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of Jesus, the son of NUN [w" AISH] a person in whotn is the Spirit, and lay [thine hand 7 ID) the firetched out nature of thee upon, or over him, v. 19, and make him to be stationed ["38Lepeni] for the person of [ELEAZAR] the GOD THE HELPER, (a) the high priest, and for the person of the [sa cel] perfected [nuyn E-ODE added, congregate, or] collected together, body, and make a going forth (as a charge) to the substance (b) of him unto the face of the natures of them making a return, (as eyes of light,) and thou falt put off (117 EUD] THE GLORY of thee (the type of what this word is used for, of THE GLORY Jehovah, Pf. civ, 1, xcvi. 6; cxlv. i Chr. xvi. 27, Zech. vi, 13. even the brightress of Moses's face,) UPOŇ him, that all the congregation of the children of ISRAEL may be obedient : jutt as AARON and his fons had holy garments put upon them, for GLORY and M


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(a) These words, which I have rendered according to their de. scriprive sense; shew that MosEs preached CHRIST. For who perceives not he is here reading of Him in the character of the true (Moses,] DELIVERER, on His death, taking the substance of Him as Jesus, GOD THE SAVIOR, and taking on Him the nature stretched out on the cross, and stationing Him for THE GOD THE HELPER, and or in conjunction with a perfected body, gathered from the like separation in the grave, and for this pur. pore going forth to him, who made a return to God for fin, glo. rifying Jesus, or putting GLORY upon him, that our faith and bope might be in God, this GLORY. 1 Pet.i. 21.

(b) Who will not hence infer the people looked on this person as a type, and if so, on the great INTERCESSOR, as a PERSON of THE ESSENCE? For personality must be admitted, for God to be thus faid to offer to God: Without tbis-view it had been blafphemy to have alumed it; nacional profaneness to have ats tended the service.

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por BEAUTY, Ex. xxviii. 2, c. xl. 41, to qualify them to minister to God in the priest's office. (c) In which words we are informed, ift. that JeHOSHUA was stationed for the person of [ELEA 2aR] the GOD THE HELPER (called Jeh p. 68.) zly, that he had the type of the GLORY, the name of this God, put Upon him, and of course had with him what the name imports.

Again, Moses called unto Jesus, and said, be strong - Jehovah [817 Eva] He or the ExISTING ONE, (who Gen. iii. was to bruise the serpent's head, and whom the Jews allow to be the MESSIAH, fee Calafio) it is, that doth go [before Heb.) for the use of the person of thee.

EXISTING ONE will be made to be [7py omeK] THE ASSOCIATE OF THEE, Deut. xxxi. 7, 8. In v. 23. (X ANchi] I will be THE ASSOCIATE of THEE, as

He or



Pe! We may hence learn how unfit they are, how impossible it is for them to be priests to God, or do one acceptable service as fucb, who will not have this GLORY or BEAUTY, CHRIST our RIGHTEOUSNESS, (Rom. iii. 22.) UPON bem, 49, or IMPUTED unto them, neither will PUT ON CHRIST C. xiii. 4. Gal. iii. 27. Epb. iv. 24. Col. iii. ', for justification ; which, the learned Bishop Usher says, confifteth of the remiffion of our sins, and the imputation of righteousness. Whence too they may discern their impiety refuted, who Nandrously report it a licence for sin, and feign it imputed for any other end, than for us to obtain the grace of regeneration, Job, iii. thereby, and minister in true boliness to God in CHRIST, the true HOLY ONE, Ex. xxviii. 43. Indeed all who, as we in the Litany do, intreat God to look on or hear them tbro' CHRIST, or His merits, pray Him to consider them, as between Him and tbem, and fo in God's eye, and theirs too, as over and upon them, or elsc mcan nothing at all.


