Life for Us is what We Make it: Building Black Community in Detroit, 1915-1945

Indiana University Press, 1992 - 365 sivua

"Thomas's ground-breaking study should occupy a central place in the literature of American urban history." --Choice

" . . . path-breaking . . . a fine community study . . . " --Journal of American Studies

"Thomas's work is essential reading . . . succeeds in providing a bridge of information on the social, political, legal, and economic development of the Detroit black community between the turn of the century and 1945." --Michigan Historical Review

The black community in Detroit developed into one of the major centers of black progress. Richard Thomas traces the building of this community from its roots in the 19th century, through the key period 1915-1945, by focusing on how industrial workers, ministers, politicians, business leaders, youth, and community activists contributed to the process.

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Two The Demand for Black Labor Migration and
Three The Role of the Detroit Urban League in
Four Weathering the Storm

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RICHARD W. THOMAS, Associate Professor of History and Urban Affairs Programs at Michigan State University, is author or co-author of numerous publications in race relations and black history.

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