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We read also in Neh. vii. 39, of the fons or ones constructed of [JEDA-IaH] THE TO BE KNOWN ESSENCE [51] for the house of (Jeshua) THE SAVIOR, the son of [Azan-lah] THE BALLANCING ESSENCE in the flesh, c. X. 9, who came up from the captivity; signifying THE (true) ONES CONSTRUCTED of the [true JEDA-jah] TO BE KNOWN ESSENCE, for the (like) temple (or body) of THE (true JesHua] SAVIOR, consisting of the [true Azan-IaH] BALLANCING ESSENCE, that balances accompts between God and man, which were to ascend from the like bondage. And these fons (as JeSHUA, Neh. xii. 6.) are called [Levites] COUPLED ONES, to figure the soul and body of CHRIST as (Levites] coupled with Jehovah of hofts, THE REDEEMER, which the title speaks the typic [JesHUA] SAVIOR was.

Again, we find in c. xii. 24, another (JeSHUA) THE SAVIOR, the head of THE (Levites] COUPLED ONes in this other character of the fon, or one constructed of [KaDMI-EL] THE FORE-RUNNING (and so ANCIENT) INTERPOSING GOD, plainly figuring (for it had elfe been blasphemy to have borne the name,) THE [true JesHUA) SAVIOR, the great HEAD of HIS COUPLED soul and body to be constructed or confif, in the character of THE SON, of this person, [el] the INTERPOSING God, who, as now, was this fore-runner of His people of old, Heb. vi. 26. Nor have we less proof He was to be this God from the other characters of [Has HaB-IAH] THE ACCOUNTED ESSENCE (who is imputed to us, or put to our accompt as OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, Rom. x. 4.) &c.


Again in c. xi. 26, we meet with a city, in ' which they of the children or ones confiructed of (JuDaH] THE ESSENCE-CONFESSING ONE dwelt on their coming up again frrm the typic captivity, called [JesHUA] THE SAVIOR or SAVING ONE; doubtless because of its situation and connection, as well as fortification, which afforded a temporal security to its inhabitants. Whereby it became, as it is recorded for a shadow of the true [Kerit city, or] co-united one of Jehovah the true [JesHUA] SAVIOR, the city of God, whose walls were to be faivation, &c. in which they were to dwell who were to be of or from the ones constructed of the true (Jubah] ESSENCE-CONFESSOR, after a return from the fimilar bondage of death. And the more clearly to affert this union it is represented as previoufly [Jekabze-EL] THE ONE COLLECTED TOGETHER OF THE INTERPOSING GOD (as the waters into one place, and Christ's body and blood, &c.); and afterwards as [BethPhaler] The TEMPLE OR BUILT UP ONE (or body) OF THE DELIVERER, (styled (Pelat, INH] THE DELIVERER THE ESSENCE, (a) and [Palti-EL] THE DELIVERER THE INTER

T ra) Coñi, 21. Ezek, xi. 13,


POSING GOD) dwelling of course in Him as such. So that the character of JESHUA included in it the person's connection with this (Jen] ESSENCE, which is in the name JehoSHUA.

Lastly, as we find the typic royal flesh of the spouse of THE BELOVED, 1 C. iii. 5, called [BatH-SHUA] (a) THE ONE CONSTRUCTED (as a daughter) “OF THE SAVING ONE," and the typic (b) HEAD of the people called ["300" ISHI) THE MAKER TO BE SAVED, of Judah, THE ESSENCE CONFESSING ONE, i C. iv. 42, as well as of [SIMEON] THE OBEDIENT ONE (c) 6. V. 24, (to fhew he who is saved should



(a) Styled also (Bat H-SHEBA] THE ONE CONSTRUCTED (as a daughter) or THE SATISFYING ONE, which (SHUA] THE SAVING ONE was, the type being called fo, not by any error of transcribers, but purposely borb, to shew the one would be the other; and this as such brought forth [Solomon) THE PLACE, to shew CHRIST's character our PEACE would be the consequence of the others.

