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Virgin, that He was Jehovah. For she rejoins to her, My soul doth magrify the LORD, (Jehovah, which Je is,] and my spirit has rejoiced in God [this EL] THE SAVIOR of me, Ps. 1xxx. 4, 98, expressed by the latter part of the name : And she adds, He that is MIGHTY ([GeBeR] THE MIGHTY ONE joined with [EL] God this SON, Pf. ix. 6.) has magnified me, (by being with her as with JehOSHUA, 6. iii. 7.) and HOLY is the NAME of Him, Is. xlvii. 4. xii. 6. Pf. xlviii. 1. liii. 7. cii. 21. in this Zion.) As He (this Angel, this [EL] God, for it was He who) Spake, &c. The considered Him, then though man, yet as the God of her fathers.

ZACHARIAS next, being further informed by her, and Chewing the tongue of the dumb should fing for joy on the incarnation, praises the

God upon the Baptist's circumcision. So that fear came on all, when all these sayings were noised abroad throughout all the hill country of Judea; (as before on the inhabitants hearing Jehovah. was with the typic Jesus,) and the people now laid them up in their hearts. For they heard ZACHARIAS insist that his son should go before Jehovah, and say, Blessed be the LORD God of Israel, for [ Autos] He HIMSELF hath visited His people (episkepsato, as the Mepherd and bishop of our souls, 1 Pet. ii. 25, as this person did typically in EGYPT, and as the day-spring from on ligh,) and raised


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up the horn of salvation for us (called Jehovah, who came down, P/. xviii,) &c. as He spake, &c. to remember the oath He (this ANGEL Gen. xxii. 15,) sware, &c. And, thou child, Jhalt be called the prophet of the HIGHEST, (the title of this God the REDEEMER, Pf. lxxviii. 35.) and thou shalt assuredly go before the face [H. person] of the Lord [H. Jehovah] to give knowlege of the salvation of HIM, &c. of the (EAST, of the tradition of whose dominion Tacitus speaks or ) DAY-SPRING OG BRANCH; where he describes Christ as Jehovah, and the SAVIOR, and THE BRANCHING LIGHT, Zec. vi. 12. After the nativity the ANGEL did not mention Jesus by name to the shepherds, as signifying more than SAVIOR, but only [SOTER] SAVIOR, because He was afterwards about to declare Him (Je] the LORD, and by this means avoided a repetition. For He says, Fear not; for beBold I evangelize, or bring you good tidings of great joy, (Gen. xvii. 19. xxi. 6.) and then, giving a description that contains this interpretation, tells them that there was born unto them (vun EusO] THE SAVIOR, (the latter part of the name) who is CHRIST, (the ONE ANOINTED as man with the DIVINITY, and therefore) the LORD, [H. Je or Adoni, which Je the former part of the name is] THE ESSENCE THE SAVIOR.

6 Bes caufe (a) as He is CHRIST, He is man

♡ only; (a) Bishop Andrews on the text.

* only ; it is His name as Man (though im“ plying Him to be more), He, that must save

us, must be the LORD, &c. - This SAVIOR, " this CHRIST because He is the LORD hath " an everlasting priest-hood, and so is perfeetly s able to save them that come to God by Him." Well therefore may it be repeatedly written c. ii. 17, 18, when they had made known abroad the saying, &c. that all they that heard wondered at those things, which were told them by the Thepherds; as many now do.

On His circumcifion SIMEON (the OBEDIENT OND), to whom it was revealed (as a light by faith is by the word yet to the observers of it,) that pould not see death, 'till he had seen the CHRIST of the LORD [Jehova's, and so of JE,] understood Him to be this. For he calls HIM SALVATION; which JĒ is said to become, then the LIGHT to lighten the nations, and the GLORY of His people ISRAEL. So well known to be the characters of Je, that it would have been blasphemy to have applied them to another. Nay Is. xlii. I, here referred to, represents the MESSIAH as His eleet onė, in whom the (Nepesh) form or FRAME of HIM, (Jehovah, this JE) (who took on Hom the form of a servant, Phil. ii.) delighted, and on whom He would put the SPIRIT, (as applied Mat. xii. 18.) and calls HIM Jehovah, who was to make darkness light before them, &c. v. 6, 8, 12, 13, 16, the fervant Jehovah v. 20, who says thou art for the use of ME, I am Jehovah thy God the Holy ONE of Israel thy SAVIOR, c. xliii. 1, 3.14. Such cause had JOSEPH and MARY to marvel, as it is again said they did, at those things which were spoken of Him, Luk. ii. 33. But to make it clearer, SiMeon, declaring THIS ONE is set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel, and for a sign which shall be spoken against, Luk. ii. 34, refers to If. viii. 8, &c. where after declaring the sufferings of the [EMMANUEL] GoD WITH US, whom the Virgin was to bring forth, and the folly of a confederacy against Him, because such it is said, ver.13, fan&ify Jehovah of hofts, the subfance of Him, and [EUA] He, the existing one Himself shall be made to be your fear, &c. For Jehovah shall be for a sanctuary, &c. many among them hall stumble and fall, and be broken and be Jnared and taken, ver. 15. To which is subjoined as now to take place, Bind up the testimony, seal the law among my disciples - I and the children, &c. are for signs, and for wonders in ISRAEL from Jehovah of hofts, which dwelleth in (the sign of the MESSIAH) mount Zion, ver. 18. Whence we see the Messiah is called Jehovah, which Je is, and (EUA) the very BEING HIMSELF, to which autos answers, Mat. i. 21. Therefore Coutos, EUA) THIS ONE, or BEING mentioned by SIMEON, has a relation to Jesus as Jehovah, Je, who was to be both this


sanctuary and frone of fumbling, &c. as applied
Rom. ix. 32. 1 Pet. ii. 8. at which many
should fall; and also be for this sign to be
spoken against, as well as His regenerate chil-
dren; the fign, who, like His types, endured
the contradiction of sinners, though many be-
came broken-hearted, were taken and caught,
Mat. iv. 19. 2 Cor. xij. 16.
add, it is the type [Isaiah] THE SAVIOR
The Essence, who calls Himself this sign.
So that it is of Him, as truly THE SAVIOR
[Je] the essence, SIMEON prophecied on
Christ's being called by the like name, Je-

To this we may


The next evidence is Anna (THE GRACIOUS ONE) the prophetess, that (shewing what such are) departed not from the temple, but served God with fasting and prayer night and day. For the coming in, and finding (to prove such will find) Jesus there, at that instant gave thanks likewife or made confession unto the LORD [H. Jehovah] and spake of Him to them that looked for redemption in Jer USALEM--of their soul or frame, Ex. xxi. 30, from fin, Pf. cxxx. 8, and trouble, lxxviii. 42. death and hell [the grave) Hof. xviii. 14. which was to be with the LAMB xxxiv. 20, it is the appropriate attribute of this Jehovah to effect, Deut. vii, viii. & al. xxiv. 18-xxv. 4, 9-vii. 32-1. (17, 21 Neb, i. 10. PS. xxv. 22---xxxi, 6. xlix. 16.

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