An Entire and Complete History, Political and Personal, of the Boroughs of Great Britain;: To which is Prefixed, an Original Sketch of Constitutional Rights, from the Earliest Period Until the Present Time ... In Two Volumes Octavo, Nide 2

G. Riley ... and sold, 1792

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Sivu 77 - House has met before that day, or will meet on the day of the issue), issue his warrant to the clerk of the Crown to make out a new writ for electing another member in the room of the member whose seat has so become vacant.
Sivu 386 - His office, which continues alfo for life, is to affift the chancellor in the government of the univerfity, and to hear and determine capital caufes, according to the laws of the land, and the privileges of the univerfity.
Sivu 94 - Taylor had actually made up his mind to have voted with this party ; but the moment his integrity and independence were attacked, he reversed his determination, and resolved to give his suffrage on the opposite side. That party, however, like their opponents, being ignorant of the favour designed them, and of the accident to which they owed it, assailed him with a more advantageous offer.
Sivu 223 - Midfummer 1762, which was pafled in the negative. In the mean time, Mr. Webb petitioned for an opportunity to vindicate himfelf at the bar of the Houfe, from the charges that were made againft him ; which he was allowed to do, either by himfelf or his counfel, at the time of hearing the matter of the petition.
Sivu 119 - Confideration of the Committee of Privileges and Elections, and that they do examine the Matter thereof, and report the fame, -with their Opinion thereupon, to the Houfe.
Sivu 376 - ... can afpire ; and that difcharging their duty, as fuch reprefentatives, was the nobleft of fervices. Sorry I am to fay, that thefe confiderations do not appear to have had the leaft weight with you. However, you have at laft acknowledged your guilt, and, by your petition yefterday, you feem confcious of the enormity of your offence. This houfe, in the terror of its judgments, always thinks upon mercy ; nor do they ever inflift punifhment but for the fake; of example, and to prevent others from...
Sivu 269 - GRIFFIN then leaving the chair, it was RESOLVED, That the thanks of this meeting be given to the Chairman, for his active, candid, and impartial conduct, Mr, GRIFF IN then refumed the Chair, and i: was RESOLVED, I.
Sivu 118 - And a motion being made, and the queftion being put, that the faid...
Sivu 172 - Practices, in endeavouring to procure himfelf to be elected a Burgefs to ferve in this prefent Parliament for the Borough of Maidjtone.
Sivu 402 - Shropfhire being a frontier county between England and Wales, was antiently better fortified than any other county in England, having no lefs than thirty-two caftles, befides fortified towns. The extremity of...

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