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mills of Messrs Aiken and Lord, about in the spring, induced him to Chatterton, and Mr. Haughton, resort to the marshy grounds, where Grimshaw Park, the number of the species are known to breed and which is not stated. The total rear their young, previous to renumber of looms destroyed is esti- turning to the sea-coast in winter. mated at 1000, and their value at Mr. Bogie soon forgot his truant 30,0001.

gulls ; but the last of them, so far 30. BURSTING OF THE PAD- from forgetting him, re-appeared DINGTON CANAL. -Thenew sewer in April 1822, and after screaming now executing at Paddington, hav- repeatedly to announce his aping been left in an insecure state on proach, was seen swimming in the Sunday night, the water from the pond, and hopping about the garcanal forced a passage into it, and den with the familiar air of an old blewit up in every direction, forcing acquaintance. From this time forthe earth along for several yardsinto ward the bird became a great pet, a brick-field, sweeping down thou- and for five years in succession has sands of new bricks; thence taking not only come with the cuckoo, and its course along the fields towards gone away with the swallow, but Bayswater, it fell into the West- has varied so little in point of time, bourne, which it swelled into a that the gardener can almost tell rapid river. The fields over which the day of the month from the dethe current passed presented a cu parture or re-appearance of his rious spectacle in the morning, favourite gull; and, as he uniformly being literally covered with people flies away in the same direction, it catching eels and other fish which is believed that he bivouacks among had escaped, and which they were some of the marshes beyond the hunting for among the high grass. estate of Castle-hill. Though his One man is said, in the early part first approach is always announced of the morning, to have taken away by the loudest screaming, he betwo or three hundred weight of comes perfectly quiet afterwards, fine eels, and sold them at the and is so tame that the gardener market.

can call him down on the public NATURAL HISTORY.-In 1820, road, or at any other spot where Mr. Bogie, having procured three he may happen to see him flying gulls of the black-cap or pewit spe- over-head. In 1824, this sagacious cies, cut their wings, and endea- bird actually brought his mate and voured to domesticate them in the family with him ; but, for want of pond at Terraughtie garden, Scot- proper training in their youth, land. But their curtailed pinions they were afraid to alight and parsoon began to shoot again; and while take of his food; and he never tried one of them flew away and never re- the experiment

again. turned, a second was unfortunately STEAM-BOAT VOYAGE TO INDIA. found frozen to death one cold De -The Enterprise steam-vessel has cember morning. The third pewit at last reached Bengal. She sailwas thus left quite solitary; but, as ed from Falmouth on the 16th he had plenty to eat, he seemed to August, reached the Cape on the like his quarters passing well, and 13th of October, and arrived at the gradually became more and more mouth of the river Hoogly on the tame; until his natural instincts, and 9th of December, after a passage the example of the wild gulls flying of 47 days from the Cape, having

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expended all her coals. The whole which she retained a firm hold; time spent in the voyage has been one of the reins being entangled 16 weeks and three days, which is round her arm, she was a second very nearly the average length of time in danger of being torn away, the voyage in sailing vessels. Thus but having a knife open in her nothing has been gained by the use hand, she severed the rein, and the of steam; but, were depôts of horse plunging backward, was imcoals established at the Canary mediately drowned. Whilst the isles, St. Helena, the Mauritius, young woman was in this perilous and Ceylon, the steam voyage situation, she saw Mrs. Gower rise might probably be made in one to the surface, clasp her hands, and month less time. Captain John- immediately sink. Having a little ston, by carrying the Enterprise to recovered herself, Jarrett crawled India, has earned the prize of up the bank, and made her way to 10,000l. subscribed at Calcutta as an adjoining cottage, but Mr. a reward to the first person who Gower was seen no more. should make a steam voyage

from 2. AFFRAY WITH SMUGGLERS. England to India.

On Thursday last the guardboat of the night, at the mouth of

Rye-harbour, observed a smugs MAY.

