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against persons charged with, 35. Defamation not subject
to be arbitrated, until the injury be proved, 8. Defamatory
writings to be discouraged, 36. See Ministers and Elders,
Denied persons, to stand disowned till reinstated, or the de-
nial reversed by a superior meeting, 96. How to be rein-
stated, if removed, 98.
DIFFERENCEs. Advices respecting, 38. See Appeals, 1.
Arbitration, 3. Covetousness, 25.
DiscIPLINE, and Meetings for Discipline, 40. See Monthly
Meetings, 96. Right Discipline the Lord's work, and to be
done as in his sight, 41. Persons under dealing not to sit
in meetings for business, 45.
Diversions, 52. See Conduct, &c. 21. Education, 47, Pa-
rents and Guardians, 106. Plainness, 110.
Dress. See Plainness, 110. Parents, &c., 106. Youth, 152.
DoNATIONs and SUBSCRIPTIONs, of whom to be received, 46.
How to be applied, 105. Not to be received of persons un-
der dealing, 45.
Drowsiness, and a lukewarm spirit, &c. exhortation against, 73.

EducATIoN, 47. Of poor friends' children to be under the
care of monthly and quarterly meetings, 114. See Parents
and Guardians, 106. Plainness, 110. Poor, 113. Schools,
Elders. Monthly meetings to appoint faithful friends as El-
ders, and their duty, 77. To watch over the flock, 77. To
help and inform the weak, 83. Advice to Elders, 85. See
Ministers and Elders, 77. Queries of, 94. Monthly Meet-
ings, 96.
Executors. Excused from referring matters, not their own prop-
erty, to arbitration, 6. To take inventories seasonably, 104.
Failures. See Trade, 139.
Faith, in Christ, exhortation to, 73.
FAMILTEs, 49. Monthly meetings to appoint suitable friends
to visit families, 49, 99. To be called together to wait on
the Lord, 107.
Fashions. See Conduct and Conversation, 21. Education,
47. Parents and Guardians, 106. Plainness, 110.


Fasts. See Days and Times, 27.
FREE MAsons, 51.

GAMING and DIversIons, 52. See Youth, 152.

Government. See Civil Government, 16.

Goods, those that run, &c. to be dealt with, 18.

Grave-Stones. See Burials, 11.

Gravity of deportment exhorted to, 74.

Guardians. See Parents and Guardians, 106. Guardians who
consent to, or encourage marriage contrary to our rules, to
be dealt with, 66. See Marriage, 59. Wills, &c., 104.

HIRELING MINISTRY, and their Worship-Houses. Friends
not to contribute to the support thereof, 53.

Impost Duties and Excise, to be paid, 18. Such as have scru-
ples against, how to conduct, 18.
Imposters, pretending to the ministry, to be discouraged, 81.
Immoral transgressors, to be dealt with, 21.
Infidelity, books promoting, to be guarded against, 9.
Indecent behavior, in meetings, discouraged, 22.
Intemperance, advised against, 21.
Inns. See Conduct and Conversation, 21.

Language. See Plainness, 110. Parents and Guardians, 106.
Days and Times, 27.
Languages. Friends' children to be instructed in the modern,
LAw, 54. Friends not to sue one another at law, 5. Excep-
tions, 6, 54. See Sufferings, 137.
Legacies. See Wills, &c., 104. Queries, 120.
LIBERALITY to the Poor, 56. Charity recommended, 56.
Assistance to be afforded in sickness or scarcity, 56. The
rich warned and advised to communicate, 56.
LovE and UNITY, 57. See differences, &c., 38.
Lotteries. See Gaming and Diversions, 52.

Manuscripts to be viewed by the meeting for sufferings, 69.
MARRIAGE. General advice relating to, 59. Not to proceed
under twelve months after decease of former companion, 61.

Rules for proceeding in relation to marriage, 62. The pro-
ceedings of such as apply for marriage, not to be objected
to on account of offences before unnoticed, 96. Rules
against marrying with persons near of kin, 61. Persons
taking each other without consent of their monthly meeting,
to be disowned, 66. Rules respecting such as marry con-
trary to the established rules of the Society, 66. See Re-
cords, 122. Queries, 119. Removals, &c., 125.
MASTERs, Mistresses, and Servants, 67.
MEETINGs for Discipline, 40.

of MINISTERs and ELDERs, 79. Their queries, 94.
To annually choose or re-appoint a clerk, and keep records
of their proceedings, 80.

MEETING for SUFFERINGs, 69. To be consulted by friends
under sufferings, 69. To take the care of printing and dis-
tributing friends' books, 9. To have the direction of the
yearly meeting's stock, 70.

