GB/T 1499.2-2018 Translated English of Chinese Standard. (GBT 1499.2-2018, GB/T1499.2-2018, GBT1499.2-2018): Steel for the reinforcement of concrete - Part 2: Hot rolled ribbed bars

Etukansi, 21.7.2018 - 31 sivua
This Part of GB/T 1499 specifies the terms and definitions, classification, grade, order content, dimension, shape, weight and tolerance, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging, marking and quality certificate of hot rolled ribbed bars for the reinforcement of concrete. This Part applies to hot rolled ribbed bars and hot rolled ribbed bars of fine grains for the reinforcement of concrete. This Part does not apply to re-rolled bars and residual heat-treated bars rolled from finished steel.


Classification grade
Technical requirements
Annex A informative Calculation formula for specific projected rib area of bars

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