gling galley a short distance off,

and immediately chased her; the 1. Mr. Richard Gower, of Pem- smugglers, finding the guard-boat bury, accompanied by his wife, nearing them, pulled for the beach, and a young woman named Han- and, at the moment of grounding, nah Jarrett, had set out in the when the guard-boat had got alongmorning from Pembury, in a small side, opened a fire from small arms cart, to attend the anniversary of on the crew, which the blockadethe Baptist chapel at Hadlow, and men returned, boarded, and drove on attempting to cross the Medway the smugglers out of her. The by the wooden bridge at the Hart- firing from the boats brought the lake, the horse took fright and be- blockade-men, who were looking came restive; and unhappily the out near the Camber watch-house, horse immediately backing the cart to the spot nearly as soon as they against the bank, they were all had landed, when a petty officer precipitated into deep water, the seized one of the smugglers, and cart turning over, and overwhelm- placed him in the custody of the ing the whole party. After sink- men. At this instant a body of ing and rising two or three times, armed smugglers, not less than two Hannah Jarrett found herself en- hundred, rushed from behind the tangled with the horse, clinging Sand hills to rescue their people, round his neck; the poor animal and they also commenced a heavy at the same time plunging, and fire upon the blockade sentinels, endeavouring to regain the land, killed one man and dreadfully. which he so far effected as to en wounded another. The blockade, able the young woman to catch hold however, captured the galley, 42 of a small willow twig, from which feet in length, rowing ten oars, she was, however, immediately with some tubs of spirits in her, torn by the struggles of the horse. and drove off the smugglers, who She soon seized another twig, by carried off their wounded,

RETURN OF THE COMET OF with the stars g and f in the Wolf, 1825.-Spires.--The great comet Mean time, 11 h. 6 m. 17 s. of last year, which was expected Right ascension, 224 deg. 27 m. to appear again this spring, was 21 s. South declination, 29 deg. observed last night in the southern 35 m. 26 s. horizon, precisely at the place ACCIDENT. On Tuesday afterwhere the preceding calculations noon Mr. Green ascended in his led us to look for it. As the tail balloon, from the Eagle Tavern, is now turned from us, the comet City-road. At the back of the seems to be only surrounded with tavern, a scaffold was erected upon a nebula, which, however, is a shed, which being let out in bright enough to be visible to the opposition to another, the price of naked eye, were it not so near the admission was reduced to one penny horizon that the density of the and two pence. Owing to the lowatmosphere prevents it. It crosses ness of the charge, the scaffold in a the meridian at midnight, at the short time was crowded to excess, elevation of 8 degrees.

and being slightly put together, ManheimThe lovers of as a few minutes before the ascent, tronomy remember that the comiet, the centre pole broke, and instantly which was discovered last July, in the whole of the platform fell in the constellation of Taurus, and towards the middle, people and was visible in Europe till the mid- planksintermingling together, with dle of October, after which it ap- a tremendous crash, which was peared in great splendor to the succeeded by piercing shrieks from inhabitants of the southern hemi- the unfortunate persons and the sphere, ought to appear again this by-standers. Immediate assistance spring above our horizon, suffi was rendered, and in the course of ciently luminous to be again ob-half an hour the whole of the unserved in Europe before it finally fortunate beings were got out, takes leave of us. This expecta- when it was discovered that betion has been fulfilled. The comet tween 50 and 60 were more or was discovered last night in the less wounded by fractures and constellation of the Wolf from the bruises, and three or four killed. observatory. It can only be seen DISTURBANCES

LANCA with a good telescope, is very pale, SHIRE.--Manchester. During the and resembles a second nebulous day many meetings of the workingspot, 3 or 4 minutes in diameter. people were held in St. George'sWe saw neither tail nor nucleus. fields and their vicinity. Some of The observed position is, May 1, these assemblages were very nume12 h. 33 m. mean time, at Man- rous, estimated as high as 15,000 or heim; right ascension, 228 deg. 4 20,000. The meetings were from min.; south declination, 33 deg. time to time harangued, by those 3 min.

who appeared to be their leaders : 3. Augsburg Biela's comet and the theme of the speakers was, was observed last night in its ex- invariably, “destruction to the pected return from the northern power-looms, and the factories conhemisphere. It is by no means so taining them.” brilliant as the comet we saw in Affairs remained in this state April, but resembles a faint nebu- during the greater part of the afterlous spot. It formed a triangle noon; the mob dispersing at the



approach of the military, and re- tory of Messrs. Johnson and assembling on their departure. Brookes, which is situated at New About half-past four a considerable Islington, and contains between alarm was excited by a statement sixty and seventy power-looms. that the rioters were assembled in Having reached the mill, they proimmense force in St. George's- ceeded to attack it on both sides, fields. A large body of constables, in order more readily to effect an accompanied by a detachment of entrance. Every pane of glass Dragoons, repaired to the spot; within the reach of their missiles but the meeting had broken up was instantly broken : they pulled before their arrival. Shortly down part of a wall, and had just afterwards, papers were stuck up effected a breach in a postern door in the neighbourhood of the New leading into the factory yard, when Cross, inviting the people to as Messrs. Johnson and Brookes' foresemble at the old place of rendez- man, and a few watchmen who