(6) The fons or ones constructed of Him in this character are called [Pelat-ian] THE

THE ESSENCE, (Near-jan] THE YOUTH (as JeHOSHUA is called) or ExPOSED ONE THE ESSENCE, and [RePHA-10N] THE RESTORING or HEALING ESSENCE, and [Uzz-1-EL] THE MIGHTY ONE THE INTERPOSING God, and were [-] for [WXTRAS] THE HEAD one : clearly proving He, who was the SAVIOR, was to be this ESSENCE in these orber characters, and this God of their fathers.

(c) This character is here joined, as with (Hepher] THE ONE OF THE DUST, so with [El-IAL] THE HELPING INTERPOSING GOD, &c. to evince the one to be the other. Whence it is to be concluded, (however Limborg has betrayed this necessary truth, the co-equal Divinity of the MESSIAH to the Jew, who ignorantly denied him to be predicted as tbe GOD of Israel, P. 76, Tert. Scrip.) that this is a doctrine set forth


be both) -- and the typic KING styled (urung MESHA] THE SAVIOR, (by the like offering of the first-born) 2 K. iii. 4. and the typic CanAANITE (SHUA] THE SAVING ONE, Gen. xxxviii. 2, and the typic king and prophets called [HosHeA] THE CAUSER OF SALVATION, so we also meet the name (VW' ISHUA] THE SAVIOR indisputably given to men in compofition with the Divine titles, in

ABI-SHUA, i. e. THE FATHER THE SAVIOR, a type of CHRIST as the high-pries, I C. vi. 4.

EL-ISHA, i.e. THE INTERPOSING GOD THE SAVIOR, a type of Christ as the prophet, I K. xix. 16.

EL-ISHUA, i.e. THE INTERPOSING GOD THE SAVIOR, a type of CHRIST as the son of DAVID, 2 S. v. 15. i G. iii. 6.

HOSHA-Iah, i. e. THE CAUSER OF SALVATION THE ESSENCE, a type of CHRIST as the prince of life, &c.

Isa-lah, i. e. THE SAVIOR THE ESSENCE, a type of Christ as the royal prophet, I. i. 1. and

MaLCHISHUA, i. 2. THE KING OR LEADER THE SAVIOR, a type of Christ as the prince

Jain, so repeatedly, in such a variety of manners, and with so much clearness of expression, that we should not wonder a Jew acquainted with the law and the prophets should make any suppolition, that our savior was not truly and properly God, an objection to His being the ONI, of whom Moses in the law and the prophets did (thus) write.

T 2

Main, S. xiv. 49, and xxxi. 2, and i C.

viii. 33.

All which names demonstrate THE SAVIOR (a) was [. lah or Je] THE ESSENCE [EL] THE INTERPOSING GOD, (ABI) THE FATHER, [Melchi] THE KING, and consequently prove the propriety of the FEARFUL name [it' JeH] THE ESSENCE being found with [Hoshua) THE SAVIOR in this name JehoSHUA or Jesus.

Upon the whole then this name, as well as the joint title of MESSIAH or CHRIST, however it may have escaped the notice of English readers by being printed Jos HUA, was most illustrious among the ISRAELITES under the old covenant, as the title of their leader, captain and prophet, priest, king, and judge, it being borne by these two highly distinguished persons on two most memorable occasions, on their wonderful typic deliverances from EGYPT and Babylon; both having the ANGEL, THE WORD Jehovah, THE ESSENCE the Name (jah or Je] associate with them, both HEADS of their

people, both under-going reproach and suffering in


xviii. 50.


(a) Our Savior is so called in the person of the typic [Da. VID) BELOVED (as S. Arbanasius, Tom. II. 514, and Brougbton interpre! it) in Pf. ii. 2,

- xxii, 8, &c. which had better been retained than its translation, ANOINTED, to have shewn Christ in the Psalms to the ordinary reader.

(6) For we have no ground for saying the for of Sirach bore .it under divine direction.

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