th (31st) of March, in search of the prisoner, and met on which Paris was taken twelve him on Friday, the 9th of Decem- years ago, and an ever memorable ber, about eleven o'clock in the contest, in which the good cause, day, on the Pier head, in Liver- indebted to you for such splendid pool, and afterwards apprehended triumphs, was terminated, I have him on board the City of London given orders that the Smolensko


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regiment of infantry, formed by felony and misdemeanors, 13; inPeter the Great, and one of the sane, 1; committed under the most distinguished of my army, bankrupt laws, 2; committed by which was formerly under your the court of King's-bench, 1 ; for command in France, shall hence- trial for a misdemeanor in the court forward be called the Duke of of King's-bench, 2: judgments Wellington's Regiment, as I wish respited, 2 ; remanded" from last hereby to give you a proof of my session, 3; for trial at the ensuing constant and sincere regard." sessions, 366 : total 453. (Signed) “ NICHOLAS.” Of the above number there are

339 males and 116 females.


Samuel Gilbert was found guilty 1. ACCIDENT. - - The Dorking at the Taunton assizes, of robbing coach left the Elephant and Castle Charlotte Smith. The conduct of at nine o'clock, full inside and out- the prisoner towards the prosecuside, and arrived safe at Ewell, trix surpassed in atrocity that of when Joseph Walker, the driver almost any person who had ever and proprietor, alighted for the appeared at the bar of justice. purpose of delivering a parcel from Having enticed her to walk with the back part of the coach, and him to his aunt's, he on the gave

the reins to a boy who sat on road attempted to violate her. She the box. While he was delivering resisted; he threw her down, the parcel to a person who stood near stamped upon her, and tore her the after wheel of the coach, the boy clothes into strips : he then took cracked the whip, and the horses set her in his arms, and carried her off at full speed. Several attempts to the river, threatening to throw were made to stop them, but in vain; hec in if she would not comply they passed Ewell church, and tore with his desires : she begged for away about twelve yards of strong mercy; he then dragged her into paling, when, the wheels mount- a lane, threw her over a gate, and ing a small eminence, the coach cast her into a muddy ditch; still was overturned, and the whole of he could not accomplish his purthe passengers were thrown from pose, owing to her determined rethe roof. Some of them were in sistance. He afterwards pressed a state of insensibility, showing no her head into the mud, and nearly symptoms of life. One female, who suffocated her, and would probably was thrown upon some spikes, have done so, if he had not heard which entered her breast and neck, the barking of a dog; she then, was dreadfully mutilated, none of hoping to get rid of him, feebly her features being distinguishable; said, “ The lord be praised, here's

, she lingered until the following my father !” when the prisoner day, when she expired in the tore off her pocket, forcibly pulled greatest agony.

out her ear-rings, and ran away. 3. STATE OF NEWGATE.Pri- 6. ENCOUNTER WITH A MAD soners under sentence of death, 14; Dog. - Mr. Lloyd, hatter, near transportation for life, 12; transpor- the Adelphi, had a very fine Newtation for 14 years, 7; ditto for 7 foundland dog, of enormous size, years, 32 ; under sentence of im- which he had reared from a prisonment for various periods, for whelp. So docile and kind was the

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