America's Survival Guide

Hillcrest Publishing Group, 2007 - 236 sivua
America was founded on certain First Principles which are the critical underpinnings of our free society: the rule of law, unalienable rights, equality, the Social Compact, and limited government. Supported by extensive research and fuelled by a true passion and respect for the profound vision of America's Founding Fathers, Michael Warren proves how they have guided us in our journey to become the greatest and most free nation in the world. He exposes how our knowledge of our principles and history has eroded to the point of near non-existence-and that this is a threat to our survival much more serious than what may come to us from outside our borders. Warren proposes thoughtful and needed reforms to enable America to rise above the impending doom from within and reclaim the greatness envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

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