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of the house or church of Jehovah, not sause the people to understand the law ;—who should not receive the promises fulfilled, and be crowned as KING and PRIEST with the true GLORY JeHOVAM ; not have many nations joined to Jehovah in this temple-like body of Him, the like Jesus CHRIST, and not by His oblation procure of God like peace, and access to their persons and prayers; here like restoration to His favour and new life, and hereafter the like grand RETURN of each person from his bondage in the grave in confusson indeed, to his own human body, as Israel, each to his own city, in the heavenly CanAAN, no more to be plucked up or severed, where this DIVINE PERSON will be seen with Jesus AS THE GLORY of His asociated body, and of his mystic temple, the church, now rejoicing in the hope of this person, therefore so called, Rom. v. 2. 2 Cor. iii. 18, iv. 6, 27, & al. But though no one falling short of this could be the true MESSIAH, yet He, who should be and suffer and do really what this person was, and suffered and did typically, would of necessity be so, for the reason assigned in the last chapter. God therefore gave this fon of Jehosedech the name to make him this standard, that all generations might hence learn by whose priest-hood, facrifice and bloodshedding, restoration and glorification after full fatisfaction for sin, they were to look for a return to the favour of God and to the land of ever


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lafting life," namely by those of (Jesus) THE ESSENCE THE SAVIOR, the [MESSIAH or] CHRIST. This name proclaimed him such, and the accounts cited confirm the character.

Should any think this person as a Levite prefigured the true Jesus should come of Levi, he must do it for want of attending to the meaning of the word. For Levi denotes aught coùpled or conjoined as scales, and shewed this JESUS typically so COUPLED with THE ANGEL or SENT PERSON Jehovah, as a husband with a wife, Gen. xxix. 34. though bearing the curse, c. xlix. 7. So that the true Jesus might be, as He was the [Levite] COUPLED one here prefigured, bearing the curse, (a) without springing from Levi's Aesh, as well as what the names of the other tribes shadowed out. But hence there arises another proof of the justness of the interpretation of Jesus, since his being a

Levite denoted him ONE COUPLED, as the name speaks him in some sort with this DIVINE perfon.

Will any urge against the uniformity of the character that this Jesus is called the son of


(c) The foul and body of Him are THE (Levites] COUPLED ones, the intercefforial ones, miniftering (78) wib Jehovah, witb whom it is said Jer. xxxiii. 21, 22,

« My covenant "hall not be broken,” and the feed of whom, in this character as well as that of the true (David) RELOVED, ibe feryant of Jenovan, has the promise, (confessed by sbe Ju'ws to be made TO THE MESSIAH, Gen. xxii. 17.) of being multiplied as the host of beaven, and as obe sand of ibe fea.

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JehoseDeCH, not of Nun? It must be they who consider not how impossible it was for one or two personal characters to represent all those, which the MESSIAH was to be found in, and that on this account there is that great variety of perfonal types in SS, as well as that diversity of descent observable in persons bearing the same name, as in this instance before us.

And this Jesus of the prophets was the son of JehoseDech to point out what could not be signified by his being the son of Nun. For JeHOSEDECH denotes THE ESSENCE THE JUST ONE,” who was the fon or one constructed of (Seralan] THE DIRECTOR THE ESSENCE, (not [573 GeDeL] the great or high only, for the word is changed, but [vX7 RAS]) THE HEAD ONE, that was pain on the burning of the typic city, and went into captivity, when Jehovah carried away Judah, 2 K. xxv. 18, 21, and i C. vi. 15. In which view it is obvious how lively a figure he was of the [true Jeh oseDech) ESSENCE The JUST ONE, the true high-priest, going forth out of the eartly or human nature of him, on the like flaughter of Him in the previous character of the true [SeralaH) DIRECTOR THE ESSENCE in the flesh, (a) the true

the priest


(a) He was the united one or brother of Ezra the priest, Neb. viii. 9, who is also faid to be the son of Seraian, Ezr. vii. 1. setting forth in a type the (true EZRA) HELPER,CHRIST, being as this priest, brought up from a like bondage, should be constructed


(UNA RAS] HEAD PRIEST over all, when JeHovah made a like sad revolution of the natures of the true (Judah] ESSENCE-CONFESSING ONE ; and this as constructed, in this character, of Him as THE DIRECTOR THE ESSENCE, (a) Nain for His people's iniquity, in order to be THE JUST ONE. And this Jesus being the son of JeroseDech was Chewing to all, that the true Jesus, THE ESSENCE THE SAVIOR, was to be in like manner raised up, and crowned with GLORY after HỊs paffion, should be one conftructed in this character of the son of Him, as previously THE Essence THE JUST one in the flesh, who, though as THE JUST ONE Jain, Aets jii. 14, as the like CHRIST THE RIGHTEOUS was to be, Yoh. ii. 1, should in çonsequence have this name (Jesus] THE ESSENCE THE SAVIOR, fhould return from bondage, build up his temple-like body, and be exalted to be KING and PRIEST, settling them in peace; according to the order in IJ. xlv. 21, I am (EL) THE INTERPOSING GOD, THE [p"74JEDIK] JUST ONE and THE SAVIOR, Look unto Me and be ye saved, &c. - Zec. ix. g. He is THE JUST ONE, and having SALVATION, &c. This disinction then proves not a want of uniformity in the character, but only that the true Jesus should consist, as of [Nun] one in subjection, the son of man, so of the son of God, of (JehoshéDecH] THE ESSENCE THE JUST ONE ; and of course be THE (JE] ESSENCE, which the name imports.


as a son of the true Seraian) LORD OF DIRECTOR THI ESSENCE in the Aesh, the true HIGH-PRIEST, first in like manner, and amidf a like fiery indignation on His body, as or the trụe city and temple, slain for our fin.

(A) Which sheu's the reason why Jerusalem was burnt in bis priest-hood rather than under another's.

Indeed we read Ezr. x. 18, of the fons or ore's constructed of [JesHuA] the one to save, the son of [Jozapak] THE ONE TO JUSTIFY (but it follows [1] and or) in conjunction with the (1778e AHIU or brethren] united ones of him [MA A SeiaH] THE MĄKER THE ESSENCE, and [EleAZER] THE INTÉRPOSING GOD THẾ Helper, &c. had taken (NeSHIM] forrowbearing ones (wives nomasz NÉCHIRUT] made to be cut off, (as Frangers from the congregation): which, as a representation (and such it must be for the reason in p. 94.) of the God-Man (a), which had assumed or taken part of our forrowbearing natures, that as aliens from God were to be cut off, (as they were in Him) is a proof THE [true Maaséiah] MAKER THE ESSENCE, THE (true ELIEZER) INTERPOSING GOD THE HÈLPER, was in conjunction with (Jes HUA) THE SAVIOR ; and that His name Je is therefore found in JESUS] THE ÉSSENCE THE SAVIOR, as well as in (Jero-seDécH] THE ÉsSENCE THE JUST ONE.

IVe (a) A scripture-form, as proved p. Su 94.

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