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Ather up the Fragments that John 6. U remain, that nothing be loft ; 12. was the Direction of our Saviour to His Disciples, after He had fed the Multitude. Which may well and usefully be applied, to the collecting and preserving the Accounts of the Lives of good Men : Men, who in their Day have been eininently useful in those Stations of Life wherein God, by His good Providence, hath

placed them. And this preserving, s by Publication, is the rather to be

done, when themselves do leave be-
hind them, in writing, an Account
of their Lives, and of the signal
Mercies of God to them therein :
For from such Accounts may best

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not only from this short Account of his Life, which was written by himself, and by the Supplement added hereunto; but more largely from his many useful Labours and Services in the inany Books which he writ in the Defence of Truth, and the Friends thereof: For which Service, he was in a particular manner qualified by spiritual Wisdom and Christian Obedience; to which, in him, was added great Strength and Depth of Judgment, wherein he could discern the Spirits of others, and was very much the Master of his own, as did appear to such who knew him, not only by the Soundness of his Reasoning, and the Seasonableness of his Words; but also by his great and exemplary Modesty, in that he was not hafty to propose, nor rudely tenacious to insist on what he had proposed, if any thing, though not well exprest, yet well intended, was offered by any one A 3


much weaker, nay, though bụt by a Babe in Chrift.

His Countenance was manly and chearful; his Deportment grave, yet affable and courteous, even to the meanest Person ; his Conversation innocent, pleasant and instructive, yet severe against any thing that was beyond the Liberty of Truth. These, with his other Qualifications of Body and Mind, did render him both very acceptable and very useful, as a Friend, as a Neighbour, and as a Member and Elder in the Church of Christ ; and the more, for that his Time was chiefly imployed in being serviceable in one or other of these Capacities. In

I might here particularly mention the several Labours of our deceased Friend, according to their respective Times, and the Nature of their several Subjects; but much of this being already done in the


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