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d d green, indeed: tak' from table, and giving full vent to them awa', tak them awa'," vo- his feelings of abhorrence. ciferated Dr. Hutton, starting up

ANECDOTES of Dr. ADAM SMITH.-(From the same.) Dr Smiru is well known to constrained to place on her own have been one of the most absent knee, as the only method of semen living. Mr. Mackenzie placed curing it from his most unecoin his hand the beautiful tale of nomical depredations. La Roche, in which he introduces When Dr. Smith was a comMr. David Hume, for the express missioner of the board of Customs, purpose of knowing whether there that board had in their service, as was any thing in it which Mr. porter, a stately person, who, Hume's surviving friends could dressed in a huge scarlet gown or think hurtful to his memory. Dr. cloak, covered with frogs of worsSmith read and highly approved ted lace, and holding in his hand of the MS.; but, on returning it a staff about seven feet high, as to Mr. Mackenzie, only expressed an emblem of his office, used to his surprise that Mr. Hume should mount guard before the Customnever have mentioned the anecdote house when a board was to be to him. When walking in the held. It was the etiquette that, street, Adam had a manner of as each commissioner entered, the talking and laughing to himself, porter should go through a sort which often attracted the notice of salute with his staff of ofand excited the surprise of the fice, resembling that which officers passengers. He used himself to used formerly to perform with mention the ejaculation of an old their spontoon, and then marshal market-woman Hegh, Sirs !" the dignitary to the hall of meetshaking her head as she uttered ing. This ceremony had been it; to which her companion an- perforined before the great Econoswered, having echoed the com mist perhaps five hundred times : passionate sigh, “and he is well nevertheless, one day, as he was put on too!" expressing their sur about to enter the Custom-house, prise that a decided lunatic, who, the motions of this janitor seemed from his dress, appeared to be a to have attracted his eye without gentleman, should be permitted to their character or purpose reaching walk abroad. In a private room, his apprehension, and on a sudden his demeanour was equally re- he began to imitate his gestures, markable: one evening, he put an as a recruit does those of his drillelderly maiden lady, who presided sergeant. The porter, having at the tea-table, to sore confusion, drawn up in front of the door, by neglecting utterly her invita- presented' his staff as a soldier does tions to be seated, and walking his musket: the commissioner, round and round the circle, stop- raising his cane, and holding it ping ever and anon to steal a lump with both his hands by the middle, from the sugar-basin, which the returned the salute with the utvenerable spinster was at length most gravity. The inferior officer,

much out of consequence, next ficulty to bole way, had some dif

much amazed, recovered his wea« philosopher again imitated bis pon, wheeled to the right, stepping motions, and returned his bow' a pace back to give the commis with the most profound gravity. sioner room to pass, lowering his When the doctor entered the staff at the same time, in token of apartment, the spell under which obeisance. Dr. Smith, instead of he seemed to act was entirely passing on, drew up on thë oppo- broken, and our informant, who, site side, and lowered his cane at very much amused, had followed the same angle. The functionary, him the

he moved

up stairs with his staff ad- had been doing any thing extraorvanced, while the author of the dinary. Upon another occasion, “ Wealth of Nations followed having to sign an official minute or with his bamboo in precisely the mandate, Adam Smith was obsame posture, and his whole soul served to be unusually tedious, apparently wrapped up in the when the same person, peeping purpose of placing his foot exactly over his shoulder, discovered that on the same spot of each step he was engaged, not in writing his which had been occupied by the own name, but in imitating, as officer who preceded him. At the nearly as possible, the signature of door of the hall, the porter again his brother in office, who had held drew off, saluted with his staff, the pen before him. and bowed reverentially, The

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SIGNS OF RAIN. (Written as an excuse for not accepting the invitation of a friend to

make an excursion with him.)

BY THE LATE DR. JENNER. 1. The hollow winds begin to blow,

2, 3. The clouds look black, the glass is low; six ot*. 5. The soot falls down, the spaniels sleep,

6. And spiders from their cobwebs peep.

7. Last night the Sun went pale to bed, 1) arctiv 8. The Moon in halos hid her head ;

9. The boding shepherd heaves a sigh, Allan

For, see, a rainbow spáns the sky. bir sd 10. 11. The walls are damp, the ditches smell, iais asosidor 9. 12. Clos'd is the pink-ey'd pimpernell.

