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N publishing another edition of the Book of COMMON

PRAYER adapted for Protestant Christian worship, the Editor gladly avails himself of the opportunity of carefully revising his first attempt. In a work attended with difficulties, which no one can understand who has not undergone the same labour, some things escaped the vigilance, and baffled the judgement of the reviser. This second edition comes forth with the benefit of the inspection and advice of several friends of the Author. A few useful suggestions have been adopted from a publication entitled “ Hints and Suggestions on a Revision of the Liturgy," by the Rev. C. H. Davis, M.A., of Wadham College, Oxford, 2nd edition.

The Editor has retained the preface to his first edition so far as it expresses the disposition in which the revision was attempted, and the principles upon which it was conducted. The work has been described as appearing to be designed for the use of Unitarians; and if Unitarian Churches can or do adopt it, the wishes of its Author will be gratified; because this will show that a Liturgy, constructed with strict regard to Scripture phraseology, is not inconsistent with their views and feelings. It will also distinctly show, more than anything else can, that they have been, and are the subjects of unjust calumny from other religious denominations. But the Editor again avers that his design is not sectarian ; that he has endeavoured faithfully to render this impressive service such, that it shall « not contain anything contrary to the word “ of God, or to sound doctrine, or which a godly man

may not with a good conscience use and submit unto”; and that in his efforts to accomplish this desirable result, he has earnestly striven to exhibit the Service, not merely free of all doctrines, which cannot be proved by Scripture, about which men may disagree, but also free from all expressions which do not correspond with the words of Holy Writ.

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