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minds of the slaves in the most same time find you entirely deterforcible manner, that the measures mined to discountenance any frivowhich have been provided for their lous and unfounded complaints protection are in no degree to in- which may be preferred by them terfere with the unremitting prace against their masters. tice of industry and obedience, to “ You will not fail to make it which, under prescribed regula- your early and peculiar study to tions, their owners are by law en- fix on the minds of the slaves, by titled; but, on the contrary, that such arguments and explanations those duties are the more strictly as are suited to their state of into be observed by them in propora formation and comprehension, the tion as the law and regulation in principles which are contained in terpose to prevent any improper this letter, and which pervade all exercise of the authority of the that course of legislation which his master.

majesty's government have esta “ You must explain to tliem, blished and recommended in putthat although they may always suance of the resolutions of both expect to find in you a vigilant Houses of parliament. I have, friend and protector in all cases &c. (Signed)

BATHURST.” where such protection can be pro- “ Lieutenant-Colonel Young, perly required, they will at the Protector of Slaves."



CHRISTIÁN KING, together with two Additional Articles thereunto annered, signed at London, January 26, 1826. In the Name of the Most Holy in the ports of the other, whether Trinity.

under the heads of duties of tona His Majesty the King of the nage, harbour, lighit-house, pilot United Kingdom of Great Britain age, and others of the same deand Ireland, on the one part, and scription, or in the shape of inhis Majesty the King of France and creased duties upon goods on acNavarre, on the other part, being count of their being importet or equally animated by the desire of exported in other than national facilitating the commercial inter- vessels ; have named as their course between their respective sub- plenipotentiaries, to conclude å jects; and being persuaded that now convention for this purpose, that thing can more contribute to the is to say :-fulfilment of their mutual wishes His Majesty the King of the in this respect, than to simplify and United Kingdom of Great Britain equalize the regulations which are and Ireland,

the right hon. George relative to the navi- Canning, &c. and the right hon. gatio

nodoms, by the William Huskisson, &c. And

1 of all dis- his Majesty the King of France, eri

ed upon the and Navarre, the prince Jules;

o nations count de Polignac, &c.

now in




Who, after having communicated at the same time, with the view to each other their respective full of diminishing the burthens impowers, found to be in due and posed upon the navigation of the proper form, have agreed upon two countries, his most Christiani and concluded the following ar- majesty will always be disposed to ticles :

reduce the amount of the said Art. 1.From and after the burthens in France, in proportion 5th of April of the present year,

any reduction which may French vessels coming from, or de hereafter be made of those now parting for, the ports of France, or, levied in the ports of the United if in ballast, coming from, or de Kingdom. parting for; any place, shall not be I.Goods, wares, and mersubject in the ports of the United chandize, which can or may be Kingdom, either on entering into legally imported into the ports of or departing from the same, to any the United Kingdom from the higher duties of tonnage, harbour, ports of France, if so imported in light-house, pilotage, quarantine, French vessels, shall be subject to or other similar or corresponding no higher duties than if imported duties of whatever nature or under in British vessels, and, reciprocally, whatever denomination, than those goods, wares, and merchandize, to which British vessels, in re- which can or may be legally imspect of the same voyages, are or ported into the ports of France, may be subject on entering into or from the ports of the United departing from such ports; and, Kingdom, if so imported in Brireciprocally, from and after the tish vessels, shall be subject to same period, British vessels coming no higher duties than if imfrom or departing from the ports ported in French vessels. The of the United Kingdom, or, if in produce of Asia, Africa, and ballast, coming from, or departing America, not being allowed to be for, any place, shall not be subject, imported from the said countries, in the ports of France, either on nor from any other, in French entering into, or departing from vessels, nor from France in French, the same, to any higher duties of British, or any other vessels, into tonnage, harbour, light-house, pi• the ports of the United Kingdom, lotage, quarantine, or other similar for home consumption, but only or corresponding duties, of what- for warehousing and re-exportaever nature, or under whatever tion. His most Christian majesty denomination, than those to which reserves to himself to direct that, French vessels, in respect of the in like manner, the produce of same voyages, are or may be sub- Asia, Africa, and America, shall ject, on entering into or departing not be imported from the said from such ports; whether such countries, nor from any other, duties are collected separately, in British vessels, nor from the or are consolidated in one and the United Kingdom in British, French, same duty, his most Christian ma- or any other vessels, into the ports jesty reserving to himselfto regulate of France, for the consumption of the amount of such duty or duties that kingdom, but only for warein France, according to the rate at housing and re-exportation. which they are or may be estab- With regard to the productions lished in the United Kingdom ; of the countries of Europe, it is

