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R. Wornam, of Wigmore-street; for Communicated by a foreigner, improvements on piano-fortes.-July 4. August 1.

Þ. Groves, of London; for improve J. B. Wilks, of Tandridge Hall, ments in making paint or pigment, for Surrey; for improvements in producing preparing and combining a substance or steam for steam-engines, and other material with oil, turpentine, or other purposes.- August 2. ingredients.July 10.

L. W. Wright, of the Borough Road; B. Lowe, of Birmingham, for im- for improvements in the construction of provements in useful and ornamental trucks for carriages, applicable to useful dressing pins.July 14.

purposes. August 2. J. Guy and J. Harrison, of Work J. Williams, and John Doyle, meington; for an improved method of pre- chanist, both of the Commercial-road ; paring straw and grass to be used in the for an apparatus and process for sepamanufacture of hats and bonnets.July rating salt from sea water, and thereby 14.

rendering it fresh and fit for use. J. Palmer de la Fous, of George- August 4. street, Hanover-square, and W. Little E. Hazard, of North America,' but wart, of Saint Mary Axe; for an in now residing in Norfolk-street, Strand ; provement in securing or mooring ships for a method or methods of preparing and other floating bodies, and apparatus explosive mixtures, and employing for performing the same. - July 14. them as a moving power for machinery,

E. Bayliffe, of Kendall ; for improve- Partly cominunicated to him by a foments in the machinery used for the reigner.--August 12. operations of drawing, roving, and spin J. T. Thompson, of Long Acre ; for ning, of sheep and lambs' wool.-July improvements in making or manufac14.

turing metallic tubes, whereby strength J. L. Higgins, of Oxford-street; for and lightness are obtained, and for improvements in the construction of cat applying them, with various other im.' blocks and fish-hooks, and in the appli- provements, to the constructing of the cation thereof... July 14.

metallic tube and other bedsteads. J. Barron, of Birmingham ; for a August 17. combination of machinery or apparatus J. C. Schwieso, of Regent-street; for for feeding fire with fuel, which appa- improvements on certain stringed musiratus is applicable to other purposes.“ cal instruments. August 22. July 24.

T. Burstall, of Leith, and J. Hill, of W. Johnston, of Caroline-street, Bed Bath ; for improvements in the machiford-square ; for improvements in ink nery for propelling locomotive care holders.-- July 24.

riages.--August 22. W. Robinson, of Craven-street; for J. Yandall, of Surrey; for an ima new method of propelling vessels by provement in apparatus for cooling steam on canals or navigable rivers, by and heating fluids.--August 24. means of a moveable apparatus attached F. Halliday, of Ham, Surrey; for to the stem or stern of the vessel.. improvements in raising and forcing July 24.

water.--August 25. W. Parsons, of Portsmouth ; for im W. Downe, Senior, of Exeter; for provements in building ships or vessels, improvements in water-closets. which improvements are calculated to ** August 25. lessen the dangerous effects of internal R. Busk, and W. K. Westley, of or external violence. July 24.

Leeds; for improvements in machinery W. Davidson, Glasgow ; for processes for heckling or dressing, and for breakfor bleaching or whitening bees' wax, ing, scutching, or clearing hemp, fax, myrtle wax, and animal tallow. or other fibrous substances.--August August 1.

29. T. J. Knowlys, of. Trinity College, W. Day, of the Strand ; for improveOxford, and W. Duesbury, of Bousal, ments in bedsteads, which improveDerbyshire, for improvements in tan ments are also applicable to other purning.- August 1.

poses. August 31. Count A. E. de Rosen, of Princes T. R. Williams, of Norfolk-street, street, Cavendish-square; for a Strand, for a machine for separating engine for communicating power to burs or other substances from wool, answer the purposes of a steam-engine. hair, or fur.--September 18,


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The same; for an improved method purposes. Communicated to him by a
of manufacturing hats and caps, with foreigner-December 8.
the assistance of machinery.--Septem C. Pearson, the younger, of Green-
ber 18.

wich, R. Witty, of Stanley, and W. GillJ. Riste, of Chard, Somersetshire, man, of Whitechapel ; for a new or lace-manufacturer; for improvements improved method or methods of apply in machinery for making net commonly ing heat to certain useful purposes. called bobbin or twist net. October 4. December 13.

F. Halliday, of Ham, Surrey; for C. Harsleben, of Great Ormondimprovements in apparatus used in street; for machinery for facilitating drawing boots on and off.-October 4. the working of mines, and the extraction

T. Jones, of Coleman-street, London; of diamonds, and other precious stones, for an improvement in wheels for car gold, silver, and other metals, from the riages. -October 11.

ore, the earth, or the sand, which ma. W. Mills of Bisley, Gloucestershire; chinery is likewise applicable to other for an improvement in fire-arms. purposes. December 13. October 18.

