Sivut kuvina

parents towards their offspring, and in no other way affecting the infant subjected to that rite. Consistently with these reasonable and, upon scriptural grounds, incontrovertible truths, the two services have been freely altered.

The time has arrived when, if Protestantism is to hold its ground, Christian sincerity must lay aside all doubtful assumptions and pretences, and regard nothing as essential which Christ or his Apostles have not explicitly pronounced to be of that character. All effects must be attributed to adequate and legitimate causes. All pretensions to priestly efficacy in the administration of Sacraments must be laid aside. St. Paul absolutely rejects them in one case“ Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the Gospel.”—1 Cor. i. 17. Consecration in every case must be represented, what it simply is, as a solemn dedication and appointment. The Ministers of the Church must be contented with their natural but honourable position—its servants for Christ's sake—the helpers of its joy, not lords over God's heritage ; doing the work of evangelists; and if Bishops or Overseers, giving constant examples how this duty ought to be done; and seeing that it is done with meekness of wisdom, by the Ministers under their direction and controul.

15. The Service for the Burial of the Dead, solemnly and affectingly impressive, criticism is reluctant to approach; for who has not at some period of his life felt its helpless moaning, its despairing appeals, its trembling but consolatory anticipations ? A few verses in the Psalms are omitted ; and one general petition for the comfort and benefit of survivors is inserted. The prayer that it would please God “ shortly to accomplish the number of his elect," which seems impatient, and inconsistent with resignation, and strangely placed amidst earnest appeals for prolonged life, is changed to a more subdued and Christian tone.

16. The six Collects appended to the Communion Service, as they are intended for occasional and discretionary use, are transferred to the general collection, entitled “ Prayers and Thanksgivings.

17. The Service for Confirmation should be universally introduced; or one great duty of the Church towards those whom in infancy it baptized and dedicated to God

in the gospel of Christ is neglected, at that critical time of life when such a ceremony is calculated to make a lasting and valuable impression on their minds. To bring the young, at an age when they can know the truth, and before the world has had time to alienate their affections from it, or to harden their hearts in despising it, in the presence of the church, to make a voluntary and solemn expression of their desire to be fully adopted into its communion is an obvious duty of Christian policy, of the sad effects of the prevalent neglect of which, we have innumerable proofs. An attempt has been made to render this service less formal and sacerdotal, and more impressive and practical.

In concluding these lengthened but necessary explanations of the plan adopted in making this revision, those into whose hands this work may come are earnestly requested seriously and candidly to examine what is here done; to compare the service thus revised, with the service as it is in common use; and then compare BOTH with THE WORD OF LIFE. This is the glorious, but long neglected privilege of Protestantism. The Roman Catholics have it not. Their position is Judaical : proudly unchangeable—“ An ordinance for ever;" which the coming of Christ has for ever set aside. Does the charter of our faith guarantee to us the right of private judgement, the liberty to speak and act according to our conviction of the meaning of the terms on which we enjoy deliverance from the bondage of the traditions of men ? Or does it bind our intellect in slavish subjection to the opinions of those who were as liable to err as we ourselves are, and stereotype their vain dreams and dogmas as if they were the word of God? This is the true battle ground in the approaching contest, on which the champions must contend; and God will defend the right.

The Service here presented is, however, not doctrinal nor polemical, but devotional. It is an appeal to the affections and to the intelligence of Christians in terms sanctioned by the language of Scripture, and of course approving themselves to all persons and churches which make that book the standard of their faith and the charter of their dearest hopes.

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EVENING. ii. ii. iii., omit 7.

iv. v., omit 6, 10. 2 vi. vii., omit 6, 12—16.

viii. ix. 3 X., omit 15.

xi., omit 6. xii. xiii. 4 xiv. xv. xvi.

xvii., omit 10-13. 5 xviii., 1 to 20.

xviii., 20 to end, omit 29, 34, 37-42. 6 xix.

xx. xxi. 7 | xxii., omit 10, 12-16.

xxiii. xxiv. 8 XXV.

Xxvi. xxvii. 9 xxviii., omit 4. xxix.

XXX. 10 xxxi., omit 8–13.

xxxii. 11 xxxiii.

xxxiv. 12 XXXV., omit all. xxxvi. xxxvii. to 12. xxxvii., omit 12—16, 19--22. 13 xxxviii., omit all. xxxix.

xl., omit 14, 15. 14 xli.

xlii. xliii. 15 xliv., omit 5--19. xlv., 6, 8-16. xlvi. 16 xlvii. xlviii.

xlix. 17 1., omit 18-20, 22.

li., omit 5. 18 lii., omit 6, 6. liii., same as xiv. liv. lv., omit 9–11, 16. 19 lvi., omit 7. lvii.

lviii., omit 3, 6–10. lix., 5-15. 20 | Ix., omit 7,8, 12. lxi.

lxii. Ixiii., omit 9-11. 21 lxiv. Ixv.


[27, 30. 22 | Ixvii. lxviii. to 7, omit 2.

xviii., 7to end, omit 13, 14, 20-23, 23 | Ixix., to 16.

