United States Congressional Serial Set

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1912
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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Sivu 213 - WORLD'S PRODUCTION OF GOLD. The production of gold in the world since 1860 is shown in the following table from the report of the Director of the Mint for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1911.
Sivu 208 - Manganese deposits of the United States, with sections on foreign deposits, chemistry, and uses: US Geol.
Sivu 340 - Provided further, That all labor performed and services rendered pursuant to this section shall be under the supervision of an officer of the customs, to be appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury...
Sivu 384 - ... Secretary of the Treasury, who shall make a proper assay of the sample, and report the result to the proper customs officers, and the import entries shall be liquidated thereon, except in case of ores that shall be removed to a bonded warehouse to be refined for exportation as provided by law. And the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to make all necessary regulations to enforce the provisions of this paragraph.
Sivu 384 - Treasury is authorized to make all necessary regulations to enforce the provisions of this paragraph. 194. Zinc in blocks or pigs and zinc dust, one and three-eighths cents per pound; in sheets, one and five-eighths cents per pound; in sheets coated or plated with nickel or other metal, or solutions, one and three-fourths cents per pound; old and worn-out, fit only to be remanufactured, one cent per pound.
Sivu 309 - Association reported the stock of the marketable copper held at all points in the United States on the first of each month. The following table shows the stocks held on the first of each month...
Sivu 156 - The following table shows the number of blast furnaces in blast on June 30 and December 31, and the total number of stacks recorded for the years...
Sivu 353 - The statistics of domestic consumption are taken in part from the smelter returns and in part from the records of the Bureau of Statistics of the Department of Commerce and Labor, and the tables for foreign production and consumption were compiled from the sources indicated. i In Mineral Resources for 1906, p. 461, zinc derived from ore was called "primary" spelter to distinguish it from the secondary spelter recovered from such sources as drosses, skimmings, and old metal.
Sivu 340 - Lead dross, lead bullion or base bullion, lead in pigs and bars, lead in any form not specially provided for in this...
Sivu 161 - The imports of the alloys of the rarer metals are not all reported separately. For instance, the imports of ferrochrome are combined with those of chromium; those of ferromolybdenum are combined with those of the metal molybdenum, and those of ferrotungsten are included with those of tungsten. For the sake of comparison, however, such statistics as are available are presented in the following table: Imports of ferro-alloys in 1910 and 1911, in long tons.

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