MEETINGs for Wors HIP, 71. To be attended in due time,
and not kept out of season, 72. Nor ended too soon, or un-
becomingly, 76. Caution about behavior after, 76. Exhorta-
tation to attend those on week-days, 75. Persons profess-
ing with us, who absent themselves from our religious
meetings, to be dealt with, 76. Persons living at a dis-
tance, reminded to keep meetings in their families, 72. See
Ministers and Elders, &c., 77.

MEETING-Hous Es, 68.

Membership. See Children, 13. Monthly Meetings, 96.
Removals, &c., 124. Convinced Persons, 23.

MILITIA. See War, 144.

Ministers. Advice to, 90. Who are members of the meetings
of ministers and elders, 79. Young ministers, when ap-
proved, to be reported to their monthly and quarterly meet-
ings, 78. Ministers to be troubled as little as may be with
being arbitrators, 4. To avoid being entangled in the af-
fairs of this life, 83. To be cautious of spreading reports
to the disadvantage of any, 84. To shut their ears against
all private information, 82. Such only to be permitted to
travel, as are approved by their own monthly or quarterly
meetings, 92. Their certificates to be called for, 81. Those
who are engaged to visit foreign parts, advised to propose
their concern to the yearly meeting of ministers and elders,
93. To be ready to receive advice as well as teach and in-
struct, 84. Ministry not to be judged of hastily, but the
hearers' own spirit to be first watched over, 83. All public
opposition to ministers who are not disowned, to be avoided,
89. None to impose themselves as preachers, who are not
faithful in observing the various branches of our testimonies,
82. Mode of dealing with such as friends are not satisfied
with, 89. Re-admission of such as are disowned, 89. Ad-
vices to ministers, 83, 90. To return to their habitations
as soon as their service is over, 84. See Meetings of Min-
isters and Elders, 77.
Ministers and Elders. See Meetings of Ministers and Elders,
77. Living in neglect of attending meetings, to be visited
and dealt with, 88.
Moderation, exhortation to, 56. See Plainness, 110.
Months. See Days and Times, 27.
MonTHLY MEETINGs, 96. Not to divide into two separate
meetings, without the consent of the quarterly meetings, 43.
To appoint overseers, 43. To appoint friends to visit fam-
ilies, 49, 99. Their judgment may be appealed against, 1.
What they consist of, 43. When they refuse to comply with
the judgment of the quarterly meeting, must appeal to the
yearly meeting, or may be dissolved by the quarterly meet-
ing, 116. To encourage setting up schools, 128. What to
record. See Records, 122. See Law, 54.
Mourning habits. Friends not to imitate the vain custom of
wearing or giving. See Burials, 12.

NEGROEs and SLAvEs. Friends not to reap the unrighteous
profits of slavery, 100. Such as have been held in slavery
to be encouraged in religious and virtuous lives, 101.

OATHs, not to be taken on any occasion, 102. Not to be ad-
ministered by friends in office, 103.

Offenders, how to be dealt with, 97, 98.

ORPHANs, WILLs, ExECUTORs, &c., 104.

Overseers, to be chosen by each monthly meeting, 43. See
Monthly Meetings, 96.

Overseers of the Poor to be annually appointed, and their duty,

Papers, to be examined before read, with some exception, 151.
PARENTs and GUARDIANs. General advice to, 106. To pro-
vide suitable schoolmasters, 107. To be exemplary, 108.
To put their children apprentices to honest friends, 108. To
be stirred up to their duty by monthly meetings, 14. Such
as consent to or encourage marriages contrary to our rules,
are to be dealt with, 66. To instruct their children, 13. To
keep their children to a seasonable and constant attendance
of meetings, 72. Not to place those under care from among
friends, without consent of the monthly meeting, 108. When
friends want apprentices, to seek out our own members, 109.
PILAINNEss, 110. See conduct, &c., 21. Education, 47. Pa-
rents, and Guardians, 106.
Poor. Poor friends to be maintained by the society, 113.
Not to be refused relief on account of offences unnoticed by
monthly meetings, 96. Their children to be educated by
monthly meetings, 114. See Schools, 127. Liberality to
the Poor, 56. Removals and Settlements, 124.
Preparative Meetings, 41.
Prayer, caution to ministers therein, 92.
Prize Goods. See Queries, 118.
Public Gifts, to be duly applied, 120.

QUARTERLY MEETINGs, 115. What they consist of, 42. Se-
lect meetings how made up, 79. To be held the day before
the quarterly and yearly meetings, 80. To enter all minutes
and written epistles from the yearly meeting, in fair books,
116. To hold meetings for Divine worship, on the first day
of the quarterly meeting, 116. Time when and place where
each quarter is held, 116. To appoint representatives to the
yearly meeting, 150. Their judgment may he appealed
from, 115. Not to be set up or divided into two, but by the
yearly meeting, 43. See Records, 122. Discipline, 40.
May unite the select members of two or more monthly meet-
ings into one select meeting, 79.

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