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Justin Martyr and Cyprian, p. 405, 406, 4073 and Chrysostom on Mat. i, and Cyril of Alexandria and Bafil treat him as a figure. Eufebius in Eccl. Hip. B. I. c. ii, says, “ the name Jesus was « of old honoured among the prophets,—MOSES, 6 when he delivered types and symbols of heaven“ ly things, agreeable to Ex. XXV. 40. and, « when inspired by THE HOLY GHost, he « had well foreseen the name of Jesus, judged “ again the same worthy of singular prerogative. “ For this name JESUS, which before Moses's « time had never been named among men, “ Moses gave to him forft; and to him « alone, who he knew very well by type « again and figurative sign was to receive the « universal principality after his death; because « that same Jesus bore the figure of our SA“ VIOR, who alone after Moses and the « accomplishment of the figurative service deliver« ed by him, was to fucceed in the governdo ment of the true and most pure religion.” Ruffinus, to what is cited p. 38 adds, « and “ this person was called Jesus, who led the " people out of the darkness of ignorance and “ reclaimed from their wandrings in the world cs into the kingdom of heaven.Jerom says in his epiffle to Paulinus, and to Nepotianus, JESUS of NAVE (NUN] holds forth to us “ a type of " THE LORD, not only in his actions, but in & his name ; " - Cyril of JERUSALEM often calls

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him the typic Jesus, and CHRIST “ the true or
real Jesus.” (See p. 38.) So Ambrose, Austin
in Serm. 106 de temporibus, and on Pf. lxxxvi,
and Origen in Hom. 9, long before speaks of "the
“ LORD Jesus as shadowed out in the son of
“ Nun;" and in Hom. 2, of “the name as the
“ sacrament” or sign of CHRIST:” also
Clemens of Alexandria. In latter times Rupert,
Mafius, Drufius, Cato in p. above Cornelius
a Lapide. Honert. Inftitut. Theolog. Typica. The
Gen. Bible on Heb. iv. 8, has, “ so was Jo-
“ SHUA a figure of CHRIST ;" and in the argu-
ment of the book of Joshua, “ This history
“ doeth represent Jesus CHRIST, the true Jo-
" SHUA, &c.Broughton says he was so called
to make him a plainer figure of the son of God
p. 656, Andrews, Hall, & al. Grotius on Mat.i.
says, JeHOSHUA, “ as the successor of Moses
" and the leader of the people into the land
“ of promise, padowed out Christ, the giver
“ of eternal reft, not only in the found of his
" name, but also in his deeds; as may be pro-
" ved from Aets vii. 45, and Heb. iv. 8.Pri-
deaux, Ainsworth, Stanhope, Burket, Henry, and
many others, whom it would be tedious to re-
hearse, affirm what the name implies, that this
person was a figure, shining out illustriously, as
CHRIST was to do, in the land, and exhibited
to the GENTILES, as well as to Israel, that
they might believe his divine commiffion, re-


turn to Him, whose name he bore, and be saved from wrath ; also that they might have that idea they could not otherwise have had, of His like actions and paffion.

Nor could any thing more directly point out Jehoshua to be such than calling him by this predetermined name of the PERSON he represented, by manifesting by miracles, as well as words, that He was thus with him. Both these God therefore did. For, to fhew briefly how he was this, 'till they should either forget the meaning of the name of this other Moses, as the Jews style him, who, though not of Levi, was thus united with EleAzer the high-priest, was the servant of Moses, was his heaven-commissioned Jucceffor the leader of the uncircumcised, but baptized people in the Aesh, and the minister of a new circumcision; who thus vanquished principalities, obtained the forfeit manfions, fettled them in rest, and celebrated the JUBILEE in it ; or should be so infatuated as not to perceive that, being not really what his name fignified, he could only be so in a figure, 'till then, I say, they muft needs have considered him as the lively pourtrait of the like PRINCE and SAVIOR, Aas v. 31, the PRINCE of kings, Rev. i. 15, of life, c. iii. 15; of the like but great PROPHET, ver. 22. vi. 37. that should come into the world ; of another Jesus, who, though not of Levi any more than he, thould nevertheless be united with


the true [ELLAZOR] GOD THE HELPER, the true HIGH-PRIEST, and have the SENT PERSON called THE NAME IN him; should alike take upon him the form of a fervant to Moses, Phil. ii. 7, and come out of Egypt, Matt. ï.15; be alike rejected of them, Job. c. xiv. I, though alike innocent; have His report alike discredited and himself suffer like reproacb, ver. 10, yet be a like fucceffor to Moses; have a like baptism in JORDAN, Matt. ii. 12. and as Jehovah, though A MAN of war, Ex. XV, 3, should save and lead a like multitude of men, women and children, baptized as once in the sea, 6. xiv, 29, 1 Cor. X. 2, in order to their admision into the like promised state, Mat. xxviii. 19, Mar. vi. 16, though uncircumcised in the Aesh, Jo. C. V. 2,

Epb. ii. 11. Cal. ii. 11 ; but to be a like minifter of circumcifion (as CHRIST is called with reference to this) in this state of promised grace, of

like [n's SENIT] new or second one, even that of the heart, Rom. ii. 29. with the like STONE of ISRAEL, the head of the corner, Gen. xlix. 24. Pf. cxviii. who fhould have therefore a like manifestation of the LORD as Man in his flesh, fo. v. 13, 2 Cor. V. 19. I Tim. iii. 16, break down a like body of lin, Jof. vi. Col. ii. 11. Eph. ii. 14. undergo a like humiliation for offence not his own, Jof. vii. 6. 2 Cor. v. 21. Phil. ii. 8. have the kings of the earth fand up alike against Him, Pf. ii. 1. dets įv. 26. in the course of His


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fecking, in performance of a like oath, Jof.ix. 15. Łuk. i. 73. the salvation of such as sought to the NAME Jehovah with him, and to be saved from wrath through HIM :- who should in His person more wonderously station and make to stand fill, or (= DeM) dumb, (as a sheep before her phearers, Pf. xxxviii. 13, IJ. liii. 7.) the like but immortal sun of righteousness, Jof. X. 12, Mal. iv. 2, the light of the world, Joh. viii. 12. as well as the moon-like nature of His Pf.lxxxix. 37, which His GLORY should alike shine forth in, Joh. ii. 11. 'till the destruction of the like enmity should be accomplished, Jof. x. 13, Eph. ii. 15; who should spoil like principalities and powers, make a like shew of them openly, hanging tbem on a like tree, fof.x. Col. ii. 15, should ftop every tongue of condemnation or accusation against His redeemed people, Jof. x. 21. Joh. ii. 18. Rom. viii. 1. go forth victorious over his foeb; prepare like, but more enduring manfrons for them, Jof. xi. 23, Joh. xiv. 2. Thould fie, but outlive the destruction of the like old man, and (after like 40 years grieving of God after the like true redemption) the destruction of their nation; but should bring the like new and spiritual, child-like and believing generation of Jews and GENTILES, His like new church into, and settle them in a like but more comfortable state and eternal reft, 2 Th. i. 7, Heb. iii. 18, c. iv. 9, 1. in a like but better country, Matt. xi. 29,


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