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their banners, Pf. xx. 1, 5, to be praised as holy, xcix. 3 ; that by which they are to glorify Him, lxviii. 4, and which was to be great in this true ISRAEL, lxxvi. 1. - which was to be polluted, Jer. xiv. 16, and have a heavy burden, If. xxx. 27. yet to be fanétified, Ezek. xxxvi. 23. as the HOLY ONE of Jacob, and the God of Israel, If. xxix. 23. and exalted, Zec. xiii. 9; to be called on and made known to all people of the earth, 1 K. viii. 41. and to be dreadful or reverenced among the nations, Mal. i. 6.- for the sake of which God says, I will defer Mine anger, If. xlviii. 9. and DAVID prayed his iniquity to be pardoned, Pf. xxv. II. and himself to be quickened, led and guided, xxxi. 3. cxliii. 12. and faved, liv. 1. as one who trusled in it, and lifted up his hands in it, Pf. lii. 9. lxiii

. 4, whilft he complains of foolis people blafpheming Him, lxxiv. 18. and defiling His dwelling-place, lxxiv. 7. nay, wishing it to perish: the name in which the typic priests ministered, Deut. xviii. 5. 22. and blessed the people, xxi. 5, &c. in which Christ the BLESSED ONE was to come, Pf. cxii. 26. (as fulfilled, Mat. xxi. 9. xxiii. 39. Mar. xi. 9. Luk. xiii. 35.) at the time all nations fhould compass Him about, and He was to be refused, but made the head of the corner -- in a word, the NAME, of which our LORD fpake, when teaching His disciples, who were Jews, to pray, He made this their, and our firs petition to Our FATHER which is in heaven, hallowed be thy NAME, not omitting, but enforcing the honour due unto this NAME in Him, which He prayed God to glorify, Joh. xii. 28. For though it refers to the person in CHRIST so called, yet does it also refer to this title of Him, to Jesus, because to [Je,] THE ESSENCE in JESUS. And thus what we have deduced from the meaning of JeHOSHUA to be confessedly the meaning of Jesus, this ANGEL, the Evangelis and thefe Apostles teftify the truth of; namely, that it fignifies THE ESSENCE THE SAVIOR ; and that in this light we are, with all the joy of faith, to view HIM,




This meaning confirmed also from the accounts of

our LORD in the New Testament, viewed as connected with the Old Testament, or spoken in Hebrew -- from His known divine titles and works. - The propriety of the latter under it.


HIS interpretation of the name is

agreeable to the accounts of our SAVIOR in the New Testament. For the ANGEL says of the Baptist, Luk. i. 15, Many of the children of ISRAEL shall he turn to the LORD their God; and he shall come before [enopion in the face of ] Him, in the spirit and power of ELIAS (HEB. EL-IE] GOD THE ESSENCE, of El, the title of this person, and Je the former part of Jesus) to make ready, a people prepared for the LORD, [Heb. Jehovah or Adoni, (a) the Old Testament title of Jesus.] The Jews then, enquiring after what had happened to ZACHARIAS, and hearing it from him six months before Christ's birth, must have looked for the appearance of this (JE,] LORD, and that He should be known


(a) If it is objected that ADONI, Lord or Master is applied to men, I answer, it is to men who were types of ibis perfon.

as He is, in Jesus. After this, in the falutation of the Virgin, the angel having said, [Hail] Rejoice, thou highly favoured one, has these words (spoken of the two JeHOSHUAS) the LORD [Heb. Jehovah] is with thee.

A phrase which has been thewn to represent the incarnation of Jehovah; and when addressed to her, who must have known the other vision as well as the predictions of the coming of this LORD, could not be understood to mean any thing less than that He, as predicted, was now associate with her flesh, and thus making her the blessed among women. But in Jesus Je is used for Jehovah; therefore this is saying Je [the Essence) was so. Besides on her being thoroughly troubled about his saying, &c. (a proof the understood the words had no common import) He says, Fear not, for thou haft found favour with God, thou (Virgin, referring to Gen. iii. 15. 11. vii. 14.) Shalt conceive, and bring forth a son, and (proclaiming Him another JeHOSHUA) Malt call the name of Him (this son,) JESUS, (JEHOSHUA, THE ESSENCE THE SAVIOR,] and then adds a fimilar reason, For this one shall be (not only as John, great (comparatively) in the sight of the LORD, but absolutely) the MAJESTY or GREAT ONE ([HEB. RUB the ANGEL or SENT PERSON Jehovah, If. xix. 20. the SAVIOR in c. Ixiii. 1, 8, so named), and (referring to Dan, iji. 25,) He fall be called the



SON [HEB. Ben, i. e. one constručled} of THE HIGHEST (the title of this person. Ps. Ixxviii. 17, 35. Cor. x. 4. Dan. vii. 27.) and the LORD God will give unto Him (as promised Ps. lxxxix. 19, 27, 36, cxxxii. 11.) the throne of His father David, and He shall reign or be the KING (which this JE Jehovah claims to be, Pf. xlvii. 23. xciii. 1. xcv. 3. xcvi. 1. of course the ANGEL of the covenant, as the 70 fay, but as the Heb, describes this child born, this son given, I. ix. 6, THE WONDERFUL ONE, THE COUNSELLOR, THE MIGHTY [EL] God, &c.) over the house of Jacob for ever, and of His kingdom there shall be no end, according to Ps. Ixxxix. 36. lxxii. 7, 15, 17, and Ezek. xxxiv. 23. xxxvii. 25, and Dan. vii. 14, 18, 27. On her questioning how it should be? He says, THE HOLY GHOST mall come on thee, and THE POWER (oz] of the HIGHEST, (1 Sam. xv. 29. which Je is, Ex. xv. 2. If. xii. 2.) fall overshadow thee (P/. xci. 1.); therefore also that HOLY ONE, (the known title of Him and the sanctuary, in which He dwelt) which shall be born of thee, shall be called THE SON OF GOD, ver. 35. From which words, recalling to mind the prophecies, if we ask what she understood Him to be? We have not a plainer confession from ELISABETH of His being her LORD, [ADONI, which Je is styled), ver. 43, than we have from the


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