J. Costigin, of Colton, Ireland; for W. Church, of Birmingham; for im- improvements in steam machinery or provements in printing.–October 18. apparatus.--December 13.

S. Pratt, of New Bond-street; for P. Mackay, of Great Union-street, improvements in beds, bedsteads, Borough ; for improvements, by which couches, seats, and other articles of the names of streets and other inscripfurniture.---October 18.

tions will be rendered more durable and W. Busk, of Broad-street; for im- conspicuous. Communicated by a fo: provements in propelling boats and reigner. - December 13. ships, or other vessels, or floating bo W. Johnson, of Droitwich; for imdies.--October 18.

provements in the mode of process and J. Viney, of Shanklin, Isle of Wight, form of apparatus for the manufacturing Colonel in the Royal Artillery, and G. of salt, and other purposes.Decem-* Pocock, of Bristol ; for improvements ber 18. in the construction of cars or other Maurice de Tongh, of Warrington ; carriages, and the application of a power for improvements in machinery, or hitherto unused for that purpose, to apparatus for preparing rovings, and draw the same, which power is applica- for spinning, twisting, and winding ble to the drawing of ships and other fibrous substances.December 18. vessels, and for raising weights, and for C. Harsleben, of Great Ormondother useful purposes.--October 18. street; for improvements in construct

B. Newmarch, of Cheltenham; for ing or building of ships and other vesimprovements in fire-arms.--Novem- sels, applicable to various useful pura ber 7.

poses; and in machinery for propelling E. Thomason, of Birmingham, for the same.-December 26. improvements in the construction of T. Quarrill, of Peter's Hill, Doctors' 358 medals, tokens, and coins.c.Novem. Commons; for improvements in the ber 9.

manufacture of lamps.-December 20." H.C. Lacy, of Manchester; for an W. Kingston, Portsmouth, and G. apparatus on which to suspend carriage Stebbing, of Portsmouth ; *for improvebodies.- November 18.

ments in instruments, or apparatus for B. Woodcroft, of Manchester; for the more readily or certainly ascertainimprovements in wheels and paddles for ing the trim and stability of ships or propelling boats and vessels Noyem- other vessels.December 20. ber 18.

M. Wilson, of Warnford-court, LonT. Machett, of Berners-street; for don; for improvements in machinery improvements in apparatus applicable for cleaning rice. Communicated by a to the burning of oil and other inflam- foreigner. --December 20. mable substances. December 1.

C. Seidler, of Crawford-street, PortR. Dickinson, of Southwark; for the man-square ; for a method of drawing formation, coating, and covering of water out of mines, 'wells, pits, and vessels or packages for containing, pre other places. Communicated by a serving, conveying, and transporting foreigner.December 20. goods and products, whether in liquid F. Andrews, of Stanford Rivers, Esor solid forms, and for other useful sex; for improvements in the construcVol. LXVIII.


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tion of carriages, and in the engines or pose of carrying gunpowder therein, machinery to propel the same, to be in order to load therefrom guns, pistols, operated upon by steam or other suit blunderbusses, and other fire-arms. able power; which engines or machi December 20. nery are also applicable to other pur J. G. Hancock, of Birmingham ; for poses.--December 20.

a new elastic rod for umbrellas, and C. Random Baron de Berenger, of other the like purposes.December 21. Kentish Town, for improvements in V. Bartholomew, of Great Marlbogunpowder Aasks, powder-horns, or rough-street; for an improvement in other utensils of different shapes, such shades for lamps and other lights. as are used or can be used for the pur=* December 21.

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Ye field flowers ! the gardens eclipse you, 'tis true,
Yet, wildings of Nature, I doat upon you,

For ye waft me to summers of old,
When the earth teem'd around me with fairy delight,
And when daisies and buttercups gladden'd my sight,

Like treasures of silver and gold.

I love you for lulling me back into dreams
Of the blue Highland mountains and echoing streams,

And of broken glades breathing their balm,
While the deer was seen glancing in sunshine remote,
And the deep mellow crush of the wood-pigeon's note

Made music that sweeten'd the calm.

Not a pastoral song has a pleasanter tune
Than ye speak to my heart, little wildings of June:

Of old ruinous castles ye tell,
Where I thought it delightful your beauties to find,
When the magic of Nature first breath'd on my mind,

And your blossoms were part of her spell.

