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the GLORY Jehovah, 2 Cor. iv. 16, Heb. ii. 7, 9, Luk. i. 78, as the BRANCH, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, i Cor. i. 30, Col. ii. 13, as Jesus was with the typic glory, Num. xxvii. 20, Zec. vi. Il, 13.

Thus crowned He is the HIGH-PRIEST, MEDIATOR, advoa cate, or intercessor on His throne, Heb. xii. 24, Joh. ii. 1, Rom. viii. 34, as Jesus was, Zec: vi. 13, without whose all-sufficient and alone qualifying mediation ’tis death to attempt to approach God, Jih. x. 9, xiv. 6, as it was of old without the typic intercession of Jesus the high-pries, Num. xviii. 4, 22. He is the RULER and the KING, who has all power in heaven and earth, Mat. xxviii. 18, who has the KING of Israel, Jehovah in the midst of Him, to see evil no more, Zeph. ii. 15, whom it is death to refuse our obedience to, Joh. iii. 36, viii. 24, Heb. xii. 26, as Jesus of old was, and had power in heaven and earth through Jehovah with him, Jof. i. 5, 18, c. X. Zecb. vi. 12, Hag. xxi. 4. He is the CAPTAIN of our salvation and leader, Heb. ii. 10, xii. 2, as Jesus was Num. xxvii. 7, Ezr. ii. 2, conducting like Jesus a multitude to the promised state of grace though uncircumcised in the flesh as well as circumcised, as Caleb, Gal. vi. 15, Col. iii. 11, if baptized, Mat. xxviii. 19, Gal. iii. 27, Rom. vi. 34, as of old in the sea, Ex. xiv. 29, and regenerate, Tit. iii. 5, and followers of HIM

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THE ESSENCE THE SAVIOR, X. 4, in the faith of this Jehovah's being with Him, Joh. xiv. 10, II, viii. 24. He brings perfons of all nations, Mat. xxviii. 19, nigh who plead His peaceoffering, and phew it forth facramentally, Mat, xxix. 26, 37, and eat of it that they may apprehend it by faith and have it imputed to them, Rom. iv. 24, Lev. vii. 15, 16, as Jesus of old; fo that they may be boly by this touch or apprehenfion of it as a fin-offering, as the people were by that of Jesus the priest of old, Lev. vi. 18. He, like Jesus 70%. v. 2, 3, gives them a new circumcision of heart, Col. ii. II, Roma ii. 29, puts the regard of Jehovah in them, as Jer. xxxii. 49, Heb. X. 16, calls them to a new life in a new state and condition, Rom. vi. 4, to serve God building up or edifying them in the temple of His body and church, Eph. ii. 18, &c. as Jesus did the people and nations, fof.xxii. 5, liii. 7, 8, xxiv. 14, but cafts out the unbelieving, 2 Thes. i. 9, who seek not to the divine NAME in the temple of His body, Joh. iii. 18, Rev. xi. 18, as JESUS did. He like him blesses, protects and brings them through death, 2 Ti. iv. 18, Tbes. v. 23, 1 P. i. 5, who have this Jehovah before them in conjunction with this KING at the head of them, 1 Thef. iv. 17, and gathers them out of all countries, as Zeph. xxxi. 12, 18, where they have been buried in [a BaBol] confufion, in



the bondage of the grave, Rom. viii. 21, Rev. xx. II, 12, into the promised heavenly manfions, Joh. xiv. 2, 3, Eph. i. 3, as this person by Jesus did his into the earthy ones, Fof. xxi. 43, xxiii. 4, xxiv. 13, Ezr. ii. 2, unto the new and heavenly Jerusalem, Zec. viii. 3, 8, in the new heavens and new earth, If. lxvi. 22, Heb. xii. 23, Rev. xxi, 1, 2, nomore to be plucked up; and is the appointed JUDGE, Joh. v. 27,

