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the dead Moses to the living JESUS, its end, for a new spirit to obey Him; therefore we by faith establish the law, Rom. iii. 31. Whilst they, who though transgressors and with a fleshly mind against it look for salvation under it, thew they admit not these things, and so make it void-Say you we observe not its ceremonies ? No; but the spirit of them, because we are come to Him, whom they teach, are through the law dead to the law, being crucified with CHRIST Gal. ii. 19, and so set free from its dominion by His once reconciling us to God, as the for of JehoseDech, Lev. xvi. 34, and thus making the preceding rites, as they were in the figurativeday of atonement, unnecessary, Can. ii. 17, Heb. X. 10, 12. And as the types Samuel and Elijah sacrificed, though no Levites, and David and SOLOMON made alteratious; as this pries of a new order is spoken of 4, this new covenant and law Jer. xxxi, 31, Il. xii. 4, xliii. 18, ara fer. xvi. 14, and name is. Ixv. 15, and a time when Jehovah would not accept their formal service 16, IJ.i. ii, Jer. xiv. 12, Am. v. 21, so their state is said to be as when Israel came up out of Egypt, I. X. 2S, xi. 16, Jer. xxxiii. 7, Hof. ii. 15, as owned in Talm. in tract. Sanhedr. c. II. when


(a) Whence the Talmud's rule in tit. de Synedrio, “any com“ mandment (meaning of rites) may be transgreffod or altero " by the authority of a prophet.


they had not the law according to Jer. vii. 22. To make then its observance now necessary is to condemn your own professed faith, R. Moses in More nebochim, who acknowledges this to be conclusive, and Mofes son of Nehammannus on Deut. iv. saying, “ In the days of the Messiah

shall be restored to the fate he was in before the first man finned.” Lastly, it is matter of fact that its observance is ceased. For its rites had a respect to the temple and robes; therefore since these were destroyed not a priest čan minifter, if you were sure he was a Levite; not a sacrifice be offered, not a feast be kept ac. cording to the law. And whether it is right for a conviet to seek justification or pardon by the law that condemns him, and is out of his power to keep judge ye. Why then flee ye not to this Jehovah the [ZOAR] little fanctuary, in the countries where you are come? Ez. xi. 16.

6. Is the GENTILE objection (a) yours, that you must give up the traditions, &c. of your fathers ? Truly the children are bid to alk their fathers, Jof. iv. 16. But it is equally true the LORD says, Walk ye not in the statutes of your fathers, Ezr. XX. 18. Whom then are you to


(a) Cbryfof. Hom. 7. in 2 Cor. Whence the Roman law, « Let the rites of the family and country be observed ;” and the fabled oracle of Apollo, “ that no one should worship the gods but es after the manner of ibeir country," Lastani, de orig, error. En vii,

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ajk ? the freethinkers, who refused the report of the typic Jesus, Num. xiv. 2, forsook God for BAALIM, Jud. ii. ic, 13, 17, Pf. lxxviii. left all His commandments, i K. xx. 20, 2 k. xvi. 26, Neh ix. 18, 26, Jer. iii. 10, 12, forgot and despised the NAME Jehovah, c. xxiii. 37, Mal. i. 6, from the days of their fathers went away and were curfed, ver. 7, and 3, and at last crucified their God and provoked HIM to destroy their temple and city, — or those that have taught you these provoking doctrines and false dreams, Zec. X. 2 or turned Mohammedans, &c. No, The reflection in Neh, xiii. 17, should be yours, Did not our fathers thus, and did not our God bring all this evil upon them? Nor should it seem strange that you should under the true Jesus, as the people under the types, be commanded to put away the gods of, and not to be as their fathers, 70f. xxiv. 14, Zec. i. 4. The fathers then to be asked are those, who have walked according to the law and the testimony, IJ. viii. 20: and these we have proved from ADAM to CHRIST had the faith of the “ N. T. included in the 0.", as the Eng. Ver, of 1525 says on Aets xx, as had those Jews fince CHRIST, who composed the first church, of whom myriads, as well as of the ten tribes among the nations, (whose descendants are now CHRISTIANS) embraced the faith, as many that of the typic JESUSES. You must then receive


Him or reject those fathers you are only authorized to follow. For Moses gave glory to Jesus in the person of His type, Num. xxvii. 18, and so must you to Him or set up against Mos e so As to your Mishna (a) or oral tradition, it took its rise from the spiritual meaning taught doubtless by Moses; but this being veiled in the history is always to be collected from it, (see the preface) and is the (b) gospel, as was long ago taught in the face of your ancestors, and might be from every verse. Therefore you must reject what contradicts this, or you disbelieve what Moses taught; and when read would teach you under the letter, to put you under the true Jesus, as the people once under His type. Seeing then your capital objections fall before Christ, as the teft do, and how they, who have had evil will against this true Zion, have been confounded and deluded by false Mefiahs that came in their own name, (c) shall further evidence be necessary to induce you to turn to this both FATHER and Chariot of Israel, IJ. xxi. 9, in whom alone our souls or bodies can be borne up to heaven? Surely if you will not bear Moses and the prophets, thus


(a) Aets xxvi. 22, Gal. i. ;, 1 Cor. x, 1), Heb. x, y, Fuft. Mart. Chryfoftom, &c.

(6) Wagenseil in his preface to Tela igrea Satana has shewa the MISHNA contains not a word against CHRIST.

(6) See the history of them by Jubankes e Lent, Herborne,


testifying Christ you would not be persuaded, any more than some of old, though one rose, as this Jesus did to convince them, from the dead.

For ask you after this the cause of your forrows? Whatever false burdens and causes of banishment are seen Lam. ii. 14, 15, JeRusalem was ruined and Judah is fallen, because your tongue and goings we against Jehovah to provoke the eyes of (this person) the GLORY of Him, if. iii. 8. For can any thing be plainer than this, that as THE ESSENCE THE SAVIOR is the person called the NAME, see p. 183, 2 S. vi. 2, not to look in faith, nor give glory to HIM is to disregard, Ex. xxiii. 21, to despise this GLORIOUS and REVEREND NAME of Jehovah [ELAHIM] God this firong tower, Prov. xviii. 10, Pf. xx. 1? But this contempt is the prediłted cause of your long dispersion, Deut. xxviii. 58. Therefore your law teaches that your city was besieged, and you are plagued, ver. 52, 62, for refusing our LORD Jesus. Nor will you have deliverance 'till you shall bethink yourselves, and return and confess this NAME Je in the true temple of the glorified body of CHRIST, 2 C. vi. 24, 38, and have this NAME put upon you, as Num. vi. 27, A&t. xv. 17.

For whither does this crime lead? To what God so solemnly warned your nation against, and they so frequently fell into, even idolatry. Start you at the thought Your boast to abhor


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