Ixix., 16 to end, omit 22-25, 27, 24 lxxi., omit 13.

Ixxii, omit 20.

[30. lxx. 25 lxxiii.

Ixxiv. 26 lxxv., omit 10. lxxvi.

Ixxvii. 27 lxxviji., to 17.

Ixxviii., 17 to 40. 28 lxxviii., 40 to 59.

Ixxxviii., 59 10 end. 29 lxxix., omit 6, 12. lxxx.

Ixxxi. 30 lxxxii. Ixxxiii., omit 6–16.

lxxxiv. lxxxv. 31 lxxxvi.

Ixxxvii. lxxxviii., omit 5-8, 14-18. 32 | Ixxxix., to 26.

lxxxix., 27 to end. 33 xc. xci.

xcii., omit 11. xciii. 34 xciv., omit 16, 20–23. xcv. xcvi. xevii. 35 xcviii. xcix. c.

ci., omit 7,8. cii. 36 ciji.

civ., omit 36. 37 to 26.

cv., 26 to end. 38 cvi., to 24.

cvi., 24 to end., omit 39. [13. 39 cvii., to 31.

(5—7. cxi. cvii., 31 to end. cviii., omit 8, 9, 40 cix., omit 6-20, 24, 29. cx., omit cxii., omit 8. cxiii., omit 9. cxiv. 41 CXV.

cxvi. cxvii. 42 cxviii., to 19, omit 7, 10–12. cxviii., 19 to end. cxix., to 16. 43 cxix., 17—48.

cxix., 49–64. 44 cxix., 65—88.

cxix., 89–104. 46 cxix., 105–128.

cxix., 129–144. 46 cxix., 145–168.

cxix., 169 to end. cxx cxxi. 47 cxxii. cxxiii. cxxiv.

cxxv. cxxvi. cxxvii., omit 7–9. 48 cxxviii. cxxix. cxxx. cxxxi.

cxxxii. cxxxiii. cxxxiv. 49 CXXXV.

cxxxvi., omit 18—20. 50 cxxxvii., omit 7–9. cxxxviii. cxxxix.

[12. 51 cxl.

cxli., omit 9, 10. cxlii. cxliii., omit 52cxliv.

cxlv. 53 cxlvi.

cxlvii. 54 cxlviii.

clxix. cl.


The division into 64 portions is to provide one for Good Friday and one for

Christmas Day No. 1 is suitable for the latter; No. 22 for the former.




EVENING. 1 Genesis i., or ii.

Genesis iii., or iv. v. 9 to end, or vi.

vii., or viii. 3 ix. to 18, or xi, to 10.

xii. to 10, or xiii. 4 Job xxxviii., or Isaiah xl.

Job xxxix., or Proverbs viii. 5 Genesis xviii., or xxi. 9 to end. Isaiah xxix., or Genesis xxii. to 20. 6

xxiii., or xxiv. to 32. Genesis xxiv. 32 to end, or xxviii. 7 xxxii., or xxxji.

xxxvii., or xlii. 8 xli. to 37, or xliii.

xli. 37 to end, or xliv. 9 Proverbs i., or ii.

Proverbs iii., or iv. 10 X., or xiv.

Genesis xlv., 8 & 26 to end. 11 Genesis xlvii., or xlviii.

xlix., or l. 12 Exodus ii., or iii.

Exodus iv. to 24, or vii. 13 X., or xi.

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Deuteronomy iv. to 41, or vi. Deuteronomy viii., or ix. 18 X., or xv. to 19.

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xxxii.29to end,or xxxiii. 20

xxxiv., or Proverbs xvi. Proverbs xxii., or xxv. 21 Proverbs xxviii., or xxix.

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xij., or xiv. 39 xxii., or xxiv.

XXV., or xxvi. 40 1 Samuel i. 9 to end, or ii. to 12. 1 Samuel iii., or iv. 41 vi., or vii.

viii., or ix. 42

xiii., or xiv. 36 to end. 43 xvi., or xvii.

xviii. to 17, or xix. to 19. 44 xx. to 24, or xxiv.

xx. 24 to end, or xxviii. 45 xxxi., or Isaiah xxviii. to Isaiah


8 to end, or xxxiii. 20, and last verse. 46 | Isaiah sli., or xlii. to 23.

xliv., or xlv. 47 2 Samuel i., or v. to 23.

2 Samuel vii., or xii. to 24. 48 1 Kings ii. to 13, or iii. 1o 16. I Kings xvii., or 2 Kings ii. to 23. 49 17., 2 Kings 18. xviii.17 to end, 2 Kin.iv.18to end. 50 2 Kings v. to 20, or xx.

2 Kings xxiv., or Jeremiah ix. to 25. 51 Ezekiel xvii., or xxviii.

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ii. 24 to end, or ix.
xii., or Jonah iii.

Jonah ii. & iv., or Micah iv.
Micah v., or vi.

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Zephan. iii. 8 to end, or Haggai ii. Zechariah viii., or ix.
Zechariah siii., or xiv.

Malachi ii., or iii.

X., or xi.

X., or xii.

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