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meetings are to continue subordinate and accountable, thus: The preparative to the monthly, the monthly to the quarterly, and the quarterly to the yearly meeting; so that if at any time the yearly meeting be dissatisfied with the proceedings of any of the said meetings, or the quarterly meeting with the proceedings of any of the monthly meetings, or the monthly meeting with the proceedings of any of the preparative meetings within its limits, such meetings ought with readiness and meekness to render a satisfactory account accordingly; and that our records be open to any of our meetings, particular members, and to such others as the respective monthly meetings may think necessary, for the ascertaining of marriages, births, or other rights. That each monthly meeting choose two or more sober and judicious men friends, and two or more women friends, to be overseers in each preparative meeting, which overseers are to render account of their service to the monthly meeting at least once a quarter, and to be annually appointed or re-chosen. That there be a sufficient number (at least two) . of friends appointed by each monthly meeting, as representatives to attend the service of the quarterly meeting to which they belong; such as are qualified for, and whose business it is to attend to, the seasonable dispatch and completion of the same; they taking with them what may be specially committed to them by the monthly meeting, which should be in writing. And in like manner, the quarterly meeting is to appoint at least four representatives to the yearly meeting, who are to make report to the meeting that appoints them. That full endeavors

be used in every monthly meeting seasonably to end all business or cases that come before them; and where any such meetings need assistance, to the due accomplishment thereof, they apply to superior meetings for their advice, assistance, or determination therein, as the nature of the case may require; and in like manner, after due care and endeavors are used, to end any matter before a quarterly meeting, it apply to the next yearly meeting. Let a necessary inquiry be raised in the minds of all the members of the church, who have had any part of the Lord's work upon them, how they have acquitted themselves therein and discharged themselves in the sight of God; forasmuch as a day comes on apace, in which an account of our stewardship will be required at our hands. The discipline of the society, in some places at a low ebb, would again be revived and strengthened, if this awful sense of rendering an account of our trust, and the importance of being clear from the blood of all men, were enough impressed upon all minds. And, dear friends, as it is the Lord's work, let it be done as in his sight. Let all our answers to the queries be plain and explicit. Let a due sense of the state of the church prevail on your minds, rather than an unwillingness to appear deficient among your brethren. May a suitable engagement of mind prevail on all the active members of the church, to acquit themselves with faithfulness, that they may at last receive the crown of righteousness which will never fade away. 1760. It is the judgment of this meeting, that no persons who are out of unity with friends, or under dealing of friends for any miscarriage, ought to be suffered to sit in meetings of business, nor their collections to be received, but they be desired to withdraw from such meetings, until they give satisfaction for their miscarriage. 1706. Revived, 1822.


As to subscriptions, collections and donations, for public uses, it is our sense and judgment, that they ought to be taken and received from members of our society, or, in their behalf of such whose families, or part thereof, are members, and no others: except such donations, &c. be made in and by a last will and testament.

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ADVISED, that friends who are in ability, and have the prosperity of truth at heart, should, in the education of their children, take care, as suitable opportunities and occasions may offer, to let them be instructed in some modern tongues, as French, High and Low Dutch, Danish, &c.; so that, when they are grown up, as it shall please the Lord to dispose and incline them, they may be of service to the church. 1737.

As the right education of children, and the nurture of youth, are of very great consequence to them and to the succeeding generation, we pressingly exhort all parents, and heads of families, to procure such useful learning for their children as their abilities will admit; and to encourage them, as well by example as precept, to the frequent reading of the Holy Scriptures; and that they begin, as early as possible, to instil into their tender minds the principles of truth and virtue; and instruct them in the nature and necessity of being born from above, without which, our Lord declared, no man shall see the kingdom of God: and, in order hereunto, that they labor to bring them acquainted with the holy seed, which is sown by

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