corresponding with the declarations of CHRIST, I am not ALONE, He that sent mE IS WITH ME, &c. Job. viii. 29. xvi. 32. Further, as JEHOSHUA is said to have been full of THE SPIRIT of wisdom, Deut. xxxiii. 9, (as CHRIST was,) insomuch that the children of ISRAEL hearkened unto him, and did as Jehovah commanded Moses (to shew belief in Jesus, notwithstanding what Limborch says, was what was commanded Moses) so in Jof. i. 2, he is bid to RISE, &c. with this folemn assurance, As I was THE ASSOCIATE OF Moses THB DELIVERER, I will be THE ASSOCIATE OF THEE-JEHOVAH, thy GOD, (MY WORD says the Chaldee Paraphraft) is AssOCIATE WITH THEE, v. 9. When this Jesus had told them V. 12, that within three days they were to pass over JORDAN, the REUBENITES answered, &c. v. 16, all that thou commandeft us, that will we do, &c. v. 17, only Jehovah thy God be the AssocȚATE with thee, AS He was with Moses. This person says in c. iii. 7, This day will I begin to MAGNIFY thee in the sight of all Israel, that they may know that as I was with Moses, so will I be the Associate of or WITH THEE (compare Axt. ii. 36, and Phil. ii. 11.) whence JeHos HuA says, v. 10, Hereby ye fall know that [7 58 El hi the name of this person, IJ. ix. 6, Pf. xlii. 2. ] the LIVING God is (agga BeQueR 6B-CCM] in intimate CONJUNC




TION or CO-UNION with (and so among) you, &c. and (it follows to thew we should fear Jesus) they feared him, as they feared MoSES, all the days of his life, c. iv. 14. Again, after the fall of JERICHO we read, c. vi 27, so Jehovah was (under another word, [nx AT] denoting substance, and so as a preposition) subftantially with Jesus; and the fame of him as fuch was (noised, as that of the true Jesus afterwards, Luk. iv. 9.) throughout all the country.

All which passages are solid proofs to a fober mind, that this EXISTING ONE, the LIVING GOD was united in some manner to this Jesus; and that the SS characterize him to have been what the firs? part of the name fignifies.

Then consider the terror of him upon the inhabitants of the land, c. ii. 9, 24; the wondrous passage over JORDAN, c. iii. 5, 7; the manifestation of [*** ADONI ] THE DIRECTOR (a) of the hosts of Jehovah to him, as a man, v. his over-ruling all nature, c. vi. his prophetic spirit, the humiliation of him and the typic glory for another's fin; his.intercession, and conqueft after satisfaction given, xxvi, and c. viii. 3, 18, c. xii. his falvation of these who fought to the Name Jehovah, v. 9, 15, his causing (a) the light of the sun and moon to stay for this purpose, and spoiling of principalities and hanging them on a tree, v. 26. Attend to his message of peace, and to his victory over the kings of Madon, &t. and to his destroying the impenitent rebels against the LORD, as commanded; his pofsefsing the forfeit land; and bringing his people into it, c. xxii ; his miraculous allotment of their inheritance, and appointment of cities of refuge, 6. XX. 5. 13,

3, 18,

1.) Which Jup. Martyr and Theodoret, on 70%. rightly interpret of CHRIST, notwithstanding the reflections on Eusebius, Eccl. Hift. b. I. c. i. the author, not considering whatever captain may be, XULLR, is not an inferior dignity, as being applied to Jehovor.


ra) There is not a miracle like this in the Old Testament, Oibers had a warrant from God for, or prayed Him to work; Jeweshua without any command (as the Jiws, cited by Brougba ton, p. 197, own) without any request, we read of, in the con. fidence of his having Jenovan with him, (Ferom. on If. xxviii. says, “ dwelliug in him") does not pray; but, in the Atyle of CHRIST to the winds and fea, pepce, be Aill, commands the creatures, as their ruler, and (as the Jews report, “knowing it was for God's glory and the defence of his people") says, obou fun-ligbt fand Aill upon GIBEON, and, thou moon, in ibe valley of AJALON: and they are obedient. I doubt not men, who did not know or recollect Jehovah WITH him, would then marvelling fay with the disciples, wbat manner of man is tvis, that even the sun and moon obey bim? This was indeed a proof there was one more than man concerned, even Jehovar, whose creatures they were.

The Chaldee has tben os nu

A praised ibe LORD, as he did by this faitb in CHRIST, Heb. xi. that as representing HJM and speaking in His name, JISUS, THI LORD would obey him [yow, Semo] o what will not faith work according to St. Mat. xxi, xxii! O what a prodigy is here, unbeard of before in heaven or earth. Bernard on this well cries out, “ Blush, thou ashes, God humbles Himself, thou exaltest “ thyself. Blush, thou dust, God obeys man, thou neither « God nor man,' Yet what a pledge is here of our being heard in this prevailing name of JESUS! What encouragement to prayer in it!

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