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in a word, to his faith, affiance, religion, obedience, zeal, charity, prudence, fortitude, integrity, wisdom in his government, as thus testified, every thing was FINISHED, that the LORD commanded JESUS.--As the LORD commanded Moses his feruant, fo did MOSES collo mand Jesus, and so did Jesus, be LEFT NOTHING UNDONE of ALL that Jehovah commanded Moses, c. xi. 15, and in this view of this prince, more excellent far than whom Xenophon, or Plato, or Aristotle describe, as skilful in peace, as he was successful in war, having the four qualifications Cicero mentions, as requisites in a general, “ military science and courage, authority and success,” and these in{pired, enforced, ensured by the DIVINITY with him; who fees not that SS reports him according to bis name, a GREAT SAVIOR to the eleet of God, and to secure ISRAEL their inheritance, Eccl. xlvi. 1. though a righteous JUDGE, though a terrible executioner of God's vengeance against the (unrelenting) enemies that rose up against them? For in this respect, who was there before him like to him, for he fought the battles of THE LORD ? v. 5.

Should it be objected, « that the phrafe « Jehovah is with thee, is used concerning « others, and only denotes persons in favour or u communion with Him." I own it is applied to others. For as this union was promised


Noah and ABRAHAM under the phrase THE PURIFIER'or COVENANT of Me, pall be (75* Atek) WITH thee (see IJ. xlv. 6. Gen. vi. 18. c. ix. 9. c. xvii. 4.) so this person appearing confirms it under this other phrase to (ISAAC) THE JOY Gen. xxvi. 3 sayo ing, sojourn in this land, and I will be AsSOCIATE WITH thee, &c. Again, v. 24, Jehovah fays, I am the God of ABRA: HAM. thy father (this Angel or sent PERSON) the God of Beth-EL, s. xii. 8. as the Jews own, who styled HIMSELF to ABRAHAM (EL) God, the name of this Angel, 6. xxxi. 11. and xxxv. 3. and 7, fear not, for I am ASSOCIATE WITH thee, &C. To which ABIMeLech and AhuZZATH give this testimony, v. 25, and 28, we faw certainly Jehovah was ASSOCIATE WITH thee. JACOB has the same promise under suffering in BethEL, THE HOUSE OF GOD (the type of CHRIST'S manhood) from this (5* EL) God, (whose temple he said the place was, v. 16, and be called it, v. 19,) from this sent PERSON, who, c. xxxi. 11. appeared and said (what proves the Jews right) I am (EL) THE INTERPOSING GOD OF (BETH-EL) THE TEMPLE OF God v. 13. who styles HIMSELF the GOD who appeared unto him, c. xxxv. 1. and is called by JACOB, v. 3, 7, 15, THE (EL) God who answered him in the day of his distress, and


was (with or (apy) THE SUPPORTER or Pin LAR of him, I (says He to him, as to JehoSHUA and all believers now) am ASSOCIATE WITH thee, and will keep thee, &c. v. 15, and xxxi. 3. Jacob, in v. 5, declares HIM with him as wished for, xxvii. 20, and this under the additional title of THE FEAR of Isaac, v. 42. After him we read, c. xxxix. 2, Jehovah (was) WITH (Joseph) THE ONE TO INCREASE (Joh. iii. 30.) which made laim fo prosperous, that his master saw it, and v. 22. committed all the prisoners to his hand, because of this (Joh. v. 14). In c. xlvi. 17, this God said unto Israel on his typic oblation, I am [el] THE INTERPOSING GOD, and (to point Him out by this distinction) THE GOD of thy father; then adds, to shadow out the passion and resurrection, as in c. xxviii. 15, fear not to go down into [EGYPT] the place of enemies, for I (whom ISRAEL 6. xlviii. 16, styles THE ANGEL which REDEEMED him, and understood by the Jews of KING MESSIAH) will there make of thee a great nation, I will GO DOWN ASSOCIATE WITH thee, &c. and I will also surely BRING thee UP AGAIN, &c. [JOB] THE PERSECUTED ONE says (ou sedi) THE POURER FORTH (of things) was AssoCIATE with me, c. xxix. 5. After him THE ANÇEL Jehovah, (whom the Chaldee paraphraft makes Eve to say, Gen. iv. 2. I have gotten,


