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sened, and take their seats with the members at large, until they and friends are sensible of an overcoming. And, “Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness, considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.” Gal. vi. 1.


THE excessive use of spirituous liquors, of all kinds, having for a long time been seen by our society to be a practice tending to lead from calmness and innocency, to the many evils which are the consequences of intemperance; and a concern having arisen for the spreading of this testimony, not only to the disuse of distilled spirituous liquors among us, except as a medicine, but that others also may by our example be encouraged to restrain its use within the limits of truth; we recommend to all friends every where, carefully to look at the motives of being concerned therewith, not only of using, but distilling, importing, trading in or handing out to others, who from habit may have acquired a thirst and inclination after it, tending to their hurt. We tenderly advise all such as are concerned therein, to centre down to the principle leading to universal righteousness; for, as we apprehend, a continuance in such practices will, in this day of light, not only weaken the hands of those individuals concerned to further the reformation, but tend greatly to obstruct society from holding up a standard to this important testimony, as becometh our holy profession.

We entreat therefore those who have begun well, and made advances in the way towards their own peace, that as soon as may be, they forbear the said practices; that a line may in due time be drawn, and the standard raised and spread to the nations. 1784.

It appearing, that, notwithstanding the advice and entreaty of this meeting in 1784, and last year, divers of our members have been so inattentive thereto as not yet to forbear the practice of importing, trading in, and handing out distilled spirituous liquors, to the weakening of their own hands, and obstructing society from holding up this important testimony as becometh our holy profession; and a fresh exercise arising, that this obstruction be removed; it is recommended to monthly meetings, that committees be appointed to labor with all such as may continue in either of said practices, or distilling, and endeavor to prevail with them to a cordial compliance with the advice of this meeting; and if any should continue so disregardful of the unity of the body, as to counteract them in this important concern, it is recommended that they be dealt with, and, if unreclaimed, testified against, as

those who disregard the advice of their brethren. 1788.

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AGREED, that a collection be occasionally made for defraying the expenses of society, and that it be lodged in the hands of a treasurer to be annually appointed, and subject to be drawn out for the service of truth, by the meeting for sufferings, which is to account for the same ; the treasurer's accounts to be audited annually by a committee, to be from time to time appointed for that purpose.

The sums which may be thought necessary to be raised, it is agreed shall be proportioned to each quarter by their representatives present, from time to time; and each quarterly meeting is desired to be punctual in sending up the same accordingly.

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UPON consideration of sufferings in general, it is advised, that in cases of difficulty, and where friends who are sufferers, stand in need of advice in any particular case, they send up their respective cases to the meeting for sufferings. 1682.

That friends be careful of entangling themselves in law, because of some small irregularity in the proceeding; but if the law be materially transgressed, and the severity of it exceeded by the persecutor, that friends use their freedom, upon serious and good advice among themselves, so as the testimony of truth may be kept clear over all. 1676.

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