AEts x. 42, Rev. xvi. 7, xix. 11, to destroy their foes, 2 Thef. i. 9, Rev. xix. 13, &c. and to give them an inheritance Aets xx. 32, 1 P.i. 4. Eph. i. 14, and reft, Heb. iv. 1, 2 Thes. i. 7, as Je. sus did, Fos. xi. 23, xviii. 10. xxi. 44, Heb. 3, 18, iv. 6, and this in their own bodies, i Cor. xv. 38, as the people of old each in his own city, Ez. 2, 1. For He' grants them at the laft trump to celebrate in them, Thef. iv. 16, an eternal JUBILEE, TheLORD'severlasting release, Mat. xxvii. 26, Aets x. 43, Rom. viii. 21, Eph. i, 7. a matehless [HeG feast) or revolution of their bodily tabernacles raised up and clothed with incorruption and immortality, glory and power, i Cor. xv. 42, 43, in the heavenly country, Heb. xi. 16, in ceaseless commemoration of this most grand redemption; Rev. v. 9, 10.-vii. 10, as Jesus of Nun did, Neh. viii. 17, and, as Jesus the high-priest by a like trump Lev. xxiii. 10, xxiv. 34, 39. call them to



keep a like (a) Jubilee, xxv. 2, 9, 10, 27, 41, 51, Num. X. and xxix, 13, and release, Deut. xvi. 1, 2, and a like matchless revolution of tabernacles in commemoration of their typic redemption adorned with the types of these, Lév. 23, 43. When He, the ESSENCE THE SAVIOR, the GLORY of His asociate body and the church will be seen face to face, 1. Cor. xiii. 12, Rev. xxi. 23, xxii. 4, as Jesus with his typic glory was Num. xxvii. 20, when we, the hosts of the LORD, Ex. xii. 14, shall know Him as

are known, 17. ii. 2, I Cor. xiii. 12. and experiencing the richer fruits in the true heritage of glory, Jer. 19, serve Jehovah with him, the true Jesus as the people under the type did, Jof.xxii. 8. xxiii. 8. Ez. iii. 10, vi. 22.

In our LORD then there is a perfect concurrence with the characters of the typic Jesus and Messiah; and these particulars are proper to, and absolutely necessary to form the character, whether they had been found in our LORD OF not. Because as these are the SS marks of the true JESUS, not any one could be such, nor any åccount of Him a true one without them.

But this concurrence could not have taken place withsut God, who declareth the end from the beginning, IJ. xlvi. 10. See Ch. IX. This therefore shews both the truth of the gospel and that Jehovah has magnified Jesus, as the type, Fof. iii. 7, that you might know that as He was with Moses so He is with Him, by a standing miracle demonstrating Him to be the Messiah. Because the SS thus shadowed out the Messiah; but what was shadowed out meet in our LORD, He therefore must be the Messiah, or God be supposed to permit all the marks of truth to be found in a falfhood, nay, to have co-operated with it. But the one is as much a contradice tion in terms as this other is blasphamy to be abhorred. Therefore our LORD Jesus this ]true JeHOIQRIB] THE ESSENCE TO BE THE PLEADER, 1 C. ix. 10. is the Messiah, and you must receive Him or renounce them, let your objections be what they may. But these fly before this evidence. For why have ye not received HIM?

out (a) It may not be unprofitable to remark to the reader of his Bible that the reason, why a rejt, release and jubilee were ia the seventh year and after seven levens of years, was because the word (yau seBO] for feven denotes fatisfaction and fulness and therefore properly fignified what was to take place on believers af. ter the great satisfačtion of CHRIST and in the fulness of time.

1. Is it because you must admit the TRINITY?

It undoubtedly follows from this person and the SPIRIT's being Jehovah, either that there is a TRINITY in the one God, as Deut. vi. 4, or else that the SS teach a multiplicity of gods. Further, as it is not contrary to nature, where the fire of the fun, light from it, and air, or Spirit returning to it are one Auid, as your


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