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40, 45 and bringing the clustered fruits of the promised state, many good works from the FATHER, He, c. X. 32, going about doing good, A&t. X. 38, had His word and report discredited, see the gospels and Il. liii. 1, as Jesus (memorable particular,) had, Num. xiv. 1, xiii. 23— was rejected as Pf. cxviii. Mat. xxi. 42, Mar. viii. 31, and in danger of being stoned Joh. viii. 59, C. X. 31, as Jesus was Num. xiv. 10. Lam. ii. 16, 17, iv, 16, v. 12. - He under-went bondage under the law, Rom. vii. 2, Gal. iv. 3, as Jesus did, Ezr. ii. 2. He had on Him, on His body the filthy raiment of our fins (a) · P. ii. 24, as Jesus had on his, Zec. iii. 4. He Suffered 1 P. iv. I, IJ. v. 3, for them the fire of God's wrath in His virgin flesh Luk. i. 27, like to the priest's Lev. xxi. 13, even the curse of the law Gal. iii. 13, making Him sweat in agony as it were great drops of blood, Luk. xxii. 44, and pray fervently indeed, as Jesus in captivity did, Zec. iv. 2, Lam. ii. 3, 17, iv, Il, V. 12. Deut. xxx. 1, Jer. xxix. 17, xlii. 18. For as He came with His inspired natures to break down, the Jericho-like body of fin Col. ii. 11, as Jesus did Fos. vi. 16, so He with the GLORY united to Him underwent a crofing humiliation, Phil. ii. 7, 8, 9, Mat. xxvii. for offences not His own, 2 Cor. y. 21, and fell even to the ground, ver. 60, as Jesus did, 7. vii. 6. Against Him preaching peace, A&t. X. 36, the kings of the earth stood up and the heathen raged and the people imagined a vain thing, Pf. ii. I, Aas iv. 27, whilft He was, Luk. xii. 73, according to the oath and in execution of the covenant seeking the salvation of them who, when under the curse of God, Gal. iii. 15, believed on, and fought to THE NAME Jehovah with Him Joh. i. 12, 107. iii, 23, as they did, on a like account, against JESUS, Jf. ix. 9, X. Zec. i. 21, Ez. iv. 5. He fationed the sun OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, the true LIGHT, Joh. į. 4, 9, and the one that like the moon reflected His beaming grace in his person, Ps. lxxxix. 37, 'till the enmity was destroyed, Eph. ii. 15, 16. as Jesus did the natural sun and moon, Jof. X. 13. He miraculously expelled the former posSelfors of bodies, devils and diseases before Him, Mar. i. 32, & al. as Jesus did those of the cities of CanAAN, 70%. x. and xi. He spoiled the principalities and powers against us making a shew of them openly, nailing them to His cross, triumphing over them in it, Joh. xix. 18, Col. ii. 14, 15, as Jesus did yof. x. 26, and the highpriest on the wood across the altar. For He, undefiled as He was throughout, fob. xix. 4, as Jesus the high-priest was in his body, then set at nought by the builders, Aets iv. 11, as once the typic temple was in their eyes, Hag. ii. 3, offered unto the LORD the great and devoted facrifice, Heb. X. 14, as Pf. v. I, that we might be clean from all our transgresions in one day before Jehovah, 170. i. 7, Heb. ix. 7, 11, through His blood, and have no tongue of condemnation moved against us, Rom. viii, 1, Jof. X. 28, as Jesus did, Lev. xvi. I, &c, Zec. iij. 9, died for us, Rom. v. 8, laying down His life with GOD THE HELPER, Job. x. 18, xix. 30, 1). iii. 16, as Jesus and EleAzer did theirs, J08..xxiv. 29, 30; and was buried, as Jesus was, Jof. xxiv. 29, and by this satisfaction (a) or ransom, Mat. xx. 28, (for such a ransom is) making restoration (b) to God in His


(a) That THE MESSIAH should bear [bao Seber as a burden on the back] the fins of his people, as the typic MESSIAN or PRIEST the iniquity of the priesthood, according to IS. liii. is confessed by the author of the Sepber Chafidim in Num. v. 18, who says, “ Messiah [5310 Su Bel, the word used by Isaa TAH] bears the iniquity of Israel,” though he adds wick. edly like a Crelleus or a Sozo, “ but I will not have any ane “ bear my lips but myself.".


per(a) The typic priests of old therefore offered sacrifice for the people under these awful and important names of (Shebangan or JP] TNE RETURN-MAKING ISSENCE, Neb. ix. 4, 1 C. xv. 4, and [ELIOSHIB] TNI INTERPOSING GOD WILL MAKE A RETURN, (which a typic son of David was also called 1 C. iii. 4,) meaning such a return to God for our Ans as was to be made to the man, Ex, xxi. 19, for the loss of bis time, and ver. 34. of money, and by this means to turn away wratb xxxii, 12, - a return to them and us from our like bondage in fin and the grave to another state of grace and glory, fucb as Moses had to Jehovah, ver. 31, and the man to bis inberitance in the year of jubilee, Lev. XXV. 28.

