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the [ADONI) LORD or DIRECTOR, ver. 5. gracious and lovely, because He has chosen (this true) JACOB for the use of HIMSELF, (at His incarnation) and (this) Israel for His own [seGel] peculiar polefion. All which, if it accounts for their belief that the kingdom of the MESSIAH would be, what it is therefore styled, the kingdom of God, shews also the name and the reason given for it to be only descriptive of this perfon, the [JE] ESSENCE, as the [OsHeA ESUS] SAVIOR they had been taught to expect in the MESSIAH. And truly the Jew, who considered the name Jehoshua and (EUA) the Being HIMSELF, to be the titles of this person in the Old Testament, and the promises Jehovah made to SAVE, would not understand it or the description in Heb. to import aught but that this (JE] Essence should be the SAVIOR, according to Hof. xiii. 4. O Israel, thou haft deAroyed thyself, but in Me is thine help.

Again, St. Matthew says ver. 22, all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the LORD by the prophet, saying, Behold a virgin Joall be with child, and mall bring forth a son, and they shall call His name EMMANU-EL, which, being interpreted, is GOD WITH US. Which is affirming, as Mary was found with child of the Holy Ghost for the accomplishment of this prophecy, Behold a virgin shall be child, and fall bring forth a son, fo His name was



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called Jesus, to complete this other, they fall call His name EMMANU-EL, which being interpreted is God (this EL, the interposing one, oft found in the names of the types fee p. 56, 63,) with us; therefore Jesus muft bave the name of God in it, as well as God be af sociate with Him, to be a synonymous name with EMMANU-EL, or else it appears not how its being given to Him completes the prediction. But if Jesus fignified only THE SAVIOR, there would not be the name of God in it. It muft then have this signification ashigned it, becaufe here in [Je] the name of God is contained, as well as that of a SAVIOR, and confequently what alone makes it an equivalent title with [EMMANU-EL) GOD WITH US; He by being (Jesus) the ESSENCE THE SAVIOR becoming (EMMANU-EL) the GOD WITH US, as prefigured by His being (under the word Em] ASSOCIATE WITH the types, (fee, p. 87, 88.) Thus strongly does the context require this interpretation.

To thiş too St. Paul bears witness in Phil. i. 9. saying, God also hath highly exalted Him, and given Him a NAME which is above every name, &c. Which, though to be underftood of the perfon called the NAME Jehovah, or Je, refident in the temple of His body, as once in its types, is to be also understood of His title. But ibis could not be above every name, if it was


hot, or had not in it the name of God, and, I may add, of His office of a SAVIOR. For 1. If it had not in it Je, the name of God, then the names of God would be above it; , if it was not also the name of Him as (HOSHUA) a SAVIOR, it would not have been above every name in the fight of God or man ; * not in the eye of God, for the whole SS shews how singularly eminent this name is in His fight; not in loft man's eye, for to him this endearing title, opening the door of mercy, would be more excellent. Whence it is to be concluded this name is above every name, becaufe it is [JE] THE ESSENCE, and [Esus answering to OsHea] THE SAVIOR, expreffive of the most fublime nature, and of the most amiable office, and thus in both respects above every name; fo excellent in all the earth, Pf. viii. 1. as to make the Psalmist say Thou hast magnified above all THY NAME, THY WORD, Cxxxviii. 2. It is said further to be given that at the name of JESUS every knee Mould bow, of things or perfons in heaven, and in earth, and under the earth. It is then an adorable name: but this it cannot be unless expreffive of the object of adoration; and it cannot be so, unless it is the name of a person who is of the DIVINE ÉSSENCE, the sole object of worship. But if Je ftandeth not for the HEB. [C]je there is no name of the Divinity, so nothing adorable expreffed by it to justify our bowing. Hence then we Y 2


again infer the interpretation to be right, as alone harmonizing with this account of the name, which they in heaven, the angels worshipped, Heb. i. and winds obeyed; they on earth, men's minds and members and trees, money and loaves, &c. were subject to, and they under the earth, the sea and fishes, the dead, the grave, and devils bowed to, acknowledging His supremacy. An inference further supported from Is. xlv. 21, &c. to which the words refer, Have not 1, Jehovch? &c. a juf God (El the name of Christ), &c. Look unto ME, &c. I have sworn by MYSELF, &c. that unto Me every knee shall bow. For He to whom this was to be done is Jehovah, God the SAVIOR, to be looked on; and confequently Je in Jesus is the Essence, in whom it follows, all the feed of IsRAEL shall be justified, &c. and glory, If. xlv. 25, Je the name of Jehovah being added to [H0SHUA) ESUS, to which men should bend their hearts and bodies under His yoke of love, that they may not be crushed, and made to bow under the weight of His indignation. Then the name was given that every tongue should confess that Jesus CHRIST is LORD (Heb. it would be Jehovah or Je which they were to confess the Savior to be) to the glory of God, the FATHER, ver. II. What therefore can be more natural, when we find je in the name, than to affert it to be, what it was given Him that we might confess HIM


to be, (JE] THE Essence or LORD to the glory of God, the FATHER; this DIVINITY in Him thus hiding Himself! especially, if we consider this confession is the accomplishment of this prophecy, Uno Me every tongue shall swear, If. xlv. 23. Rom. xiv. II. and that this NAME Jehovah in his temple was to be confessed, when the captive Jews prayed, i K. viii. 33. 2 C. xxx. 22, and to be acknowledged in the Messiah in order to their salvation and return. Mat. x. 32, Joh. iv. 15, Rom. X. 9, 10.

Nor do Peter and John bear less witness to this meaning, when they say, there is none other NAME under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved, Aets iv. 12. For this name is here declared that we must be saved by. But salvation is repeatedly attributed to Jehovah, or Je the Essence in the SS. Therefore this title must contain in it the name, [JE] THE ESSENCE, or else there would be another name whereby men should be saved. Yet this is not in it, if Je in Jesus is not understood to stand for Je in JeHOSHUA. This text therefore requires our thus interpreting Jesus, by way of eminence here styled the NAME, which men called on in the days of Enos, Gen. iv; which was in the ANGEL, Ex. xxiii. 21. and proclaimed by the LORD, 6. xxxiii. 19. the respectable and glorious NAME Jehovah, we find in the temple 2 S. vii. 13, in which they were to set up

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