understood between the high con- shall, in no case, obtain more tracting parties, that such pro- favourable conditions than those ductions shall not be imported in stipulated in the present convenBritish ships, into France, for the tion, in favour of British and. consumption of that kingdom, un- French esse less such ships shall have been V.--The fishing-boats of either laden therewith in some port of of the two countries which may be the United Kingdom ; and that forced by stress of weather to seek his Britannic majesty may adopt, shelter in the ports, or on the coast if he shall think fit, corresponding of the other country, shall not be restrictive measures, with regard subject to any duties, or port duties, to the productions of the countries of any description whatsoever ; of Europe, imported into the ports provided the said boats, when so of the United Kingdom in French driven in by stress of weather, vessels: the high contracting par. shall not discharge or receive on ties reserving, however, to them- board any cargo, or portion of selves the power of making, by cargo, in the ports, or on the parts mutual consent, such relaxations of the coast where they shall have in the strict execution of the pre- sought shelter. sent article, as they may think VI.It is agreed that the prouseful to the respective interests visions of the present convention of the two countries, upon the between the high contracting parprinciple of mutual concessions, ties shall be reciprocally extended, affording each to the other re- and in force, in all the possessions ciprocal or equivalent advantages. subject to their respective dominion

III.-- All goods, wares, and in Europe. merchandize, which can or may VII.--The present convention be legally exported from the ports shall be in force for the term of of either of the two countries, ten years, from the 5th of April shall, on their export, pay the same of the present year; and further, duties of exportation, whether the until the end of twelve months exportation of such goods, wares, after either of the high contracting and merchandize, be made in Bri- parties shall have given notice to tish or in French vessels, provided the other of its intention to terthe said vessels proceed, respec- minate its operation : each of the tively, direct from the ports of the high contracting parties reserving one country to those of the other. to itself the right of giving such And all the said goods, wares, and notice to the other, at the end of merchandize, so exported in British the said term of ten years; and it or French vessels, shall be reci- is agreed between them, that, at procally entitled to the same boun- the end of the twelve months' exties, drawbacks, and other allow- tension agreed to on both sides, ances of the same nature, which this convention, and all the stipus are granted by the regulations of lations thereof, shall altogether each country respectively.

cease and determine. IV.-It is mutually agreed be- VIII. The present convention tween the high contracting parties, shall be ratified, and the ratificathat in the intercourse of naviga- tions shall be exchanged in Lontion between their two countries, don, within the

of one the vessels of any third power month, or sooner, if possible,


In witness whereof the respect- ported into the said colonies, or are ive plenipotentiaries have signed permitted to be imported only from the same, and have affixed thereto countries under the dominion of the seals of their arms.

France. And whereas all goods, Done at London, the 26th day the produce of any foreign country, of January, in the year of our may now be imported into the Lord 1826.

colonies of the United Kingdom, (L. S.) George CANNING. in the ships of that country, with (L. S.) William HUSKISSON. the exception of a limited list of

specified articles, which can only Additional Articles.