(6) For so (Bbw Selem) tbe H. for our peace (by which CHRIST is called in Eph. ii. 14,2 lignifies, as is plain from the


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person of what we by sin had destroyed) obtained the bleffing of ABRAHAM, Aas ii. 33, ili. 26, Gal. iii. 14, as Jesus did, Jof. xxii. 6. Yet was He raised, Mat. xxviii, &c. in His own body, Aets ii. 27, and blossomed alone of all, as the dead rod of AARON in proof He was the person GOD chosen, Num. xvii. 58, Rom. i. 4, Rotwithstanding all reproach and suffering to be THE GREAT SHEPHERD and LEADER of the true Israel, Joh. x. II, Heb. xiii. 20, as Jesus was Num. xxvii. 17, xiv. 38, and lived alone Arts i. 3, as Jesus with Caleb, of all the rebellious generation, as the true tabernacle of His body, which had been taken down was set up by Him in [SHELOH] THE ONE THE PEACE, Aa. xi. 16, Heb. viii. 2, as the typic one was by Jesus, Fos. xviii. i. For He thro’the word, the GLORY JEHOvai united to Him, Rom. vi. 4, after the fatiffaction (see p. 84,110,) and the SPIRIT, c. viii. 11, raised the temple of His body from the bondage K k


usage of the verb in Ex. xxi. 37, to pay ox for an ox that was killed. Because so did CHRIST and take us the dead in fin accord-ing to this law for His own, that we might be quickened togeiber witb Him, Epb. ii. 5. Hence it is very observable in 1 C. ix. 21 that the keeper of the typic gate of the tabernacle was called [Shallum] THE ONE TO BE THE PLACE, as another porter of the door, called Zec HARIAR (see p. 115,) is said to be ebe son, one constructed of (Meshelemian or JE] THERE. TRIBUTING or PEACE-MAKING ONE THE ESSENCE ; pointing clearly to Him, who kept the true door CHRIST as Man, Job. X. 3, 9, by whom we mu& enter in to be saved and be priefis axta GOD, Rov. i. 5.

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of the law and the grave, Joh. xi. 14, Heb. i. 3, Rom. vi. 4, as Jesus raised through them the typić temple from the ground, Hag. i. 82, ii. Zec. vi. 11, 12. He, as man, found Satan, " the adversary,” rebuked and bruised, Mat. iv. I1, xxviii. 26, Gen. iii. 15, 32, and Jeho vah returned to Him, Aets ii. 24, plucked as a brand out of the fire of wrath, ver. 31, as Jesus did Zec. iii. 2. He had our iniquity pass from Him thus risen, Joh. i. 21, Eph.i. 7, Col. ii. 13, Heb. i. 3, Rev. i. 5, as Jesus had, Zec. iii. 4, and was cloathed with change of raiment, the fairer garment of perfect righteousness and purity to array us, His members with Rom. iv. 24, Col. i. 23, 2 Cor. v. 21, Phil. iii. 9, Tit. i. 14, Rev. iii. 18, as Jesus was, Zec. iii. 5. He is the PROPHET teaching us, and causes men to understand the law and SS, Mat. v. C. XX. 34, Luk. xxiv. 45, Joh. iv. 19, viii. 31, c. xii. 46, as Jesus did, Zec. iii. 7, Ez. viii. vii. He is our FOR E-RUNNER, Joh. X. 4, xiv. 2, entering into the true holiest, heaven for us with His own blood, Heb. vi. 20, ix. 12, as Jesus was, Deut. xxxi. 7, and did as a priest into the type, Lev. xvi. 12, 15. Like Jesus He is exalted from being a substitute or an underling for us to be a PRINCE and SAVIOR, Axts iii. 15, v. 31, xiii. 2, Num. i. 3, 2, Ex. xvii. 13, and is glorified, Joh. vii. 39, xii. 28, xiii. 32, Luk. xxiv. 26, and crowned with


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