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the true intent and meaning of the and such Swedish or Norwegian high contracting parties, that no vessels, and such goods so imported distinction or difference whatever in them, shall be liable, in such shall be made in this respect. colony of the United Kingdom of

VI. From and after the date of Great Britain and Ireland (other the present convention, British than those in the possession of the ships shall be allowed to proceed East India Company), to no other direct from any port of his Britan-, or higher charges than would be nic 'majesty's dominions to any there payable on British vessels colony of his majesty the king of importing the like sorts of goods, Sweden and Norway not in Eu- or payable on the like goods, the rope, and to import into such colony growth, produce or manufacture any goods the growth, produce, or of any foreign country, allowed to manufacture of the United King- be imported into the said colony dom, or of any of the British do- in British ships. minions not being such goods as VII.-From and after the date are prohibited to be imported into of the present convention, British such colony, or as are admitted only ships shall be allowed to export from the dominions of his majesty from any colony of his majesty the the king of Sweden and Norway; king of Sweden and Norway not and such British ships, and such in Europe, any goods not prohibitgoods so imported in them, shall be ed to be exported from such colony; liable, in such colony of his majesty and such British ships, and such the king of Sweden and Norway, goods so exported in them, shall be to no higher or other charges than liable, in such colony, to no other would be there payable on Swedish or higher charges than would be or Norwegian ships importing the payable by, and shall be entitled to, like sort of goods, the growth,

pro- the same drawbacks as would be manufacture, of any fo- there allowable on Swedish, or reign country, allowed to be im- Norwegian ships exporting such ported into the said colony in goods. And the like liberty and Swedish, or Norwegian ships. privileges of exportation shall be And from and after the same date, reciprocally granted in the British Swedish and Norwegian vessels colonies (other than those in the shall be allowed to proceed direct possession of the East India. Comfrom any ports of the dominions of pany), to Swedish and Norwegian his majesty the king of Sweden ships, and to goods exported in and Norway, to any colony of the them. United Kingdom of Great Britain VIII.-In respect to the comand Ireland (other than those in merce to be carried on in yessels of the possession of the East India Sweden or Norway with the British Company.), and to import into such dominions in the East Indies, or colony any goods, the growth, pro- now held by the East India Comduce, or manufactures of the pany in virtue of their charter, his kingdoms of Sweden and Norway, Britannic majesty consents to


. or of any of their dominions, not grant the same facilities and privibeing such goods as are prohibited leges, in all respects, to the subject to be imported into such colony, or of his Swedish majesty, as are or as are admitted only from the do- may be enjoyed under any treaty minions of his Britannic majesty; or acts of parliament, by the sub

duce, or


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jects or citizens of the most favour- cles :Salt, hemp, flax, oil of all ed nation ; subject to the laws, kinds, grain of all kinds, wine, torules, regulations and restrictions, bacco, salt or dried fish, wool, and which are or may be applicable to stuffs of all kinds ; which, as bed the ships and subjects of any other fore, shall be imported into Sweden foreign country enjoying the like only in vessels of Sweden and Nora facilities and privileges of trading way,' or in vessels of the countries with the said dominions.

of which such articles are the proIX.-The high contracting parties duce. engage that all articles the growth, The said excepted articles shall, produce, or manufacture of their however, be allowed to be imported respective dominions, shall be sub- into Sweden in vessels of the ject to no higher duties, upon their United Kingdom of Great Britain admission from the one country and Ireland, proceeding direct from into the other, than are paid by the some port of the United Kingdom, like articles, the growth, produce, provided such articles shall have or manufacture, of any other foreign been previously landed and warecountry, and that no prohibition housed in a port of the United or restraint shall be imposed upon Kingdom, after having been im the importation into the one coun- ported thither from the country of try from the other, or upon the their origin. ' exportation from the one country These stipulations in favour of to the other, of any such articles, British commerce shall remain in the growth, produce, or manufac- force during the continuance of tures of either of the said states, the present convention, and as far which shall not equally extend to as the act of parliament of the 5th all other nations; and, generally, of July, 1825, shall continue to that in all matters and regulations grant to the navigation and comof trade and navigation, each of the merce of Sweden equivalent facilihigh contracting parties will treat ties of the same nature. I've the other upon the footing of the XI.--His majesty the King of most favoured nation.

