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Grotius, Drufius, Mariana, Pole's prolegomena on Hag. Lyra, Tarnobius, Vatablus, Pifcator, Pareus, Cornel. a Lapide, Henry, Mather, and many others concur in looking on him as a figure. The name then belonging to him only as a type, it follows it was given to make him such, that taking all the accounts together they might see the whole, which the true JÉSUS should accomplish. And so long as they forgot not (for to forget divine truths they were, as all by nature are very liable,) that he was only a type, and of course pointed to another, to the true MESSIAH, that, as Daniel had juft informed them, was in the (yso) fulness of time to be cut off and not for himself, the name must anfwer this end of its being given. For, to shew briefly how he would be fuch, he must have directed the minds of them who had ordinary understanding to another, but like person under this name of (JESUS] THE ESSENCE THE SAVIOR, (CHRIST or MessiAH] THE ANOINTED ONE, the like high-priest, in the lowly form of a like forvant, manifest in the time of a like captivity, bearing fin, Zec. undergoing a like pasion under the bondage of the law, and for the fin of the people, and under the like fierce anger of Jehovah, Lam. i. 11, ii. 2, when the virgin nature in Him should fit folitary, as the typic. city, &c. ver. I. weeping, mourning, ver. 4. having a fire in His bones, and a net spread for His


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feet, ver. 13, an-, hands fpread out, ver. 17, all

that passed by wagging their beads, c. ii. 15. and deprived of the true fanctuary, his body, 'till the like full fatisfaction was completed, for the accomplishment (a) of the punishment of the iniquity of His people, ver. 22. --having THE WORD Jehovah come also to Him, after a like full fatiffactory passion in his body, the true city, and temple and fanctuary, which God should pitch, indeed abhorred, Lam. ii. 7. and in the time of a general expectation of a like revolution, when he was buried in a like captivity of the grave calling Him, in like manner cast down, as he fhould be, to return from this bondage, Zec. ii. 6, 7. into the like city, His body, by a like subftantial union of HIMSELF with Him, Hag. ii. 5o - alike awakening His spirit to build or raise. up again the like temple of Jehovah after a similar fire of wrath, and amidft the like opposition of foes to their aftopishment and confusion, Ezr, iv. c. vi. Neh, iv. c. vi. - It would point

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(a) If the Lamentations are read as typic of those of the great Propbet and true city of Jehovah, the MESSIAH, of whom the Jews understand them in Ecbarabati ad c. i. Thren. the fad correspondence between them previous to the resurrection of botha will be glaring. The refigning acknowledgment in c. ii. 17, Jehovah batb done that wbicb He had devised, &c. was eminently prefigurative of what is said Mat. xxvi. 24, by CHRIST, THE SON OF MAN goob, as it is written of Him, ver. 56, 6. xxvii. 9, 35, all this was done that sbe soriptures of the prophets might be fulfilled, Lak. xxiv, 25, 44. Job. xix. 24, 28, 36, and of what Peter faith, Asts ii, 23, and all the apofiles declare, f, iv, 27, 28.

them to the like JESUS, THE ESSENCE THE SAVIOR manifest on the RESURRECTION of Jehovah out of the like habitation, the like HOLY body of Him, Zec. ii. 13. as a like man standing at the right hand of this PERSON, iii. I, Aats vi. the GLORY, ver. 8.- alike clothed with filthy garments, Zec. iii. 4, and bearing our iniquity in his body, alike resisted by Satan, Zec. iii. I, and wondered at ver. 8, in the world, but then alike plucked as a brand, Zec. iii. 2, out of the like fire of indignation ; having our iniquity pafs from him, Zec. iii. 4, arrayed in like robes of beauty and glory, and exalted after suffering to be the like JUDGE of the house of Jehovah, Zec. iii. 7, causing the people to understand the law, Neh. viii. 7, as Luk. xxiv. 44, 45, crowned as KING and PRIEST after the order of Melchizedech, with the like, but true (Zec. iii. 5. vi. 11,) GLORY, because alike receiving the promises, Zec. iii. 7. vi. 12, in like but full completion, of being (a) THE ONE BRANCHING FORTH, as the day-spring from this like low estate, of raising up the like temple of his body, (the prophets alike helping with their predictions, Ezr. v. 2.) after satisfaction for fin to be filled with GLORY, though amidst


(a) Our Lord's words Job. ii. 19, 21, were intended to prove Him this BRANCH (DAY-SPRING, Luk. i. 78.) which, though cut down, should like a tree BRANCH FORTH from the ground, and to invite them to look to Him as fucla.

foes, alike bearing the GLORY Jehovah upon him, or being GLORIFIED, Aets iii. 13, and fitting and RULING as the like but true PRIEST or INTERCESSOR upon his throne, and having the counsel of peace between Him and Jehovah, - having persons alike far off, frangers to the covenant, and aliens, &c. to come by faith, and build up all their hopes and themselves in this like temple of Christ's raising, on the return of him alive from fuffering for fin, Zec. vi. 15. viii. 22, and lay hold on the skirts of Him, the [true Jew] ESSENCE-CONFESSOR, with this our faith in their hearts, that Jehovah is ASSOCIATE with HIM, Zec. viii. 23, (fulfilled in Mat. ix. 21, c. xiv. 36.); and seek like reconciliation, and acceptance of their persons &c. with God through the atoning blood of the like substituted unblemished offering of Him, the like but true Jesus Christ, the like great interceffor, and judge of the world, the like king and prisft, mediator and advocate. These were truths as discernable by them in the typic JEsus as objects are in a glass, so long as they had eyes to fee: and their not now seeing them therein is no more a proof they are not to be seen in him, or that he was not a type, than a man's not using a glass is that there is nothing to be seen in it, or that it is not a glass.

Being therefore this type in his name, in his life and passion, in his resurrection from captivity, and



exaltation to glory, he would be togetħer with the fon of Non a joint standard, by which the true Jesus might be known on His advent, as well as prepare the way for the readier reception of Him under the titles of JESUS CHRIST, in the name and mediation of whom we conclude our, as they then did their, prayers. For as many as attended to the type would be effectually guarded against every seductory impofture, that the craft “ and subtlety of the devil or “ man" should devise. Because, whatever might be suggested concerning the secular grandeur of the MESSIAH's kingdom, it would be impossible in the nature of things for any one to be the true JESUS, that should not come up to the ftandard given in this fon of JehoscDECH, that is, who should not be manifeft on a like important occafion in a like predicted fulness of time, in the like character of a priest, as a Man united with THE ANGEL Jehovah; not bear iniquity, not be resisted by Satan, not undergo a like paffion or suffering of reproach and wrath for the punishment of the son of the people, depriving him of his temple-like body: who should not after this have THE WORD Jehovah come to him afe ter like satisfaction, not be recalled alive from his bonds, and awakened to raise up again this bodily temple of Jehovah; not, when raised, be alike cleared from iniquity, not have a like „robę of purity; not be exalted to be the JUDGE


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