13. Hark! how the chairs and tables crack,BENU plstnat 14. Old Betty's joints are on the rack ; 20 SOLUSY 15, 16. Loud quack the ducks, the peacocks cry:

Tri 17. The distant hills are looking nigh. 3.91 fryo 1260) positoed 18. How restless are the snorting swine, in u bogwoch olye 19. The busy flies disturb the kine;

jar' se folatiits 120. Low o'er the grass the swallow wings ;

Il Food 20 moglo

21. The cricket too, how sharp he sings : ad visk hoor rolig OE 22. Puss on the hearth, with velvet pawstu vo bellik DAL Sits, wiping o'er her whisker'd jaws and socola 29 :IT

23. Through the clear stream the fishes rise : 1991sil no noise And nimbly catch th' incautious flies;

soja193 111

imi-120 siis to *CA 7:01 24 The glow-worms, numerous and bright,

gan to list: pd botanissynox Illum'd the dewy dell last night. 410a 9-11 10 lint, OSI theitu& suta

25. At dusk the squalid toad was seen, to stoicolqza, ! 181a i{ E11 Hopping and

crawling der the greens soveel as oth vagalatii W 26. The whirling wind the dust obeys,

And in the rapid eddy plays; si no b470/2.71g/lis Stadto bus 27. The fog has chang'd his yellow vest, woondisi : 811 V-And in a russet coat is drest.

99 ☆ ojai aid iria M3V Laytols gai28. Though, June the air is cold and still into their

The mellow blackbird's voice is, shrill. si s jo T BAB 130380.,

00€ 0911811:10 A He goiddor bois Isatisi 3i. And see yon rooks how odd their flight,

ac sob 29018

& They imitate the gliding kite, a bas lignent And seem precipitate to fall (1983:ėjto gurt, 17A JAnimal As if they felt the piercing ball. 1 Ratida bordit 91 Y Our ja jaunt must be put off to-morrow.

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of the town-hall to es, 107; fall Arigna mining company, discussion on

170; fall of the Guards cam-packet,

[N. B. The figures with crotchets refer to the History; those with a * to the

Appendix to Chronicle, &c.; and the others to the Chronicle.]

ACCIDENTS : at Friary chapel, Callan, action for libel, Root v. Editors of

1; in a mine at Whitehaven, ib. ; on the New York American, 105
the ice, St. James's-park, 3; two America, South; relaxation of the navi.
wherrymen drowned at London gation laws, in favour of the new
Bridge, 7; a leopard gets loose at states, [67] ; war between Brazil and
Mold, 9; bursting of a cannon, Buenos Ayres, 384. See Bolivia,
Gravesend, 23; accident at an ex Brazil, Buenos Ayres, Chili, Colom-
hibition of wild beasts, 27; explo bia, - Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Rio
sion of fire-damp, ib., horses in a de la Plata.
hackney coach drowned, 28 ; Dorking Antigua ; petition from the House of
coach overturned, 52; six pilots Assembly to Parliament, [157)
drowned, 55; bursting of the Pad- ' Antiquities: excavation in Dalmatia,
dington canal, 68; R. Gower and his 13; fresco discovered at Pompeii, 16;
wife drowned, 69; scaffold breaks temples, &c. at Brescia, 124; shield
down at Mr. Green's ascent, City and sword found in the Witham, 127;
road, 70; Mary Belcher and children arch of Augustus, and mausoleum of
killed by an explosion of gunpowder, Julius Cæsar, at St. Remy, 130; piles
77; explosion in the Townley col discovered in the Thames, 147
lieries, 92 ; deaths by lightning, 96, Arctic expedition, 95, 170", 171*

Limberg, in parliament, [184]
111; fall of a warehouse, Liverpool, Arson, trial of C. T. White for, 43"
120; fall of the cornice of Bow steeple, Ashantees; their territory attacked by
125 ; explosion of gas, Coburg the the native chiefs, and the British,
atre, 135; child drowned, Sheerness, under colonel Purdon, [223]; total
138; explosion of a powder maga defeat of the Ashantees, (2241
zine, Ostend, 141; explosion of a dis- Assizes: Chester, Joseph Whitelegg,
tillery, Shoreditch, 147; fall of stables, sedition, 124" DA
&c., Bartholomew Close, 152 ; ser Gloucester ; A. Briton and others,
vant girl falls into a well, 159 ; ex, assault and robbery, 118
plosion in the Graham

Kingston ; T. Jones, uttering a forged

note, 190
171 ; mate of a tender drowned, 196'bi Lancaster , James Evans, murder of
Acts of Parliament, 306 sieftail 1. Mr. Price, 33; J. Stott, and T.
Adams, ex-president, United States, - Barnes, assaulting and robbing a

and Michael
Africa, see Ashantees ; new colony at a clinese, 122; Alex.

