The Letters of Mrs. Elizabeth Montagu: With Some of the Letters of Her Correspondents, Nide 3

Bradford and Inskeep, 1813 - 347 sivua

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Sivu 51 - Blow, blow, thou winter wind, Thou art not so unkind As man's ingratitude ; Thy tooth is not so keen, Because thou art not seen, Although thy breath be rude.
Sivu 9 - most emphatically, and I leave you to interpret what it meant. He has made a friendship with one person here, whom I believe you would not imagine to have been made for his bosom friend. You would, perhaps, suppose it was a bishop...
Sivu 248 - In this eclogue he gives hints of that spacious style which was to distinguish him, and which, like his own Fame, " With golden wings aloft doth fly Above the reach of ruinous decay, And with brave plumes doth beat the azure sky, Admired of base-born men from far away.
Sivu 23 - The night silenced all but our divine doctor, who sometimes uttered things fit to be spoken in a season when all nature seems to be hushed and hearkening. I followed, gathering wisdom as I went, till I found, by my horse's stumbling, that I was in a bad road, and that the blind was leading the blind. So I placed my servant between the doctor and myself; which he not perceiving, went on in a most philosophical strain, to the great...
Sivu 339 - He was very often visited by Lyttelton and Pitt, who, when they were weary of faction and debates, used at Wickham to find books and quiet, a decent table, and literary conversation. There is at Wickham a walk made by Pitt 5 and, what is of far more importance, at Wickham Lyttelton received that conviction which produced his
Sivu 10 - The waters,' says Mrs Montagu, ' have raised his spirits to a fine pitch, as your grace will imagine, when I tell you how sublime an answer he made to a very vulgar question. I asked him how long he stayed at the Wells : he said, As long as my rival stayed ; — as long as the sun did.
Sivu 18 - Rozinante, but in shape much resembling Sancho's ass; then followed your humble servant on a milk-white palfrey, whose reverence for the human kind induced him to be governed by a creature not half as strong, and, I fear, scarce twice as wise as himself.
Sivu 235 - After tea we rambled about for an hour, seeing several views, some wild as -Salvator Rosa, others placid, and with the setting sun, worthy of Claude Lorrain.
Sivu 97 - I am sorry to say the generality of women who have excelled in wit have failed in chastity; perhaps it inspires too much confidence in the possessor, and raises an inclination in the men towards them, without inspiring an esteem; so that they are more attacked and less guarded than other women.
Sivu 158 - Miss Chudleigh's dress, or rather undress, was remarkable ; she was Iphigenia for the sacrifice, but so naked, the high-priest might easily inspect the entrails of the victim. The Maids of Honour (not of maids the strictest) were so offended they would not speak to her.

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