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SS denotes Him as Man construcied and conlifting of God's love, as being all LOVE to man, because God who is Love, Joh. iv. 8, 16. O how evidently did His humiliation, birth, life and passion, &c. for us prove it! how gloriously do His affectionate care of His church, His amazingly kind and repeated invitations of sinners to return to God by HIM shine out this consolatory truth, that He is LOVE, matchless Love! a truth encouraging our faith, our hopes, our prayers, our rejoicing though in affliction, our service even unto death. Thus these distinctions Jesus was known by demonstrate HIM the Man who is also God, and the God or JE “ made Man," as those of the fons of Nun and JehoseDeCH do (lee P. 103, 132.) and thereby further confirm the meaning of the name JESUS.

I urge not here the arguments to be drawn from the correspondency of His character in other respects with those of the typic persons fo called in support of this meaning: it will appear more properly in the next chapter. But, exclusive of this, we see we have an abounding of evidence to shew the justness and propriety of the interpretation. The necessity of the context, the usage of the language, the concessions of foes as well as friends, the accounts of the types who bore it, as well as the names of others, the predictions of the prophets, the reason af

figned figned by the ANGEL, the testimonies of St. MATTHEW, St. Paul and St. Peter, the several descriptions of His person, the acknowledgments of multitudes, His titles, His wonderful works, the express and remarkably worded declarations of the union of the Divine and human natures in His person, as well as the distinctions he was known by, do all conspire to put this beyond doubt, and to prove that Jesus is THE ESSENCE THE SAVIOR. C H A P. X.

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that they

The testimony this name bears in general to the

world - in particular to the Jews, Shewing the MESSIAH must have appeared under this name as the succeslor to Moses; that His character as recorded in the N.T, is proper and necessary to Him as Jesus, and so demonstrates HIM to be the MESSIAH; must give up their law and prophets, or own Him; their capital objections answered, and them proved to be self-condemned; their disbelief of Him a rejection of the LORD GOD of their fathers- their guilt upon their own principles idolatry, and the SS cause of their great forrows; - an invitation of them to return and call upon this NAME Jehovah, in this glorious temple of Christ's body. Its tef. timony to the nations, Shewing Arians, Soci. nians and Mahometans refuted out of their own mouths ; - Jesus only as this ESSENCE THE SAVIOR a proper object of faith and hope, prayer and love ; – His proceedings as THE JUDGE, the name imports He will be, to turn upon our having received Him as such or not; - the deplorable fiate it represents unbelievers in; the present and future confolation and victory the immortality, inheritance and rest it implies His people fall in their own bodies enjoy ;

- fome - some plain and mort directions to enable the reader of the O. T. to fee CHRIST to his profit the fubjet of the whole. An exhortation to obey Him in one body in the expectation of His glorious appearance.


Umerous as these evidences from heaven

and earth are for the justness and propriety of interpreting this name JESUS, THE ESSENCE OF EXISTING ONE THE SAVIOR, their multitude is not greater than that of the conjolations there are in the moft awful, most delightful and divine testimony it bears to the world, to Jews and GentILES, and which, that we might more readily believe and enjoy them, God by this cloud of witnesses would make alfo molt convincing.

To the world, the fallen world what tidings can be more calculated to call forth our most profound reverence, to fill our fouls with melody and joy, to provoke our warmest love? For who in the heaven can be compared unto Jehovah? or among the sons of the mighty can be likened unto Jehovah ? Ps. Ixxxix. 6. THE [EL] INTERPOSING GOD greatly to be feared, ver. 7. Becaufe if the disparity between the fmallest atom and the whole creation is not a ten million part To great as that between Him and the most powerful monarch, had he all the nations tributary to him, if all these nations are but as a drop

of of the bucket, and counted as the small duft of the balance, nay are before Him as nothing, nay less than nothing, IJ. xl. 15, 16. how great, how inconceivably great must be the distance between His divine MAJESTY and an individual, and this individual a sinner. Yet such (O! who is not self-abased to bend to Him before whom the heavens bow and rocks tremble !) such does this name proclaim our blessed Lord, not a mere man, or illustrious faint, not a created angel or Spirit, but this [EL] INTERPOSING GOD, ONE of the most holy PERSONS, the [Je] Divine ESSENCE, Jehovah, for whom the high-way was to be prepared, the GLORY Jehovah, that was to be seen, Il. xl. 3, 5, (aftonishing humiliation!) on earth ; and this not now with a peftilence before Him or burning coals at His feet, not with the lightnings of indignation to drive asunder the nations, to burn up the ungodly and scatter the everlasting mountains, not to rend the earth under a rebel race, that they might go down quick into hell gaping wide to meet them. No, this name dispels the tormenting fears of almighty vengeance, that may well haunt the guilty breast on the notice of the advent of this God; it encourages men to lift up their heads in humble faith of His freely dispensed grace ; it diffolves them into love, pure, fervent and abiding love. For as it was given by HIM, who so repeatedly said Fear not, so it also pro


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