Ev'n now what affections the violet awakes;
What lov'd little islands, twice seen in their lakes,

Can the wild water-lily restore ;
What landscapes I read in the primrose's looks,
And what pictures of pebbl’d and minnowy brooks

In the vetches that tangled their shore.

Earth's cultureless buds, to my heart ye were dear,
Ere the fever of passion, or ague of fear
Had scathed

my existence's bloom i
Once I welcome you more, in life's passionless stage,
With the visions of youth to revisit my age,
And I wish you to grow on my tomb.


of, apprehended at

novel aërial excursions, 62 ; Mr.
Green's the went at Boston, 92 ; at

with, [253] ; Don Pedro resigns his

Bridge, Menai suspension, 14.117
[34] ;-agrees tablish branch banks,


Metal and capture

the British me,
Bhure Toattacked by assaults,

Taunton ; S. Gilbert, robbery and Blucher, monument to, Berlin, 95107; }
!! assault, 52

Board of Trade, &c. Downing-street,
Warwick, Michael Ford, murder, new buildings, 145

Boat-guns, new mode of working, 145.
York ; J. Holdsworth and w, Bolton, Bode, astronomer, death of, 286
rioting, 31*

Boethius, translation of by queen Eliza-
Astorga library, 11

beth, discovered, 75
Astronomy, see Comet.

Bolivar returns from Peru tó Colombia

Atlantic and Pacific
& oceans, navigable

[401]; his views with regard to Peru
communication between, 145

suspected, [413] , conspiracy against
Austria: proceedings of the Hungarian him, [414] ; elected president of
30 diet, (267); decree against the slave Peru for life, ib.; gives a constitution
trade, (269)

to Bolivia, [415); his address to the

constituent congress of Bolivia, 114*
Baggesen, J. E. Danish poet, death of, Bolivia, plan of a constitution for, (415),
31 279 la o

115* ; senate, 116* ; censors, ib.;
Balloon : Mr. Green's ascénts, 48, 61; functions of the president, 117*; of

the vice-president, 118*; slavery
ascent, and accident, prohibited, 121*

Bradford, riots at, 72; inquest on Jonas

Barstow, killed in the riot, 73

Brazil, treaty coneluded France
Wickwar, 116
Banking in Scotland, [25], [33], 64* claims to Portugal, [314] ; war with
Bank-notes; prohibition against stamp Buenos Ayres, [3841; naval engage-

ing small notes, [6] ; bill for pro ment, [386] ; plan for a constitution,
hibiting circulation of do., [9]

[387]; national assembly, [391]".
Banks ; Mr. Hume's motion for return Bric, Mr., killed in a duel, 1957-16:}

of bankrupt country banks, [8]; bill

prohibiting circulation of small notes, Brighton; murder of woman by her
Die 19); bayking system in Scotland, husband, 128
[25] ; bank of Ireland, [34]

British Museum, new building at, li
Bank of England, motion in parliament Brougham, Mr., motion respecting the
Isdifor its issuing. small notes, [19] ; ar West-India colonies, [158] / amend-
rangements with government, [31]; ment to the kirig's speech, [176]?")

Brussels, hurricane at, 120; operations

on deaf and dumb persons, 18519
29b'i security of goods, [38] : two sorts of Buckingham, Mr.
Exchequer bills held by, [74]; cor.

India government,
the directors

pats respondence between
101 and the lords of the Treasury, rela Budget, English, [69] , French, [229] ;
yd tiye to its privileges, 57*

Mexican, 1407] Todos uszą
Bar merriment, 24

Buenos Ayres blockaded by Brazil,
Barbier, A. A., death of, 218

[985), naval engagement with the
Batavia, steam-boat built at, 22

Brazilian squadron, [386] 1545b
s'Bavaria, character of the new
Jovi Louis, [266], his financial reforms,

[46) 310 5195
&c. [267]

Burmese, recommencement of hostilitics
Beechey, captain, his mission to captain with. [206] ; advance of the Burmese

Franklin, 21
Bells at York minster and Bow church,

Patanagoh, [212] negotiations,
Berbiguer du Thym, M. singular pub [213]; treaty broken off, [214]; cap-
Desplication by, 188
Berlin, Blucher's monument at, 05

ture of Melloone, (215) ;d battle,

57 (216) ; and capture of Pagahm-Mew
Bethnal Green, riots and outrages at,

(2171; treaty concluded and ratified,

Jord Comber- Burton-park, fire at, 18439
; taken


5000 1100 17010 UA
Biela, comet discovered by, 90 uur

Cambridge, coins discovered, *193 dis-
turbance'at, 108 1:34. To

de 156392

gh allowed

upon the

ment against

the petition to parlia-



;" advance of

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ão army to

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Blackburn, riots at, 63 room

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