In compliance with the had been left to protect the preinvitation, the mob again collected, mises, saw that resistance on their and were again addressed in a most part was now necessary. At this inflammatory strain by their orators. moment there were not fewer than One of these was in the act of 3,000 men crowding through the earnestly recommending the de- narrow passages that surround the struction of the power-looms, when building, who, perceiving a breach part of a heap of bricks on which made on one side, rushed towards he was elevated fell with a loud it amid loud shouts of, “ Come on, crash. The momentary confusion come on!" The men stationed created by the accident induced a within the mill now fired two belief that the cavalry were ap- shots from the front windows, proaching, which was confirmed both of which took effect. The by some individuals exclaiming mob fell back for a moment ;

They are coming ! they are three of their party appeared to be coming!” The crowd instantly fled wounded, and one fell. He was in all directions, the orator being picked up by his companions and amongst the foremost of the fu- carried to a neighbouring shop, gitives.

where it was suggested he should Having recovered from their be taken to the infirmary. Havpanic, they reassembled for the ing carried the wounded man last time. A person of the name a short distance, they stopped, and of Johnson, formerly employed in appeared uncertain whether to the Manchester Police-office, but proceed to the infirmary with their who, some time since, was dis- companion or return and again atcharged from his situation, was now tack the factory. For a moment observed in the crowd, and recog- the advisers of the latter proceednised by some of the mob. In- ing seemed to prevail. The woundstantly a cry was raised of “A spy, ed man was laid on the grounda spy!” and an attack was made on some of the party cried out, “He the unfortunate man, who was is dead” and others exclaiming abused and beaten in a shocking “Back, back," and “When, when!"

(this latter is their watchword and About half-past seven the mob signal of attack.). Finally, the determined on attacking the faca rioters retired, carrying their com


rade with them to the infirmary. hustings erected, or other preThe two others who were wounded, parations made ; and being with were not seriously injured. out leader or spokesman of any

Soon after these occurrences, the description, they appeared quite military, headed by Mr. Foster, undecided as to the object of their the magistrate, arrived at the spot, meeting, except what was containbut the

rioters had disappeared, and ed in the general terms expressed a few stragglers who remained, in the hand-bills. Nor could it be quietly dispersed on the Riot-act ascertained, although inquiry was being read.

made on the spot, who it was that Johnson and Brookes' factory called them together. There seemhaving been attacked the same ed, however, to be an understandnight that Mr. Beaver's mill was ing amongst them, that they were set on fire, the proprietors had pro- going to march to the mill of cured a supply of ammunition and Messrs. Horsfall, as they did on fire-arms, and stationed watchmen Monday. After forming in several to protect their premises; and to groups, they again moved in a this timely precaution their escape body to Messrs. Horsfall's mill, last night is to be attributed. where they arrived a little before

During the remaining part of four o'clock, and began throwing the night all remained quiet. stones at the windows as before.

3. AFFRAY AT BRADFORD. The squares, which had been broken Every thing here remained quiet on Monday, about 240 in number, till this day, when a meeting was had been since glazed. They conheld upon Fairweather-green, in tinued at this work for about half pursuance of the following notice: an hour, till they had completely “ PUBLIC MEETING ON FAIR driven in three of the windows, WEATHER-GREEN.

stancheons, frames, and every “At the suggestion of some of thing connected with them. On our employers, we, the Wool. Tuesday workmen had been emcombers and Stuff-weavers of Brad- ployed in fixing iron bars in front ford and its vicinity, hereby con- of the lower windows; and, as the vene a meeting on Fairweather- doors were secured by strong threegreen, on Wednesday, the 3rd of inch-deals, it was almost impossiMay, 1826, at one o'clock, to take ble to force an entrance. At halfinto consideration the present un- past four o'clock, colonel Plumbe paralleled distress and famishing Tempest, accompanied by a numstate of the operatives, and if pos- ber of special constables, stood on sible, to devise some prompt and the ground adjoining the mill, and effectual means to afford them re- read the Riot-act. The mob still lief.

showed no disposition to disperse, “A numerous attendance is par- but continued throwing stones at ticularly requested."

the windows for

time (No signatures.) afterwards. All other efforts At one o'clock not more than a hitherto adopted proving unavaildozen people were on the ground, but ing, the persons who were in the they continued to increase till near mill

, amounting to about 100, three, when there were perhaps fired upon the mob. wounded 1000. They seemed quite ač a several, and made the others leave loss what to do. There were no that part of the ground, and go to


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