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HE doubtful Title, Gentlemen, prefixt Upon the Argument we have in Hand, May breed fufpence, and wrongfully disturb The peaceful Quiet of your fettled Thoughts: To ftop which Scruple, let this brief suffice, It is no pamper'd Glutton we prefent, Nor aged Counsellor to youthful Sin; But one, whofe Virtue fhone above the reft, A valiant Martyr, and a virtuous Peer, In whofe true Faith and Loyalty expreft Unto his Sovereign, and his Country's weal: We strive to pay that Tribute of our Love Your Favour's Merit; let fair Truth be grac'd, Since forg'd Invention former Time defac'd.



1NG Henry the Fifth.

Sir John Oldcastle, Lord Cobham. Harpool, Servant to the Lord Cobham. Lord Herbet, with Gough his Man.

Lord Powis, with Owen, and Davy, his Men. The Mayor of Hereford, and Sheriff of Herefordthire, with Bayliffs and Servants.

Two Judges of Affize.

The Bishop of Rochefter, and Clun his Sumner.
Sir John the Parfon of Wrotham, and Doll his

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Murley, the Brewer of Dunstable,


Mafter Butler, Gentleman of the Privy-Chamber.

Lady Cobham.

Lady Powis.

Cromer, Sheriff of Kent.

Lord Warden of the Cinque-Ports.

Lieutenant of the Tower.

The Mayor, Conftable, and Goaler of St. Albans. A Kentish Conftable and an Ale man.

Soldiers and old Men begging.

Dick and Tom, Servants to Murley.
An Irishman.

An Hot, Hoftler, a Carrier and Kate.


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