be imported into the said colonies Art. 1..From and after the in British ships, his majesty the first of October of the present king of the United Kingdom reyear, French vessels shall be al- serves to himself the power of lowed to sail from any port what- adding to the said list of excepted ever of the countries under the articles any other, the produce of dominion of his most Christian the French dominions, the addition majesty, to all the colonies of the whereof may appear to his majesty United Kingdom (except those pos- to be necessary for placing the sessed by the East India Company), commerce and navigation to be and to import into the said colonies permitted to the subjects of each all kinds of merchandize (being of the high contracting parties with productions

the growth or manu- the colonies of the other, upon a facture of France, or of any coun- footing of high reciprocity. try under the dominion of France), II. From and after the same with the exception of such as are period, French vessels shall be prohibited to be imported into the allowed to export, from all the said colonies, or are permitted to colonies of the United Kingdom be imported only from countries (except those possessed by the East. under the British dominion; and India Company), all kinds of merthe said French vessels, as well as chandize which are not prohibited the merchandize imported in the to be exported from such colonies same, shall not be subject, in the in vessels other than those of Great colonies of the United Kingdom, Britain ; and the said vessels, as to other or higher duties than well as the merchandize exported those to which British vessels may in the same, shall not be subject to be subject, on importing the same other or higher duties than those merchandize from any foreign to which British vessels may be country, or which are imposed subject on exporting the said merupon the merchandize itself. chandize, or which are imposed

The same facilities shall be upon the merchandize itself; and granted, reciprocally, in the colonies they shall be entitled to the same of France, with regard to the im- bounties, drawbacks, and other portation, in British vessels, of all allowances of the same nature, to kinds of merchandize (being pro- which British vessels would be ductions the growth and manufac- entitled on such exportation. ture of the United Kingdom, or of The same facilities and privileges any country under the British do- shall be granted, reciprocally, in minion), with the exception of all the colonies of France, for the such as are prohibited to be im- exportation, in British vessels, of

all kinds of merchandize, which In witness whereof the respecta are not prohibited to be exported ive plenipotentiaries have signed from such colonies in vessels other the same, and have affixed thereto than those of France.

the seals of their arms. These two additional Articles Done at London, the 26th day shall have the same force and of January, in the year of our validity as if they were inserted, Lord 1826. word for word, in the convention (L. S.) GEORGE CANNING. signed this day. They shall be (L. S.) WILLIAM HUSKISSON. ratified, and the ratification shall (L. S.) Le Prince de POLIGNAC. be exchanged at the same time.


and the King of SWEDEN and Norway, together with an Additional Article thereunto annexed. His Majesty the King of the liam Huskisson, a member of his United Kingdom of Great Britain said majesty's most honourable and Ireland, and his Majesty the Privy Council, a member of ParKing of Sweden and Norway, hav- liament, President of the, by declarations exchanged on tee of Privy Council for Affairs of the 24th day of April, and 16th Trade and Foreign Plantations, day of July, 1824, entered into and Treasurer of his said majesty's stipulations for removing impedi- Navy :ments affecting the navigation and And his Majesty the King of trade of their respective states; Sweden and Norway, the Sieur and their said majesties being mu- Gustavus Algernon, baron de Stiertually desirous of still further ex- neld, his first gentleman of the tending and improving the relations Chamber, Under Chancellor of his of friendship and commerce now Orders, Commander of the Order happily subsisting between them of the Polar Star, Knight of the and their respective subjects, and Order of St. Anne of Russia of the of placing the arrangements already Second Class, and of the Order of agreed upon by the declarations the Red Eagle of Prussia of the aforesaid, upon a more sure and Third Class; and his said majessatisfactory footing, have appointed ty's Envoy Extraordinary and Mitheir plenipotentiaries to conclude nister Plenipotentiary at the court a convention for these purposes, of his Britannic majesty : that is to say :

Who, after having communiHis Majesty the King of the cated to each other their respective United Kingdom of Great Britain full powers, found to be in due and and Ireland, the right hon. George proper form, have agreed upon Canning, a member of his said and concluded the following artimajesty's most honourable Privy eles: Council, a member of Parliament, 1.-The several stipulations conand his said majesty's Principal tained in the declarations exchanged Secretary of State for Foreign between the plenipotentiaries of Affairs ; and the right hon. Wil his majesty the King of the United

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