the United Kingdom of Great BriX.In consideration of the ad- tain and Ireland, and his majesty vantages and facilities which the the King of Sweden and Norway, navigation and commerce of the mutually agree, that no higher or United Kingdoms of Sweden and other duties shall be levied, in any Norway will enjoy, under the pre- of their dominions, upon any persent convention, and the act of sonal property of their respective parliament of the 5th of July, subjects, on the removal of the same 1825, his majesty the King of from the dominions of their said Sweden and Norway consents that, majesties, reciprocally, either upon from and after this date, vessels of the inheritance of such property, or the United Kingdom of Great Bri- otherwise, than are or shall be paytain and Ireland shall be allowed able in each state 'upon the like to import into Sweden any mer- property, when removed" by a chandise or goods of European subject of such state respectively origin, which are likewise per- XII.-The present convention mitted to be imported into Sweden shall be in force for the term of ten from any port whatever, with the years from the date hereof;". and exception of the following arti- further until the end of twelve

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that Portugal being attacked and throne, the altar, and of civilization. exposed to still further attacks by

3. To the marquis de Moustier, a great force, I have applied to the the French ambassador at Madrid, English government in virtue of whose conduct greatly embarrassed the stipulations in our treaties for our negotiations. It is necessary the necessary force to aid us against not to confound this diplomatist our enemies. I again repeat, that with the government which he rewe may and ought to place the presents, from which, as I have als fullest confidence in our faithful ready stated, we have received the and ancient ally.

strongest assurances of friendship, I fear I have trespassed greatly and I entertain, as I am bound to on the patience of the Chamber; do, every confidence in its sincerity. but I still do not think myself at I must, however, repeat that the liberty to conclude, without stat- marquis de Moustier, from his uning the causes to which I princi- willingness to obey the instrucpally attribute the conduct of the tions received from his government, Spanish government.

has been exceedingly prejudicial to 1. To the instigations of the the cause of Portugal, and has dePortuguese rebels, chiefly the feated all the good intentions of viscount de Canellas, the marquis his most Christian majesty towards de Chaves, the viscount de Monte Allegre, Magessi, &c. &c.

I mušt no longer tax the atten2. To the Apostolic Junta, tion of the Chamber, but as the which has long governed the Spa- Chamber wishes to be exactly innish Cabinet. This Apostolic formed of the state of our relaJunta, whose ramifications extend tions with Spain, I shall lay before into Portugal, is composed of men it all the correspondence with the who conceal under the mask of mission at Madrid, and all other religion and royalism the most documents, which may in any way horrible crimes. This infamous tend to elucidate the question. Junta is, without doubt, the May my efforts be useful to the greatest pest of modern society, country, and may I always deserve and cught to be regarded as the the name of Portuguese - the only most formidable enemy of the glory of which I am ambitious.


SPEECH of the INFANTA REGENT at the Close of the Session of


Her royal highness not being Portuguese nation ;-Her Serene able to attend, in consequence of Highness the Senhora Infanta Reindisposition, the bishop of Viseu, gent, on the opening of the Session peer of the kingdom, minister and of the Cortes of the present year, Secretary of State for Foreign congratulated you on seeing you Affairs, closed the Session of the assembled around the throne of Cortes on the 23rd of December, her august brother and king, don by the following speech :

Pedro IV., ready to consolidate, “ Worthy Peers of the Kingby a faithful execution of the dom, and Senhores Deputies of the fundamental law given to us by a

my beloved, esteemed, and dear all the authorities who have a right daughter, the princess of Grand to be made acquainted with my Para, Donna Maria da Gloria, in present Carta de Lei to cause it order that as reigning queen she to be published, in order that my may govern them independently present determination may be of this empire, and by the consti- known to my Portuguese subjects. tution which I thought fit to den I order the regency of my said cree, grant, and cause to be sworn kingdom to have it printed and to, by my Carta de Lei, of the published in the most authentic 23rd April, of this year; and I am manner, that its contents may be farther pleased to declare, that my actively executed ; and it shall said daughter, the reigning queen have the same force as an ordinance of Portugal, shall not leave the passed in chancery, though it be empire of Brazil, till I am officially not so, on account of a contrary informed that the oath shall have ordinance that it shall not be passbeen taken to the constitution, con

