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circumstances all the most refined taste and priding discernment of the world cannot help him out of. To a soul in such a storm, amidst such poverty of spirit how deeply is the want of salvation impressed ! How sincere is his confeffion, I am come into deep waters, where the floods run over me! Pf. lxix. 3. With what greater earnestness will it cry to Him, that stills the noise of the waves, save me, O LORD, for tbe waters are come in even unto my soul, ver. I. - Let not the water-flood over-flow me, neither let the deep fwallow me up, and let not the pit fout her mouth upon me! ver. 16. And how strong, though imperfect, will be its apprehension of what importance a SAVIOR will be to it, a savior from the tempeft, the greater enmity of heaven, from the waves of ungodliness, this more troubled fea, from the wrath about to wreck the impenitent! Yet in this state of the world, when about to suffer a more dreadful Thip-wreck for fin, the title imports this ANGEL or SENT PERSON of God, this [JE] Essence, come in the flesh according to His promise, to be, Il. xxxii. 2, a biding-place from the wind; a covert from the tempeft to us, who with the apostle believe HIM, At. xxvii. to deliver us Pf. lxxxviii. 8, from this storm of wrath and the nethermost hell, and speak peace to our fears, to cover our paft offences, 1xxxv. 3. and bring us in a way of holiness, 1. xxxv, 8. after the wreck of our earthy vef

sels, sels, in the fame bodies, safe, thoroughly safe

through the waves of this troublesome world

to the land of everlasting life," and so be THE SAVIOR.

Than which office can there be one more arduous, necessary and desirable? For what can be more arduous than to bear away the moun-tainous guilt of all the human race, and appease almighty wrath by one great facrifice for fin, - than to merit by an infinitely perfect obedience eternal life for us,

than to procure the gift of the Holy Ghost io reveal the knowledge of it, to dispose men to accept it when revealed and to love and obey God for it, to work a joyful discharge from death and open the “ kingdom of heaven to all believers ?” Compared with this what are the designs of men, their most difficult enterprizes, their most famed encounters, if all the perils to be surmounted were collected in one view ? - Not all the angels of heaven, not all the creatures on earth, much much less the works of an individual, much less a dumb idol or pi&ture or relick could perform the mighty talk, and create us anew to grace and glory. And though arduous what is more necessary for man? the want of other things, however prized, can but bring us a temporary inconvenience, the want of this is followed with painful reflection in the prospect, in reversion with everlasting woe, as without this man must himself meet, must feel the vente geance of a neglected God. Then what can be so to be wished for as this one thing needful?

Not health to the fick, nor liberty to the captive, not a shadow from the heat, nor a refuge from the storm, not raiment to the naked nor food to the hungry, not water to the thirfty, nor eafe to the tortured, nor cleaning to the leper, not fight to the blind, nor feet to the lame, nay, not life to the dying is so desireable as this salvation. Before the importance of it that of all other things is so diminished as not to be worth a care, a wish, but as they may be subservient to this grand concern.

For what will it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? But in this office this mighty God on all this evidence offers HIMSELF. He proclaims HIMSELF under this title THE ESSENCE THE SAVIOR, the NAME for this alone excellent and to be praised in all the carth, that we poor finners may humbly believe, sincerely seek, and happily experience Him this SAVIOR, interceding for us, watching over us for our good, pitying our infirmities, directing us by His wisdom, keeping us every moment by His power, mortifying our corrupt affections, quickening our obedience, fanctifying afflictions, even death to our use; and that when these heavens shall melt away and this earth be burnt up, and the ungodly be turned into hell, we


may find Him such at His second coming in our raised and glorified bodies, may each most joyfully know in the fullest meaning of the words this Jehovah is my strength and my salvation, Pf. Ixii. and may with the wondering angelic host unanimously worship, and gratefully sing our Hallolujah to Him as such for ever and ever.

This is the testimony the name in general bears to the world, this His embassadors are at their eternal peril to notify to revolting subjects, that they, seeing the amazing greatness of God's love for their redemption, may be the more readily prevailed on to return to serve Him in the faith of it, and all the world worship , sing of Him and praise HIS NAME; who thus came to His own, Joh.i.

To bring this about the title bears, as a general, so a particular testimony to the Jews and GenTILES, which is to be collected from the typic characters, to which the name Jesus refers, as they respect each.

1. First then to the Jews the name presents this sacred person with all the correspondency with the types in their SS that their warmest with can desire or expect in the MESSIAH. The title HE comes under, however this is over-looked, has a peculiar suitableness in it. For as the dispensation of the MESSIAH was to fucceed the MOSAIC according to their own expositions of IJ. xi. 16, and Hof. ii. 15, as will by-and-by be hewn,


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fo was it necessary to answer the types that He
should appear under it. Because fay, ye chil-
dren of ABRAHAM according to the flesh, for
whom our prayer unto God is that ye may be saved,
or let your own law say, whose government was
to succeed that of Moses, or to whose was bis
preparatory? Was it not that of Jesus or Je-
xxvii. 18. Was not this the mediate end of all
the miracles wrought in Egypt and the wilder-
ness? and were not the Levitical inftitutions all
fore-runners of this? Yes ---You know Je-
sus, that was joined with [ELEA ZER] THE IN-
CHRIST, was the successor to, and named by
Moses. You must own then the MESSIAH, as
fuch, must have appeared under the name Jesus,
or otherwise this could not have been fulfilled.
Behold therefore, in accomplishment of the fie
gure, our Lord by the particular providence
of God appears under the very name, given
to His type of old by Moses, to direct you to
conceive of Him aright as the great fucceffor of
Moses appointed of God, to whom the law,
as a school-master, was to bring you, and all the
miracles done
among your

fathers in the EGYPT and wilderness of this world were but preparatory, and of whom the legal fhadows were but fore-runmers as the great SHEPHERD, that comes to bring you to the promised state, which: Meses


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