M'Keand, murder, 29* ; James
Natal, 16

Chambers, &c. rioting, 32*
Albufera, duke of (Suchet), death of, 219 911 | Lewes, Hannah Russell and D.
Alexander, emperor, funeral of, 35 us in Suit Leary, murder of Benjamin Rus.
Alien Act, expiry

y of r [166] ;, new sell, 26*
regulations, [167]

Maidstone, Joseph, Finn, threatening
America, North ; see

letter, 120
Canada naturalization act, [165] Staffordshire; W. Barnes and R.
pay of members of congress, 22; Wood, poaching, 10

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Bolivar returnered, 75

with, [253] ; Don Pedro Bence

comet discovered assault, [222]

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101 and the lords of the Treasury, rela- Budget, English, todos 9929
Batavia, chate built the new king Burdett, sir F., speech on the corn.

trade, [269]
&c. 267] vị


Taunton ; S. Gilbert, robbery and Blucher, monument to, Berlin, 951m

Board of Trade, &c. Downing-street,
a Warwick; Michael Ford, murder, new buildings, 145

Boat-guns, new mode of working, 145.
Yenile india Holdsworth and W. Bolton, Boden astronomer; death of;

Boethius, translation of by queen Eliza-
Astorga library, 11

Astronomy, see Comet.

from Peru to Colombia,
Atlantic and Pacific oceans, navigable [401]; his views with regard to Peru
communication between, 145

suspected, [413] } conspiracy against
Austria : proceedings of the Hungarian him, [414] ; elected president of
1o diete [267); decree against the slave Peru for life, ib.; gives a constitution

to Bolivia, [415] ; his address to the

constituent congress of Bolivia, 114*
Baggesen, J. E. Danish poet, death of, Bolivia, plan of a constitution for, (415],

115* ; senate, 116* ; censors, ib.;
Balloon : Mr. Green's 'ascents, 48, 61; functions of the president, 117* ; of

novel aërial excursions, 62 ; Mr. the vice-president, 1189; slavery
* Green's third ascent, and accident, prohibited, 121*

70; his ascent at Boston, 92 ; at Bradford, riots at, 72; inquest on Jonas
Vauxhall, 112

Barstow, killed in the riot,
Banditti, gang of, apprehended at Brazil, treaty concluded

Wickwar, 116
Banking in Scotland, [25], [33], 64* claims to Portugal, [314]; war with
Bank-notes; prohibition against stamp Buenos Ayres, [384);

naval engage-
i ing small notes, [6] ; bill for pro ment, [386] ; plan for a constitution,
hibiting circulation of do:, [9]

[387], national assembly, [391] vi )
Banks ; Mr. Hume's motion for return Bric, Mr., killed in a duel, 1954-160)
-19 of bankrupt country banks, [8]; bill Bridge, Menai suspension, 14.39310.

prohibiting circulation of small notes, Brighton; murder of a woman by her
Ruta 9); bayking system in Scotland, husband, 128
25); bank of Ireland, [34]

British Museum, new building'at, 145
: Bank of England, motion in parliament Brougham, Mr., motion respecting the
plodifor its issuing, small notes, [19]; ar West-India colonies, [158] amend-

rangements with government, [31]; ment to the king's speech, [176)
yupo ng agrees to advanced chipohanke Brussel az americanas 120 opgestations
19bisecurity of goods, [38] ; two sorts of Buckingham, Mr. petition to parlia-
Exchequer bills held by, [74]; cor. ment against the India government,

The directors
p219 respondence between


French, 1929];
y tiye to its privileges, 57*

Bar merriment, 24

Buenos Ayres blockaded by Brazil,
Barbier, A. A., death of, 218

[385] ; naval engagement with the

Lint Louis, [268]; his financial reforms, laws, [46] Tip10 pb09b

Biurmese, recommencement of hostilities
Beechey, captain, his mi

his mission to captain with, [206] ; advance of the Burmese
Franklin, 21
+Bells at York minster and Bow church,

the British to Melloone, and capture
Berhiguer du Thym, M. singular pub [213]; treaty broken off, (214); cap-
Delication by, 188

ture of Melloone, [213] battle

Berlin, Blucher's monument at,

[216] ; and capture of Pagabm-Mew,
1 Bethnal Green, riots and outrages at,

[2171 treaty concluded and ratified,

(ESS) 83109

zudegu A


Cambridge, coins discovered, 19, dis-
Blackburn, riots at, 63

turbance at, 1081343 119mmo

208 c19b992 dimer

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fire at, 184992 3900.)


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