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Ameilhon,(m.) laughable anecdote of,

Aphorisms of Archbishop Leighton,
Mr. Coleridge and Mr. More, 258-261.

Astronomical instruments in Cam-
bridge observatory, notice of, 231-

Barlow, (Mr.) Capt. Parry's opinion on
his plate for correcting the deviation
of the compass, 118, 119.

Bell, (Dr. T.) Observations on Italy,
154—character of the work, ib.
its object explained, 155—analysis of
it, with extracts, 155-163—numerous
errors in Italian phrases and names
of places and persons, notice of, 16S,
note. Italian society, remarks on,

Blind Spy in Russia, 147, note.

Bristol, (Bishop of,) Ecclesiastical His-
tory of the 2nd and 3rd Centuries, 1—
tone in which it has been the fashion
to speak of the Fathers, ib.—charges
brought against them considered, 2,
3—reasons for not consulting their
works, fallacy of, 4, 5—valuable evi-
dence to be collected from these ori-
ginal sources, 5, 6—character of Ter-
tullian's writings, 6—also of the pre-
sent work, 7, 8—literary paradox of
Gilbert Wakefield respecting his
writings—Semler's theories con-
cerning the same, notice of, 9—ob-
jections to the plan of the work, 9,
10—error-into which the bishop ap-
pears to have fallen, 10, 11—Latin
version of the Scriptures, absurd and
inconsistent opinion of Semler re-
specting, 12—passage usually al-
leged from Tertullian in support of
the controverted text, 1 John, v. 7,
12,1 S—critical remarks of the bishop
on the tract "De Oratione," and on
the treatise "De Praescripliene llae-
reticorum," 13, 14—continuance of
miraculous powers in the Chiisliau

churdi, conflicting opinions, 14—
lofty pretensions of the church of
Home, remarks on, 15, IB—evidence
of miracles, Gibbon and Dr. Middle-
ton on, 17'—their assertions shown
to be fundamentally untrue, from ec-
clesiastical writers, 17-37.

Burckhardt's account of the Arabian
manna, 1S9.

Hussy. Madame de, pleasant repartee
of, 60.

Cartwright,(F. D.) Life and Correspon-
dence of Major Cartwright, 96—ana-
lysis of the work, with extracts, 9fi-
112—character of the major, 112,11 S.

Cathedral of Milan, description of, 157.

Charles I., character of, by Godwin, 66,

Claim to miraculous powers by the
church of Rome, remarks on, 14-

Coleridge, (S. T.) Aids to Reflection in
the Formation of a Manly Character,
239—character of the work, 239,242,
280—biographical notice of Arch-
bishop Leighton, 212-250—charac-
ter of his works, 251, 252—contents
of the present work, 252—selections
from the aphorisms in the introduc-
tion, 253-261—Mr. C.'s distinction
between the reason and the under-
standing, remarks on, 261-264—-his
views of original sin, 265-270—and
of the doctrine of redemption, 270,
271—Dr. Paley's opinion on the re-
surrection shown to be conformable
to reason, and the opinion of divines,
272-275—charge brought against
him by Mr. C., examination of, 275-

Controverted text, 1 John v. 7, notice
of, 12.

Correspondence between Mr. Fox and
Major Cartwright, notice of, 101, 102.

Critical remarks on Mark xi. 129, 130.

Cfomuell, picture of, 76, 77.

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