ed there, from which I have thought formably to what I have ordered, fit, for this purpose, to deviate, and before the ceremony of be- though it remains in vigour, nottrothing, preparatory to the union withstanding the want of the which I intend she shall contract countersign, and other usual formwith my most beloved and esteem- alities, with which I am also ed brother, the Infant Don Miguel, pleased to dispense. shall have taken place, and till the Given at the palace at Rio de marriage has been concluded. And Janeiro, the 2nd of May, the year my abdication and

cession shall not of our Lord one thousand eight be carried into effect if either of hundred and twenty-six. these two conditions is not per- (Signed) THE KING. formed. For these reasons, I order

SPEECH of the INFANTA REGENT, at the Opening of the Sessions

of the PORTUGUESE CORTES, Oct. 30. The Session of the Cortes was throne of my august brother and opened on the 30th of October, at king, Senor Don Pedro the Fourth, the palace of Ajuda.

I rejoice with you and with the A deputation of twelve peers, whole nation, that it hath pleased and twelve deputies, having been Divine Providence, in a manner so nominated by the president to re

authentic and so solemn, to conceive the Infanta Regent, her solidate these wise institutions, royal highness took her seat on a which, at different periods, have chair which had been prepared for constituted the happiness of many the purpose, before the throne, nations, and which will speedily when she pronounced the following lead to the prosperity of our dear discourse :


You are well aware, “Worthy Peers of the King- that the country which is now de

dom, and Gentlemen Depu- nominated Portugal has never reties of the Portuguese na- cognized, even in the most remote

ages, any other government than “In beholding you assembled on that of a representative monarchy; this memorable day around the but the prelates and the grandees

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of the kingdom formed the repre- moderate disposition, and from the sentative body; the people had no strong affection which they bear to voice and no share in its institu- their lawful kings, can never tions, which were almost feudal. cherish long such differences of It was the kings of Portugal, that, opinion, much less push them to some time after the origin of the fatal results. There have arisen monarchy, conceded to the third amongst us, it is true, some perestate, those rights and that dig- verse and traitorous individuals, nity which barbarous ages had dem who are neither true to their nied them. Portugal then flourish- ancient valour and loyalty, nor to ed, for the first time, under the themselves; yet with difficulty protection of a purely representa- have they succeeded in drawing tive government. There existed, away from the path of honour and however, no laws to give stability duty, a few of their weak and imto institutions adopted by usage, prudent countrymen, by the diffuand handed down by tradition ; sion of misrepresentations the most they fell, in consequence, into des- gross, and the practice of imposiuetude, and the Cortes were for- tions the most criminal. Happily, gotten by the nation which they the number, whether of the seonce represented. It has been re- duced or of the seducers receives served for our days to revive them no increase; the great majority of by wise and stable rules. Such the Portuguese nation remain firm was the design contemplated by in their fidelity to their country the royal mind of my august and their king. I can augur nó father, whose memory will be ever thing but what is favourable from dear to Portugal --such is the de- the dispositions shewn by foreign sign which, to his immortal honour, nations towards us, and time, I am myaugust brotherhasconsummated, assured, will confirm this augury." by conferring upon this nation the United by the faith of treaties, and boon of the constitutional charter. by the nost undoubted proofs of We are called to the highest des- friendship to one of the great tinies, to work out the happiness European powers, and at peace of our country. Such a prospect with all the rest, í calculate upon should conduct us on our way with the decided support of the first, hope, and smooth the ruggedness and upon the kindness and fratera of a journey, of which honour and nal reciprocity of the others. All glory are the noble termination. of them will speedily learn from The opinion of the vast number of experience, that the representative individuals who compose a nation, government of Portugal is truly can never be expected to be uniform just and moderate, and that it seeks respecting the principles upon not to carry disquiet into any other which the art of governing states state on account of diversity of inis founded, nor upon the choice stitutions, but limits its intentions of the means for securing their to the energetic and steady defence happiness, 1" This presses most of its own. Already have facts strongly upon our observation at a more forcibly than words, shewn time when successive political re- the prudence and good faith of volutions are taking place in the this government. These have, in nation ; yet the Portuguese people, a great measure, diminished the from their naturally quiet and apprehensionsof aneighbouringra

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