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though a man, who the Jews own appeared 18
Moses in a flame of fire, out of the midf of a
thorn-bush, and to NeBUCHADNezzate in the
likeness of THE SON OF GOD, and is called Jex
Hovah, Ex. iii. 2, and God, v. 4, THE GOD
of thy (Moses's) father; THE GOD of ABRAS
Ham, The God of Isaac (a); and the GOD
of Jacob, v. 6 and 15, Pf. lxxvii. 20. (b) the
BE -- the I Am, v. 145 (compared with Jah
xviii. 6, &c.) even this person said to MOSESS.
I am COME DOWN to deliver them (Israel) I
will send thee that thou mayst bring forth My peosa
ple; - and on his questioning Who am I that I
fhould go ? &c. added, v. 12, certainly I WILL BE

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(a) These pastages are such evident proofs that Hz, who cante
down from heaven into this. EGYPT, Rev. xi. 8. to deliver us
though in a cloud of affliction, and appeared in our like rborn-
crowned nature on the cross in all the like fame of divine wrath,
yet unconsumed, and grew for evermore, (as Bp. Usher, on Job.
is says, even our Lord Jesus, the son of God was, though
Man, as He appeared of old, yet GOD, THE'God of the father
of Moses, and THE GOD whom he, as well as ABRAHAM,
Isaac, and Jacos believed in, worshipped and served, and
that they by rejecting Him reject tbe true Gởs of their farberry
that they cannot be eluded by the Jews without rejecting the
law of the Lord.

(b) Whence the reader will see the Psalms are written in the
{pirit of Cbriftianity, and need not our alteration, and that the
Sit Psalm, Sing ye merrily unto God, &c. was composed and
is now used in honour of this person in CHRI$T, under this
His antient and distinguishing title of the God of JACOB, as

XX. 1. xlviii. 5. – xlvi. 7.-1.5. - lxviii. &. 35.
- lxxii, 18. xxv. 11. lxxvi. 6. lxxvii. 20. - xxviii.

xcit. *cvii. 46.

civiii. - cxxxii. 2, s. w Xxxiv, ni $XXX, 3, 4, - cxlvi, p.

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also Pf:


Ixxxix. 19.

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cxlix, 2, 4

(SY OM] THE ASSOCIATE OF thee. So we are told, Chron. ix. 20, He was with PülNehas the priest; in Jud. i. 19. Jehovah was THE ASSOCIATE OF, or with (JUDAA] THE ESSENCE-CONFESSOR ; 8. 22, WITH the house of Joseph, c. ii, with the JUDGE, 6. vi. 12, 16, WITH GIDEON, I S. ii. 19, WITH SAMUEL; with SAUL at first, c. xvii. 375 WITH [DAVID] THE BELOVED, who went to the PhiLISTINE in or with THE NAME Jehovah of hofts, V. 45, and whom Saul was afraid of, v. 12, 14, as knowing Jehovah was ASSOCIATE WITH him v. 28: which ABIGAIL thus expreffes c. xxv. 29, the [foul HEB.] frame of my Lord shall be bound in the bundle of life with Jehovah thy GOD. This is spoken of Him 2 S. v. 10, c. vii. the fimilitude or image of the ANGEL OT SENT PERSON OF GOD, (thus with him) c. xiv. 17, who was wise to know all in the earth, o. 20, (as spoken of CHRIST in Joh. ii. 24.) yet as a type bore the curse, c. xvi. 5, 6, 7, 10, and made atonement c. xxi. 3, by a satisfaction on the irel, v. 6, at the time our LORD did, v. 9. Thus he was with SOLOMON, i K. i. 36, &C. And it is said of [EL-ISHAJ “GOD THE SA“ vioR," by JehOsHapHat (pointing out the person) THE WORD Jehovah (is) ASSOCIATE WITH him, 2, 3, 12: THE WORD Jehovah, which came to (Jeremiah] THE ONE TO BE EXALTED OF THE ESSENCE, says to him, be

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