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WITH respect to the poor amongst us, it ought to be considered, that the poor, both parents and children, are of our family, and ought not to be turned off to any others for their support or education; and although some may think the poor a burthen, yet be it remembered, when our poor are well provided for, and walk orderly, they are an ornament to our society; and the rich should consider it is more blessed to give than to receive, and that he who giveth to the poor, lendeth to the Lord, who will repay. 1718.

As mercy, compassion, and charity, are eminently required in this new covenant dispensation which we are under; so, respecting the poor and indigent among us, and to see there be no beggar in our Israel, it is the advice of this meeting, that all poor friends be taken due care of, and none of them sent to the town or parish to be relieved; and that nothing be wanting for their necessary supply; which has been according to our ancient practice and testimony. And it has long been of good report, that we have not only maintained our own poor, but have also contributed our share to the poor of the

respective towns and parishes wherein we dwell. 1720.

Advised that where friends want ability in the world, their monthly and quarterly meetings assist them, that the children of the poor may have due help of education, instruction, and necessary learning; and that the children, both of the rich and the poor, may early be provided with useful employments, that they may not grow up in idleness, looseness and vice; but that, being seasoned with the truth, taught our holy self-denying way, and sanctified of God, they may become a reputation to our holy profession, the comfort of their honest parents, instrumental to the glory of God, and the good of the succeeding generations. 1709.

And as one of the first and great causes which engaged our ancient friends to the orderly establishing of our Christian discipline, was the care of the poor; and as expenses must necessarily arise for their support and education, it is recommended to each monthly meeting of men and women friends, that they be open-hearted and liberal in their subscriptions for the supply of the poor; and that a treasurer be appointed to receive the same, and open to each meeting of men and women; and two or more suitable friends, men and women, be annually appointed as overseers of the poor, whose business and duty it should be to visit, inspect and relieve them, as becometh the followers of Christ; and that two or more friends be appointed to settle the treasurer's and overseers' accounts.


WHEN a quarterly meeting hath come to a judgment respecting any difference, relative to any monthly meeting belonging to it, and notified the same in writing to such monthly meeting, the said monthly meeting ought to submit to the judgment of the quarterly meeting; but if such monthly meeting shall not be satisfied therewith, then the monthly meeting may appeal to the yearly meeting, against the judgment and determination of the quarterly meeting.

And if a monthly meeting shall refuse to take the advice, and submit to the judgment, of the quarterly meeting, and notwithstanding will not appeal against the determination of the said meeting, to the yearly meeting; in such case, the quarterly meeting shall be at liberty, either to dissolve such monthly meeting, or to bring the affair before the next or the succeeding yearly meeting.

And in case a quarterly meeting shall dissolve a monthly meeting, the dissolved monthly meeting, or any part thereof in the name of the said meeting, shall be at liberty to appeal to the next or the succeeding yearly meeting, against such dissolution; but if the dissolved monthly meeting, or a part thereof in its behalf, shall not appeal to the yearly meeting, the quarterly meeting shall join the members of the said late monthly meeting, to such other monthly meeting as it may think most convenient; and until such time, shall take care that no inconvenience doth thereby ensue to the members of such dissolved meeting, respecting any branch of our discipline. And if any of the monthly meetings, to which the quarterly meeting shall join the whole or a part of the late monthly meeting, do think themselves aggrieved, they shall be at liberty to appeal against the quarterly meeting to the yearly meeting; and, until such appeal is heard and determined, the friends added by the quarterly meeting to them shall be deemed their members. 1743. All minutes and written epistles from the yearly meeting are to be entered by the quarterly meeting in fair books, properly kept, that all friends of the said quarter may have recourse to them, as occasion shall require. 1727. It is recommended to the several quarterly meetings, that there be held a meeting for divine worship, on the first day of holding each quarterly meeting, preceding their opening the business, according to the ancient and general practice of friends; and that the several meetings be held as follows, viz.:-Rhode Island quarter, in the 8th month, at Newport; 11th month, at Somerset; 2d month, at Providence; and 5th month, at East Greenwich; on the first Fifth-day in the month, at each place. Salem quarter, on the third Fifth-day in the 1st month, at Salem; on the fourth Fifth-day in the 5th month at Amesbury; on the third Fifthday in the 8th month, at Lynn; and on the third Fifth-day in the 10th month, at Weare. Sandwich quarter, on the first Fifth-day in the month; at New Bedford, in the 4th and 12th months; at Falmouth, Mass., in the 7th ; and at Sandwich, in the 10th. Falmouth quarter, on the Fifth-day before the first Sixth-day in the month; at Windham, in the 2d and 9th ; at Falmouth, Maine, in the 6th; and at Durham, in the 11th month. Smithfield quarter, on the second Fifth-day in the month; at Worcester, in the 2d.; at Northbridge, in the 5th; at Bolton, in the 8th ; and at Smithfield, in the 11th month. Vassalborough quarter, on the second Sixth-day in the 2d, 9th and 11th months; and the last Sixth-day in the 5th month; at Vassalborough, in the 2d and 9th months; and at East Vassalborough, in the 5th and 11th months. Dover quarter, on the fourth Fifth-day in the month; at the upper meeting house, in Rochester, (Meaderborough) in the 1st ; at Dover, in the 4th; at Sandwich, New Hampshire, in the 10th month; and at North Berwick on Sixth-day after the fourth Fifth-day in the 8th month. Fairfield quarter, at Hallowell, on Fourth-day before the second Sixth-day in the 2d and 9th months; and at Fairfield on Fourth-day before the last Sixth-day in the 5th month; and at the same place on Fourth-day before the second Sixth-day in the 11th month.

[Corrected 1856.]

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